From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, March 26, 2004 12:17 PM
To: Aaron"BrownNose" Brown
Cc: rest; FBI, Dan Weinstein - Wetherly Capital Group
Subject: Next Symposium {:} ...---...Dan...---...{:}


Professor, my computer clock has just struck 12 noon and I will be sending u this communiqué via email along with the hyperlinks once I post it up on your website.


To repeat posts 835-836 on this The Buck Stops Here Lounge


Early in the twentieth century, Judge Learned Hand still could describe the Grand Jury as the "voice of the community." In theory, it remains an autonomous power center. It has virtually unlimited power to probe any subject of concern. It could, for example, launch a secret inquisition into election abuses, hospital practices or even the visual abuse of runway models at fashion shows. And, to this end, it can issue subpoenas witnesses, their records and other evidence. It can also grant immunity and publish expository reports. It can even get rid of the district attorney and other court officers and become a runaway grand jury. The last runaway Grand Jury of note, however, was in the nineteen-thirties when a Grand Jury barred the D.A. Thomas E. Dewey from its chambers and conducted its own investigation of organized crime.


Which brings me to have u now dig real deep given your eclectic interests and point me now in the direction of just one single individual who might be able to assist me "quick" in presenting evidence I have that a number of us believe will be of great interest not only to the too Grand Juries investigating your one benefactor Melvyn Weiss Esq. but who may have clients in a "life and death" struggle defending themselves against Weiss and his surrogates, first in terms of "greenmail" well articulated I believe in my communiqué to Mr. Thomas Kitchin on July 21, 2000 as well as in those rare instances where a Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit [SCAL] is actually filed.


Now repeating “deep breath” email


The things people do and say in order to get over the daily grind is quite amazing to me, just take a look at this character TCO who one can only wonder if he finds time to brush his teeth let alone “fcuk” [sic]?


There r a lot of places I could go with that last hyperlink although right now I think I will simply stay put, the sun is finally beginning to break thru the fog and when it does then I will head to the beach with Pypeetoe who slept the entire night while I pretty much contemplated my navel.


TCO’s, “Dang…you know your shit!” says pretty much everything I have been trying to say 4 the life of me 4 G-D only knows how many people would have the courage to tell it exactly the way it is and the recipient in this case, Professor Aaron BrownNose Brown would not be in the least bit offended, on the contrary he may be, no strike that, he is in all probability wetting his pants, assuming this guy TCO is actually a real person and not BrownNose actually playing with himself, believing that there may in fact be a G-D who is protecting him from me, me just a Rattlesnake, agree?


Moving on and on and on,


No Devil Lived On=No Devil Lived On,


Good Day

Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake