From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2004 7:48 PM
To: Dusan
Cc: Rabbi Abner Weiss; FBI; TU;
Subject: Next Symposium {:}...Jew...running the world...If we don't success, we run the risk of failure...corruption...US...first perfected before being exported to places like Peru...{:}


Hi – There r a # of things I have on the go this afternoon including sending an email to the Mayor of Del Mar in follow up to the “PICKing up the pieces of APARTheid” communiqué I sent councilwoman Crawford [c hyperlink on Del Mar] within moments of Marie telling me yesterday to rap things up.


It is possible that u r unaware that relations of mine by the last name Rapp happen to be the “construction” arm of a not altogether small insurance empire under the “command and control” of Donnie Gordon who I once had the opportunity of conversing with in a not-altogether dirt-poor section of London as he and I sat in the steps leading up to his “one of a kind” incredible townhouse Mr. Gordon fearful that a meter maid would come and ticket his automobile so poorly parked by his son preventing us from getting a good enough grip on the bumpers to lift the vehicle above our shoulders and toss it into the wastepaper basket!


Just checking to c whether u r paying attention.


Such an enlightening afternoon taking place in the late 1980s during one of my frequent visits with my extraordinary mother, my suggestion that Liberty International consider a joint venture with Insurance Marketing Services Inc. not necessarily falling on deaf ears particularly my point about the joint venture I engineered with Citigroup’s special insurance division that provided this behemoth banking group restricted by the Glass Steigal Act from being directly in the “business of insurance” a “quick look” in to the “book of business” of the most successful independent insurance agents in North America.


U do understand that one purpose of me spelling out pieces of my Curriculum Vitae is to put not only the Del Mar City Council on notice that when I mean business I mean business but the likes of Ron Burkle who is one of the “control” people behind the Wetherly Capital Group responsible for masterminding and executing almost to perfection the rigging of the California Gubernatorial elections held on November 8th 2002, my noticing that the time is now going on 4:30 PM PST it very possible that Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman is also on-line which may interfere with anyone wanting to call for her opinion on any worldly matters, her telephone number, once again, from the United States 011-44-19-84-6-24-0-88.


Given the incredible amount of fun we r having surely u would have no trouble getting your friends in Yugoslavia to fly over for the next sitting of the Del Mar City Council if the flights r all booked then be sure to let them know that they can click on here for the video streaming.


Perhaps u saw on live TV this past Monday evening my suggesting at the start of the 3 minute “bitch” session available to the general public that each member of the Del Mar City Council “Keep Smiling” while taking their pulse before asking Mayor Earnest, no relation I know of to Earnest Oppenheimer of the DeBeers Diamond Cartel, a straightforward question that seemed to cause his pulse to rise possibly higher than the very worst of his carrier night landings when a fighter-pilot during the Vietnam War, agree?


And to think it all began with my simply wanting to know, Have u given consideration to limiting construction of new homes or redevelopment of old ones to one story? thinking it wise not to get into issues like how much would us southern Californians be willing to pay for the natural gas that I understand will soon be shipped from the Cuzco region of Peru assuming a grass roots organization in that part of the world decides,


“Enough is Enough, stuff those illegal agreements[1], and lets discuss ‘fair trade’ not to be confused with ‘free sex’ with interns, agree?”


Once again earlier today there was this guy singing Purple Rain in the alley outside my studio, in fact it is time for me to respond to my new landlord not to forget Marie’s words, “sex a` trios is out of the question!


Right now while typing this email and responding to folks seemingly having more time on their hands than me I am also listening to a replay over The Internet of the Del Mar City Council meeting thinking about getting hold of my uncle Joe Ash who in addition to being a rather successful businessman, publishing in South Africa my eldest brother’s first book, picking up the pieces of yourself during the height of the Apartheid years.


U must appreciate that during this incredible display of these Del Martian politicians constantly clapping themselves on the back I was typing away on my laptop battling to read some of the miniscule text that accompanied video clips including one with galloping horses.


