From: Gary S. Gevisser
Saturday, July 24, 2004 6:27 PM
Cc: rest; Glen Shapiro; Del Mar Times - Editor; htprice
Subject: Manager Minute One...The common goal, achieving spirituality by sharing knowledge through Light-G-D-Speed Technology...


I believe I just sent an email to your editor.


Suffice to say I am trying to get hold of the very best literary agent in the world and I was told that a woman I contacted some time back by the name of Sandra Dykstra ¡°is the best¡± at least as it applies to such folk in my backyard of Del Mar, but I mislaid both her email address and telephone eventho an assistant called me back telling me she


¡°mite possibly find someone bored to death in the office battling to keep a seat warm giving me the time of say¡± [sic]?


Furthermore, this past week I called for the Del Mar City council to resign, soon to send an email to each councilmember letting them know that my Partner-Wife Marie Dion is thinking of the attending the next city council meeting, in her words, ¡°Things seem to be getting interesting.¡±


My book, Manager Minute One a takeoff of the business book bestseller, One Minute Manager, my first effort at screwing around with Quantum Mechanics as what goes forward goes backwards, blah blah, Marie Dion now using her Epilady to shave her incredible legs.


MM! geared toward empowering the kids to parent the parents who need the most help has Marie Dion¡¯s fingerprints everywhere best illustrated with this IN-FINITY sign which in ¡°sum¡± [sic] ways translate into one of her hallmark expressions,


When the dialogue becomes tT¡Ä monologues it is the beginning of the end¡± [sic].


Butt what spells things out more anally is her,


¡°The world would be a far better off if women were on permanent PMS then they wouldn¡¯t put up with any of the bullshit.¡±


With all that said, I have told Mr. Glen Shapiro a former executive of Simon & Schuster who is doing a whole lot more than simply ¡°kicking my flank¡± to get me to provide him with just one halfway decent chapter written in 4th grade English that he shouldn¡¯t break his neck this weekend reading my draft introduction unless he has nothing else on his plate bearing in mind at this time I would be hard pressed to accept less than a $10 million advance from a print publisher which u can take my word on it will not be spent tomorrow at the races assuming u were to find a bank open today willing, ready and able to transfer such finds into my account.


Yours truly,


Gary S. Gevisser


Ps – U may have noticed in the New York Times today that Stephen Hawking has recanted his long held view that things don¡¯t ¡°reverse¡± as prescribed by Quantum Mechanics in a Black Hole that lends further weight to G-D is DNA pretty well expressed in one of my websites which in ¡°reverse¡± reads [don¡¯t] moc.GODdnaNAME, agree?


English u know was ¡°ripped out of the Latin¡± by politicians-lawyers such as Bill Clinton to confuse the masses as these ¡°puppets¡± who allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning worked ¡°hand in hand¡± with the far right, bigots and those equipped with a command of language talking out of both sides of their mouths doing a terrific job up until this very minute in getting the masses to ¡°toe the line¡± [sic], agree?


The next Big Bang occurring when u must surely be asking to mention little of talk is cheap, action, camera, lights, knowledge is light, a new world order brewing, agree?


Perfect Storm II on the website should be more than interesting reading at some point in time, key to triangulation [page 3] requires a rather healthy mind, healthy body, emotional intelligence, laziness, degenerative diseases combatable as long as doctors who r in the business of practicing, medicine spend some time in Deep Space, agree?


DARK MATTER forming in the space between our ears the instant we allow others to interfere with our sequencing, agree?


Each and every one of us evil




Good, number the essence of all things, agree?


Exceptions allow the ¡°rulers¡± to bend the rules while insisting folks get used to filing in straight lines, agree?


The filing cabinets of insurance carriers currently flowing over in the battle to stay ahead of the curve, risk assessment my business, period.


Figuring out ¡°right from wrong¡± only complicated if the mass of space between the ears resembles that of Deep Space, a perfect vacuum, agree?


