From: Gary S. Gevisser
Saturday, March 27, 2004 7:35 PM
To: Michael Cup
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Michael – I am just out the door having got an unexpected “blast” from this E-mail I sent Tony Unruh who u may possibly know, instead of completing an email to Mr. L. Justice Thalbane of Isipingo, Natal, South Africa, I decided to just “kick back” and feel 4 my adversaries who r getting less and less relatively speaking with each movement of the waves, my not wanting to trade places with anyone at this time, other than perhaps my dog, Pypeetoe who seems to have the “best of both worlds” although he is not yet fluent in French.


I thought I would throw in the province of Natal as well as the country considering how this “brain dead” disease is spreading like “wild cow” [sic], I just happen to have Roy Essakow on the mind and since I haven’t heard from Tony, maybe u could get Lynne Bentel to give me a call and at least thank me proper 4 the “stink” email I sent her ex-husband that I suspect has him now “towing the line” although maybe the expression is “walking a fine line”, my sense is that he is actually behaving himself rather well, otherwise I suspect I would have heard from Lynne who cannot be that ticked off with me unless there is this connection between her dad and my uncle David Gevisser, my seeming to remember from when she and I first started dating there being something about David who is quite terrific if u can get a word out of him and Lenny Bentel who I am fond of, my just coming across a poem Genevieve, Lynne’s daughter, wrote to her grandmother who we all miss.


And of course if the traffic isn’t bad maybe Lynne as well as Roy would like to join me 4 sushi?


Just in case u had forgotten, my cell number is 1-858-SEL-NEXT.


Hope all is well.




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