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Dear Mr. President,


Make yourself comfortable in bed and then ever so gently stretch first your legs, then your arms and finally your neck.


Now place your head resting comfortably against a soft pillow, smiling not with glee but with great disappointment that it is not all those liberals driving brand spanking new German gas guzzling Porche SUVs and the such who of course support the likes of the DAAC ACLU preventing cops on the beat from doing their jobs, first just talking with gang-bangers explaining to them why it is the likes of liberals such as DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar Clinton grant a multi-billionaire traitor of the U.S. Marc Rich who voluntarily relinquishes his United States Citizenship all the while gauging the hard working tax payers at the gas pump, BUT RATHER your strongest vocal supporters hushed you down when immediately after being sworn in to office back in January 2001 you began “talking down” the American economy knowing what an extraordinarily weak balance sheet had been left by your predecessor who granted Mar Rich a Presidential Pardon at the 11th hour and 59th minute of his DAAC Presidency.


Not to mention that you placed your right hand or was it your left on the bible a full month before the world knew that counterintelligence FBI Agent Robert Hanssen was being paid with unlimited in supply, untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel’s Diamond Currency and a full year after President Bill Clinton made his infamous speech at Caltech University ending with letting us know that he expected a “problem” with his Occidental Oil Trust Funder Vice President Al Gore all “lined up” to take over, that the U.S. “is ripe for a Bosnian style ethnic cleansing civil” [sic]. 


To mention little Mr. President of the United States Congress and even your Treasury Secretary screaming as they have in the past for China to revalue their currency that will only make the housing market here in the U.S. that much worse, but of course instead of us beating on the Chinese to make the goods they make and we want so much more expensive which happens when another country revalues their currency, there is still enough time in the day for the United States to devalue our currency which most of all begs the question of why we beat up on the Chinese to do something we don’t need to ask their permission although when “all out” civil wars breaks out here in the United States we could still ask the Chinese to give us a hand.


To mention in passing Mr. President that I am going to delay perhaps until the end of the weekend sharing with the world the Top Secret Israeli Military Intelligence report that talks to a date-time certain when Al Quaida will launch a series of attacks in their own “backyard” that in the next instant, the Israelis believe, and they are correct, will paralyze the U.S. economy which is not to suggest that the paralysis we now see won’t become permanent well ahead of the predictions of the best minds in Israeli Intelligence.


You would also know that while as far as most of the world is concerned Israel suffered great “embarrassment” in last summers 6 week war with Hezbollah Special Ops who did in fact fight courageously and very brilliantly earning a lot of respect from the very best of the best Israeli Special Forces Commanding Officers and their commandos who remain resolute, most of Israel’s elite Special Forces units were held back as Israeli Military Intelligence “tested the mettle” of not only Hezbollah Special Ops in preparation for this final forthcoming showdown as the world runs out of oil in 5 years or less that wont do much either for the housing market, truckers, investment bankers and the such who have the time right now to join in and “give peace a better chance”.


You must know that Israel’s Druze Special Forces unit was extraordinarily successful during this 6 week brutal war when they never suffered a single casualty.


Not to mention the Druze religion is many religions but mostly Jewish, Muslim and mainly Christian but remain allied with the best of the world’s best Special Forces units who for good reason salute the Chinese perhaps the most invaded people who manage to bring out the best in the invaders apart from their Allied invaders who should not falter when reading the writing on the wall.


Mr. President, I remain “at your side” but there can be no mistaking this is the start of the 2nd Boston Tea Party.


There can be no escaping our elected and non-elected government officials have failed us, miserably.


It is overwhelming the evidence of treason of epic proportions that I have painstakingly, methodically and ever so patiently presented over the past 8 years beginning in earnest on November 11th 2004 when I broke publicly a 24 year “deafening silence” with the DAAC, the mafia of mafia letting them as well as the FBI, tasked with INVESTIGATING CORRUPTION, know that I had not only “arrived” but that I had the “goods” to bury this terrorist of terrorist financing organization once and for all.


