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Paul - u write well, let me know if u r ever looking 4 an editing job, once u get to c, however, all the connections in my “missives” u may begin to understand how everything does in fact “add up.”


James C. Ashworth Esq. on the face of things has cost me a whole lot more than $27K, my “out of pocket” pale in comparison to the “empowerment” that my wife’s former husband and his pitiful supporters got out of seeing Ashworth “disappear.


Remember the last time I saw Ashworth was on April Fools Day in criminal court  last year when he got wind” of how serious I was in going after everyone including Mr. George G. “Money Talks Hurst Esq. who is blind copied on this missive in the event we could by going through the court and police records identify at least one instant where those other than THE HIM, Money Talks’ one client, had “usurped his-her limited authority” to mention just in passing how Ashworth and others I consulted with felt I had quite the case against THE HIM for “tortuous interference” in my business affairs after He-they illegally accessed my website database directory causing as I have said previously quite a “stir”, particularly with Mr. JRK so dependant on my guidance in responding to “fast balls thrown at




Near head.


U may recall reading about how The JRK ended up in hospital just days be4 the scheduled deposition of a “Mr. Goodday” [sic] having this “one of kind deposition” postponed until October 17th 2002, the possibility existing that The JRK’s wife, whose code name is Campbell Soup, deposited a stone while serving up a storm as lead plaintiff against Verizon the cellular phone company


Neither The JRK




I, 4 that matter, quite certain how Money Talks and his client THE HIM may have compromised the personal security of witnesses in the Revlon Corporation class action lawsuit who were “skittish” to begin with, the likes of Ronald “Capo Di Capi” Perelman thru his attorneys making it patently clear to those assisting specifically me, that they were doing nothing short than “skating on thin ice”, Mr. JRK “in the end” of the 9 hour odd  deposition deciding to go rather easy, my now interested to get the full “low down” on the “one of a kind settlement” that I understood had the SEC [Security Exchange Commission] pulling out “all guns” to nail Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman to the point that not even a woman raised in any kind of Jewish household would have him plant so much as a cigar butt in her private parts, nothing quite as uncomfortable for us heterosexual guys as the thought of getting,


boned up the ass by Bubba.”


Make no mistake this “bar-fly-swatting-testosterone-maniacalbehavior by so many it seems of the so-called “educated” i.e. professionals who have allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning is now just  moments away in the “space of time” from coming “ungood” [sic]..


Please let me




Devin Standard, the executor of my estate, know if there are any attempts by those including “strays” who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small autoritey i.e. Evil doesn’t come in the form of a pointed tail




Pitched fork, to interfere with your “business activities”, my making a point of trying to never distinguishing between “personal” and “business” which is the surest way of remaining not only honest but very stable in these most unstable times.


In terms of “leads” may I simply suggest u check in from time to time by going to which in no small measure thanks to the “out of control” behavior of a relatively small number of rapacious folks mentioned time and again in my missives helping keep us on track to the be the number one website on the planet, each and every “eyeball” meaningful, always mindful of the innocent.


Yours truly,


I Gevisser I




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Dear Gary:  I appreciate you keeping our firm updated with tid-bits of info, but our only concern is one James C. Ashworth, I guess soon to be former Esq;  let's put it this way---we hold a money Judgment, and if you know of anyone that may have an "axe to grind" with this Betty Ford graduate, please let us know.  We may have an interest in selling and Assigning the Judgment to such a party, if money terms can be met.  I had been negotiating with another party that was involved in a $1 Million+ suit, in which Ashworth represented the Defendants;  it would appear that Mr. Ashworth's specialty in law is to file continuance after continuance, most likely drafted in the comforts of a bar or pub, or so we hear....anyway, this party was interested in purchasing the Judgment, but did not have funding to make an offer, due to legal bills absorbed in their defense, of course, having to fire Ashworth to obtain true representation---bottom line, Ashworth was found to not carry malpractice insurance, and I believe that said 3rd party is quite likely pursuing his disbarment (what a thing to happen to this guy---dis "bar" ment;  isn't that like removing plasma from his system?)...if you know of any possible interested party, have them contact me at 800-258-6520, re:  Ashworth file;  I understand that his parents may take notice to a matter such as this as being bad publicity, in the San Diego legal community.....if not, I am back to looking something liquid in the form of assets, such as the Mercedes we know of, it's whereabouts, VIN# and plate#, if he owns any stocks (possible Ashworth Golf, Inc?), things of that nature;  a deposition will avail nothing, we feel, and would be a waste of time, plane fare, and fees--our Judgment is $27K;  please let me know of any leads you may have toward the above goal(s), and again, your time is appreciated.





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Attention: Mr. Rob McLusky Esq. Risdon Hosegood, Minehead, Somerset, England.



Mr. McLusky – once again