From: Gary S. Gevisser []
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2003 8:58 PM
To: Jodi Ruiz (
Cc: rest

Subject: FW: Greetings


Attention: James Ashworth Esq.


Jim, I hope this email finds you in good health and of course we could have made things a whole lot easier for Judge Hendrix if Marie and I had simply agreed to get married when we appeared before him back on October 24th of last year. I had hoped to get this email out to you a little earlier but I had a number of other things to attend to including speaking with another very important [lady] in my life who now lives in Europe who happens to be most beautiful in all respects and who I love dearly.


Marie, though is not someone who believes she has to kowtow to anyone and of course both she, you and I all realized that Judge Hendrix was just looking for a way for Dr. John Ben Stewart, Marie’s former husband, to save some face before eventually lifting the Temporary Restraining Order the not-so-good doctor had managed to first obtain against me by alluding to misconduct on my part that was nothing short of baseless and insidious assertions.


I happened to notice that on the final stipulation signed by the court your signature does not appear and what concerns me somewhat is the fact that once again Dr. John Ben Stewart and his attorney Mr. George Hurst have pushed things over the edge by suggesting, at least in my opinion, a failure of the meeting of both mine as well as Marie’s minds, i.e. that we are not of one mind, insinuating that perhaps Marie trusted her ex-husband more than she trusted me. Now I know that Mr. Hurst was attempting to throw in a whole lot of nonsense that the judge had not called “4, butt” [sic] why give these out of control characters any elbow room?


With that said, I do not have independent verification that this email I received below is authentic, i.e. no confirmation that there is in fact someone by the name of “Florence Hopkins” who may or may not have a connection with a so-called Senator Davis; nor for that matter can I be certain that “Kathryn Murray” is the same Ms. “Crybaby” Murray who provided Dr. John Ben Stewart with a declaration signed under “penalty of perjury” in October of last year who, very possibly, like Dr. Stewart has gone over the edge, i.e. usurped her limited authority.


Please let me know when you will have a first draft of the complaint against Dr. John Ben Stewart et al, i.e. anyone who may have interfered with my rights and privileges as a United States citizen to mention little of what damages I will be seeking from all parties who have tortuously interfered with my business interests.


Furthermore I will be communicating in short order with Mr. Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. who you have yet to meet to assist me in determining whether such acts of intimidation would warrant intervention by the United States Justice Department. For your information Mr. Krinsk’s partner, Mr. Howard Finkelstein, is a former United States Attorney. Hopefully, this request of mine will not interfere with Mr. Krinsk’s drive to get Senator Kerry into the seat where The Buck Stops Here; Professor Aaron “BrownNose” Brown to shortly get his comeuppance.


I am also copying Detective Steele of the San Diego Police Department who I feel needs to now be more than ever keenly aware of the threat I believe may be posed not only to me by the likes of Ms. Kathryn Murray but to my “bride” Mrs. Marie Dion Gevisser [MDG] and her two children.


Ms. Murray has a history of picking up “straw men” [sic] including a British transport who went by the first name, “Graham” who wasn’t exactly Mr. Kosher. Mr. “Graham” and Ms. Murry were joined for quite some time at the hip although to be precise he spent more time bopping up and down Interstate 5 engaged in God only knows what for absolute certain, before deciding to pay Ms. Murray a final visit at her home in Del Mar after one of their many flare ups leaving her with a gift and a headache to boot.


According to Ms. Murry who is not a stranger to violence, before Mr. “Graham” departed for only God knows where for certain, he left his sunglasses alongside her Mercedes convertible just a “hop-jump-and-a-scotch” [sic] away from her Mercedes’ broken windshield the result of this light-skinned-redneck-knucklehead apparently demonstrating his hard headedness. The last time I saw Ms. Murray was when she attempted to make amends with MDG at Jonathan’s soccer game which resulted in MDG sending Ms. Murray an oh so eloquent message over on the sidelines, “Don’t even try!” which I happened to catch on a digital camera, a point I have covered with you in at least one previous email.


I believe I met Mr. “Graham” on two occasions and both times he was drunk. It is my understanding that shortly after the “Tylenol moment” no doubt followed by many vowel as well as bowel movements, Mr. “Graham” later visited MDG at her home in an attempt to get my pretty-hot-bride to facilitate reconciliation between himself and Ms. Murray. MDG no doubt gave Mr. “Graham” the same marching orders she gave Ms. Murray right before Ms. Murray decided for some ungodly reason to cozy up to Dr. John Ben Stewart, Marie’s ex.


It is going to be so much easier to now refer to Marie as “my wife” although you do not want to hear her pronunciation of “my husband.” Even though MDG has lived in the United States since the early 1980s she still has a hard time pronouncing her Hs.


During yesterday’s marriage proceedings, Evelyn, the Deputy Marriage Commissioner informed us that she sees the best and worst of humanity giving us all a blow by blow of what happened the day before which is when we went to get the “marriage license.” A couple showed up a little under the “wether” [sic] although I think Evelyn said she smelled “alcohol.” She said the proceedings got so out of hand that Sheriff deputies were summoned but not before some other couples with kids in tow headed for cover. Apparently the would-be groom had just got out of prison and perhaps decided that a padded cell provided a safer haven albeit possibly a lower opportunity cost.


The entire proceedings cost $100 all said and done plus gas, wear and tear on the Mini which according to an article I saw earlier today while waiting for the FBI “tTOo show up” [sic] at the café across from the Dukati dealership in Oceanside, now amounts to 64.2 cents give or take a penny or tTOo although I think they were talking about SUVs. The owners of this rather excellent café are apparently a “Mom & Pop” who according to one source are “recovering attorneys” and both pretty young and I would consider the husband “good looking” never though did I get to meet his wife. As I was paying the bill I noticed a letter to the District Attorney and decided to ask the “Pop” what he would do assuming he was sitting on “smoking gun evidence” of political corruption at the highest level of the California’s State Government. Without so much as a moment’s hesitation he answered, “Hustler Magazine…”


I then said, “What’s wrong with Penthouse Magazine other than the fact that there is this Harvard Law School professor who goes by the fukukta name Dershowitz which I find as difficult to pronounce as Gevisser who writes the Justice Column although I think it is just a plausible excuse for this Professor who may be as ugly as me to keep a stack of girlie magazines waste-high deep in his closets” [sic]? I thought I heard “Pop” answer, “Bee my guest!” [sic].


Now I didn’t go in to all that much detail about why I think I might have a “shoe in” with Mr. Guccione Snr. given my understanding that his wife who I believe goes by the name of Kathy Keaton may very likely know my mother, Zena Gevisser. If my memory serves me well Ms. Keaton use to be a stripper at the Butterworth Hotel in Durban, South Africa where my mother used to put on fashion shows and perhaps why I got all the nakedness stuff that trips up most men very early on out of my system. Now the last thing I want is to go to war with Bob Guccione and God forbid Ms. Keaton who I believe is the brains behind the success of Penthouse which reminds me that maybe I will approach Mr. Guccione Jr who I understand started his own magazine in an attempt to call things his way.


Jim, it is my understanding that Ms. Murry finally decided to get rid of this one “boy toy” who is not quite the English transplant gentleman as say my step-father Alan Zulman, by contacting the United States Immigration services since “MGB” [sic] and I later found out that Mr. “Graham” was nothing short of a gun totting, illegal alien whose primary source of income was the cultivation, harvesting and transportation of illegal drugs while using our public highways to gain his share of the American dream.


I think it is a good thing the gas tax is included in the price of gasoline. Now if only we could tax individuals who spill out nonsense to mention little of the cost to each one of us by those who spread household lies. It my understanding that Mr. “Graham” also painted automobiles and motorcycles during the off season. And from what I remember by the time race season began he was flat broke. Jim, please wait for the PLAY to appear in that last hyperlink. I believe Symbolistic White Walls will soon take big time to the airwaves here in the United States as my Perfect Storms heat up.


Suffice to say I am copying on this email a number of interested parties who may assist you in getting to the bottom of this further attempt to silence me including Mr. Kenneth Standard the president of the New York Bar Association who I am all set to brief this coming Saturday, all being well. And as you are well aware the matter of discussion will focus exclusively on the material I have in my possession of the “smoking gun evidence” of political corruption at the highest levels of the Californian State Government and individuals like Ms. Murry of “crybaby” fame who are on my email list are well aware of these facts.


Now of course I have not shared the evidence with the likes of Ms. Murry who has difficulty in keeping more than her legs closed to mention little of how after the murder of her father, a mob lawyer, she chose to go on nationwide television describing her “liaison” with the hired-gun who mowed down her father in front of her very eyes, although it may have been on the steps leading up to their house in one of the better neighborhoods in La Jolla California where few if any South Africans who came over with their ill-gotten gains can still barely afford.


In short order I will be addressing a matter that the vast majority of South African transplants living here in the land of the free and the brave would prefer remains buried for at least another generation or “tTOo” [sic].


