From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2004 6:46 PM
To: Devin Standard
Cc: rest; Po-Li; FBI
Subject: Next Symposium :}....Kitchen wallpaper...spook...William Simon...Democratic Communist Party...{:}


Devin – While I attempt to complete an Email to the Mayor of the Del Mar City Council, click on “risk assessment” for a summary, I would greatly appreciate it if u could follow up with my china TU, perhaps beyond,


You seem very dissatisfied with something


finding words to reinforce what was apparently his overriding concern back on July 20th:


Gary I am in the process of putting a web page together for my office and in the midst of doing some of the research on line all your rants and missives appeared when we (and others) do a search on Unruhboyer. While I find your writings amusing I do not appreciate that anyone wanting to find me has to go through your agenda. Perhaps you enjoy your laundry being sifted through by the fbi but quite frankly I could care less, and under the guise of running a prostitution business I do not see why any of my clients have to sift through your ramblings before they find me. So kindly get that information removed” [sic].


Please be gentle and kind, remember most of all to be gracious in victory altho most human beings I have come into contact with interpret graciousness as simply weakness, the reaction of Jeff Simple Smith, the owner of the studio I rent here at the beach, par 4 the course, agree?


Bearing in mind that TU who knows the South African Krok family all from Johannesburg that continues to house many a black slave laborer did not have the benefit of hearing “out of the horses mouth” the conversation that took place yesterday morning between myself and Solly Krok’s one grandson Darren Krok, there every possibility that TU went to the same Jewish day school as Martin Krok, Darren’s father, agree?


And by the way I believe Darren when he says he never discussed contacting me with any member of his family which of course makes perfect sense, agree?


To repeat the relevant sections of my reply to Jeff Smith last evening for those folks just tuning in as others such as my good buddy Lee Selbo just eat this stuff up, not everyone able, however, to view the hyperlinks,


Jeff – Rather late start to the day partially the result of 2 phone calls I received this morning from the one grandson of Mr. Solly Krok...It is possible that Daren Krok, Solly responsible for bringing the Epilady women’s shaver to the United States, after beginning the first conversation,


“Why are you so negative toward my family?


What right do u have to insult my family calling my one aunt ugly and my other aunt, Arlene Krok, stupid” [sic]?


used the time out while I played with my dogs breathing in the incredible oshon swept fresh air to arrange a conference call with every single member of both Solly and Abe Krok’s households totaling perhaps as many as 10,000 Jewish people spread throughout the 4 corners of the earth, I doubt every single Jewish person in the world hooked up to the call and certainly not all of them into communal crossbreeding across all racial groups which as u may know takes place only on Kibbutzim in Israel where the Epilady was invented by men to inflict pain on women which is not to suggest that that my gay cousin Mark Gevisser would use such a device on his Indian lover so much so that by the time the conference call ended there is not the slightest doubt in my mind that Daren would have been told by every single person on that call crying out in unison:


“Christ Almighty.


What the hell do u think u were doing calling up The Rattlesnake?


Gary Gevisser is being incredibly nice only calling us stupid and ugly.


It shows he really likes us.


Can u imagine what he could have called us” [sic].



Not to forget Jeff Smith who first introduced himself, “I am just a simple guy wanting my dream home in the flats of Del Mar” after he purchased this couple million dollar piece of dirt not bothering during the “due diligence” process of having a single word with me, choosing instead not only to barge in after the closing without the courtesy of first emailing me his pittance offer to vacate to mention little of my Partner-Wife Marie Dion while preferring to remain anonymous feeds me great stuff like,


“sex a` trios is out of the question. I don’t know what else he [Jeff Smith] would offer me that money for”


given the fact that PW MD and Simple Smith had not been formally introduced.


How quickly the “good ol boys” show their growl especially those who in allowing their formal education to interfere with their learning resort to the standard tricks of intimidation, the folks on the far left and far right meeting up time and again, hi Po-Li!


Also please try find a way to gently massage into TU’s ever increasing vacuum of space between his ears the following facts:


On March 31st 2003 while waiting in the lobby of the law firm of Finkelstein & Krinsk, a producer from the CBS 60 Minutes TV show called to speak with Mr. JRK specifically about Halliburton and be sure to have TU click on the first hyperlink as well as the 2nd hyperlink in this paragraph which shows Mr. JRK quite satisfied with my performance in ferreting out one of the biggest scoundrels in the history of Wall Street, Ronald The Finagle King Perelman along with Ron Burkle and the Milberg Weiss boys and girls being not altogether small contributors to the Democratic Communist Party which of course Mr. JRK is simply a major fund raiser here in southern California, his home located at 567 Gage in Point Loma quite the party house for the folks on the extremes who r so eloquent with their forked tongues.


Then have TU click on to this hyperlink which takes him to an email I sent to another South African buddy of mine, Matthew Margo, not only a rather senior attorney at 60 Minutes, his deceased father a big time judge in South Africa as well as the individual Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, entrusted to building the “blueprints” for the Israeli Air Force after the War of Independence back in 1948-1949, Matthew also well known to members of the South African Krok family.


