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Subject: Next Symposium {:}...Perception...employment with Zulu Chief... bogs? {:}


A+A – hi.


While deciding whether to respond to this E-mail from a Nigerian attorney I came across your email realizing that I never got around to getting a copy of the March issue of the San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles.


Last evening after broadcasting this “dig very deep” communiquι to one of my partners in Peru who runs a couple of hostels, one at the base of Machu Picchu, I headed over to the Del Mar Plaza to grab a quick bite to eat, Marie insisting earlier in the day that I begin wrapping up my book Manager Minute One which could mean the end of my “risk assessment” business, leaving me to do exactly what for the rest of the day, there being so little else other than sport-sex-spirituality that I find exciting, again I can only talk for myself, what about u?


Remember Marie Dion [Gevisser] is preoccupied with running several households, painting masterpieces that now has her mother who may know less about art than even me valuing them as priceless, organizing amazing parties that never seem to end, have no middle




Beginning, folks showing up at any time of the day and night, still needing to maintain an iron grip on a former husband, again, all this on top of solving the problems of the world.


I could have sworn when watching Dr. JBS in the front row of the Del Mar Hills ELEMENTARY School puppet show the other evening that either he has developed the shakes, grabbing hold of every man-woman he could get his paws around battling to stay steady on his feet, Pypeetoe’s 15 foot leash not helping matters, not uttering, however, a single sound in the direction of Marie




He is thinking of becoming a witchdoctor preparing to seek employment with Zulu Chief Katsha Buthelezi which seems a rather smooth transition from the prior time we saw him in a similar setting when it looked like this pathological out-of-control creature was ready to join the “hurried Kerzner cult” [sic], lacking only an orange frock.


Ordinarily I would just hang out on the Plaza’s deck overlooking the Pacific Oshon watching the interaction of the more-in-shape “rich chick” crowd but was somehow drawn to check things out at the Pacifica Restaurant that caters to folks more my age who don’t quite have the patience to land themselves someone as sinless-godlike as Marie Dion.


During this short walk over I tested out on a number of folks I know only very casually their attention span by having them read this apparently once-in-a-lifetime offer by attorney David AWAIT YOUR URGENT RESPONSE Evans Esq. who can be reached at, such a good use of one’s time very possibly short circuiting all the head trips that go “hand in hand” in finding a “rich chick”, agree?


Then again maybe we get the saleami we deserve?


There are these 3 “one of a kind photos” we recently got framed resting on the sideboard next to “problem solving table” which we think will give folks young and old, rich and poor, something to think about other than stuffing themselves to the limit, agree?


A, there are a number of things I have going on this afternoon in addition to getting out of bed and showering be4 Marie returns home with JoNathan to mention in passing having to keep a diary going for all the important stuff going on in Marie’s life and so rather then barrage u with one incredibly long email I think it best I simply provide u with this Perception hyperlink which will take u to one spot within my brain that some might argue has yet to become a perfect vacuum, perhaps not convincing enough to sway a Grand Jury




“tTOo” [sic]?


By the time I got back to the beach around midnight I had not only collected a handful more email addresses I had also gathered more icing 4 the cake, those folks around the world whose “makeup” has them dribbling the lines of “Let them eat cake” now wondering how deep they are going to have dig, agree?


Soon thinking about the one conversation that took place between myself, a really terrific guy by the name of Rich who is about my age and several women over at the Pacific Del Mar Restaurant, the first blondish lady possibly in her mid 50s suggesting I call her “best friend” who happens to be her son involved in oceanography leaving early because, according to her “best female friend” who she met just earlier in the evening, “dumped” this past Tuesday “by a 31 year old stud”, give us a break?


It is of course possible this well put together woman was lesbian, her “best female friend” wasting no time in chopping off what remains of my balls only interested in being rocked by Rich from now until eternity as opposed to going on a space rocket to Mars by way of Pluto not letting me even point out my concern about running into Nextraterrestrials on every re-entry, Rich while wanting to keep the peace, never, stopped 4 a moment, this terrific lady from fondling, his, upper, right thigh, pointing out a number of things as the audience increased along with the expanding universe, eventually everyone focusing on the subject of truth,


“One cannot get lost in perception when to many reality is 99% perception, need to get passed perception.”


Rich was further evidence that us guys do actually listen better than most women give us credit for.


And at the same time last evenings “free for all” showed how difficult it is these days to tell men apart from women?


