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Should be able to review MM1! tonight. looking forward to it.



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Darren – remember, once u arrive at the conclusion that there r no coincidences in life, that design is everywhere, u can never be moved “off balance”, and to maintain one’s “center of gravity” throughout one’s life requires a diligent effort of never, never, never allowing anyone whether it be a parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, wife, son, daughter, stranger, blah blah to interfere with one’s sequencing, the exceptions to the rule of course r the rest of the animal kingdom along with the other important forces of nature.






Ps – there r just a handful of folks other than Devin Standard who is the executor of my estate copied on this rather brief missive.


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Gary -


Many, many thanks for the discussion! I am really looking forward to your future e-mails. Please keep in touch for I am leaving for Florida on August 1.




Darren Krok



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