From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sunday, March 28, 2004 12:30 PM
To: Samos
Cc: rest,
Vicky L. Schiff – Weatherly Capital
Subject: FW: 1421


I’m was earlier just outside enlinea’s offices here in Santa Monica picking up a cup of coffee from Che Che’s favorite coffee spot feeling quite different to last night’s “blast from the past”.


No doubt the founder-president of En-Linea will recall the 1997 Stanley Cup electronic-ice-hockey-puck Bill Squadron, CEO of,gifted” me sum 6 years ago around the time Bill and I met up in Paris during World Cup 1998 to “hammer out” the details of our SMART BALL project, my now wearing a cap with the 1998 World Cup emblem, parked just down by the ocean less than a block away from Jackson Brown and Darryl Hannah’s house although its been many years, so they could have moved on, neither of them having passed on, “write” sic?


This is where I learned to play the game of paddle tennis, this next hyperlink showing me being “served” not exactly our family’s brand of Gipsy Coffee in the Hannah’s “concubine” residence in Telluride, Colorado and I should add that the too rather good looking women u see in the “pig” [sic] hyperlink were undoubtedly mostly interested in Darryl Hannah’s long time friend Brian, considered by many as the best looking black man to have stepped foot on planet earth, to mention in passing Brian quite the athlete, showing the likes of Jackson Brown who was “boss” at least on the paddle tennis court.


Strange how things change when on stage, the quiet types, just like Dr. HIM to be ever so weary “of” [sic], to mention in passing once again how Jackson Brown attaches his name and boyish-looks even as he approaches senility to the promotion of Indian Gambling, so incredibly sick so many of these liberal yoyos from the 1960s getting so many folks, particularly black people in this country hooked on entitlements that has the “War Lords” time and again in the “pound seats”, hi Po-li.


A number of things to reflect back on, none more so than the time Che Che, Bill Squadron and I sat down in the adidas suite as the President of adidas gave nothing short of a “wink and a nod” to our joint venture, although when u have the top dog at FIFA, the world governing body of soccer, having already given “his blessing” what more would a nice Jewish boy like Bill Squadron need other than be anointed Pope in order to do the right thing, earlier this morning posting this on eRaider?


Naturally I made a point of not only tasting the wine the debonair president of adidas was drinking at the table right next to us, see I can spell “right” when need be, hi BrownNose, leaving with the cork in my jacket pocket much like when visiting the headquarters of Philips B.V. in Anthoven, Holland with the “smoking gun proof” of corruption at the highest levels in the inside jacket pocket of my $8,000 Armani suit, Philips B.V. a “one-of-a-kind Dutch sandwich” organization.


And as u know I paid a fraction of that price 4 that rather terrific greenish suit that never quite fitted my pitiful body, my noticing that the suite number of En-Linea’s headquarters here in the U.S., 103, is the same number on my t-shirt that I was given when I purchased my Mini Cooper S, now when looking at’s website I don’t see any mention at the bottom of the home page about, moreover when I go into I am being asked 4 a name and password, my name changing almost by the minute depending upon whether u r with me




Against me, agree?


Now please don’t feel the need to carry a gun in your hip pocket, my just thinking of the phone conversation I had with Derrick Beare yesterday as he fooled around suggesting that the cigarette he was smoking was pot; can u imagine Derrick Beare ever walking into a meeting at Investec, a one-of-a-kind private banking institution, possibly the most solvent financial institution in the world, Derrick’s family providing the seed capital and while being stoned making the geniuses now running the show an offer of a lifetime that they cannot refuse, hi “uncle” Jonathan Beare.


