From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, July 05, 2004 5:41 PM
To: Trevor Manuel, South Africa’s Minister of Finance
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Subject: Next Symposium {:}...tap...{:}


Title: Heads Up!


Subtitle: “If u don’t stand up 4 yourself u mite as well continue to be a slave to the Almighty South African Oppenheimer family, their former pimps, the South African Nationalist Party learning from the German Gestapo how to get Jewish Capos in the form of the Durban North South Africa Lazarus clan to keep the likes of Cliff Benn, Trevor Goldberg, Roy Essakow, Merrick Wolman and yours trulytowing the line’ to mention little of what my good pal, South African Opposition leader, Tony Leon[1] should do next, agree?


Dear Trevor,


The purpose of this communiqué, a follow up to the 20,000 odd word E-mail I sent u on September 02, 2002 7:57 PM PST, u having just returned from a trip to Singapore, is to get u and your boss, South Africa’s prime minister, Thabo Mbeki, possibly working with my author-journalist cousin, Mark Gevisser, in putting the finishing touches to Thabo’s autobiography, to rethink a number of things including the injustice of the amnesty program you introduced that protects mostly those who enriched themselves the most from the Nationalist Nazi Party 40+ year “iron fist” rule, agree?


Your ANC Government substituting in rather well for the Apartheid Government which governed at the behest of the South African Oppenheimer family, agree?


Not to forget to please provide me with any and all edits u deem fit, my proposal for a follow on TV show hosted by Oprah Winfrey, subject matter, Economic solution for the problems of combating AIDs beginning with the tip of Africa, catching on like wild fire, much like my Partner-Wife’s business plan to solve the problems of the world from the bottom up beginning with ensuring each and every human being on this planet gets their 8 glasses of water fresh from the source without the taste of plastic, agree?


Nothing to so “set-up a” [sic] conglomerate’s venture in to foreign territories needed to support their “over the top” share price than to be confronted by a rather angry yet well educated mob who haven’t allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning, patience a virtue, agree?


What headline do u think will get Oprah’s attention,


“When the dialogue becomes tT monologues it is the beginning of the end” [sic].




“This wor.d would be far better off if women were on permanent PMS so that they wouldn't put up with any of the bullshit” [sic].









Diks” [sic]!


Surely Mr. Minister u agree that DeBeers Consolidated Mines so intermixed with the Anglo American Corporation both entities that at one time dominated the Johannesburg Stock Exchange now based largely “offshore” these days had a strong sense of how instituting into law the likes of the obscene Immorality Act perhaps even more offensive than seeing men-women trying to do the right thing beheaded in front of worldwide audience would empower their cartel much like the OPEC Oil Cartel, agree?


Could u possibly assist Roy Essakow in explaining how middlemen in the form of Marc Richcook the books” maintaining exactly how many different sets of books much like Codiam Inc, one of many DeBeer’s “fronting companies” which happens to be managed by one of my uncle David Gevisser’s cousins, agree?


My book, Manager Minute One which more than a handful of folks consider quite a “brilliant concept” already making its impact with those more in tune with the inner workings of the universe despite my inability to secure an editor, yet, to mention in passing my having stipulated to a former president of a division of Simon & Schuster my unwillingness to accept less than the $10 million odd advance Senator Hilary Clinton received for leveraging the sexual misconduct of her dirt-bag husband who fell asleep at the wheel after having “is-si” [sic] sex with Monica Lewinsky, such distractions not exactly lost on the Chinese who only sleep when having sex, agree?


Mankind so incredibly unkind to his own species understandable though when one examines how hostile man-woman has been to G-D-Nature which is not to suggest that u now pass legislation making it perfectly legal to place a burning tire necklace around the head of Nicholas Oppenheimer although if the majority of the world’s population harmed by his family’s ongoing insidious actions believe this is the right way to “balance things out” should we continue to go around in circles in this “Dog eat God” [sic] world then who am I to argue “otherweiss” [sic] to mention in passing how Mr. Oppenheimer’s out of control monopoly continues to operate freely within the United States of America helped in no small measure by the likes of former United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy turning a blind eye on his trip to South Africa back in 1966, his 6/6/66 speech at the University of Capetown containing to the best of my knowledge not a single reference to DeBeers




Anglo American but “tT” [sic] references to the word “Catholic”, after a quick surf to continue a missive to Christopher Flavin, president of the Worldwatch Institute, his letter of May 2004 ending with the word “help” reminding me of momworker63’s pleas back on 6/11/99, Flavin’s 4 page document while spelling out Population as being the biggest problem plaguing this planet beginning,


“In this election year, we generally count on our political leaders to vigorously debate the world’s most pressing issues.


