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Valerie – There was a problem with the transmission of this email below. My email service provider says, “The number of recipients is extraordinarily hi” [sic].


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Attention: Valerie Schulte Esq. – Senior attorney – National Association of Broadcasters [BAN]



Valerie – Approximately one hour after I sent out my “4 digits…What’s your beef? missive to the Director of New Business [development] for the Bank of Scotland, I noticed one response that caught my attention, my focusing on keeping the “negatives” with one another, u know enough about mathematics that too negatives make a positive, and in the process assisting those as I operate in “negative space” who really want to help themselves as opposed to looking to others such as government which at the highest levels tends to attract people like u and the rest of the Washington Communist Bunch, the likes of our great President George W. Bush quite the exception.


It is very possible that this “Cromwell” individual, my mother would be impressed with my throwing in some English history and it would have been quite easy to have spelled this alias “Crumbwell




If I was to tell u exactly how I interpreted this,


 I'm not sure why I received this email message from you other than I also have a cabin in Pine Creek.  I'm really not interested in your mail or your opinions.  Please do not forward messages to me again.

Thank you.


I would have after translating the patterns into math have said, “Let them eat cake individual” drawing a roar from at least this crowd who I refer to as the A-Team a group of young ladies responsible for me leading “the high” life 4 exactly one-half of the 1980s, my inability to discuss with any degree of certainty matters such as the knitty gritty of different insurance coverages doesn’t belie my “fundamental teachings”, my business of “risk assessment” has as one critical component an understanding of human nature that as we know does tend to evolve.


What Cromwell perhaps unfamiliar with how Ida Tarbell at the turn of the last century achieved the impossible using the art of poking fun at folks who had usurped their limited authority, her antics finally paying off when Congress picking up that John D. Rockefeller was crumbling under the deluge of her wit and cartoon drawings finally did “the right thing.”


Moreover “Let them eat cake” very likely failed to pay attention to what came “first” as well as “last” in that 8900 odd word missive, i.e. how many people do u know when communicating with an offshore bank include the FBI and then to top it off state in not so many words,


The California Agriculture Partners referenced in this internal memo prepared by Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff along with input from her co-managing director Dan Weinstein who in turn was aided by the Wetherly Capital Group’s “renterMr. Joe Campos, who after “setting up” too meetings with former California Governor Gray “Ho Chi Min” Davis found a spot where he didn’t have to pay “rent”, the folks from U.S. Filter owned by a “holy owned” [sic] subsidiary of Vivendi Environmental which in turn is 63% by the “poor religious French Conglomerate parentVivendi is telling of many things none more so than their attorney Mr. William H. “Hi I just want to cry” Jackson Esq. who happens to be a Black African American being either incompetent




Culpable take your pick!


Sidebar to Mr. William H. Jackson Esq: Just a suggestion, maybe this would be a good time to turn yourself into the Federal Bureau of Investigation commonly referred to as the FBI.


It possible that “Crumbwell” was simply cooking up quite a storm perhaps able to follow one of Martha’s recipes, my still hoping her vomit was simply a “knee jrk” [sic] reaction as opposed to simply being “at one” with the likes of Mr. Debonair JRK, agree?


Could it be that Cromwell simply didn’t take the same delight in Martha being “hung out to dry” as me, “Poor, poor serf Gary” and I would guess sum 98% of the 15,000 odd individuals who on average we estimate receive my communications, the 1500 odd on my list with just a couple of clicks, i.e. going to their email list holding the shift key down, well u know what I mean, the vast majority reading such material at least once forward, many simply in reverse and the remaining within that 24 hour period going “back and forth” humming a number of things just like Bryan Taylor and I experienced with the new branch manager of the Washington Mutual [WAMU] shop located in Del Mar, California just west of Rancho Sante Fe which as u would know is not as high end as where folks like the Duponts live who go about their business making bombs ever so quietly, agree?


If only u could have been there listening and watching the expressions on Vincent Hinojosa’s face as he went about reading off his computer screen material I have written about this one of a kind banker that has school principals of tax-payer financed Elementary Schools eating out of his lap as he tosses them not simply crumbs with a bone,,,




Too thrown in, quite the tap-dancer Vincent, so incredibly wired, who despite being oh so injured from a gyro-plane crash could possibly still beat the crap out of me which some may think that is why I brought Bryan Taylor along for the ride of a lifetime, although I only found out later that Bryan Taylor knows quite a bit about boxing, with and without gloves to protect his Lilly-white-wheaty-eating-but not as soft hands as mine, my mother’s pride and joy, hi Joy Chen.