The ongoing decision by the Feds to “stall”, not do the “right thing”; moreover to “fiddle as Rome burns” demonstrates above all else that what we have going on right now is not simply “taxation without representation” but those being taxed the most are the ones expected to do the “”heavy lifting” on what is going to be if America does not wake up the bloodiest of battlefields that will make the Civil War of the mid-19th Century look like a day in the water park.


It is time to come together and may I suggest you begin with the First Lady but first make sure Laura Bush is also resting comfortably, her eyes closed.


Sweetheart, before I share with you some good news let me remind you that it does upset me as much as you that a good number of people blame me for the collapse not only of Angelo Mozilo’s Countrywide Mortgage but bonds they own in public corporation that they still believe “should not go down” that will in fact keep going down no matter how many times they repeat to themselves


“I cant understand I should have listened to not only George W. Bush but Gary S. Gevisser.”


Darling you recall Mr. Gevisser has been telling me since July 23rd 2002 to immediately suspend the trading of shares in public corporations and thereby protect the innocent and naïve from throwing good money after bad, bearing in mind why would I apart from being out of my mind question Mr. Gevisser’s agenda which he says is only to give peace a better chance?


Not to mention GSG didn’t “get off a boat just yesterday!


To mention little of there had to be good reason for example why the Jerusalem Post published his so timely and insightful Letters to Editor in the early days of my Presidency and then the world heard no more and of course Israel’s Military Intelligence are part of this world who only talk when they want their enemies to know “sumthing” [sic] and please don’t ask me to explain who the Israelis see as their friends while of course you should give some more thought to this new son-in-law of ours dumb enough to go to business school.


Now for the good news!


You have heard that Israelis also like drinking coffee and a good number of them, some 6 million or so about the same amount that were brutally murdered during the DAAC’s World War II, have heard how very unsuccessful Starbucks were when trying so very successfully to screw up the launch of their operation in the Jewish homeland despite their one competitor The Coffee Bean and Teal Leaf like Starbucks also having a Jewish owner who seemed to have no problem complying with Jewish laws of kashrut as well as Halacheh when selling in to Israel which I only mention to distract you a little in order to not put you to sleep, at least not just yet.


BTW what do you think of Kibbutzim like Mein Zvi that breed the likes of Guy Friedman, the best of the best of the world’s Special Forces commandos raising “underground” pigs?


Better yet how about those Hasidic-ultra orthodox Jewish-Black Hatters who serve as the “cushion” for the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel on 47th-Wall Street not only do most of them not recognize the State of Israel but when meeting with the Iranians, Israel’s enemies they openly advocate that the Holocaust was “much ado about nothing” at best?


Do you notice how many of our Jewish friends such as Bill and Hilary DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar Clintons are whining about this rather strange situation apart from those who know that Starbucks shares the same Kuwaiti business partner as British based operation Mothercare which I know you haven’t heard of possibly because they are only growing at the rate of 2 shops a week in the Middle East versus Starbucks growing at the rate of 5 shops per week.


Now remember neither Mothercare nor Starbucks have a single shop in Israel for the simple reason that their mutual Kuwaiti Royal Family business partner has placed a gun to the head of their respective owners which include of course their shareholders made up of plenty of uncaring Jewish people, the same ones who had no problem with Clinton granting traitor March Rich a Presidential Pardon, that in the event they open successfully a single shop in Israel their tyrant Kuwaiti business partners will end both their over the top business growth in the rest of the Middle East but in the process it will most of all crash the share price of over the top valued Starbucks.


So perhaps your thinking is right that Jewish people are today mostly thinking about poor, poor Black Hatter Mr. Angelo Mozilo of Countrywide although you would also be wrong if you said that contributing to these hypocrites who just play the “religion card” when it suits them, right now they are worrying only about their own pocket books following the meetings that Mr. Gary S. Gevisser had yesterday up in Long Beach California with members of Israel’s Military Intelligence as well as those he refers to as the very deep underground Jewish Underground who today fully understand the significance of why our DAAC media have yet to publish the Top Secret Israeli Military Intelligence report that talks to a date-time certain when Israel expects Al Quaida to launch a series of attacks in their own “backyard” that in the next instant will paralyze the American economy.