I was also dealing with a myriad of issues some having nothing whatsoever to do with anything I have ever expressed publicly in no small measure also distracted by the incredibly good looking women present, councilwoman Crawford perhaps Cindy Crawford’s younger and better-looking sister but then again it was hard for me to tell front from back with all the back-scratching going on which of course made it that much more difficult for me to avoid getting into Councilwoman’s physical measurements which of course I only thought about in my head knowing that one day the possibility exists that my Partner-Wife Marie Dion altho California is a “no fault” divorce State might eventually get on The Internet and come to her senses that she married an “idi-to-amen” [sic] concluding that chopping off my legs below the knees without bothering to tie the loose ends in bandages would simply be silly agree?


I also never thought it prudent given my Charm School education despite the fun, fun, fun I was having to bring up the ever increasing rallying call to have Robert F. Kennedy’s White Cross removed from Arlington Cemetery then again Laurie “Absolution” Black whose disgustingly crooked but thankfully now deceased father-in-law, the former Ambassador to Switzerland during the Clinton regime did not, to the best of my knowledge, “poke her head in”, and please let me know if u think she along with Mr. King Golden Jr. Esq. were in disguise, ok?


Not to forget what I posted up earlier Monday afternoon on the BUD Yahoo website, the folks at Anneheiser Bush the makers of BUD, not that u should LIGHT up the pot possibly given to u by King Golden Jr. Esq. when he staying over with me in unit #4 when he and I were involved with the “work out” of EpiLady USA, such pot possibly mixed with that grown by King’s neighbor Dr. JBS in his backyard,


I know, versus beleive, that I can be of help in your ad campaign "poking fun" at Miller Brewing company which is owned by South African Brewries.


Suffice to say, I am the ultimate insider.


Good day” [sic].



Just this very minute some 23 minutes in to the broadcast I heard for the first time Mayor Ernest commenting words to the effect,


“This bullsh1t tax... take back... backyacht” [sic].


Now I am hearing councilman Druker commenting,


“$6,000 is not a whole lot of money according to the realtors.”


My first of 3 questions coming in I believe at around the 44th minute.


I seem to recall a number of folks in the audience getting a kick out of my second question,


Does the City benefit from the Red Light District...?


with Councilman Druker suggesting that he educate me further about the deal that catches negligent drivers going thru red lights bringing in some $300,000 a year in revenues, perhaps Councilman Druker is the reincarnation of business guru Peter Drucker, agree?


I am looking forward tho to how folks around the world c us going after folks causing untold deaths and injuries in our backyard while Wall Street rouges many operating in our front yards get off “scott free”, agree?


In spelling things out a little clearer in this email how easy it is to accumulate a couple hundred million real estate portfolio not to forget that southern California is a desert, yet to be voiced, again to the best of my knowledge on “broadcast” TV, my missive, however, capturing the attention of a number of folks around the globe, including hopefully the Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION, agree?


Dusan, with all that said, I want u to place a fair sized “4 Sale” sign in the front garden of the Stanford Street property.


The sign should read:


4 SALE by owner

6 unit condo project

Call 1-858-SEL-NEXT


I have worked out a number of things including how to solve all the problems of the world with each person having to do nothing more than a couple of key strokes on their keyboard, forwarding my missives should not lead to repetitive stress injuries [RSI].


I am giving everyone an opportunity to make a buck on this deal, the 1% finder’s fee sending a clear message that unless we “reign in” [sic] the out of control “inflationary bidding war” created by real estate agents very much hand-in-hand with the insurance carriers who know that this time round when the real estate market crashes the odds of agents being able to follow the path of the past, i.e. sell homeowners insurance is very much a thing of the past.


The deafening silences out there rather telling whether




Not u r as sophisticated as Warren Buffet who pretty much sets the price each of us pays for everything including pornography on The Internet as he goes about cloaking himself in being quite the puritan Christian, agree?


U r also surely aware at this time that us Jewish people have mastered the successful strategy claiming to be the most abused and put upon since the dawn of history going from a handful of little Bedouin tribes, 12 at best count to “running the world” since to “rule the world” would be counterproductive to being abused and oppressed, agree?


In other words what idiot of a Jew would want to be “in charge” of this “Dog eat God” [sic] world.


There really is no leadership amongst us Jewish people, anarchy undoubtedly within all the various Jewish communities which the likes of Hitler have exploited going back to the year dot, agree?