By the way when I went back to look at the list of people who received the communiqué she references I couldn’t find her email address, but then she used the word “forward” in her diatribe to me?


The meeting of Cabin owners is about to begin and I have no idea who this person is so it could get interesting.


I will continue this very very very important communiqué later, mindful of what my wife Marie recently told her “stunned” art class.


“Martha should have stuck tu her recipes… She is going tu get nailed… She should pay… No reason 4 her getting off the hook… People, particularly women should be the most offended, she broke their trust, she went with the MENtality of just making money, money, money… Stupid woman who got caught… She knew exactly what she was doing… A crook is a crook… How can u pity her? Who is paying 4 her insider trades? When last did u get a call from your broker tu sell your stock ahead of time” [sic]?

Val, by the time u return on the Ides of March to your office at the National Association of Broadcasters all eyes could be pointed your way, the “spotlight” referenced by Judge Hendrix, a San Diego Superior Court Judge back on October 24th 2002 just 15 days prior to the California Gubernatorial “hi-jacked” elections held on November 8th will have “shifted” and the likes of u could very well take “center stage”, giving our mutual pal King Golden Jr. Esq. one more opportunity to do “the right thing” which is to at least let us know be4 he “falls on the sword”.


My reminded once again of one of my eldest brother’s blank verses:




If all the world’s a stage,

And all the players merely actors,

What’s scary, might be the fact,

That, there is no audience !


How different the world could have been if back in the fall of 1972 King Golden had in fact acted “crazy” and tossed himself into the adorning communist crowd standing in front of the flat bed trailer where your first God out of college Senator Muskie was in the process of imploding because of his wifey’s spending habits so distracting the media all “bought and paid 4” no different to today, hi Diana, while my buddies and I were having water fights in Negev Desert in Israel hoping to expose a nipple




Too of our more developed female counterparts whose emotional superiority “broke down” when their raging hormones got the “better of them.”


Most literate folks with IQs [Intelligent Quotients], remember I am catering to a statistically valid representative sampling of the world’s literate population, over say 90 are familiar with the phrase “Paradigm Shift”, not necessarily, however, the Red Shift effect a term used to reference what scientist Hubble discovered going on a century ago, the expansion of our universe at an accelerating rate, at least from our perspective.


Science has come a long way since but less than a year from now, G-d willing, sum of us will get to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the grandest achievement to date in terms of our understanding of the Cosmos, Albert Einstein’s, E=mc² continuing to captivate the imagination of the vast majority of literate people yet so few scientists really understand the incredible mathematics that turned science “on its head”, essentially putting Newton’s first principal, 4 every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, nothing is gained





Is it lost, simply “out of business”, although “out to pasture” may be more accurate a depiction of what I think was in fact this one of few really great men being “put out to stud”, agree?


My misspelling of certain words is bothersum to a number of folks most I would argue who have allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning but once one comes to grips with the high probability that my use for example of the word “sum” to replace “some” that in fact in a non-vacuum environment such as SpaceShip earth tumbling forward at quite a pace, the need now more than ever for the rapacious to consider very seriously “standing still” uncrossing their arms and legs, taking deep breaths, perhaps investing in a Pilate machine, stop thinking at least for the moment of inventing a perpetual motion machine as money making machines begin grinding to a halt, there is every reason to “believe” mass in fact remains a constant, u know what I mean jelly bean?


In other words, that which goes around comes around but in different forms, each and every one of us connected to both our futures and our past, assuming of course the world is endless, which it is, everything a function in this Digital Age, an outgrowth of Quantum Physics-Quantum Mechanics, of gathering evidence, there being no such things as “certainties” our ability to go “back and forth” constantly improving “the odds”, all about “probabilities” leading to the question of questions why in our search for the truth, truth a function of proof, proof stemming from the notion of “the better the evidence the better the proof”, we have so many fricken rich MALE attorneys while the likes of u, so very smart a pontificating attorney, r forced to grovel, i.e. able to stay glued to a TV screen and while zoned out think that what u think let alone your actions coupled with your deafening silences does




Does not make a difference, bearing in mind that had geniuses such as yourself who know that while Pythagoras’ Right Angle Triangle [RAT] Theorem has the hypotenuse equal to the sum of the opposite too sides, Quantum Physics~Quantum Mechanics has the hypotenuse equal to the difference of the opposite too sides, been encouraged to pursue the sciences and the mathematics how much quicker do u think we would have got to witness as Einstein put it, “The mind of God” his General Relativity as “certain” as anything we know other than of course Pythagoras’ RAT Triangle Theorem, “This and this equals that.”


