4:21 pm pst – June 1, 2004



Subject: Economic solution for the problems of combating AIDs beginning with the tip of Africa.


Dear Oprah,


First, let me by begin by using my partner-wife's "trademarked" expression, "When the dialogue becomes too monologues it is the beginning of the end" [sic].


Second, I ran this communiqué by a group of people who represent a statistically valid sample representative of the world’s literate population and I repeat verbatim the 3rd one I received,


“Maybe if you left out the bit between ‘Dear Oprah’, and ‘Good Day’"?


Please bear in mind, though, that this former white South African policeman once arrested a black kid for stealing a helmet which it turns out belonged to a classmate of ours at Carmel College who was “banned” under Immorality Act type laws a “gift” to the “ruling elite” by the Apartheid regime who grabbed power from 1948 until the early 1990s. Despite the protest of the “Banned “ person which subjected such a courageous person to a series of human rights abuses including not being able to share their airborne feces to a limited number of other individuals who never once to the best of my knowledge got the backing of either the business




The religious sector, eventually though Mr. Basckin  showed up in court arguing that he helmet had no value, the judge true to form, according to this policeman sending the black kid to jail and whether he was “boned up the ass by bubba” is mute, agree?


The second response, perhaps more to your screeners liking came from a rather articulate programmer of mine my adding in the “sic” where appropriate,


Hey Gary,


I need to read over it thoroughly, but after reading the first 4 or 5 paragraphs I think I can tell you a problem that won’t get it past her screeners.


As the most powerful woman in television, she knows a thing or two about her target audience. From my understanding her audience is women 25-55 and therefore, she has to appeal to that demographic.


I have to get going to my fathers for a BBQ. I will try to critique for you when I get back this evening. Just think about “that her target audience is” [sic] and try to look at it from her side asking, would my audience want to see a show about this?” It’s not that I don’t think you wrote a good letter, or that it isn’t a good topic, it’s more that you need to write it to cater to the target and put yourself in his or her shoes to do so. She is in the business to make money and power. Her show topics are generally ‘safe’ and if you try to be the exception, you most likely will not get past her screeners. Your last paragraph talking about sugarcoating the problem is exactly why she wont allow you on her show, under the pretence of this email.


I’ll read it more thoroughly this evening and get back to you soon, I hope this helped,




Third, when you see my “ugly-duck” looks it is unlikely you would want me on your show even if I were to somehow overcome “sensational quota of the programming which is why I never really meant to suggest in the first place that I be one of the invited guests, moreover I don’t know what question your screeners would ask me even if they could get past the superficiality of my looks although I think they would like the speech our 11 year-old prepared for his ELEMENTARY school graduation.


Fourth, I am a white male, born and raised one week shy of 21 years in the hell-hole of South Africa, having now lived in the United States for the past 26 years.


Firth, I never got to see your TV show on AIDS but I have received several communiqués from people familiar with my "work product" in the area of "risk assessment" who thought I might dig deep in to my "problem solving booklet" make a handful of suggestions that could empower not just Black women but white women who can then join forces in getting the male species even those who have allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning tTOo eventually march in tune with the heartbeat of the universe.


Fifth, the fundamental problems of the world have nothing to do with race, color, religion, not even economic opportunism but rather poor parental religious teaching, one has tho, to have traveled in my shoes to grasp the essence of what it means to be SMART as in nailing down the Science, Mathematics, Art, Religion & Technology.


Sixth, there is a need to rock “back and forth” perhaps, nothing gets peoples’ attention more these days on the odd occasion I venture forth out of our beach house here in ritzy Del Mar California than when I mention this website eMANandDOG.com.net that contains an element of Quantum Mechanics, the need to go “forwards-reverse” with a healthy dose of spirituality thrown in for “good measure”, why ten, moreover why moc.GODdnaNAME when we know going back to 1944 when DNA was discovered that G-D is DNA, just 4 letters paired together big and small much like tTOO, agree?


Seventh, my mother who were she to be tested would be considered a more attractive version of Marilyn vos Savant considered the smartest person on the planet my mater has done more than her fair share to empower women of multi-racial groups lecturing men all over the world on THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN, today though Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulmanonly debates people who agree with her.”


Eighth, it’s not class warfare that I am encouraging by questioning the fairness of the tax codes that allows the rich to get richer, the poor when eventually dirt poor to be sent in “harms way”, its class welfare I am questioning. And I am a member of the favored class.


Ninth, until such time as people like you insist that “victims” hold their heads high and go beyond the act-s that caused them to despair they will fall into the trap of repeating the age old mantra to the next generation, “You will have your chance to screw up” there no such thing as a generation gap but rather a credibility gap, agree?


Tenth, when one looks carefully at the leadership whether it be us Lilly White Wheaty Eating Whites or Blacks raised on “quick fixes” everyone in western society caught up in the “get rich quick” which is spreading like wildfire our polluted DNA a “buy”[sic]-product of “quick sex” we will eventually lose sight of our purpose on this planet which is to teach others that our presence here is more than simply taking up space, agree?