Moreover, not only is there no infrastructure amongst the Jewish people one cannot get us to agree on one religion, at least 3 and sub variants of those, wouldn’t u agree Rabbi Weiss?





Ps – Under the title of, Dumb things famous people said,


If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure - President Bill Clinton


Ps I – I received this E-mail late yesterday from a Peruvian friend whose English verbal skills rank up “their with” [sic] Bill Clinton who u may recall derived great satisfaction in trying to convince the world that there is a difference between “is” and “is”. Augs writing skills may in fact be superior to mine but then “his” [sic] is plagued right now with the basic need of survival.


Should u have the time I would welcome your input on how best I should respond bearing in mind we have in fact come up with a bulletproof-watertight solution for solving all the problems of the world that begin with providing each and every one of us with clean drinking water.


In other words should I simply “cut to the chase” have Aug and his fellow 600 rather well educated guides sit at the entrances to the Inka Trails as they read my step-by-step suggestions on how to implement from the bottom up a rather simple water project that will eventually guarantee each and every single human being on this planet as much clean drinking water as they desire very similar to this business plan spelled out rather eloquently by Mr. JRK of Finkelstein & Krinsk




Because I have today a much more worldly audience thanks in part to now 2 terrific emails from my china TU and simply expand a little on how the problems faced by Aug and his wife, both guides having met at University, and the rest of their grass roots organization r the result of the corruption we have here in the United States which was first perfected before being exported to places like Peru with their incredible natural resources?


Ps II – This Alert post I placed up yesterday on the BUD Yahoo message board in follow up to my first posting the day be4 has drawn rather interesting responses, the possibility exists that the top dog running BUD’s competitor Miller Brewing, a wholly owned subsidiary of the multinational conglomerate South African Breweries is someone I could have run into considering our close age, then again I left South Africa in March 1978 returning less than a handful of times.


Norman Adami appears to be Indian and therefore given my family’s close relationship with high ranking members of the South African Indian community to mention little of the Indian community being the most responsive to this A NAME FROM HERE YOU CAN TRUST OVER THERE which I ran just once in the South African Sunday Times back in the late 1980s, the odds are “sumwhat” [sic] increased, but not enough to have Mahatma Ghandi turn over in his grave, agree?


Moreover, it is not altogether very likely Norman is the Indian lover of my gay cousin Mark Gevisser, bearing in mind if this was the case Mark might not do more than simply lift his index finger to help me, at least at this time, agree?


Perhaps tho, cousin Mark would use his remaining 9 fingers plus his 10 toes to help me should I find a way to communicate with Mr. Adami to examine further, engaging search engines on The Internet, which is not to suggest that Mark Gevisser abhors autoerotic sex, South African Breweries’ alignment with both Anglo American Corporation and DeBeers Consolidated Mines in propping up the Nationalist Nazi Party that ruled with an “iron fist” over some 40 million South Africans of color for “sum 40+” [sic] years as the likes of the Kennedy clan partied with Charles Engelhard David Gevisser’s big-time benefactor, uncle David being Mark Gevisser’s father.


Just a small footnote not deserving of its own ps:


While Charles Engelhard was rather busy taking control of the world’s platinum supply, the “control” person of a not altogether small chemical services company in New Jersey, USA, in addition to helping mastermind and execute perhaps the biggest fraud on the peoples of the world other than the concept of “rule by divine authority”, still found the time to visit the headquarters of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies in Durban, South Africa, a sh1thole to at least a handful of us, enough times for my incredible father to notice the amount of Coca Cola this rogue of rouges carried with him, perhaps simply “parting gifts” for David Gevisser’s uncle, Mr. Sol “Little King” Moshal, the Little King quite upset that his “blue eyed boy” with the most incredible stutter who charged me, the “idiot”, as being “naïve” would forsake Uncle Sol in favor of the richest man in the world, Charles Engelhard a critical cog in The Diamond Invention, agree?


So why wouldn’t Mr. Adami want to wait a minute longer be4 sitting down to dinner with me and my Partner-Wife Marie Dion along for the ride?


Surely not simply to make sure I behave myself which should not be a problem unless my poor poor dog Pypeetoe is left out of the thick of things, agree?