The evidence getting stronger and stronger that if we simply got back to the basics teaching kids right from the start beginning with proper nutrition, providing a nurturing environment where the teachers are not “hunkering down” brownnosing  bought off by “special interest” groups, women would be best at what they do best, making “good decisions” and men at “executing efficiently”, woman’s emotion ensuring that all factors are considered including the drawbacks of having all us men, not just Dr. JBS and King Golden Jr. Esq neutered, while men can be relied to tear down all the fences surrounding their fricken castles with reckless abandonment, agree?


Meaning there is tremendous hope that we can still all get along, those of us in tune with the heart beat of the universe.


We had the makings of everyone around the bar possibly joining in the bartenders though, not all in agreement that women should rule the world then again these guys only picked up pieces of our conversations still having to cater to the few other folks around the bar wondering why we were having so much fun, my failing to also mention the significance of the numbers 1421 in the book 1421 The Year China Discovered America that I was touting, Rich again pointing out that there is some evidence that the Arabs got here first, it all ending, however, on a very positive note with Rich asking,


“What is a Nextraterrestrial? We know what is meant by a Terrestrial and an Extraterrestrial?”


Rich is an engineer who recently inherited 2 kids, I think a 4 and a 6 year old, his youngest brother, a chiropractor, physiology major from UCSD the non-party school in La Jolla just down the road from Del Mar, California getting a blood infection this past December, dead within 24 hours despite getting the best of the best attending physicians from Scripps Hospital where my buddy is the Chief Financial Officer to mention in passing Rich who is not only gainfully employed but very good looking perhaps not in as great shape as his youngest brother was at age 41 before he came down with flu symptoms, smart enough to know when he started feeling numbness in his fingers to not wait any longer before dialing 911 insisting the paramedics get him into the emergency room so that at least his loved ones would go to their graves knowing he had done everything humanely possible to avoid Rich being the best that he could be, Rich back in 1986 losing in an automobile accident his first and only wife, no doubt just from the gloss that came over his eyes, the one and only love of his life, so far.


I cannot tell you that all the folks I ran into were a statistically valid representative sampling of the world’s literate population but may I suggest if say the next dinner party conversation gets a little boring to hand out copies of attorney David Evans’ almost 2400 word communiquι that has a link to this website and then compare your dinner guests’ reaction to any one of my missives that can now be also be accessed by going to the homepage of and clicking on “less said the better


I was supposed to meet Mr. Amos Wright this morning but we both agreed with things heating up a notch




Too nothing lost in us waiting another 24 hours be4 getting together.


As I got back to the beach house last night I caught the tail end of Aaron Brown of CNN talking about the media “dropping the ball” now even the Communist New York Times involved in an unprecedented “Mea culpa”, there even being a reference to Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes contending “many of the stories were wrong”, my recalling the following as well,


“Where was the traditional press skepticism.....skepticism a hard sell...Sloppy...”


Best of all there was this guy Jeff Greenberg commenting,


“The press find its impossible to break free from the conventional wisdom of the day”


as in


“Black hands can lay white eggs”,


my thinking of contacting a Mr. Jack Shafer of, who is apparently the “Editor at large” whatever that means?


And then was also this guy Howard Kurtz supposedly a “media critic” although it seemed he was with Warren “BO” Buffet’s Washington Post saying something about “host reliable sources” and best of all I heard Aaron Brown who comes across as this real cool character so incredibly unbiased saying something about “tail wind”, throwing in tho, was he considers the bias of a newspaper not supportive of Senator John Kerry as if every single person tuned in even if it is occasionally to CNN started by Valerie Schulte Esq.’s lover of sum 15 years, is altogether “brainne dead” [sic].


A, I will continue this at a later time, a quick run with the dogs then on to dinner with person who lights up my life continuously.


Yes, thanks in no small measure to the Digital Age, a G-D-Send the noose around the head of those who play it “fast and loose” fast drawing to a close, just this very moment the most incredible sea breeze air blowing in to our bedroom area spoiled ever so slightly by the sound of a Marine helicopter passing by.


The continued ignoring by the main stream media to my “chess games” that reveal a number of significant weaknesses in the human psyche that can in fact be fixed once the whole truth and nothing but the truth reaches the masses is as you must surely recognize incredibly empowering assuming of course u r fully in tune with my perspective of things, agree?


A number of things have occurred since I began writing this missive on May 27th, some 12 days ago, today being June 9th 2004, tomorrow the 5th year anniversary of me “going public” on The Internet with this rather innocuous Revlon Make Up Job posting,


With our hectic schedules, not everyone yet fully in tune with the heartbeat of the universe incapable of being able to go with the ebb and flow of the tides as we all hurtle together on SpaceShip earth toward what end?


