From: Gary S. Gevisser
Tuesday, March 23, 2004 12:17 PM
To: Mr. David McDermottSenior Official at
Washington Mutual - WAMU-SHAME-SHAMU
Cc: rest; FBI
Subject: RE: Your E-Mail of 3/22/04 6:49PM



So big shot, u pulled out your Mitchell “big gun” Luftwaffe Esq. back on February 27th.


Now it is my turn, vengeance is sweet, blah blah.


Second, am I to assume u r now speaking for Mr. Vincent Hinojosa III the Via Del La Villa debonair branch manager who showed me some real intestinal fortitude when back in February of 2000, Vincent, so keen to get our business, got off his backside, dashed over to a competing financial institution and deposited a check of mine in the nick of time?


Third, what have u recently done in terms of customer service that is so positive and don’t give me any bull about it being your idea to give the $557 to Ms. Francis, principal of the Del Mar Hills ELEMENTARY school, although perhaps the idea of setting aside $1 for every new bank account opened at WAMU-SHAMU-SHAME should go towards invigorating, inaugurating, butt mostly indoctrinating ELEMENTARY school kids and sum “suck-dik-parents” [sic] attending tax payer financed educational institutions was in fact your genius “at work”?


Fourth, can u trace your lineage to Alexander Graham Bell?


Fifth, please whether it was 4:27




4:22 PM PST on February 27th 2002 when we last spoke?


Sixth, instead of referring me to a “paragraph 11”, my “hell bent” on avoiding the risk, as remote as it may be that u would be dumb enough to send me a virus given who is copied on most of my broadcasted missives at this time, to be so kind as to “cut and paste”, careful to avoid “mistakes”, hi Mr. Debonair JRK, hi Money Talks, such a provision that talks to you being able to charge me prior receiving a bill from your incredible hunk-hulk of an attorney any amount of money irrespective of whether




Not such a charge would be considered by a jury of your peers to be nothing short of “outrageous” based simply on the word of one attorney grabbing 4 scraps?


Seventh heaven, so what goodies do u think r contained in my 47th birthday card from “Royal Materenough 4 me to consider trading in my Ducati ST4s for say a racing green Rolls Royce?


Yours truly,


Gary S. Gevisser



Ps – U have not forgotten this aspect of my missive to u back on March 11th



One, get me immediately the detail of Mr. Lutwig’s legal bill, showing exactly how he came to charge $2,700 for the privilege of doing business with The Rattlesnake.


Too, more than a handful of folks would like to hear your take on the importance of the California Coastal Commission as it affects your business and at the same time such individuals encouraging me to keep “stepping on the gas” wanting to hear your take of the section of my last E-mail to you,  


“No, not invest in Berk…find a crooked appraiser, loan officer and a bunch of attorneys easy pickings… to do what?... As in using the cash to then enter into a transaction with a seller of another property, my being so incredibly smart-ass agreeing say to pay sum 20, maybe even 50% more than what the property is worth having the seller upon the close of escrow “kick back” to me the “premium” that I paid for the privilege of building up quite the nest egg thanks to hard working American middleclass taxpayers not necessarily all that much up to speed on organizations like the California Coastal Commission, remembering that all the interest I would be borrowing is tax deductible in the “S.U.” [sic].


So, if u have sum gas…”


Ps I – It is my expectation that baring “An Act of Dog[sic] I will be subpoenaed to appear be4 at least one Grand Jury that is currently convening, naturally I am not holding my breath believing Robert Lenzner




Ms. Emily Lambert of Forbes Magazine will make the “right decision” and although I will be likely restricted in what questions are asked of me to mention little of how credible u might deem me to be if your were a United States taxpaying citizen listening to such testimony, my sense is u, your co-workers, your bosses, assuming u r not the “top dog” will continue to pay attention from time to time to the Latest on the epic of epic Chess Games geared toward balancing the best and worst of humanity, blah blah, less said the better….


Ps II – Continue to also check in from time to time with’s Professor Aaron BrownNose Brown who while “talking it up” on the Shareholder Rights lounge, his pimp and moderator Mr. Melvyn Weiss Esq. not willing to “show his pug-mug-shot face” in his own lounge after “showing his hand” with these too postings, now facing at least too possible indictments having already been found guilty by a jury of his peers of “conduct unbecoming a gentleman” he and his partner in crime, Bill Lerach Esq. paying sum $50 million in compensatory damages settling immediately rather than face the punitive damages stage of the trial where MWBHL could have been hit with treble damages, to mention in passing my having “blown up” one of their SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Lawsuits], at least has shut the “fcuk” [sic] up on The Buck Stops Here lounge since I informed him of my ruse.



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Mcdermott, David E. []
Tuesday, March 23, 2004 10:03 AM
Subject: RE: Your E-Mail of
3/22/04 6:49PM


Your question about the collection of foreclosure fees and costs has

been answered in prior correspondence. If you do not wish to open the

Promissory Note attached to my 3/22-e-mail, please refer to the paper

copy in your files - specifically paragraph 11 - about the contractual

authority you questioned.


Please refer to prior emails about the legal fee invoice, and please

call the customer service number on your line-of-credit statement to

resolve that issue.