From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2004 6:25 PM
To: Ms. Vicky Schiff, co-managing director of the Wetherly Capital Group.
Cc: rest; FBI; Devin Standard
Subject: Next Symposium{:} …---…Lost souls…---…{:}


Dear Vicky,


The purpose of this missive in addition to helping raise the stakes in bringing the world’s financial markets back into sum resemblance of order in no small measure satisfied by placing you and your colleagues in prison is to bring a new group of people who have simply come across emails of mine that appear on the Internet “up to speed”, Mr. L. Justice Thabane, a pretty good example, need I repeat,


In a nutshell, I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil doesn’t come in the form of a pointed tail, blah blah.


Now for all I know Mr. Thalbane could in fact be my pal Trevor Manuel, South Africas Minister of Finance who I met with back in 1995 when he was simply the Minister of Trade and Industry which was sum 5 years be4 you and I were introduced via a mutual friend, Paul Tomson, younger brother of Shaun Tomson, the surfing legend.


Vicky, as you would suspect it wont be very difficult 4 me to flush out Trevor if this is simply a way for him to get a free box of Beacon Chocolates, my step-father Alan Zulman is a first cousin of Arnold Zulman who inherited Beacon Sweets when Hymie Zulman moved on, although the Zulman’s ownership percentage in the South African candy-chocolate operation may have been reduced in recent times, reducing any influence I might have although I might just email my pal Steve Berkowitz a top dog in the Zulman’s Charlotte, North Carolina operation to see what he might be able to dish out, u well aware of the fact that the smart money has been sitting on the sidelines while the super-rich load up on debt.


Back on July 26th of last year following the suggestion of The Debonair JRK I sent you a missive that contained the following:


As emissary to lost souls and disturbed spirits feel free tu contact Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk, and don’t even think to yourself that he is sum kind of jerk, who will act as a conduit to put you in touch with capable counsel.


The JRK’s suggestion did not include the words, “and don’t even think to yourself that he is sum kind of jerk”[sic].


And of course The JRK having gone “bad” on me has little and nothing to do with his personal concern for you, on the contrary you are expendable, his mission, like the media, more than a handful copied on this missive, all about addressing deficit needs, nothing much one can do thou, for folks who suffer from “resignation”, grabbing on for dear life to a gravy train gaining momentum with each tick of the clock, a “train smash” ready to happen thinking that they can jump off at any time much like in the movies, tossing out bandages to the poor who r now beginning to look on not simply in amazement but it is getting quite amusing, agree?


Nothing quite as invigorating as seeing the masses rise up, more than a handful of them beginning to suffer fools badly, the information gap that has kept the have-nots from getting at the haves now being bridged at light-speed, a G-D send much likes those oft used words, “G-d-Speed”?


U recall my asking u the question my mother first posed to me when I was no older than what u c in this photo showing me looking out the window on the train ride from Zurich Switzerland to Kitzbuel, Austria back in DECember 1967 where I got several lessons in the workings of the real world, sum contained in the “JRK” hyperlink,


Is it better to be in business with an honest fool


Clever crook?


When left with no choice one might answer “honest fool” when in fact the answer is “neither” forgetful of not simply thinking outside of the box, just one “honest fool” can be manipulated by a clever crook who may not be much of a crutch to rely on in time in need, mindful that there is this “plea bargain” thing, a tool used by law enforcement to get at the “loot”, u no doubt keeping track of all “change” due me including all the “discovery” material so selectively left out of William H. Jackson Esq.’s cover letter that accompanied all those pitiful documents back on April 4th 2002, such an incredible waste of yellow signature stickys requiring just a John Hancock




Too of mine, leaving me with how much credibility to empower others such as Paul Tomson who was the first to refer to u as “Vicky Sticky” to do the right thing, to mention little of those too sets of 1099 income displaying tho not quite as much as what this nincompoop Stanford Law School trained attorney failed to mention in his diatribe, William H. Jackson Esq. in Mr. JRK’s words, “either incompetent




Culpable, take your pick?


Naturally I could have gone easier on this hunk of an attorney-friend of yours when I sent him the knuckleball contained in the “William Jackson Esq.” hyperlink back on July 25th 2002 but then again it came just too days after I sent out a rather articulate missive to the folks at Fox News without of course all the hyperlinks, that response adding weight to my being on to a “good thing.”


Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t William H. Jackson Esq. the dude who got whipped when representing Stor America while I tossed him lob after lob through of course your Lilly-white-shoes Beverly Hills law firm that then had u happily agreeing to give me 10% “off the top” of everything your earned until such time as you “hung up your boxing gloves” and I assume u r setting aside 10% of what u earn as a Board Member of the Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System.


The big fish, and who can forget me being called in to Wetherly Capital Group at the 11th hour and 59th minute as the Los Angeles D.A. seemed moments away from tapping on your co-managing partner’s door, is in fact made up of a collection of rather hungry dinosaurs who are losing their teeth with each tick of the clock as we now shift into high gear.


Now listening to Coldplay


“…----…nobody said it was easy…---…its such a shame for us to part…---….nobody said it was easy…-----…take me back to the start…---…numbers and fingers…---…puzzles…---…questions of science…---…progress…---…rush to the start, running in circles, chasing tails coming back as we r, nobody said it was easy…---…I am going back to the start…---…


Take care,





Ps – Time to head out the door to catch the tail end of Happy Hour replying to Mr. L. Justice Thabane perhaps on the hour that I turn 47 years of age, pitch…---…