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To: Juliet Lapidos –
Cc: rest; Adam Tucker; Dr. John K. Pollard -; Professor Jeffrey Sachs - Columbia University; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar Clinton; Gregg Birnbaum - Political Editor for New York Post - webeditor of Just Hilary; Diana Henriques - journalist New York Times - Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards - December 10, 1996; John Loftus Esq. - Justice Department Nazi prosecutor; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; Oprah; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; M.A. Sanjayan, Ph.D. - Lead Scientist, The Nature Conservancy - Planet Earth BBC commentator; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Sherri Hendricks - Rapaport Report; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Tony Leon MP - Leader of the Democratic Alliance - Republic of South Africa; Mary Valder - Trilateral Commission; Molly H. Hubbard - Director of Development James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy; Roger W. Robinson; King Golden Jr. Esq.; NO LONGER PRACTICING, thank G-d, Dr. John Ben Stewart MD - aka The Sperm Donor aka The It; Windy "Unwitting Witness" Winn; Mossad; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild;;
Subject: WHY THE SON OF GOD, JESUS CHRIST WAS SO VERY DEFIANT OF BE "FRUTIFUL AND MULTIPLY".....RE: Did you receive the email I sent Zuzanna Kobrzyski?


Hi Juliet,


To precisely answer your excellent question, “What exactly…?” is to first let you know that twice I had the opportunity to be the American head of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC].


On November 11th, 2004 after a 24 year “deafening silence”, apart from one meeting I had in 1995 with my uncle David Moshal Gevisser Engelhard Oppenheimer when I was offered the “top spot” for the second time, I decided to break my silence. It is those series of communications “back and forth” with the DAAC’s most significant money laundering operation here in the United States, Codiam Inc. headquartered on 47th Street, Manhattan which I want to share with you, bearing in mind you very likely are unaware of the fact that the DAAC, the special interest of special interest group get to see every single Wall Street deal long before organizations like The Wall Street Journal get to promote such DAAC deals.


Suffice to say at this time given how you know that those who know don’t talk versus those who don’t know the first they are talking about like to both talk and write absolute nonsense, is for you to take a look at what I sent my 24 year United States legal resident French-Canadian wife back on June 7th of this year.

To: Marie Dion Gevisser
Subject: Marie - there are some rather difficult events to explain that are critical to the book that you think I will never get "around to".


The attached file while an email is my attempt to not only explain this one very important event that is mostly behind my mother’s “obstinacy”, I think that is the right word, but I am hoping it will cause everyone who “wishes” me “unwell”, different to “harm” to think really hard before calling me “nuts” or worse yet “naïve”.


I cannot explain all the reasons why they haven’t taken down The Diamond Invention but one of the reasons is that they do actually believe I will go “nuts” once realizing not a single person of “importance” cares and of course they all know without me telling them so that you are not only the only person of importance to me but who deep down actually also cares not just about me but why everything I say does in fact make perfect sense beginning with why I had to, not now, but just before you arrived [this evening] “knuckle down” and write the book that no one with a penny to their name may care to purchase but I am quite certain the more slimier they are the more they will want to read it and tell people about this group that is more slimier than them even though they are one and the same.


The very important meeting I had with my uncle [David] in Johannesburg back in 1995 before you arrived [in South Africa from the States] was from my standpoint all about finding out how important he was in the DAACchain of command”.


The business meeting I had attended the day before with an important South African cabinet member who is today South Africa’s Minister of Finance was to get this “colored” gentleman to approve a business deal I had put together with the remnants of the South African Apartheid Regime that I knew would ultimately result in failure since this group [SAITEX] [South African International Trade Exhibitors] were controlled by the DAAC and had no interest in bringing foreign businesses, in particular “foreign capital” in to South Africa since that interferes with the DAAC’s main business which is controlling business using their DAAC currency.


One stone two hits.


By approving the deal it showed that this new ANC government were the same as the Apartheid Regime just different “skin tones” but the exact same insensitivity.


I had my uncle who was unaware of this meeting with the “colored gentleman” first see me as “contrite”, I think it is the right word, making out that I had “learned my lessons” and was no longer such a “busybody” asking so many “unnerving questions” as I did when working 15 years prior on 47th Street, bearing in mind that I had while running very successful businesses in the interim kept a very low profile even when I was with the insurance marketing-publishing group where I never borrowed a dime or raised any equity which is what gets the attention of the DAAC.


Then I went on to tell my uncle that I was now working with the Krok [Epilady - Twins Pharmaceuticals] “clowns” that had him calling me  “naïve” which made my uncle who is not a businessman’s backside feel real good about himself before letting me know that he could “fix” things with the DAAC so that I could still take over from him and of course I played along while getting him to confirm not only his initial financial package of $6 million which really was very serious “money power” back in [March] 1971 but how the DAAC had not a care in the world anyone, not the Israelis, the Americans, not even God him-herself would shut them down because everyone who was “bought and paid for” were of the “opinion” the DAAC were as good as it gets to “God” in allocating the world’s resources given how if anyone were to go “nuts” and blow the Diamond Invention “sky-high” the DAAC while destroying the currency market since they have so much of it would get even richer since they own “everything and everyone” of importance and that of course includes most of the world’s mineral rights protected by of course the world’s official and unofficial industrial-military-complex.