Except one. Sitting in the corner is an ‘800-pound’ gorilla.’ Its name: Population.”


Not a single reference, however, to the Romans who as u know morphed in to the Roman Catholic Church whose business model implodes should the masses become educated, realize that they and their ancestors have been had into believing that while premarital sex is sinful, if one gets married, bang,,, I just heard a loud firecracker go off, then forsakes one’s wife for a richer “rich chick” as in Mrs. Heinz, Senator John Kerry’s current wife, then with a good enough tip one can get absolution overnight, agree?


The speed of light, knowledge is light, moving at “breakneck speed”, not all that hard to imagine how Mr. JRK of the law firm Finkelstein & Krinsk managed to make the most of “pigging out” when dining with the Senator and his rich quick-settlement wife, Kerry apparently having to adjourn to take a pee with his catheter still hooked up to his penis, agree?


Nor for that matter when the likes of the alcoholic Kennedy clan when meeting in private with the likes of Jesse Helms during say a clam bake at the Kennedy compound bringing together quite the pot heads, nothing like the Digital Age to stir the pot, wouldn’t u also agree Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk.


Sidebar to Mr. JRK: Please let us know how great a July 4th Party u all had yesterday without my presence, Mr. Susan Bailey thinking of “committing suicide




just wanting to wring your neck for having shared with me how he managed to “con” the Harvard University faculty into admitting him, the brother of the current Chief Investment Officer of CALPers, as a full time student, to mention little of explaining to the world how Mr. Susan Bailey managed to screw up the marketing rights to the Vatican’s “intellectual property”, he miraculously obtained, agree?


Mr. Manuel, please don’t hesitate to give me and my ever expanding audience your views on how possibly more misdirected Mr. Flavin could be in his failure be4 advocating the rest of world stop behaving like monkeys to first address the woes here within the confines of the United States of America where corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Communist Party with possibly more than a handful of top ranked Republican Party supporters in cahoots goes on unabated, the left wing socialists learning everything from their blood sucking autocratic brothers and sisters, agree?


Would u also agree that David Gevisser, Mark Gevisser’s father, helped “immeasurably” in engineering the unholy alliance between the Diamond Cartel, DeBeers Consolidated Mines and Englehard Chemical and Supply Company of New Jersey located within the jurisdiction of the United States Justice Department?


Quite a lot has transpired since I provided a statistically valid representative sampling of the world’s literate population back on 9-2-2002 with a hypothetical at what may have taken place at the Arnold Zulman household in Durban South Africa when supporters of your former boss, Nelson Mandela, while working in Arnold’s kitchen preparing to serve your main black opponent, bought and paid for, Zulu Chief Katsha Buthelezi, mixed human feces into the salad dressing, possibly adding a sprinkling of Beacon Sweets chocolate to camouflage the taste, not to suggest that Arnold




His father, Hymie Zulman, the founder of Beacon Sweets, did much to support Aspartame being so well introduced into our diets, bearing in mind though, once again I for one cannot remember how many times labor strikes interfered with the production of the Zulman’s candy that now affords Arnold Zulman’s offsprings to live the “high life” scattered around the world, agree?


Honest private bankers to embrace as we boot the rest to Timbuktu especially those who have so much time on their hands while cleaning up left and right, feeding off the center like never be4, to test the intellectual honesty of those simply wanting to do good business, agree?