It is even possible Mr. Adami and I brushed up against one another while enjoying one of caterer Ivor Kissen’s delicious spreads, the table underneath the fine linen cloth along with The mirror is today proudly displayed in the 27th Street beach house, the mahogany table commonly referred to as the “Problem Solving Table”.


So if u happen to have the private email address of Norman Adami please let me know.


I am thinking of beginning a dialogue with Mr. Adami along the following lines:


Hi buster - what do u think of my wife’s IN-FINITY logo which of course I haven’t bothered registering, my having learned a thing




tT while “working out” the folks at Epilady USA, those a-dam Israeli brothers and sisters of mine seeing fit to dispense with the niceties of “unfair trade” practiced by those folks who stole the most affording the highest priced hired guns on the planet instead letting knock off artists know that besides water the most precious commodity is a human beings’ brain, best left in tact, agree?


And of course Mr. Adami I would probably be the last person on this planet to ever advocate violence which I am smart enough to have worked out plays right into the hands of the “ruling elite”, agree?


Both u and I in all likelihood sharing more in common than simply having soft skins worth protecting to the bitter end, the lightweights that we r, agree?


Just kidding, pay no attention to the description of me by Dr. JBS, never to the best of my knowledge weighing even an ounce over 140 pounds and to think given everything else I have since disclosed The Sperm Donor is still a practicing, pathologist at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, incredible agree?


Now don’t worry about your liability insurance premiums going thru the roof since there is a much greater likelihood this pathetic creature was very possibly drinking a BUD Light when he filed a materially false and grossly misleading criminal complaint against me back on 9-11-2002?


So what do u think this out-of-control pathological liar was celebrating on that infamous day, thinking ahead that one day he would become so incredibly famous, agree?


The past and the future u would surely agree coming together in the present, agree?


My understanding is that u have a pretty decent command of mathematics, agree?


Poison Pill provisions I would assume u would certainly agree based on your far superior formal schooling than me is something we should dispense with right this very instant and why not join me in calling on our GREAT GREAT President George W. Bush to do the right thing this very instant and suspend trading of public corporations so that we don’t have to endure another great war, agree?


Each and every loss of life costing more than either of us can endure, a penny for your thoughts at this time?


So then let me continue bearing in mind my Partner-Wife’s one classic expression,


When the dialogue becomes tT monologues it is the beginning of the end” [sic],


Followed by,


This world would be far better off if women were on permanent PMS then they wouldn’t put up with any of the bullsh1t” [sic]!


The time tho is fast approaching dinner time and I still want to walk the dogs while it is still light, so why not spell out in crystal clear 4th grade English what would be wrong for the BUD folks to go beyond simply saying Miller Brewing is owned by South African Breweries when we both know that is quite untrue and BUD knows perfectly well, u would agree, how it came to pass that South African Brewries were able to move their so incredibly hard earned assets offshore, courtesy would u say of which figurehead government, the Nationalist Nazi Party that ruled from 1948 until around 1993 when the African National Congress were given the mantle of “free trade” if they “tT∞ behaved” [sic]?


Is that a “Yes




A “No




A “Maybe”?


Now tell me this, when u examine the photo in the “Kiss” hyperlink above would u say the date “sumwhat” [sic] smudged reads April 1966, agree?


Now at the time I was all of 9 years and 1 month old but incredibly wouldn’t u agree that some 20 months after that photo could have been taken I was on this train ride from Zurich to Kitzbuel, u would agree the skiing in Kitzbuel is far superior to Arosa?


U wouldn’t have run into my first cousin, Karene Gevisser, what about my sister Kathy-Louise Gevisser Danziger?


So u want to know where I am going with all this “model” talk?


And of course I have absolutely not much of a say were u to be interested in hiring either of our dogs but I am not sure u can really afford my Partner-Wife, agree?


Which reminds me I still need to address with my “simple” landlord this point about “sex a` trios is out of the question!


The $64,000 question I believe is the following:


Could u run by me just one time your business model assuming for just one moment the population does not continue to rise as most of u really smart folk pin your hopes up high and then plug in to your worksheet the same X factor others tuned in to this missive have already figured out once the world knows u r “beet” [sic], agree?


U also agree that it is The Meek WITH TEETH Shall Inherit The Earth?

[1] Entered “intT∞ between the former Fugmara” [sic] regime and the Clinton regime.