Moreover, the reference to my pal Roger W. Robinson a former member of the National Security Council [NSC] during Reagan’s first term in office should assuming TU’s has a single electron still firing in his brain cause every fricken hair on his body to stand on end considering the 60 Minutes broadcast in which my pal Roger W. Robinson was taking nothing short of potshots at the Republican Administration without RWR who shares the same initials as former President Ronald W. Reagan as well as being born on the exact same day February 6th, some 40 years apart,  




60 Minutes making any mention of pal RWR’s part as a “spook” at the NSC while working for a Republican Administration to mention in passing the entire 15 odd minute segment revolved around the subject of the current Republican Administration’s “duplicity” in matters involving Halliburton, to mention little of my seeming to recall that RWR once registered as Washington lobbyist and teamed up with a former Reagan Chief of Staff in representing the C.itoh, a rather large out-of-control foreign conglomerate that might in fact own Toyota Motors, agree?


I heard earlier a guy in the alley behind the studio, perhaps the same guy who shouts the words “Purple Rain” seemingly every day, say,


“She broke her jaw!”


At some point my credibility could come into question since it is unlikely anyone even someone like Merrick Wolman still in a tailspin after I responded to his “crap” email would have sufficient intellectual capacity to reason that this dialoguing going on with TU is designed for me to sell him my Santa Monica property at a “fire sale price”, take the capital loss tax benefits and for TU to work say a deal with Merrick Wolman’s uncle, Sol “Gambling Czar” Kersner, one point being more and more folks r looking around these days and finding out how really little they know not simply about their next door neighbor but their immediate family to boot, agree?


Take care,




PsMerrick Wolman’s email system confirmed yesterday what those of us in the know have known for some time that even those who say they have filters to weed out my emails simply cannot resist staying on top of my whereabouts.


Ps I – Another thing to consider in taking TU on more of an educational light journey is that altho TU may not be the most successful architect in the world despite possibly being the most talented he is very much dependant on the actions of folks like the California Coastal Commission and again although china TU may not meet each and every day with California Coastal Commission members such as Dan Weinstein who I know rather well TU does need to justify in his mind in order to get a good night sleep after whispering sweet nothings to his kids that he is on the “side of right”, however, little the crumbs he is forced to inhale given how the likes of Dan Weinstein serve only, again to the best of my knowledge, the best interests of only Ron Burkle who is today partnered with former President Bill Clinton and Dick Ziman, the chairman of the board of both the Wetherly Capital Group and one of the largest New York Stock Exchange REITS, WCG funded in no small measure by Ron Burkle, Dan Weinstein the co-managing director of the WCG that raises big time funds for folks like Mr. William Simon, a rather conservative Republican who managed to come out of nowhere and beat Richard Riordon the former mayor of Los Angeles and rather sophisticated Wall Street player himself but who wouldn’t stand a hope in hell of beating one incredibly well oiled Democratic Communist Party military machine, agree?


Ps II – Naturally the folks more in tune with my writing would recognize that when I make reference to “educational light journeys” the target audience is mostly the youth of the world who r all our futures including TU’s kids who will one day thanks to the Digital Age, A G-D-Send, be able to make up their own minds what would be a good time to have their biological father committed to an insane asylum to repeat,


“Christ Almighty.


What the hell do u think u were doing calling up The Rattlesnake?


Gary Gevisser is being incredibly nice only calling us stupid and ugly.


It shows he really likes us.


Can u imagine what he could have called us” [sic].



Ps III – So sad that TU so emotionally invested in a lost cause such as the Democratic Communist Party is incapable still of not seeing the connection between the Kennedys, the Engelhards and the Oppenheimers of South Africa that has contributed in no small measure to his intellectual capacity to reason more than say an 11 year old like our JoNathan, agree?





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From: Antony Unruh []
Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2004 11:34 AM
Subject: Fw:Kitchen wallpaper


Alright you have now heard the opening salvo and let me tell you your

Crooked Republican friends could never match the verbal skills that were on

display last night at the Democratic Convention. Further your woes about the

Ron Burkle issue are so completely minor compared with the likes of the

Halliburton, Ken Lay, and all the environmental issues that we will be

hearing about for years. Did you find one weapon of mass destruction in your

search of the evil doers? Did you find a connection to the 9/11 crash pilots

and the country of Iraq to whom your Devin Standard is waiting to send some

more sailors? Blah, blah, blah. You have so far told me in you e-mails about

all the smoking guns that you are pursuing but to be honest I have yet to

see one piece of evidence that would actually make sense.I guess taking the

point of view that I am ignorant just got me going especially comparing my

intelligence in matters about South Africa to an 11 year old in Del Mar! So

if you feel compelled to dish your salvos do so but all I requested was that

your missives be removed from what I would consider to be my privacy with

regards to my business and people that I would like to reach with my

business. Maybe to explain this more clearly.... I don't feel it is

necessary for a client to call me and ask what all these disjointed e-mails

have to do with my architectural business.










> whose English verbal skills rank up their with Bill Clinton who u may


> derived great satisfaction in trying to convince the world that there is a

> difference between "is" and "is". Augs writing skills may in fact be

> superior to mine but then his is plagued right now with the basic need of

> survival.

> --

> geee can your Bush say one sentence with more than 10 words.  Bill at


> knew the art of language and by the way he could spell too!