Can u imagine what Pandit Nehru’s reincarnation would do if Jonathan Beare were to walk into the “Taj Moshal” [sic] and drop ash over what could be Jonathan’s final resting spot, my assuming that is the only reason this one-of-kind entrepreneur would venture so far away from his worshipers who r mostly these days in Los Angeles confirming each time he visits say for a barmitvah




When a young Jewish male gets his penis sliced that he made such a smart move getting out of the U.S. a decade




So ago cleaning up the real estate “mess” he first started in places like Amsterdam soon after leaving South Africa in his early 20s with a doctorate of physics tucked under his belt while making these pitiful South Africans feel so awfully good that in dollar terms they all seem to do doing rather well.


I just love this guy who was one of the first persons other than my mother to “cry poverty” so that “nogschlepers” i.e. hanger-ons would stop asking him 4 bailouts although in fairness when u have the likes of the head of the Rothschild family paying you homage in the middle of Beverly Hills, California, a far cry from Wivesliscombe, again “Royal Mater’s” address is


7 Hartswell Lane

Wiveliscombe, Somerset




Telephone number – UK 44-984-6-24088.


even when u dress like a schlump in a plain white shirt, oxford pants, although again in fairness Jonathan Beare wears long sleeve fine cotton shirts unlike Derrick who tends to wear short-sleeve shirts, the best u can do is look awfully humble, leave the dining room table where u r dividing up the world and then try to convince an idiot like me to put aside plans to write an all-tell book choosing instead to join him on this very last merry-go-round.


Jonathan Beare and I r right this very minute in a footrace to die the richest person in the grave.


When I go into I am first told to “wait” be4 being told, “The page cannot be found” my expecting to c names and faces that mean a whole lot to me, balance as well as learning not just from one’s own mistakes butt from the mistakes of one’s opponent awfully important, first brought home to me by our good friend Michael Grant, hi Michael, Marie just calling me to buy her “stretcher bars” while giving me my “marching orders”, off to England this coming week with the Taylor management team fully “onboard.”


By the way did u c that Australian movie, Rabbit Proof Fence, my now having received close to a 100 emails from folks who were not able to count one single rabbit in that entire movie that certainly looked like it wasn’t shot in a Hollywood back lot, u realize that this “back and forth” is my way of getting folks back in shape, healthy mind=healthy body, hi Ms. Sticky, rather sad news I heard about how our one partner in Peru recently gave birth to a brain damaged kid.


I have yet to check what I sent earlier today to folks who I believe to be the agents for the author who wrote the book 1421 blah blah., thinking at the time of writing it knowing that when I started out that the laptop computer’s batteries were about to run that it would make sumhow make sense, my just checking the Shareholder Rights message board of seeing whether TCO was able to help out the time exactly 12 Noon PST and so far not a word from anyone.


Not to forget the “bat” bullshit email my mother sent me on April 30th 2002 that continues to resonate in my head, my ability despite the “pounding” I took from “Royal Mater” to keep “tabs” on things surprising even to me.


Those, however, more intimately familiar with that story no doubt shaking their heads asking themselves, “


“Why would someone as smart as Gary’s mother think that she could outsmart him unless she was in fact going senile?”


Of all organized religion, and u should recall how we use to refer to “Mater” as “Zed”, the Roman Catholic Church is the most complicit in terms of keeping the truth from getting to the masses which would have them questioning a number of things including what someone born, raised, lived the life of an orthodox Jewish person, died, buried very much in the tradition of Jewish people at the time would say about having his figure depicted on a cross with blood oozing out, worse than looking like an idol as these charlatans hook their congregation on nothing short of snake oil, doubtful tho Jesus Christ would have said, “Christ Almighty what the heck?”, hi King Golden Esq., hi Valerie Schulte Esq.


And then there is the alliance between the media and organized CriMe best illustrated in recent X with the folks from Forbes Magazine not wanting to get at the truth behind an article they penned titled The Hot Water Wars, hi Emily Lambert, hi Robert Lenzner.


Sidebar to Mr. Lenzner: If u have trouble with me continuing to “plague” u with emails, the Jewish Passover just around the corner, may I strongly suggest u contact immediately the FBI as well as the San Diego Police Department, both copied on this missive along with BrownNose and ask them about filing a criminal complaint along with a “tortoise” [sic] saving yourself time by “cutting and pasting” just like Dr. HIM et al did back on 9-11-02, allowing me the opportunity to face u “face-to-face” in a criminal court setting in this “God eat God” [sic] world.


