From: Gary S. Gevisser
Friday, July 09, 2004 5:17 PM
To: Tracy
Cc: rest; FBI
Subject: RE: Next Symposium {:}...boycott...24 hours...{:}


Tracy ¨C I¡¯m instructing my programmers with this missive to remove u from my broadcasted email list not, however, to add u to the ¡°delete list¡±, ok?


U surely wont mind assuming I can locate your phone number if we delay calling u a while as this household assists in our small way to help folks ¡°on the ground¡± implement a bulletproof ¡°water solution¡± that will in one ¡°foul swoop¡± not only solve the world¡¯s drinking water problems butt with just each one of us doing our small thing bring the world back into balance again, agree?


U know doubt will let me know if I need to repeat things in more detail, our JoNathan who is not quite 12 years of age has got it ¡°nailed¡±, one step for a man...---...






Any thoughts about my communiqu¨¦ to our neighbor who is writing a book-s on the subject ¡°emotional intelligence¡±?


Also let me know if u r possibly interested in buying my 6 unit apartment-condo project in the Peoples Republic of Santa Monica, just beginning to think about a response to a real estate broker who replied to this missive with,


The gross rent multiple in that area (not an exact science) is between 13-14. It depends on the rents(how much upside).


Be well,




Ps ¨C Remember u can always access the ¡°current truth¡± by going to the homepage of and clicking on ¡°...Less said the better.¡±


Ps I ¨C Should u find yourself ¡°out in the cold¡±, i.e. your employer has placed ¡°your¡± Employee Liability insurance with a ¡°faulty carrier¡± u can count on me to provide the ¡°seed capital¡± to initiate a ¡°wrongful termination lawsuit¡± assuming of course u haven¡¯t played ¡°hanky panky¡± with your boss during work hours in which case, ¡°good luck¡± looking around the men¡¯s toilet for any sperm droppings, agree?


There is still the possibility to resolve matters without going the lawsuit route should your employer feel the pressure to settle quickly allowing u to lead the ¡°high life¡±, yes?


Only a total lack of conscience would have someone willing to endure the embarrassment of falling ¡°under the spotlight¡± of, careful tho, who we moc?


G-D within each one of us, the greater the conscience the greater His-Her presence is felt, agree?


Fear only what devil remains within, IN-FINITY!


No Devil Lived On~No Devil Lived On?


Devil in the detail?


Surely u know everything there is to know about Employee Liability [EL] coverage which next to the sale of insurance governing Foreign Owned Entities operating in the United States, is the only real growth industry in the United States, the rest, thanks to Bill Clinton, the Democratic Communist Party figurehead, sold off at bargain basement prices as he ejaculated over the wallpaper in the Lincoln bedroom, agree?


¡°Sum incredibly¡± [sic] falling on to a tasteless blue dress worn by our Jewish sister Monica Lewinsky, ¡°that bitch still  pulling¡± [sic] tricks in the basement of the White House, oops, wrong,,, the basement is where my pal Roger W. Robinson a member of the NSC [National Security Council] during Reagan¡¯s first term in office hung out, his ¡°cover¡± apparently, ¡°A blabbermouth pontificator specializing in Soviet free market communism¡±, agree?


Recently pal Roger appeared on 60 Minutes attempting to hang out our great President George W. Bush to dry, agree?


Sidebar to Roger:


Hey Roger, please lend me a hand in editing the posting detailing the drenching of that has your pals at CBS so ¡°sell-socked¡± [sic] shaking in their boots, no place to hide when the waters rise, agree?


Does the name Joe Grunion run Grundfest ring a bell?


Tracy, EL, should not to be confused with EL EL Airlines addressing issues such as ¡°downsizing¡± i.e. replacing u with a cheaper ¡°rich chick¡± not hooked on carbohydrates and Aspartame as premiums due to insurance carriers flailing ¡°like flies¡± skyrocket, agree?


The ¡°over-under reserving¡±, the moving ¡°offshore¡± of monies to be held in ¡°safe keeping¡± in the event of a ¡°catastrophe¡±




tT¡Þ much like the ¡°under-over invoicing¡± first perfected in the clothing trade pretty much going back to the year dot.


Well, assuming your boss has not let u save all my missives on your highly sophisticated computer network let me explain things a little better while apologizing to the tens of thousands of folks more in tune with the inner workings of the universe not idiotic enough to share only their ¡°office account¡± with me who could end up so bored stiff with what I am about to tell u that in throwing up their arms they create en masse a sufficient movement of mass over the waters so much so that the next time JoNathan and I hit the surf the cut on his big gets aggravated and later when reading this missive he may feel so bent out of shape that he initiates a SCAL against not only me but our dog Maggie who just farted.


