From: Gary S. Gevisser
Wednesday, July 21, 2004 4:27 PM
To: Devin Standard
Cc: rest; FBI; TU
Subject: FW: web


Devin - Just getting back from an incredibly healthy and so delicious lunch expertly put together by my incredibly talented Partner-Wife Marie Dion who had moments be4 kicking back re-proportioned the head of an elderly gentleman, such a wonderful feeling being surrounded by such talent.


Right now with my head still up in the clouds, the oshon swept sea breeze cruising in thru the windows of the beach studio doing just wonders for the mind, could u and perhaps a handful of those folks both carbon copied as well as blind copied help me in responding to "ranting and raving" TU.


Mindful that Tony Unruh who is a brilliant architect has this deep desire to remain ignorant of what was going on in his backyard while growing up in South Africa possibly the most important factor impacting his ability to reason half as well as our JoNathan, not quite 12 years of age who only spends some 50% of his time with us, the rest with the Sperm Donor.


Interesting wouldn’t u agree while Tony protests that our “back and forth” communiqués are being picked up by his clients he while hammering away as u would expect from a “brainne dead” [sic] person continues to selectively forget what exactly did United States Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy, do after talking with Cape town University students back on June 6th 1966 some 3 months to the day be4 the supposed Architect of Apartheid, Hendrik Vervoed, was assassinated by "sum" [sic] Greek patriot other than work wonders for the DeBeers Cartel that continues to violate the sacrosanct "free trade" principles of democracy which is geared, again to the best of my knowledge, toward empowering everyone including TU to not be so reliant on “entitlement pogroms" [sic]?


Then again, TU’s continued public display of stupidity may not be impacting his business as much as he protests, agree?


So please give some consideration to Tony’s emotional investment in a lost cause which may be mitigated should he file an Employee Liability claim not to suggest he couldn’t first go for a full on workers compensation claim the possible action of his wife taking an ax to the back of his head having the claims adjuster looking somewhat askew believing a frontal lobotomy would have been suffice, agree?


Not to suggest that Tony is anywhere near close to calling it quits, the “crash and burn” must surely wait until I have real time video streaming on my website which is not to suggest that I can control the speed at which he “hits the skids” unless of course he gets with the program, and of course the possibility exists he might find G-D, agree?


G-d forbid he gets hold of one of the fully loaded spitfires flown by my incredible father during WWII that now has heat seeking missiles attached to the tailplane,,, okay wing?


Butt why be so pessimistic when all my pal needs other than a healthy dose of “absolution” is to seek guidance beginning with his children so that we can all determine to what extent if any he is culpable of their sequencing being possibly interfered with, perhaps calling in my friend Tracy with the California Foster Care, my forgetting to throw in the word “boycott” during Monday’s 3 minute “bitch” session, and declares to the world,


“I am beet, I have embarrassed myself to know end, the web page I am in the process of putting together for my office will allow my clients while playing myst, not that I am a mystic beginning tho, to feel quite superstitious, to research on line all my rants and missives going back to the beginning of time.


Boy life is wonderful, this Digital Age nothing short of a G-D-Send?


Rabbi Weiss what do u think, am I the perfect straight man, do u think it is possible 4 u to arrange a trio, me, Neil Gould and the Pisser, not that I am opposed to sex a` trios” unless of course it hurts our ratings.


So u c it was just a spelling error, one simple letter N that got everyone so hooked on the preview to our dog and pony show.


What an incredible time to be alive and should anyone think I could do this all on my own without cutting in Gould and Gevisser, my 2 sidekicks, please email me directly and I will gladly spell out the rest of my agenda.


And of course I subscribe to “quite enjoyment” of all laundry services there being nothing wrong to the best of my knowledge in either sniffing




Sifting thru fbi agents’ lingerie but quite frankly I could care less about men’s jockstraps and if necessary I will wear a disguise while continuing to keep this architectural business as a front for I am the quintessential runner, my wealthy clients flying high at this time setting their cockpits on automatic pilot not confident that either the pilot




Co-pilots can be torn away sifting through my ramblings before they find me naked as an Emperor, not to suggest that all of them are into kinky autoerotic sex.




Ps – Since I know u will read this first, perhaps it would be suffice for me to simply follow the suggestion of Mr. JRK of Finkelstein & Krinsk after Kathy Murry informed on our wedding day that I was on the FBI Watch List,


I very much appreciate the fact that you are increasing the circle of those people dependant upon my communications for their insight and analysis of the events of the day. This is a very affirmative and positive step on your part that is highly appreciated


Ps I – Another thought is to just inform my China TU that to the best of my knowledge the current Attorney General of the United States had a son serving recently in Iraq and while taking a slow boat to China reading up on how the Chinese ate up his hero for lunch as Clinton chewed on scented cigars to pay equal attention to my response to this incredibly hard working poor Peruvian, Aug perhaps even better educated than TU about real world politics, agree?



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From: Antony Unruh
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Gary I don't give a fuck about what people the FBI George Bush and his

cronies may think about my opinion of them> I would say it out loudly "Bush

is a fucking idiot!" Period. So when this goes to the FBI let them know my

feelings. It is being proved that he mislead the whole of the US and it

seems you too, your reference to "our GREAT president" it dragging this

country into a mess and letting all his buddies benefit by the killings of

the poor peoples children. Do you know of one official in the US government

who has a kid in Iraq? So still I request that when someone goes to UB they

dont have to be bogged down with your agenda. As for me personally I told

youI dont mind receiving your e-mail and reading it occasionally but I

certainly dont have the time to do it all the time. I am a slow reader! Ciao

China. TU



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