And do yourself a big favor, bring along your most rapacious out-of-control attorney, why not consider at least interviewing “Mr. Luftwaffe” [sic] Esq from WAMU-SHAME-SHAMU




Think about engaging former prosecutor Mr. Mark Weinstein Esq. a big buddy of former 2-time Governor of California, Gray Davis, and of course I will bring along an extra set of handcuffs.


Don’t hesitate to invite Mr. Forbes along for the ride, not his father idiot, butt why not make an inventory of Malcolm Forbes’ motorcycle collection since I will be looking to c what “hard assets” the likes of Mr. Paul Jalbert of NCA would consider good collateral, this all being just excellent material for my book Manager Minute One, agree?


No doubt a jury of our peers might consider the up-side to all this mitigating my damages against u, agree?


No down-side, Mr. Genius Reporter?


Everybody, and I don’t mean someone such as yourself who could possibly have born “brainne dead” [sic] has the answer from the beginning, as in minute one, your current boss possibly intimately familiar with all our communications going back to the communiqués between Mr. Seth Lubove and myself.


Now get down this very minute and give me 5000 pushups followed by 7500 sit-ups and please, please, please when thinking about the momworker63s out there remember to breath in to the count of 5 all through the nose and when exhaling to the count of 5 also always you idiot thru the nose be ever so careful to avoid being around those smoking pot while doing your Pilates.


Now transition when I count down, 3,2,1 into the bicycle maneuver, stretch those toes while always twisting your neck so as to strengthen the scalene muscle in the neck preventing repetitive stress injuries, hi Diana Henriques of the New York X, like carpal tunnel syndrome be4 reaching back bringing your mouth as close as u can get to your anus and after cleaning your butt hole I c no reason not to lasso your tongue around your “kid” [sic] … u fricken talking head from hell, hell as u know is here on earth, agree?


Annie, wouldn’t it be great if we started out in life knowing that time was on our side that nothing runs out that everything is forever, death-life one big evolutionary cycle that repeats itself time and again, repetition although boring to sum may be the only hope we have of getting through to those brain dead that the main difference between us and the rest of the animal species is the fact that we know 4 certain “until death do us part”, something Marie and I started working on back on December 1st 2002 in the Zquestion to Albert Einstein.


Let me know what u think?




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Sunday, March 28, 2004 6:09 AM
To: ''
Subject: 1421


Good day,


Just the other day I came across and purchased 1421 The Year China Discovered America well after the 4 numbers 1421 took on significance to me.


When added and multiplied they result in the same number 8.


Possibly no other 4 digit combination exists, no more than 9 in total combinations beginning with 3 and ending with 9 digits makes quite the “finite set”?


Nothing quite like an infinity sign within a circle that best illustrates in mathematical terms the “Infinite Perfections” along with the “contradictions” that exist in our universe, each of us having pretty much all the answers from the beginning, as long as we don’t have our sequencing interfered with, agree?


I am in the process of seeking an agent to represent me in publishing my book Manager Minute One which is a take-off of the business book Manager Minute One geared to empowering the kids to parent the parents who need the most help so that they the kid-s don’t end up “dik” [sic], we should all be our own managers from minute one, the problems of the world having nothing to do with race, color or religion simply poor parental religious teaching, agree?


