From: Gary S. Gevisser
Tuesday, June 08, 2004 3:44 PM
To: Poodle
Cc: crest;;
Subject: tT8 out of this world


Hi – I have some time on my hands, deciding as I was walking out the door of your friend Lynne Bentel’s house that there was nothing really to be gained “breaking my neck” rushing from Malibu to West Los Angeles even if it meant turning the world upside down of the FBI agents located in the same building as the Passport offices.


Lynne who is putting the finishing touches to this incredible model of a gymnasium that in my opinion would fit rather well into her backyard assuming the Japanese folks who own those green houses across from the Malibu Colony where the likes of John McEnroe hang decide her design is simply, “tT out of this world”, thought u might have an interest in “sum of the” [sic] stuff I am doing,,, is that a “Yes




A “No




A “Maybe”?


Genevieve now starting to play the violin, no surprise that this incredibly beautiful human being is excellent at mathematics, music so sweet to the space between the ears assuming it remains a non-vacuum environment unlike Deep Space which is a perfect vacuum environment where not a single sound can be heard, G-D, u know, gave us tT ears and one mouth so that we should listen twice as hard as we speak, agree?


This E-mail should give u taste of what has my one website, at “first blush” lking rather infantile butt on track to be the #1 website, so important to not only think outside of the box but to box in those who make it their business to mess with the minds of youth who r all our futures, agree?


NTTT is basically about empowering the kids to parent the parents who need the most help, there is tho, a little more going on “behind the scenes” that has me using several law enforcement agencies all over the globe including the FBI to spread the gd word, the problems of the world having nothing to do with race, color, or religion, simply poor parental religious teaching, make-up to boot, my thinking at this time that instead of telling a New York taxi cab who is mad at the world,


“I have a highly sensitive stomach and I just downloaded all this curry powder”


so few people really paying attention to what the next human being is saying, we hear a lot of things but listen so infrequently, to flash one of my missives on to the front windshield much like a “heads up” display, exposure the name of the game, Lynne earlier letting me know that besides for running the household, working on her thesis, she could so easily represent my Super Italian Greyhound, Pypeetoe, agree?




Ps – mdg42203 blah blah is my Partner-Wife Marie Dion, us now together for over a decade, doubtful PW MD will get this far in reading what is a relatively short missive of mine, her most recent comment,


This world would be far better off if women were on permanent PMS so that they wouldn't put up with any of the bullshit”


a little wordier than her,


When the dialogue becomes too monologues it is the beginning of the end[sic],


PW MD’s most profound mathematical declaration, remember mathematics is perhaps, the most precise language, is this