Suffice to say lobbyists such as Roger W. Robinson ensure that insurance carriers such as ¡°Cutoe¡± [sic] pay uncle Sam less than their fair share of taxes, the ¡°offshore funds¡± can with nothing more another ¡°mouse click¡± be used to finance say weapons programs leading to ¡°sum sicko¡± [sic] suggesting that


¡°Within the next 10 minutes and 50 years there is the certainty of either a biological




Nuclear attack on one of our major cities!¡±


Bearing in mind really smart folk like Warren Buffet schooled to ¡°sum¡± [sic] degree in Quantum Mechanics know better than to use a word like ¡°certain¡± although when getting his monstrous bail out from the United States Congress, i.e. United States taxpayers footing the bill, it is unlikely this ¡°crook of crooks¡± used a totally ridiculous number like ¡°50 years¡± to make his rather articulate case, agree?


Bear in mind I have broken bread with Warren Buffet¡¯s $6 billion joint venture partner on a number of occasions, Joe Steinberg, while being ¡°tight lipped¡± not quite as circumspect as my stuttering uncle David Gevisser the ¡°linkpin¡± in The Diamond Invention, agree?


There is not a single individual on this planet having the most basic knowledge of Chaos Theory willing to be ¡°caught dead¡±, i.e. having the courage to debate me ¡°in the flesh¡± while throwing out an inconceivable number only geared toward the almost totally brain dead such as u and I, not to forget my dog, Pypeetoe, force fed continuing to go around in circles, agree?


What tests do u think should be administered to ensure that farm raised fish only engage in sex when there is an adequate supply of both oxygen and fresh water?


Nothing so vengeful as waking up to the fact that u have been had, agree?


Buffet¡¯s flagship operation General Re altho, not a household name pretty much governs everything we do both within the non-vacuum of SpaceShip Earth and the perfect vacuum of Deep Space including what sex scenes take place on General Hospital not to forget what his piddly auto insurance company, Geico, charges when u rub against a fender, agree?


¡°No fault¡± the byproduct of a society so fricken incredibly hooked on,


¡°I am entitled to my day in court¡±


courtesy of the likes of Milberg Weiss, driving us all to avoid our minds turning to total rot?


Time to take back our streets, i.e. would u consider holding back payment on all your insurance premiums for say a week as I round up my troops gaining ground quite effortlessly throughout the 4 corners of this rather incredible planet, agree?


Beginning to understand how I could in fact own the world insurance market in 7 days




Less, agree?


Beginning to understand the deafening silence of the media, the prostitutes of prostitutes, agree?


Even if I were to not arise from these infinite amount of strokes nothing will change the course of events, agree?


U surely aware of the engraving placed by quite the jokester on the front of the building housing the Internal Revenue Service on Constitution Avenue in Washington DC that reads,




No doubt growing up in a relatively well-to-do Jewish neighborhood of Los Angeles such as Scarsdale u would be very much up to speed on the fact that Milberg Weiss blah blah, a former client of mine, is a law firm while providing stock market investors primarily idiots




People without a conscience a false sense of security, hell bent, possibly nuts enough to take out my remaining lights perhaps even thinking seriously about joining forces with Ron Burkle, Bill Clinton¡¯s ¡°Trade Union¡± figurehead so as to get the Democratic Communist Party in control of the White House, agree?


Tracy, go ahead, name me one Jewish person on this planet with the guts to engage me in open debate why they would support another communist figurehead such as Senator John Kerry who only recently ¡°discovered¡± that his one set of grandparents were Jewish be4 they saw fit to align themselves with the same political party as the Roman Kennedys and then do me the favor of providing me with such a lost soul¡¯s email address, agree?


Do u know Laurie ¡°Absolution¡± Black?


Surely by now being such a ¡°women¡¯s libber¡± u would have heard of my great friend Deborah Sturman who is doing the most terrific job of helping me nail your communist bosses, agree?


And don¡¯t give me any bull about not being able to access my hyperlinks since u have all the time in the world to contract my one programmer Adam Tucker who will lead u by the nose, if necessary?


Time to think about why G-D-Nature got rid of our tails?


Nothing quite the whiplash of an ¡°insurance tail¡±?


The Fish Rots From The Head Down!


U would be well served instead of ¡°hunkering down¡± to pay very careful attention, my knowledge of real world market forces perhaps a little bit better than my ability to explain why the force of gravity continues to confound the TOES, agree?


That which goes around comes around, a good starting point to begin appreciating my Bottoms Up Schooling, agree?