Over the years I have developed more than simple theories about the workings of the universe painstakingly analyzing the “work product” of those very smart folks that came before including Einstein and Newton while constantly reflecting back and forth as prescribed by Quantum Mechanics [QM] to the very first scientist-mathematician-philosopher, Pythagoras who with his Right Angle Triangle [RAT] Theorem took for the very first time mysticism and superstition out of the equation, the difference between the RAT Theorem, however, and QM, an outgrowth of Quantum Physics is the way one looks at the “Hypotenuse”, whereas we “sum” things when dealing with the RAT we “subtract” when operating in the QM world where there are no certainties only probabilities, all my “findings” a byproduct of my “Bottoms Up Schooling” [BUS] the ideas behind the invention of the submarine quite ingenious, nothing though quite defines the “The mind of God” as General Relativity which is how Albert Einstein referred to the work that he and Mr. Grossman did when they turned the world of science “upside down” throwing out much of Newton’s principals, most importantly that mass is a constant, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, nothing is gained nor is it lost, at least in a vacuum environment such as Deep Space where matter and anti-matter result in the number zero.


In my efforts to shed new light on things I have come to the conclusion that the speed of light a rather critical component of E=mc² is not a constant in a non-vacuum environment Einstein’s “light bulb” going off it seems once he started to fall under the “spotlight” nothing like succumbing to the “limelight” limestone has a way of working “one to the bone”, agree?


Were it not for his failure to embrace QM and its lack of “certainty” not mindful of a number of things about the universe including the fact that mathematically there is no such thing as a perfect circle and that as we approach the speed of light pretty much everything becomes “mathematical”, time, motion, and space all coming together, very likely what took place at the time of the “last” Big Bang where mass and energy were in perfect balance, Albert Einstein would have completed his work in coming up with a


Unified Theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe.


My partner-wife has the expression, “When the dialogue becomes too monologues it is the beginning of the end” [sic] and my book is all about simply opening up the dialogue much akin to the Symposium during Plato’s X.


Time may well be running out, few would argue that we are “living on borrowed time” my plan is to help folks understand that there is in fact meaning to our lives and it begins first and 4most with an ability to teach starting with the kids who feel somewhat omnipotent who seek out the adventure along with the uncertainty which is half the fun, seeing the glass as always half full as opposed to half empty.


I can in fact provide all the mathematics along with the science to prove out how close Einstein was to putting us all on the road to “recovery” different to “discovery”, us essentially having now worked out all the complex math to have us now beginning to think alike, even though I subscribe to the words of my eldest brother,









There is a need for us to start liking one another beginning first with loving one another, love a function of trust and respect.


I will simply leave you with just of my expressions that pretty sums up all the painstaking work I have done throughout my life, no doubt a work of joy inspired by a very Almighty Loving and oh so SMART G0d,




How about,


TRAMS-trains demonstrating pretty much everything in terms of not only the “Mind of God” but his “Hand” in expressing “love” so well captured in the 10 Commandments.


Number the essence of all things, good




evil, back to Pythagoras’ 0+1+2+3+4=10.


The question, “How many coincidences does it take before it is no longer a coincidence?” has no “yes” or “no” answer my findings that there are no such things as coincidences, i.e. that there is “design” everywhere while unsettling 4 sum especially the TOES out there who have this sense about them that they are a “Chosen” few stringing along with fanciful mathematical equations that has them mostly pulling their hair out.


String theories while masterful has TOES mostly going around in circles incapable it seems to reflect more in terms of what makes them so smart, beginning by looking in the mirror, the number 4 quite the halfway point in terms of us reaching infinity, the need to examine things ever so carefully, the Digital Age, however, now giving hope to the masses, allowing us to keep track of pretty much everything mindful of what we say, our ability to hear the sound of music which only takes place within a non-vacuum environment such as SpaceShip earth all translatable in to mathematics which is many would agree the purest of languages, agree?


Love tho is in the air, something our youth who r all our futures understand best not having let their formal education interfere with their learning, yet. is just one of approximately 100 odd websites I currently have under construction perhaps best summed up with the following:





Built tTOo




My batteries on my laptop are about to run out. I will check this later for accuracy.


Look forward to hearing from you.


Gary S. Gevisser


Ps – I am writing this from my “one of a kind” property located at 1431 Stanford Street, Santa Monica, California, USA.