Eleventh, by inviting the following people on to your show each one being asked a question in advance that will encourage them to join others like myself who have come up with a “restructuring program” for the entire world’s economy, I believe we can then begin to make a significant dent in solving all the problems of the world not just AIDs, remembering the vast majority of us are all born within a handful or tTOo standard deviation points of intelligence but when we allow others to interfere with our sequencing then the significant divergence begins:


1: My uncle David Gevisser or his son Mark Gevisser who is writing Thabo Mbeki’s autobiography, Thabo, South Africa’s current prime minister perhaps the most formally educated Black person on the planet.


Question: “Mr. David Gevisser as the executor of the estate of the American Charles Engelhard his control of the world’s platinum supply perhaps not as lucrative as his role in bringing about The Diamond Invention which to this day has the DeBeer diamond cartel able despite contravening the Anti-Trust laws of the United States of America to go about its business in places like 47th Street in New York City without it seems a care in the world other than convincing young people things last forever, unless of course they buy into to superstition and we know that if one is fed healthy food, raised in a nurturing environment one can think quite logically, Pythagoras the first mathematician-scientist-philosopher with his Right Angle Triangle Theorem taking mysticism as well as superstition out of the equation for the first time, can you point out any weakness in Gary Gevisser’s economic plan to bring this world back in to balance once again,,, sure let me read the question once again, Gary Gevisser you surely remember is the son of the your first cousin BernardBernieGevisser, my understanding that you gave Gary a letter of introduction to your attorneys on Bush Street in San Francisco when he emigrated from South Africa back in 1978 and that you later introduced him to your others cousins the Cohens who own Codiam Inc, headquartered on 47th Street in New York City, one of the many fronting companies for DeBeers Consolidated whose Central Selling Organization operates out of the heart of London, u well also be aware that there are no roads in London that lead to Rome, not to suggest that the “road to hell is paved with good intentions” better yet “The end justifies the means!”


2. Mr. Kenneth Standard Esq who is to be sworn in this month as the next president of the New York State Bar Association, Mr. Standard’s eldest son, Devin Standard, the executor of my worldwide estate.


Question: “When u graduated from Harvard Law School I understand that a previous Black graduate perhaps receiving his law degree some 25 years prior informed you,


‘During the entire period of my education in this Lilly White Wheaty Eating establishment of higher education not a single individual ever once said a civil word to me’


and if that is true why are u so angry with yourself at this time not having the intestinal fortitude to assist Mr. Gary Gevisser in his quest to expose the deep rot that allows the likes of the South African Oppenheimer family despite the black youth of South Africa more responsible for anyone in getting rid of the Apartheid regime able to not only do “business as usual” but in the period of the past decade plus since the African National Congress came to power these white elitists have managed to move a significant bulk of their holdings offshore depriving the youth of the South Africa what little remained of their heritage following the rape and pillaging by the Apartheid regime yet not only do they feel safe in economically impoverished South Africa but more than a handful of white masters who left South Africa during the Apartheid rule have returned with a vengeance?


3. Profess Rabbi Abner Weiss who not only barmitvahed me in South Africa but after telling me back on May 6th, “Yes, I believe in God” let me know, “I deeply regret that our contact was severed some time ago” yet going deafening silent once again when I simply asked later that day, “Would you say there is a difference between ‘believing in’ G-D and ‘knowing’ that G-D is both Almighty and very SMART?


Question:Rabbi Weiss I understand you have more than a handful of Lilly White Wheaty Eating Jewish South Africans chomping down on each and every one of the words that you care to offer including Gary Gevisser’s mother who considers you one of if not her closest friends in the world but couldn’t you with all your very rich and powerful contacts all over the world assist Mr. Gevisser in making amends beginning with explaining why in all the years that you served as Rabbi of the Orthodox Jewish congregation in Durban, South Africa, I understand you have served communities in New York City as well as Beverly Hills, California and most recently the Marble Arch congregation in London, England, you never felt the courage to give a sermon on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement with the likes of Gary Gevisser’s parents and grandparents in the synagogue that went something like this:


As much as it pains me that I may not be able to be with my family to celebrate the ‘breaking of the fast’ since it is unlikely I will get support from any of the other leaders of community when members of BOSS don’t simply wiretap my telephone but decide to arrest me grant me the courtesy of being boned up the ass by Bubba before banning me for life, I am compelled by my read of the First Commandment, ‘I am the Lord Thy God, who delivered the Children of Israel out of the land of Egypt out of the House of Slavery, never to return’ which to me also means that we cannot tolerate the slavery of others which is what this Apartheid regime has implemented nationwide, no different to what the Nazis did during WWII and what the English did to the Afrikaner people during the Anglo Boer War of 1899-1900, to instruct each and every one of you, parents and children alike, to leave in unison this place of worship that has been vilified by the likes of the Lazarus clan who are all seated below me to my right as well as above to my left, and to remind you all what I have you read aloud, each and every Sabbath that is as holy as this day of Atonement,


Guard my tongue from evil and my lips from speaking vileMay the Lord Bless you and keep you, may he cause his face to shine upon your gracious anus …’” [sic].



they lack the instant recognition factor that guests on Oprah usually have when discussing topics like the one you propose. The guests need celebrity of some kind. This makes it easier for her producers to swallow and for her audience to recognize.