So much to be gleamed from that said in gist, Employee Liability premiums soon to skyrocket like the rest unless of course I put my foot to the mettle and throw my hat in the ring to own the world insurance market in 7 days




Less, to mention little once again of the “death” of, my partner-wife’s “Huff and Puff” scripted after a healthy dose of in and out,,, Pilates everywhere, nothing like playing, say a didgeridoo




climbing the peaks of Machu Picchu, Peru to liven one’s soul followed by a couple of glasses of wine just in the nick of time be4 Melvyn “Mweissman” Weiss Esq’s prostitutes shut down their bulletin boards the result of some 5 years of painstaking efforts on my part, just a matter of moments in the space of time b4 eRaider’s demise becomes front page news, agree?


The media simply incapable of ignoring me 4 much longer, nothing quite as awakening as the sound of deafening silences to resurrect the soul within each one of us with just a particle of a conscience remaining, wouldn’t u agree, Roy Essakow?


I am beginning to think about the response to a recent E-mail from Mr. Sammy “Shoeshine” Haim’s, Mr. Haim, although born in a mud hut just outside of Cairo, Egypt, spending some time in the land of Milk and Honey, later shooting deer in New York State to make ends meet, eventually bullshitted enough people to land himself in the Tree House overlooking the Del Mar Plaza in downtown Del Mar, now thinking “4 sum” [sic] reason I have lost my mind, agree?


Stupid not exactly written all that clearly over my forehead, to mention in passing the last time I recall hearing from Sammy Haim was on September 11th 2002, the very same day that my partner-wife’s former husband, Dr. JBS went to the criminal court house in downtown San Diego perhaps leaving his “good I” [sic] behind as he trekked along our JoNathan, his one biological son, agree?


So many folks around the planet paying ever more so attention to this over controlling totally out of control pathologist who continues to miss the boat, his diabolical actions to coincide with the 1st anniversary of 911 surely not lost on the authorities as women in particular around the world begin to appreciate how my PW MD in standing up in court some 6 weeks later empowered us all, agree?


October 24th 2002, a day we should all celebrate, women a gift from G-D never to take lightly, to mention in passing again and again Dr. John Ben Stewartpegging” me at some 180 pounds, 40 pounds more than I have ever weighed in, some 3 inches more than when at “full stretch”, perhaps thinking that by putting my biological age some 5 years less than I was at the time would gain him and his rather dangerous co-conspirators a handful of brownie points, agree?


The truth, the coincidence of Dr. JBS’ on-off girlfriend Ms. “Dawn Castlemean” [sic] who fitted the specifications signed “under penalty of perjury” remarkable well recently saw fit to communicate with PW MD letting us all know that her pimp is a “good guy”, their Money Talks attorney seemingly incapable of letting us know that he can no longer stand the sight of Dr. JBS just so happens to work for Milberg Weiss whose problems will not disappear even if the 2 Grand Juries investigating their criminal misconduct fail to indict the 2 former co-chairmen of what was once a 2,000 pound gorilla law firm their breakup according to Mr. JRK one of “philosophy” no doubt their biggest differences being who will die the “richest in the grave”, agree?


The “death”, however, of Melvyn Mweissman Weiss Esq’s surely u would also agree not lost on the authorities who cannot dismiss the extent to which the masses around the planet now watch ever so closely their next move, my best insurance that in the end justice in my own backyard will prevail, the past, the future all coming together in the present, agree?


Moreover, my recent revelations about the South African Oppenheimer pimps referenced in a number of missives the most recent I believe in a missive to South African born litigator Jerry Phillips of the law firm of Loeb and Loeb spelling out rather clearly what has more than a number of folks somewhat more agitated while the vast majority of those tuned into my missives are beginning to feel a sense of incredible euphoria as they get wind of the rising tides, nothing quite like a second wind




Feeling self-assured in an almighty current, agree?


Nothing worse, however, than being electrocuted, gassed, stoned to death, beheaded although I think u would agree that starvation has to be one of the cruelest of tortures bearing in mind there is sufficient resources available today to feed what is very much a population very much out of control, agree?


Nothing quite as invigorating to those in tune with my missives who have not allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning than coming to grips with the fact that the stock markets around the world are set to implode bringing with it the demise first of the rigged insurance industry followed by real estate, the inflationary bidding wars a thing of the past, eventually leading to the free flow of capital which like water will finds its own level, nothing quite like humans to interfere with the natural flow of things, agree?