BTW do you remember last hearing of any of Israel’s Defense Forces from its extraordinarily highly mobile land and sea Special Forces units or its most brutal Air Force complaining about Israel returning oil fields captured in the 6 Day War back in 1967 or for that matter a single fighter pilot whining that his significantly modified F-16 fighter jet ran out of fuel when flying back and forth to Gibraltar practicing bombing runs on Iran who remember just loved Marc Rich when they were flush with oil?


Do you also remember when watching the movie Crude Awakening the producers so very thoughtful to have a member of the Mossad, Israel’s over-the-top intelligence intelligence institute with the most brutally efficient assassinations unit talking about the tests that Israel conducted on those wells when “calibrating” those “findings” with its other findings that the world some 4 decades ago to the year was extraordinarily fast running out of oil.


Now of course you didn’t because they never did bother to interview a member of the Mossad or so they thought.


Now I would like to put you to sleep by mentioning what if Jose Edward Pollard were our future son-in-law.


I don’t recall Mr. Gevisser sending me directly this 3,257 odd word email he sent Mr. Jose Pollard earlier to day but I don’t think he would mind if I shared it with you as you now fall deep asleep waking up tomorrow morning bright and early.



Dear Mr. Quinones,


I am awaiting receipt confirmation that the email I began sending earlier via the San Diego Sheriff’s website, “WHO IS IN JAIL”, to your 18-year old client Jose Edward Pollard, now in jail some 17 odd days.


Please do your best to get him a copy.


Sincerely yours,


Gary S. Gevisser




Dear Jose,


I am a friend of your grandfather Dr. John K. Pollard Jr., an alumnus of MIT and Cornell University who sent me the most nonsense email the other day which I responded to very publicly that now has your paternal grandfather “lying low” which trust me is a very good thing although it is possible that he may have decided to feed his ever increasingly lean body to the fishes but then you have to be concerned about our fish depleted oceans becoming more poisoned with mercury.


Dr. JKP first came across my name about 6 years ago when newspapers such as the Del Mar Times and Israel’s Jerusalem Post began publishing my "Letters to the Editor" in which I mentioned the name Jonathan Pollard that had idiot acquaintances and friends of your grandfather thinking I was writing about him and quickly sent me an email to “cease and desist” which only served to increase the circle of those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day.


Bear in mind that Jonathan Pollard is an American-Israeli spy captured in 1984, now more than 2 decades in jail in solitary confinement, represented time and again by incompetent and corrupt legal counsel, bearing in mind that I fully acknowledge I do not have all the facts.


I do know that Pollard got “set up” as this idiot with an out-of-control ego first began sharing “depth findings” that came across his Navy Officer’s desk with Israeli Intelligence which he thought should have been shared with our “strongest ally” in the Middle East, making the first mistake of not analyzing what is first of all meant by the word “strongest” and then “ally” bearing in mind that the first thing Navy Officer Pollard obviously forgot was Israel’s most brutal unprovoked attack of the totally defenseless USS Liberty ship on June 8th, 1967 when sailing in international waters off the coast of Israel without battleship support within 500 miles.


Those nonsense "depth findings" are the sort of measurements that Israeli Special Forces commandos from Flotilla 13, Israel’s most elite Maritime Special Forces who salute Chinese Special Forces units while running circles around our Navy SEALs, would "cover" on those occasions when their Israeli Commanding Officers when finding say a thread of fabric in their guns have them swim the Mediterranean Sea in December with their boots on.


Not to mention in months like December it doesn’t really help overcome the freezing cold waters when thinking that all they are missing is celebrating Christmas with their Jewish families.


Now you would know if your grandfather had simply bothered to visit with you rotting away in jail that it is “standard operating procedure” when training to become a member of Flotilla 13 that what you "don’t get in the head you get in the legs" although when spoken in Hebrew it is much more precise as well as funny.


