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John - Finally getting going today – Pypeetoe as well as Maggie having got in their morning run.


I’m well aware of the fate of this one thoroughbred by the name of Seacottage that got shot just be4 I believe it was the July Handicap the biggest annual racehorse event in Durbs, South Africa, i.e. I think I should waste no time in getting at least Pypeetoe a multi-million dollar sports contract given the fact that Dr. Hawking has finally fallen on the sword and we have found the bulletproof-watertight solution for solving all the water problems of the world, waste to boot.


I am tho, going to take a break for lunch with Marie the Waste Management Yahoo message board seemed to me a logical place to post eRaider’s demise - please give me those websites again where I can post up stuff, I promise to place them in my favorites section.





Ps – Can u tell me if u have ever been to any gambling joint




Even heard about anyone credible in the presence of a single human being who has come anywhere near close to calling the exact winners, seconds and thirds [354] as Marie did this past Sunday, not to forget those all important digits 1421?


Ps I And to think I would “forget” to place her bet in the one race where horses 1 and 8 can first and second, simply incredible-unforgivable, agree?



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Saturday, July 24, 2004 11:06 AM
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Good Morning from Del Mar


As agreed, I will pick up you and Marie at 12:30 Sunday afternoon for lunch and an afternoon at the Turf Club, while poor JoNathan continues looking for the next Moby Dick of a Swordfish