Although x² + y² = z² many could argue had as many letters in this one of a kind equation that took for the very first time mysticism and superstition out of the equation as E=mc², a closer inspection tho, shows x² + y² = z² more in balance given the number of numerals in this “one of a kind equation”, the point being had men with their testosterone not been allowed to make the study of mathematics, the purest of languages cumbersome and fricken boring by introducing letters into the equation how much quicker what exactly?


Val, don’t expect me to spoonfeed u, the only way u know up until this point in time to create short-circuits that has u at this very moment as close as it comes to a total meltdown, and of course u have had a powwow with your handlers who now have all the available Cray Supercomputers working around the clock looking for any combination of numbers that when u add and multiply them together u end up with same result as in 1142=8.


And so far u have found exactly what other 4 digit combinations, how about 5 digit combinations other than 52111 and 6 digit combinations other than 621111 and so on and so forth ad-infinitum?


Then there is 321 in terms of 3 digit combinations, any else?


Yes Mr. Debonair JRK would tell me he would find tranquility at the Roscrans Military cemetery just a “hop-jump-and-scotch” [sic] from his Kyoto Palace located at 567 blah blah that catered to the “newly minted riche” [sic], the types allowed by the likes of Charles Engelhard and The South African Oppenheimer family to get sum change in their pockets, using the likes of my uncle David Gevisser, such dishing out of crumbs geared toward lettingt the masses think they have a “shot at the brass ring”.


Little did The Debonair JRK know that my very good and trusted friend Anne L. Miller was keeping a “watchful eye. The home she and her husband built back on a “one of kind property” in 1949 one year after the photo of the Gevisser-Molk clan with David Gevisser in the center [c David Gevisser hyperlink] was taken,  can be seen in the background of the “321” hyperlink, Ms. Miller laid to rest alongside her husband, a veteran of WWII, she a very independent widow of sum 36 odd years, passing away Xmess Day 2001,


Most of the world including the barely functioning illiterate such as yourself would likely agree that English in being ripped out of the Latin by Romans who morphed into the Roman Catholic Church, while one of the spiritual languages itself way down on the totem pole in terms of its purity, “amo amas amat” then led to expressions like “I am a cunt” less bothersome




So it seems to the youth who are tired of your bloody nonsense as well as overpriced bubblegum, agree?


Okay, I will spoonfeed u just this one time, and by the way u have met my wife-partner, Marie Dion, when she visited Washington DC with King Golden’s wife who is today one of the bigshots at Head Start, my suggestion is that u take another look at Sarah Golden’s dissertation that got her a PhD from that enabling Berkeley University and let me know if Mrs. Golden did in fact credit my rather ingenious partner-wife with most, if not all of the insight contained in that one of kind subject matter, early child development, I believe?


Beliefs u know are very different to knowing, the one point being that given man’s experimentation with electricity going back thousands of years and combine these negative-positive forces with a woman’s ability to better “problem solve” than men who when seeing the stem of a flower are more likely to think in terms of their erections, certainly as they get older and reach puberty later being attracted to pottering around, hi Matt Potter, such narrow mindedness while good when sharpening say the blade of a guillotine places limits on the gentler of our species who in examining such beauty so as to make it “child proof” should a youngster decide to chew on it and c 4 him-herself the wonders of nature beginning with the circles contained within the stem, the number zero quite awesome, stay with me now.


Point too, that we as a species would very likely have figured out from a mathematical perspective, i.e. as close as it gets to providing “scienter” culpable state of mind, i.e. evil intentions, i.e. it never, not sometimes [sumX] pays to lie-mislead-turn a blind eye, steal and cheat, the short-circuits created in one’s own brain no doubt more detrimental than empowering a rascal like The Sperm Donor who gains courage to keep at the “tricks of his-her trade” that have served him-her so well, that is, up until now, The Rattlesnake’s time has arrived?


Someone possibly Oliver “Please can I have sum more crumbs” Cromwell is about to begin “blowing dope” [sic] so I will leave you with what I sent Marie’s younger brother 20 odd minutes after the, “… Please do not forward messages to me again.” My just hearing the words “fun fun fun…This is not anarchy here... captured… sometimes we get lost with all the other things to do…somebody just brought up confusion…I just need to steal something…I may be missing something…We have money you guys…””

Jean Dion, his first name pronounced Jon but with a French accent, the youngest of the Dion brothers who is a member of Canada’s most elite law enforcement organization with operatives operating out of 2227 Military Road, Washington DC, just down the street from u and me…---… asked me not to use his “official” not mentioning anything, however, about giving out his eldest brother’s home address, Andre Dion, possibly just tending the garden of Canada’s Ambassador to the United States, these rugged French-Canadian boys far to smart to talk business in my company, at least not in English, my still trying to figure out this French word that sounds like “trunk” that I am supposed to “get my arms around.”