Israeli Special Forces commandos who don’t make it a habit to carry guns although they don’t mince any words in letting anyone who gets too close to one of their "brothers" let alone their children that "lots of guns surround" such very special people, do focus while always maintaining a very good sense of humor on the nonsense handguns used in movies like Steven Spielberg's MUNIch and laugh their heads off when seeing the use of guns to depict an era dating back some 35 odd years ago that only began being used in the early 1990s by Israeli Special Forces who use only the world's most advanced weaponry which you would know mostly come out of Belgian.


Not to mention there is a lot to this Hollywood movie-documentary that once you and friends fully understand beginning with Spielberg’s so much nonsense 5 minute introduction that is as much nonsense as Marc Rich being granted a Presidential Pardon that is as much nonsense as spies like Robert Hanssen of the FBI being paid by our enemies with diamonds that doesn’t seem to bother our government elected and unelected government officials as much as all the damage you all do to the security of the United States must already be bringing at least a grin to your face.


Your grandfather who brainwashed his many children with “LOOK AT THE END OF YOUR ARM!” when they would ask him who is not poor, since why else apart from not being smart would he produce so many offspring, for a handout, is hoping that this communication would have the effect of mostly confusing you resulting in your decision to leave it up to God to take care of you?


Much more importantly, however, Dr. JKP is not alone in never expecting you to ask why long before you were born no children were ever born with AK-47s loaded and permanently attached to their left arms and Israeli Uzi submachine guns in their right, and yet those that have the biggest guns make all the laws to be afforded so comfortable positions where they don’t have to worry about carrying guns since they have first their governments with the biggest guns stealing all the mineral resources such as oil in foreign lands and local law enforcement enforcing the laws against gangbangers using guns when committing felony crimes.


Yesterday, I met with my one “brother” Guy Friedman, a very seasoned Israeli Special Forces commando from Flotilla 13 who has beyond a shadow of a doubt the most exquisite, the most brilliant Chinese-Israeli 5 year old daughter who speaks perfect English, Chinese and Hebrew and has already traveled to places like China, the BaHAMAS and Israel where she has met both her father’s and mother’s rather large extended families.


Not to mention I also got to meet her first cousin who we call “Ashkenazi” who I believe is a 100% Chinese who when compared to Mia had me forgetting for a moment that Mia is not only half Chinese but Israeli which stands to reason that anyone compared to her should be loved and cuddled just as much, bearing in mind all children are geniuses before their parents screw them up.


Mia’s first words to me after our cuddle was to question me who she has only met once before when a little baby with the following:


“How old is God?”


Later as we all played in the sand under the “Bedouin tent” which we all had our hands in making while battling the winds that came from nowhere and then disappeared the instant everything was secured, I asked her to draw me a black and white drawing of what she thought God looked like on a piece of paper I brought along that contained elements of a “bullet proof” military plan that I have created that could very easily bring about world peace in less than 7 days, and those who profit from war, well they will just have to get with the program and find ways to make themselves useful.


You probably don’t know that the Hebrew word for “white” is “Lavan” that most likely does not remind you of the Lavon Affair, a very “dark” period in Israel’s recent history when the top Israeli agent in charge of the covert Suzannah Operation in the summer of 1954 “turned”, most likely before the operation even began, resulting in the rest of the Israeli agents stationed in Egypt all being captured, brutally tortured and some summarily hanged.


You probably also don’t know that a former Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin who first headed up the Irgun, a Jewish militant Underground movement fighting the British for a Jewish Homeland prior to the formation of the State of Israel in May 1948 smuggled grenades in to British prisons where his comrades were being held waiting to be hanged and who chose to commit suicide rather than tangle from end of an Allied made rope.


Not to mention that Menachem Begin could have very easily have got killed when Israeli soldiers in June 1948 commanded by Yitzchak Rabin who later also became the first Prime Minister of Israel to be assassinated not by an Arab but rather a fanatical Jewish person, fired on and sunk the Altalena that was carrying armaments for Begin’s forces resulting in some 15 odd of Begin’s soldiers losing their lives.


And you know about the story of Cain and Abel, both Jewish people.


And then was Judas who like Jesus Christ was also Jewish.