Time to also examine say 2 relatively recent pieces of history, the first as mentioned in my Endless Universe which the Del Mar Times saw fit despite its lack of editing to publish,


Such a high price today we pay at the pump for our mortgaging our children¡¯s future never to forget the Yellow Peril and the counter revolution that caused the youth to ¡°chop off the heads¡± of the educated even those elders who didn¡¯t allow their formal education to interfere with their learning, agree?


In contrast to the second noteworthy event which should in my opinion be taught at every elementary school, those schooled in public, private and home schools, when the Black South African school kids coming out of the war-torn ghetto of Soweto, just a ¡°hop-jump-and-a-scotch¡± [sic] from the white ritzy enclave of Sandton, Johannesburg chose to lock hands, protesting relatively peacefully the Apartheid regime¡¯s mandate that they be taught ¡°worldly things¡± in Afrikaans, the language of their oppressor, as opposed to English, agree?


Unaware it seems were these ¡°gifted¡± kids that in serving up the shell-shocked leadership of the African National Congress who as any ¡°poorly conditioned kid¡± eventually turns into a ¡°dik¡± [sic], afforded the ruling white elite, the pimps of the South African Nationalist Nazi Party, today richer than their wildest dreams, do the words, ¡°I have a dream...¡± ring a bell?


Sidebar to South Africa¡¯s Minister of Finance:


Hey Trevor, when did u first find out that your Capos who forced u to learn economics I and II on the streets of Capetown, South Africa were in fact the puppets of the ¡°English of English¡±, the South African Oppenheimer family so smartly cloaking themselves in puritanical Christianity, do the Crusaders ring a bell?


Tracy, again, when the bell tolls who on this planet will have the guts to look our maker in the eye and protest,


¡°If only I knew then I would have behaved differently!¡±


While violence begets more violence what can be worse than brain damage from heavily polluted elders,,,?


Think, think, think why G-D-Nature would build into the equation using the evolutionary process of sifting ¡°wheat from chaff¡± have each one of us human beings with the same color blood running thru our veins coat each of us with the soft, easily penetrable 7 layers of skin, unless He-She wanted us to eventually at least think 4 ourselves as opposed to being part of the maddening crowd, paint by numbers ring a bell?


So will u join me in boycotting the Race Season this year where Turf meets the Surf?


Ps II ¨C Don¡¯t bother replying to this communiqu¨¦ unless u give me your word u will take the liberty of forwarding it to each and every person on your email list within the next 24 hours perhaps with an introduction along the following lines:


While feeling mostly pressured to do the right thing I am somewhat compelled to follow through on Gary Gevisser¡¯s explicit instructions since it is possible even if GG were to be dead by the time u read this he will have instructed the executor of his estate to utilize all means possible even sell the remaining toilet paper in his studio to ensure I never get invited to even one of the incredible beach parties put on by his Partner-Wife Marie Dion who takes absolutely no crap, shows no pity 4 this deformed specimen who makes the ugliest orangutan want to cover its face in shame.


Suffice to say GG has been suffering from 3 days of mind-boggling migraines nothing, however, compared to what 2 Lilly White Wheaty Eating Wall Street financiers experienced when seeking recently to assist local Indian tribal chiefs wean themselves off the likes of GG¡¯s mother¡¯s buddy, Sol ¡°Gambling Czar¡± Kersner, PW-MD without once raising her voice had the one who aged 10 years be4 our very eyes dashing off to the head only returning after his buddy who makes a killing buying up 3rd world debt gave the okay, nothing quite so funny as seeing PW MD provide the coup de grace by putting her one hand to her mouth as the other flapped above her head, quite a sight to behold is this 1/32nd Huron Indian and 31/32nd French Canadian artist-poet-table top dancer of dancers.




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Tracy []
Friday, July 09, 2004 10:07 AM
Subject: Re: Next Symposium {:} onwood...Oprah Winfrey...{:}


Hi Gary,

Please be so kind as to remove me from the list of people receiving emails as this is my office account.   



P.S.  I would enjoy getting together with you and Marie soon.  Give me a call

7/8/04 3:00 PM, "Gary S. Gevisser" <> wrote:

Let me ask u this since I am also ¡°sumwhat¡± [sic] preoccupied with implementing the one and only bullet proof solution I know of for solving all the problems of the world, what would u say is the current ¡°gross rent multiplier¡± when valuing such a ¡°one of kind¡± property located in the heart of Santa Monica, just a ¡°hop-jump-and-a-scotch¡± [sic] from the media giants such as MTV without taking into account that each unit has a separate title?
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Alan Friedman []
Thursday, July  08, 2004 2:18 PM
Subject: Re: Next Symposium {:} on wood...Oprah Winfrey...{:}

My client is still interested in your
Stanford Ave. property.

We need a price "as is"& "where is"condition. Tenants or no tenants. Just a price and we can complete a deal. Let me know!


Alan Friedman