Ms. Murray’s upbringing is indeed very sad to mention little of the ducking and diving she and other members of her family engaged in after the mob came looking for “their cut” of the monies that her father had siphoned away. Ms. Murray though is today close approaching twice the legal drinking age and I believe a jury of her and my peers assuming they were to be sober would conclude that middle aged women and men should be responsible for their own actions or in cases involving children, they be held accountable for actions that place such children in harms way. I could have used the word jeopardy but that might give Ms. Murray cause for possibly considering getting more exposure, unnatural smiley faces to boot.


Naturally I have to be a little concerned that Ms. Murray’s family have reconciled their differences with the folks that ordered the hit on her father who may decide that it is not in their best interests to have this murder that took place 20+ years ago suddenly take center stage. And of course you must know all too well the old saying, “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” And of course it would be reasonable for me to assume that Ms. Murray when providing Dr. John Ben Stewart with her declaration signed “under penalty of perjury” was asked by either Dr. John Ben Stewart or his able bodied attorney Mr. George Hurst what Ms. Murray meant when she described me as having “the dirt” on her.


Ms. Murray’s father had not only short changed the Las Vegas mob but his immediate family as well given his penchant for shacking up with at least one male lover who apparently made a claim on what was visible of the Murray’s ill-gotten gains.


Moreover, Ms. Murray’s declaration in support of Dr. John Ben Stewart amounted to nothing more than an “exaggeration” that was not only insufficient to sway Judge Hendrix on October 24th of last year from ruling for all intent and purposes totally in my favor but in all likelihood her diatribe probably hurt Dr. John Ben Stewart more than it helped him. How Dr. John Ben Stewart managed to loop Ms. Murray in to his “nest” is something no doubt Dr. John Ben Stewart must surely be asking his attorney Mr. George Hurst Esq and now the question is going to be what to make of the spilt egg, milk to boot in favor of soy.


As you step up the pace against Dr. John Ben Stewart the evidence we will be presenting will support the fact that he was already in big trouble given the insidious tactics “tTOo intimidate” [sic] at least two key witnesses prior to our hearing before a very fair-minded judge.


In my opinion there cannot be anything served by minimizing the circumstances that first led to Detective Steele and a member of the FBI visiting with me at the behest of Dr. John Ben Stewart and/or his attorney Mr. George Hurst and/or other parties hell bent on silencing me shortly after Dr. John Ben Stewart filed his hideous allegations against me that were both false and misleading on September 11th 2002.


The fact that there are folks in the United States who think they can use the horrors of 911 to gain competitive advantage over others goes to the heart of my efforts to bring the evidence of wrongdoing by Californian State politicians aided and abetted by rapacious businessmen and businesswomen to the forefront, not relying on the mainstream media some of whom are also blind copied on this email. Nor for that matter should we as United States citizens minimize the impact of what it means when such acts which should carry the same weight as treason involve none other than the French conglomerate, Vivendi.


My writings have been very carefully orchestrated, painstakingly going about distributing the evidence so as not to make myself or those close to me a target of those who masterminded and executed the rigging the recent Gubernatorial elections. Suffice to say when all the evidence is finally presented to the American people it will be as crystal clear as the role I played in bringing about a landmark multi-million jury award being overturned in Judge Jack Weinstein’s courtroom back in the spring of 1997 almost 6 years to the day.


I have no proof that this one former boyfriend of Ms. Murry carried a silencer on his high-powered handgun but should you or your investigators visit the house where Mr. “Graham” stayed over when visiting southern California when not shacking up with Ms. Murry and her 3 minor children I believe you will find a number of interesting things including a more current boyfriend of Ms. Murry who she continued to hang out with even after finding out that “Keoni” was still married.


I would hate for the celebrations that began yesterday at approximately 4:15pm PST at 1600 Harbor Drive be marred by those who despite reaching middle age plus have yet to get a life.


Sincerely yours,


Gary S. Gevisser



-----Original Message-----
From: Kathryn Murray []
Tuesday, April 22, 2003 7:58 PM
Subject: Greetings


Greetings, Mr. G. Gevisser:


Please be advised, all future e-mail transmittals originating from any or all e-mail adresses created for your personal and/or business purposes, are being monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 



Due to numerous political references and deprecatory remarks directed towards elected officials and private citizens, you are now on a "Watch List" of certain individuals whom are considered a security risk.


You have been duly notified.





Florence Hopkins


Secretary to the Hon. Senator Davis


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