You may not know that every Israeli soldier upon completing their basic training attends a ceremony atop Mt. Masada in the Negev Desert where more than legend has it that outnumbered and “outgunned” Jewish people fighting the Romans who morphed in to the Roman Catholic Church chose suicide after putting up the most extraordinary fight rather than being taken captive.


Israeli Special Forces Commanding Officers are first and foremost non-fanatical and choose only non-fanatical people knowing only to “forgive” their enemies as they apply brutal, superior and overwhelming force, never taking prisoners unless to barter but mostly to interrogate and there are no witnesses to write reports to give people like Hilary Clinton more to nonsense to talk about.


There are no such things as rules in war only rules that the victors make once they win to keep the masses suppressed to the point that they don’t even begin to know the right questions to ask.


The first question you should ask your public defender Mr. Quinones who along with the world will receive his copy is why he thinks President Clinton who is not Jewish or Roman Catholic gave Jewish Marc Rich on Clinton’s last day in office a Presidential Pardon.


To the best of my knowledge Mr. Rich has never been handcuffed and if so only very briefly; certainly he hasn’t spent any time in prison.


Mr. Rich is, however, a multi-billionaire that only explains part of the story.


Mr. Rich did not only voluntarily relinquish his American citizenship when a “fugitive from U.S. Justice”, whatever that means, he also traded with the enemies of Israel and the United States which is how he first made his untold fortune, buying oil from countries like Iran for US$12 a barrel and selling it to the U.S. when we had long gas lines for US$24, right after Israel’s enemies launched a “surprise attack” in the early hours of Yom Kippur-Day of Atonement 1973 when young, inexperienced Israeli soldiers were manning the front lines that got quickly overrun, a good number of these very defenseless men your age while still alive having their equipment cut off and stuffed in to the mouths which is not a pleasant thing to see for those who then retook places like the Golan Heights.


I have a handful of photos taken of me in Israel back in July 1966 when I was just 9 years of age and then again in January 1968 when I was still 10 that show me holding Israeli Special Forces weapons including an Israeli made Uzzi submachine gun which I had pointed at my middle brother Melvin.


Just yesterday I made mention that to the best of my knowledge Marc Rich’s one top Leutenant, Roy Essakow, my best friend growing up in South Africa has financed my brother Melvin’s mortgage financing company which when I mentioned this to my other “brother” Guy who like me has a British-English mother, simply brought a broad smile to his face.


You have to laugh my friend since you still have a hand at the end of your arm and if you don’t well I suspect you still have your equipment and while in jail it is doubtful you are going to get drafted.


Life really isn’t all that bad is it although I bet you would like to be sitting alongside me at our cliff house here in heavily corrupt Del Mar, better yet swimming and/or surfing in the ocean right below and my sense is that I am not “rubbing salt in to your wounds” that are surely starting to heal big time.


I have offered to assist your family raise the necessaries monies to either get you bailed out and/or provide you with more legal support to assist Mr. Quinones who in all likelihood doesn’t need any help in getting you the very best possible deal no matter how overworked he may be.


Most members of law enforcement would agree with my assessment that the less interference by outside lawyers the better and of course I cannot fault them for thinking this way.


Most law enforcement are as poorly informed as you as to how the “real world” works that has people like Ehud Barak, Israel’s current Minister of Defense who when he was Prime Minister threw in his support for Marc Rich to be granted a Presidential Pardon, not to mention that Ehud Barak is a highly decorated Israeli Special Forces commando, a member of Sayeret Matkal, but Mr. Barak as you now know full well would not be the first Jewish person to have lost his way.


May I suggest you think very carefully your next move bearing in mind it may in fact be a very good thing for you to serve some time so long as you are not physically abused.


If you are able to understand my writings it is doubtful you can ever be emotionally abused ever again bearing in mind that most of the abuse our children get are from their out-of-control emotionally abusive parents who dare indoctrinate their children,


If you want a helping hand, look at the end of your arm!


One other suggestion is that you invite me to meet with you and I have no problem with you inviting at the same time a friend you trust the most as well as friend you trust the least without anyone other than you knowing who is who.