Dam those who choose to get in the way as knowledge begins to spread at light speed, the business plan I have already begun implementing geared toward ensuring each and every human being on this planet is entitled to clean drinking water, not a single despot




his-her so-called elected local leader capable of “ducking and diving” the simple question given the technology available at each of our doorsteps,


“What is your plan to tap into the water source and when do u expect to have this project from A to Z completed, guaranteed by specifically which financial institution?”


When clicking on the “Catholic” hyperlink u will first encounter a “rain” missive with a Ps that reads,


Ps – A birdie whispered in my ear quite the marketing strategy to help sell my 6 unit-condo building in Santa Monica to mention how ingenious my partner-wife’s “huff and puff” communiqué to Professor Aaron BrownNose Brown will be appreciated on every single public companies’ message board, my primary agenda to sell my book, Manager Minute One, agree?


May I make one suggestion at this time Mr. Finance Minister that u not wait for me to place my INFORMERS WANTED ad in newspapers, billboards, and/or affixed to sandwich boards worn by Blacks throughout Africa welcoming a headline that will not only feed their meager pocket books, your ANC Government in many ways schooled worse than the Oppenheimer’s Nationalist Nazi Party, go ahead and read about The Diamond Invention, but their spirits will be invigorated like never be4, agree?


Remember Sir, the relatively peaceful uprising that led to the dismantling of the Apartheid Regime was engineered and executed by Black South African School kids not wanting to be educated in the language of their slave masters, these young children perhaps not as well aware as the Next generation of Black and White South African schools kids becoming increasingly colorblind thanks to the likes of yours truly and our command of The Internet, the Soweto riots of 1976 although misdirected toward the prostitutes as opposed to the Oppenheimer pimps quite effective, agree?


One step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.


Good Day,


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake


Ps – Again, should u need a more detailed explanation in terms of how to get the likes of Cliff Benn, his father, Alan Benn, Abe Dubin, Eric Samson, Sol “Gambling Czar” Kersner, Anton Rupert better known as Mr. Mount Blanc, most of all Nicholas Oppenheimer to c the light, twisting their arms to encourage those they come into contact with to provide “us” with a balance sheet showing their assets, liabilities and net worth both before and after they have contributed heavily to grass roots organizations I am in the process of helping form around the world, don’t hesitate to ask, agree?



[1] The Tony Leon hyperlink takes u to 2 photos.


The first shows from left to right, Tony Leon, my mother, Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman, Alan Zulman and yours truly outside a building within the Houses of Parliament in Capetown, South Africa, the floor of this building containing limestone rocks from Robin Island contributing to Nelson Mandela’s “blindness” while he served his 27 years in captivity, the Nationalist Nazi Party nothing more than a smokescreen for the ruling elite South African Oppenheimer family to cast “at will” their “hooks”, so important r headlines in getting the attention of the “brain dead” [sic].


The photo below shows me in front of one of “tT∞” [sic] buildings donated to a university in Israel by the South African Krok family principals of Twins Pharmaceuticals, a student from Bar Ilan University would later assassinate Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, an advocate for change, while so easily understood, few if any, would disagree that change builds character, yet those in the “pound seats” generation after generation ready to fight “tooth and nail” to hold on to their mostly “ill-gotten” gains, their hypocrisy of shrouding themselves in religious ornamentation not lost on the Next generation who thanks to the Digital Age, a G-D-Send, r being enlightened with each to tick of the clock to question like never be4, showing their grit, flexing their muscle strength, mostly the non-vacuum of space between their ears, G-D gave us 2 ears and one mouth to listen twice as hard as we speak, no reason why wouldn’t u agree, The Meek With Teeth Shall Inherit The Earth with just a “twist” of being ever so SMART.


The Meek

With Teeth



The Earth.


The 100 year anniversary of Albert Einstein’s Special-General Relativity fast approaching much like the year 2012, a 26,000 year cycle of Remembrance about to begin.


In the beginning... oshon... no show... PythagorasX²+Y²=Z² [Right Angle Triangle proof theorem] taking for the very first time in recorded history mysticism and superstition out of the equation.