Oprah, it is possible some in your audience demonstrating either their denial




Their resignation to accept the status quo grabbing as much as they can as quickly as possible paying attention to the material that has no relevance suggesting that the Nationalist Nazi Party that ruled over some 40 plus million South African peoples of color for some 40+ years with quite the iron fist never “gassed” such peoples, may I suggest that you throw in with your best, “Queen’s English” the following”


“Did you know that a fart is nothing less than airborne particles of feces?”


4: Actor Tom Cruise.


Question: Tom, it won’t really matter whether u can ride a motorcycle as well as The Rattlesnake who is willing to let his partner-wife Marie Dion go “along 4 the ride” there every reason to believe that in the event u were not to handle a turn at speeds approaching 130 mph given the flexibility, strength and stamina of Marie Dion, here is a X-section, even if the motorcycle were to disintegrate on impact nothing would surprise The Rattlesnake in the least if after picking herself off the ground calling out in the most exquisite French-Canadian accent, “Whose Next?”, kiss the Inka cross around her neck, whistle for my dog Pypeetoe, attach a harness to his chest, who will then rein in the next guest after u should u choose 4 whatever reason not to go along with the program,,, so would u be interested in meeting the Rattlesnake




Just hanging with Marie Dion on at afternoon at the beach in Del Mar, California just a “hop-jump-and-a-scotch” [sic] from the former Top Gun base.


Tough as nails may not accurately describe the mental gymnastics Marie Dion would put the likes of Tom Cruise through at this time, given how well my partner-wife can explain in far simplier words than me the mathematics and science behind my “knowledge” that we have done far more than break the light speed barrier, completing Albert Einstein’s work in coming up with a


Unified Theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe


Pulling together the greatest achievements of those that came before, my just a little ticked off that it has taken so long were it not for mostly men’s testosterone getting so out of control, at this time the graphic that describes all this can be viewed by clicking on to this hyperlink.


To fully grasp such matters one does need to go a little beyond the conventional wisdom of “back and forth” throwing in a healthy dose of “up and down”, best described in





Built tTOo




Important to realize that us humans don’t like to be told what to do, so unappreciative of those who “gift” us a helping hand, arguments on the other hand help crystallize our thinking assuming there is in fact “equal time” the days of the likes of Hitler being able to ride roughshod over the masses along the lines of


 The great masses of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small lie."


Some may argue that to get you to go along with such a “mind altering” daytime show, essentially the tail end of your broadcast on this very important subject I should present this “peace” [sic] in a harmonious, non-threatening manner, then again,


In a nutshell, I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil does not come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork, agree?


Furthermore, there are few if any in the “risk assessment” business who can spell out in “black and white” the fundamental weaknesses of world’s financial markets, so far not a single human being willing to debate me on the subject of “Chaos Theory” which governs our understanding of the world’s financial markets.


Given the incredibly high level of chaos in the markets, how it is even possible we are able to communicate let alone go out each and every morning buying our $3+ Starbucks cappuccino as the rest of the world inhales our crap, wondering where this is all leading tTOo?


The sooner we stop “sugarcoating” the truth, knuckle down and address the core problems of the world which can in fact be solved in an instant beginning with revamping the world’s tax codes then and only then can we truly empower the youth of the world who are all our futures.


We have no one but ourselves to blame given the Digital Age, a G-D-Send, each of our votes entitling us to speak our minds, no matter how warped they might be versus the knowledge we have that our so called “elected politicians” at a minimum tap dance on the issues, and at the risk of possibly pushing u over the moon with happiness, bearing in mind that my website-s remain very much on track to be the number one websites on the planet, may I join u in “preying tTOo” [sic] Almighty Smart G-D that he-she continue to bless our great President George W. Bush.


Good Day,


Gary S. Gevisser


Ps – Should u seek a reference on me from someone less credible may I suggest calling Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of the law firm of Finkelstein & Krinsk, telephone USA 1-619-238-1333, extension 24, then if he goes off the wall telling u how very credible I am bearing in mind that Mr. and Mrs. Krinsk are major fundraisers for the Democratic Communist Party then why not contact either Judge Jack B. Weinstein who issued the ruling in the reversal of this landmark class action lawsuit involving repetitive stress injuries which also references Ms. Diana Henriques the cowardly author-journalist of the New York Times who in her best selling book The White Sharks of Wall Street although going on in the introduction ad nausea about her own battles with carpal tunnel syndrome failed to mention in addition to her tunnel vision this rather famous Federal Judge also crediting her with getting my attention, hi Diana,


Question: If a man speaks in a forest and there is only a woman around, is he still wrong?


Ps I – Women do listen better than men and men assuming we can continue distinguishing men from women, do in fact listen better than the better equipped decision making female species give us men credit for, agree?