From: Gary S. Gevisser
Thursday, March 25, 2004 7:53 PM
To: anonv


and to really fly it up pole… there is this email to Po-li Pollak that says if need be I can be really “p.icky” [sic] go to a competitor and make these boys out be real “pricks” in not being the first to jump on this bandwagon that has success written all over it-and then to really wake them up and smell the coffee have them take a look at what is happening on as the Professor BrownNose’s pimp, Melvyn Weiss sees the future trailing the likes of BrownNose from now to eternity.


Shit doesn’t just happen, negatives attract negative attention the story of every problem kid seeing the world as always “half full” [sic], their dik parent having failed to c the writing on the wall, and as much the educated in particular don’t want to deal with the implications of my having completed Einstein’s work, i.e. design everywhere there being no real urgency to their lives, i.e. relax when going to the toilet, when making love, as long as it is the person of your dreams,,, I just rented the movie Under the Tuscan Sun.


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 “… we need a holiday… just one day out of life holiday it would be it would be so nice,,, can turn this world around and bring back all those happy days…. It’s time to celebrate… and we will find a way to come together and make things better…. Just one day out of life, just one it would be so nice…”