Jean my "good friend", it should not happen again.


U must, however, read very carefully my recent writings.


Remember I have absolutely zero fear, fearful only of meeting my maker who didn’t think I worked hard enough to help others "find themselves", there nothing mysterious to the workings of The Higher Authority who looks to each one of us to do the "right thing".


I hate to sound so fricken preachy but there is always sum truth even with what the pitiful clergy have to say, "G-D helps mostly those who help themselves."


And of course it is not only Roman Catholic priests who have helped themselves to what only belongs to G-D, G-D within each one of us.


I have in fact with a whole lot of help worked out all the necessary mathematics that G-D is DNA, and yes, while u ponder my missives over the past week why not come up with any combination of numbers that when u add them up and multiply them together u get the same result, not just 4 digit numbers such as 1142.


There can be no getting away from the fact that Dr. John Ben Stewart and the rest of his co-conspirators are the very worst of human beings I have ever, repeat, ever, come into contact with and I can in fact do a pretty good job in explaining what I understand perfectly, certainly not quite as eloquently as the patterns, in terms of how this came about, more importantly, however, Dr. John Ben Stewart and co have got to be this way for no other reason than throughout his-their lives they have been constantly rewarded for bad behavior, negative attention can in fact pay dividends in the short term, then again not everyone quite understands that the universe is endless, what goes around comes around.


And to tell it exactly the way it is, your family's "embracing" of this fricken monster, forget how he behaved toward Marie while they were married but AFTER our day in court when u could have examined the evidence of his-their very warped mind-s on your own without any interference from anyone, has only made matters worse.


dnA”[sic] make no mistake my own immediate family are not much better, at least in this one particular category.


We can twist our necks a hundred different ways but eventually it will fall off.


You have been fully apprised of The Sperm Donor’s as well as his co-conspirator Ms. Kathryn Murry's threatening emails both prior to our day in court where Judge Hendrix, in our opinion, dropped the guillotine on this “out of control” at least twice divorced human being’s head, and those that followed, the “teeth” email and his failure to get back to Marie who asked simply,


“Did anyone else have anything to do with this e-mail you sent me?”


speaks, in my opinion, fricken volumes, agree?


In the words of Ghandi, first they ignore you...---... and make no mistake there is much that I have discussed with Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. following my having triangulated that he was “bad”, that I have not “airedMr. Debonair JRK beyond a “shadow of a doubt” having got much courage from seeing your ex-brother-in-law, so very much the “outlaw,” get away with nothing short of “murder”, so what is next?




Ps – I am continuing to pursue the gold refining business, but as u can c I am busy with other things.


PS I – Notice I have copied Mr. George Money Talks Hurst Esq. as well as Mr. Debonair JRK on this missive. Maybe u and Money Talks should communicate just like I suggested the too co-executors of my estate do likewise back on January 15th of this years, don’t waste your time




Even a dime, let alone a nickel, however, with Debonair JRK, for he will have u “torn to shreds” without u even knowing it, even if u can c through all his bullshit, he, at this point, only knows what he believes and he thinks he is the smartest person in the universe, smarter than G-D him-herself i.e. first have me explain to u very carefully the fable about the Emperor without clothes, my tutorial beginning with,


When u invest your emotions in people rather than your hard earned dollars…---…Gevisser means certain, Gewissen means conscience.


PS II – My timing as well as my mathematics is rather good, bearing in mind that I had my wife-your sister-the love of both our lives get her will witnessed the very day Vivendi shares went into a 280 day unprecedented tail spin, recovering “just in the nick of time?


Again, G-D helps those who help themselves, never to be a pig, at the trough.


Never in this lifetime have I ever personally experienced such hostile actions by one human being on another, not all that surprising when one considers how hostile man is to his-her environment.


PS III – I see absolutely no need for u to assist me with personal protection, not that I am omnipotent, my number of adversaries dwindling, again relatively speaking, very much “in check” at this time, I am quite capable of defending myself, if need be, positive thoughts an elephant sufficiency.


Marie Dion + too kids r another story 4 later?




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Please refrain using my work email. Send only to my perswonnal email!!!


Thank you




We will see you hopefully in april


Jean Dion

Enquêteur, Équipe #4

Équipe intégrée sur la

Sécurité nationale (C-EISN Montréal)

tél: (514) 939-8400 poste 2827



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I am out of the office from March 5 until March 15. If you need assistance

or need to reach me, please contact Pat  Otherwise, I

will respond upon my return.