May the good, smart and vengeance God bless you and keep you.


May She-He cause HIS-Her Face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you, now and forever.




Gary S. Gevisser 


Ps – I thought you might enjoy reading about the experience of some people I don’t know who I came across on the Internet bearing in mind that 57 odd days after PLO terrorists began brutally murdering 11 defenseless Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games I met at Kibbutz Sde Boker with David Ben Gurion who directed his most trusted commander to fire on the Altalena, after having first arrived on a 4 month Ulpan in Sde Boker just 60 days prior, September 1st, 1972 when I was now 15 years of age and by the time I returned to South Africa not only had I done well in my final exams as well as running the obstacle courses despite my “chicken legs” all the while shooting straighter than any of the kids my same age at the Israeli military base’s firing range, I could assemble and disassemble weapons such as AK-47s and Uzi submachine guns in the “DAAC” [sic], not to mention that if we don’t get to meet be sure to have your grandfather explain to you who is the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel and when it is appropriate to use the Latin Adverb “sic” whenever there is an error of sorts within the quotes.


MGB Challenge Tour - Day 3 - 5

Thursday morning we left Kfar Maccabiah and headed south towards Sde Boker to visit David Ben Gurion's tomb. We did an amazing art session by the tomb and painted photo frames for the pictures we took. We learnt that Ben Gurion loved the desert and went to live on the kibbutz because of this.

From there we headed towards Kfar Hanokdim for a Beduin experince where we were greeted by our host who invited us into his tent for tea and coffee. Our host explained that if he gives us a full cup of coffee we would not be welcome to stay! Luckly for us we all got half cups of coffe! After tea and coffee we went outside for our camel ride!
What fun we all had riding camels in the desert with Kafia's on looking the part, it felt like we were in the movies!

After our ride we went to our tent for the night where we had a lovely meal then spent the evening by the bonfire singing songs and melting marshmellows till late into the night.....

On Friday morning we were all up very early and were showered fed and on the bus to Masada by 7.30! At Masada we saw a short film of the history of Masada then up the cable car we went. On the top we meet King Herod who told us the story of Masada. We had so much fun that we did not want to go back down. When we eventually did we all had ice cream then off we went to the dead sea where some of us went in the sea and some of us went in the hot baths.

We then rushed off back to Kfar Maccabiah to be in time for Shabbat. We arrived just in time to get ready for shabbat. We did a Kabalat Shabbat together then we had dinner with 300 English football supporters. We sang a song to them all and every one clapped for us. The dinner was really nice and special!

Saturday we spent resting and in the afternoon some of us went swimming and some of us played table tennis. At 6.30 we all boarded the bus for the big game. There was great excitment and lots of singing in the bus on the way to the game and although the game was not as exciting for some of the football fans among us we all had a wonderful time! The atmosphere was good and some of us did lots of shouting! Most of us supported Israel although many of us were dissapointed that England did not win!

Sunday we left the Kfar and made our way north to the Carmel mountains. We arrived at a nature reserve where we played games and had lunch. After lunch we went absieling. For many of us this was a challenge and although not all of us managed to do it we all tried!

When we had finished we headed off towards Daliat Hacarmel for some shopping were some of us bought presents for back home! We then meet our host for the evening at Ousafia a Druze village. We had a wonderful host who explained the religion and how old the Druze people are and how long they have been living in Israel! After a lovely meal we danced to wonderful traditional Druze music and then headed off to Ohalo a Kibbutz on the Kinnert were we will be based for the next two nights!

Everyone is happy and having fun and the group is getting on well together. I am unable to send photos but will make sure you all get copies of all the photos from the holiday!

One final note a big Mazel Tov to the Cohen's who's grandson was born during the weekend!

 Peace-Shabbat Shalom-Salam-和平


Sincerely yours,


Gary S. Gevisser



The Meek With Teeth Shall Inherit The Earth!


[Paragraphs 87]





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Hi Gary


Thanks for sending me your thoughts. However, I find it all a bit confused. Please take me off your mailing list.


Thank you, Basil