Up to each of us to protest the distractions heaped on us by those hell bent on keeping the masses on their hands and knees fighting over scraps, agree?


Crazy the name given to those who dare to change the status quo, agree?


Knowledge being transferred at light speed causing the haves like never be4 in the annals of history to scream ¡°bloody murder¡± as the have-nots bridge the information divide without having to lift more than a finger, G-D forbid anyone were to be so dumb as to pick up a gun, agree?


Playing into the hands of oppressors being better understood today rather well, each of us having all the answers at the start, the infinity sign with the circle spelling out everything, patterns understood from the youngest of age be4 being translated into mathematics the purest of all languages with the possible exception of Hebrew, agree?


Eventually everything coming out in the wash, agree?


Hard play Hard work, the game of soccer, the offside rule spelling out the gains that come from team play where the best and the worst can work in harmony, agree?


To the bitter end, sweet to hear the words, 5678 who do we appreciate?


Just 24 standard deviation points of intelligence separating the dumbest of us from the smartest at the time of birth, conceptual thinking beginning in earnest once we scrap conventional wisdom in 2 categories, first that black hands can lay white eggs and second the Bell Shaped Curve that promotes at best mediocrity, the average rising time and again clawing their way to the top, running out of breath be4 collapsing into a heap of tears bringing down everyone?


There no discrimination in big time wars, the good being tossed out along with the bad, my Partner-Wife now modeling the outfit she will wear tomorrow to the Turf Club simply far tT¡Ä distracting 4 me to continue.


A chess game ¡°Less said the better...¡±, agree?


The game of life like the game of chess getting your opponent to play to your advantage now thanks ¡°tT¡Ä¡± [sic] puts us all on the same page, agree?


So what u think?



Next tT¡Ä

Breeding is everything





Built tT¡Ä


Evolution?¡± [sic]






Ps I – Don¡¯t forget to check out and who knows someone might read this first and contact u to meet us tomorrow and if u cannot find a bank able to comply with my request simply bring a personal check the $10 million drawn on a certified bank, he-she who controls the water, grabs the land owns the bank!



Ps II – Sometime next week I will revisit what I wrote above and send u my ¡ãs colored in green.


Ps III – Discovering a diamond in the rough begins with an earnest search, truth, that which does not change, like proof, a function of evidence, the better the evidence the better the proof, 1421 The Year China Discovered America spelling out how myopic we r, the evidence everywhere yet 4 500 odd years our anthropologists, polioanthropologists must have been lame, poor excuses,


¡°If only I had known... had the patience to sift thru what GG wrote starting at the bottom...¡±


getting to be less and less acceptable, agree?


Ps IV – Like 0+1+2+3+4=10 and u must surely ¡°love¡± the digits 1421 for they can be both added and multiplied resulting in the number 8 tT¡Ä?


Love all about ¡°trust¡± and ¡°respect¡± those who came be4, the need right now to find a unifying goal just pulling together the best and brightest minds beginning with Einstein¡¯s ¡°Mind of G-D¡± so well explained in General Relativity ¡°meshes well¡± with Pythagoras¡¯ Right Angle Triangle theory, one ¡°sums¡± and the other ¡°differs¡± all coming together with Quantum Mechanics, more than close r we to having a


Unified Theory

For the inner workings

Of the Universe.


Like E=mc©÷ where there is no beginning, middle




End, the same with universe, agree?


So good is mankind at adding and multiplying out of control, man-woman not really very kind to nature let alone his own kind yet so good r we at naming ourselves ¡°mankind¡±, quite the oxymoron not quite as good as the right angle rotate of the number 8, the infinity sign within a circle that at least from a mathematical perspective cannot be ¡°perfect¡±, infinite perfections?


Why not given our ability to draw, color but most of all values set us straight once we get passed the basics, never having to look behind once each and every one of us become transparent?


Ps V - The common goal, achieving spirituality by sharing knowledge through Light-G-D-Speed Technology... to be continued.