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Thursday, June 03, 2004 11:48 PM
Subject: Re: Next Symposium {:}... sweetseeper ejaculation...This world would be far better off...{:}


Hi gary

I managed to put time aside to read yr  11 fimension E-Mail, (1 hong kong hour is equivalent to 16 pietermaritzburg hours). I pressed every link got to another link, met the small strings at quantum level ( and noted that the string is as small as the earth is compared to the sun) then pressed again and 4 hours later i saw a pair of tonsills hanging there.

recognising them , I  realised that I had disappeared up my own Cloaca.


Who would hv thought that a Gevisser could do that to me. You were such a small quiet handsome kid and as I went up the Gevisser scale Jonathan, melvin, cathy & Neil the Gevissers become more extravert untill of course we get to Zena. She was a very close friend of my late father - the dentist


It is obvious that you have the mind of a genius, perceiving the world in a way that others cant. Mensa or shMensa, they thought I was so crazy that they sent me to see many Shrinks most of whom come to me today for councelling in order to distinguish reality from illusions


You really made the skin on my body rise when you remembered the Neils hairdresser story. I read it with tears, not knowing why but something tells me I was at least remembered for that at carmel. My academic work will always be forgoton. What was it? Double F in Afrikans. G in Maths. Out here the only F and G I get is Fukin Good. The Chinese love me.

Can you imagine a teacher looking at the length of yr hair? Then get flapped for either having a typical Neils Chunk scooped out for not having seen me in my plush Carmel Toilet rooms, where I executed my trade with as much care as I could, considering that my training was non existant.

I still cant understand how a barber can cut with layers that fit so well. Anyhow I never gave a guarantee to the students who were all desperate.

Thank god for the Yamulka. It had many uses.

a) Arnold Schachat would pull the inner layer out and use it as a SARFI to put over the broken neck of a bottle  as a filter to draw his dagga

b) Michael Strom (nee Klass) would blow his nose in it and give it to one of my clasmates to use when they fortgot their Kipa in assembley

c) Neils clientel would use it to cover the chunks of missing hair during the haircut inspection

d) larry sheer would make a hole between the outer an dinner layer to keep his 5cent pieces hidden so he didnt hv to lend you money

e) It is rumoured that a one Trevor Gillespie got caught short without any toilet paper etc

f) and to be honest I used to hv the franchise for squeezing Joel friedmans chrbs. The white sebum showed up well on the black Yarmi


You are quite right about the way teachers made us feel. It is a fact that they themselves were not qualified nor did they understand that a little Ritalin would hv made the world of difference to most of us who were suffering from ADHD (attention deficit disorder).

Although as you say I was quick on my feet with humour and I assure you I still am, I do shows in HK for charity from impersonating to stand up stuff, it was not appreciated back then.


I am reasonably successfull today with a family 3 kids. I had to cross a major divide earlier on betwen what I wanted to do and what the teachers said would happen to me. Most of them are dead and I dont shed a tear at all. There were a few exceptions, Like Noriskin, Evian and funnily enough Mevrou Bell who had the last laugh. i met her son recently.

Did you know she was not ever an Afrikaner. She kept this a secret. She was full blooded English and her son praises the jewish community who assited her through many of her secret desires such as getting a University degree at 72yrs old.


As per yr request I enclose some Pics of me and my wife jackie and my son Jake 18, Daughte Liat 16 and Little Neil gould exact " Zachary 11


Pls send me another one of you and yrs but not with a bloody light in the middle


Keep Well



P>S> I will be in the USA for a Carmel Reunion in October





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Neil, terrific to hear from u.