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Subject: RE: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants - Thomas Jefferson


Steve - It may take up to 24 hours to remove u from the list, bearing in mind what I am spelling out for all the residents of this region, particularly us folk here in Del Mar thinking ourselves so grand as our stellar city council so bought and paid for by real estate folk stick their heads in the sand adding more to this “inflationary bidding war”, goes to the heart of why my book Manager Minute One will be a blockbuster success, no matter what, agree?


Also let me know if u r interested in my Santa Monica property.


My thinking was that u would derive some benefit from me spelling out in the footnote to this missives how someone like Mark Trump Weinstein could create a not altogether insignificant real estate empire of some $200 million in the space of a decade having zero fear of ever getting caught given the fact that he had all his bases seemingly covered; the seller, getting his “pound of flesh”, happy to give west coast Trump not averse to threatening folks who get in his way with trumping up charges”, the “kick back” that essentially reduces the “down payment” at times cash in the buyer’s pocket to boot on top of owning the real estate with all the tax benefits that allow uncontrollable leverage to take place quite apart from the ability of the Federal Reserve to create money “out of nothing” us hard working folk relying on the “good judgment and integrity” of such unelected officials to mention of course in passing each and every person further down in the food chain from the bank loan officer making the “inflated loan” to the appraiser who relies on his future income stream from the likes of disgusting Trump Weinstein happy, happy, happy to be a cog in what is nothing short of perpetual money making machine, were it not 4 me the ultimate insider, agree?


I.e. I made a conscious decision to include u on each and every email u were sent altho I may not have copied u on this “stranger” communiqué to Mr. Glenn Shapiro anxiously awaiting the draft Introduction to Manager Minute One, the insurance game one I know rather well altho in all candor I had never actually come across anyone considering doing business with a guy tied in with Churches in distressed urban areas who while selling life insurance polices to congregants whose life expectancy is below the national average, kickbacks up the kazoo, so incredibly poor that your prospect couldn’t afford a fricken $8 million umpteenth home in Malibu his Ferraris leveraged to support a failed lifestyle obviously, agree?


That last hyperlink takes u to a document that the attorney for Dan Weinstein, no relation to Mark Trump Weinstein failed to make a reference to in his “services” settlement document sent to me back in early April 2002 some 3 months after Dan Weinstein’s “partner in crime” arranged 2 rather important meetings with former Governor Gray “Ho Chi Min” Davis, such an “omission” not to be confused with Errors & Omissions [E&O] coverage perhaps not as “striking” as other material in my possession including Dan Weinstein’s connections with Ron Burkle the money bags guy of money bags guys at least on the west coast of America that is nothing short of irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of political corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Communist Party, by now u possibly aware that Dan Weinstein is also a member of the California Coastal Commission, quite the watchdog group, agree?


And be sure to let me know if u can join us all at the next Del Mar City Council powwow, agree?


Don’t be stranger.


C in the surf!




Ps – Given all that is going on I am compelled to copy certain members of my inner-circle some more so than others feel it wise that they be kept informed of all those not necessarily sharing my “point of view” to mention in passing what do u think of the City Council budgeting some $300,000 from the Red Light, just north of the blue hearse in the previous hyperlink which I caught on camera at the spot where The Turf Meets The Surf.


District 6 in Cape town, South Africa was a spot where a lot of the creative colored folk used to live be4 the Nationalist Nazi Party under the command and control of the South African Oppenheimer family with terrific support from the likes of South African Breweries now the proud owners of Miller Brewing, the bulldozers leveling this incredible spot at the foothills of Table Mountain in Capetown, today all paved over, how easy we forget, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, time to rethink a number of things, Number the essence of all things,






Evil, agree?


Our children though thanks to the Digital Age will know exactly the position each and every one of us took, at least going forward.


Back to the “serf [sic]?



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Please remove me from your email list.

Thank you

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Dear Yasmine...