We must not forget the small things such as the incredible deafening silences of Professor Aaron BrownNose Brown of and Newell Starks, the Chairman of the Board of one of Citigroup’s “fronting” companies, this Biography as revealing to those of us in the “risk assessment” business as those in the porn business not feeling the need to pull out a tape measure to know what arouses their paying audience, agree?


It is not just for what Mr. Starks’ biography says but what it fails to say about my former close buddy, agree?


More important than u agreeing is to appreciate why the very best “management friendly-shareholder hostile” takeover attorneys on the planet in the form of Bartlit Beck continue to do a whole lot more than simply ponder their navels going “back and forth” beginning with this Perfect Storm II not quite knowing where it will all end, well aware, however that given the exposure already out there in the event something were to go “amiss”, just a scratch to one of our art masterpieces they personally would fall under the microscope, hi Les Houtz, hi Tom Stephens, hi Ron Burkle, hi Kathy Murry, hi Dr. JBS et al, agree?


Not to forget the Oppenheimer clan and their puppets as far down the totem pole as the Jewish Capos, the Durban North, South Africa Lazarus clan not the only South Africans waking up this morning scratching their backsides, shaking like never before wondering who they will run into this day so unsure whether that person is fully up to speed on what was really meant by our founding fathers in terms of, “Free Speech, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me G-D”, agree?


More and more folks tuning into what the Rattlesnake has to say each and every day mindful of just one thing, that when it comes to meet my maker I don’t hesitate when looking him-her in the eye, doubtful given the fact that I live each moment, each tick of my heart as tho it was my last, knowledgeable that the Good Almighty Smart G-D is capable of reading thoughts, vengeance is sweet to the heart of an Indian, agree?


The “vetting”, however, of my Kitchen letter by Newell Starks is just one more move in my connecting up “the boxes”, a “Google” and “Alta Vista search” of this financial engineer par excellance not as telling about my Bottoms Up Schooling of “hard knocks” when one does a search under my name, A NAME FROM HERE YOU CAN TRUST OVER THERE.


My plan before leaving on my trip to Washington DC then going on to Peru and who knows where from there, no guarantees I will even get out of bed on this wonderful day in paradise my plan is to write a stiletto like letter to Oprah Winfrey as well as send Deborah “Aggressive” Sturman Part 2 of the “Hind Tit” as well as follow up with Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss, and then there is my extraordinary mother, Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman who turns 75 on May 30th.


I am slowly but surely getting folks to go “back and forth” in an effort to “cleanse their lost souls” rid themselves of the baggage heaped on them by the older generation thinking they can continue to sweep their crap under the carpet, hi Lionel Khan, hi Jonny Gevisser, hi Merrick Wolman, not willing to come to grips with the fact that each successive generation first in denial before the resignation stage sets in becoming no different to those that came before them very much part of the problem, agree?


Moreover, just because u have managed to co-opt a tribal leader such as Zulu Chief Katsha Buthelezi




Managed to get a relative of Nelson Mandela to be your maid believing that such a “filthy rich” lifestyle the necessary “window dressing” to an “Act of Dog” [sic] surely they would argue all “part and parcel” of the heavenly design, agree?


And to all such folks I say,


“Wake up, grab yourself a Starbucks cup of coffee quick because if u don’t begin real quick to change your pitiful tune not just your sinful life but all those trying to do the right thing will end in the “flash of an eye” in your backyard none of your fortunes hoarded away in secret bank accounts, assets held in nominee names will hold back the tides of change, time very much on the side of the meek who have much more than teeth, their fingers marching to the drum beat of a new world order based simply on the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us G-D


The United States although pretty new to the so-called “civilized world” does in fact lead the rest of the world in terms of us being innovators, most if not all soon to be supplanted by our Chinese brothers and sisters who have mastered the art of “going with the flow” this ancient civilization about to sing real loud their economic clout thanks to the likes of Bill Clinton so asleep at the wheel so fixated on sex, so comfortable in debating the difference between “is” and “is” not exactly lost on a people who to their credit have never been conquered learning from each invading armies the law of large numbers holds true especially when combined with a command of the number system have, soon setting sail once again for our shores, 1421 The Year China Discovered America quite a truthful story, agree?


Again celebration time for those entrepreneurial willing to work hard as well as play hard, 5678 who do we appreciate?


Quite a set of numbers 1421 which when added as well as multiplied result in the awesome number 8.










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Check out the March issue of San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles- there is a big article on my Spirit of the Seas project- and a fabulous picture of me ( full page ) as well as a rundown on the local politics surrounding this issue- let me know what you think-


Hi to Marie!


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Jeffrey – I am taking a break from “cleaning up” tu enjoy lunch with Bryan…