And so we laughed and laughed and laughed, and of course I not only went “overboard” but went back to my business with the Kroks and when he again felt the “urge” to call them “clowns” repeatedly I responded, “well at least they are colorful clowns since they are now working with this ‘colored gentleman’” which had my uncle laughing to the point of being almost hysterical – at which point while still smiling from ear to ear I said,


Trevor Manual just approved the sale of one of the Krok’s companies to remnants of the Apartheid Regime who will of course fuck up the business bringing foreign capital and expertise in to South Africa


 which still had my uncle laughing uncontrollably but stopping shortly after I stopped smiling when saying,


DeBeers may control the ANC Government just like they did the Apartheid Regime but they will never own me!


You could have used a knife to cut the tension in my uncle’s small private study in his house, the two of us staring each other out and when he blinked I got up without saying a word and left.


My uncle’s decision to “announce” not privately but at a dinner party that I believe he arranged only to have my mother come along to tell her “publicly” that I was “naïve” told me most of all my uncle was deathly afraid of what else about me he didn’t know.


I only know what I know.


I have no idea just like anyone else who is sane when I will take my last breath but I am very possibly the least afraid person of what comes next given again only what I know versus believe.


I know you…


BTW, Adam Tucker, my one American programmer called me “out of the blue” this morning and we chatted for at least a couple of hours.


Adam who is Jewish but does not believe in God for reasons that are rather obvious appears to have the opportunity to become very rich very quickly given how his one uncle who received US$2 million in cash from the DAAC, delivered in a suitcase, has on his board of directors an individual with access to a very successful Venture Capitalist.


Even though I have described time and again to Adam how the DAAC use the Hasidic-ultra orthodox Jews-Black Hatters not so much to launder their Diamond Currency, unlimited in supply, untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried by any organization other than the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, not to mention Diamond Currency always priced at more than a barrel of oil, instead as informers, first to inform on less religious Jewish people who once “bought” can be counted on to do a number of things to serve the “best interests” of the DAAC, the money launderers of money launderers beginning by NOT making a big deal about the fact that a great many of the Black Hatters are vehemently opposed to the State of Israel that they now very much control, no different to the DAAC’s unbridled “Money Power” control over our 3 Branches of Government.

Don’t you think this is one great photo that MDG took very quickly when she saw these 3 Black Hatters beginning to walk directly in front of the two oversized windows at our Cliff House which gives you also a good sense of her athleticism to run up the stairs, grab the digital camera, focus and shoot.


Not to mention when last did you see a Black Hatter in heavily corrupt San Diego country that is mostly military and real estate speculation driven?


Just when Adam called, I was moments away from responding to an email Dr. John K. Pollard had sent me earlier letting me know that he hadn’t received a number of important emails I had broadcasted recently all in an effort to expose all those “deafeningly silent” who talk volume to their nonexistent “value system”, so very much about not just “money” but the extent to which they are on the side of the DAAC who interfere with the light and then “sum” [sic].


Fortunately for Adam I was extraordinarily relaxed, enjoying the most perfect day here in heavily corrupt Del Mar, California despite very much missing the physical presence of my beloved dog, Pypeetoe who was killed back on June 28th by a very fast moving train as this “lover of a dog”, so very fast, all muscle and bone, in the prime of life, froze momentarily.


The purpose of Adam’s call was to let me know that although he couldn’t share his idea with me that he is quite convinced will allow him to at least move out of Los Angeles to either Portland or Oregon although he is most likely thinking he will be able to afford the entire island of Tahiti where he recently spent his honeymoon, only because he knows I will immediately broadcast such an idea which again will need to be vetted by the DAAC, the terrorist of terrorist financing organization the world has ever known, that make the Saudis, the backers of Osama Ben Laden look like a bunch of saints, he was going to let me know that he has the best idea ever of getting me an even bigger footprint on the Internet that prevents him from sharing with me his “nest egg”.


Adam’s idea that he is comfortable in me sharing with you and hence the world is to establish here in the United States a system like we have in Israel that allows for the instant collage of the Knesset-government if there is a “loss of confidence” in the government.


Adam says he understands that his concept is all theoretical since such a nonsense system has only allowed for the DAAC to be in “command and control” of the world’s most sophisticated nuclear arsenal, Defense Forces second only to the Peoples Republic of Communist China and an intelligence institute commonly known as the Mossad which you would know has the “out of this world” superb assassinations unit


In addition to Adam believing that the vast majority of Americans actually want peace which would bring in the next instant the death of our out-of-control industrial-military-complex and in the same instant the total collapse of the American Dollar already fully underway given how you would know that China won World War III without firing a shot, and want simply to be better informed, he felt that I could benefit from reading a book he recently read that has in its title the words, I believe, the words, “Great Thoughts”.


I can’t remember precisely since a very athletic and good looking woman was just running by our cliff house perched atop the bluffs of Del Mar.


Furthermore, I was mostly thinking about Adam’s forthcoming meeting next week with this Venture Capital Group who very possibly were the same ones that provided his corrupt Roman Catholic uncle with the US$2 million “seed capital” that inevitably wiped out most if not all of his competitors.


You might not know that one of the great attributes going for my great maternal grandmother, Nechie Badash who played a pivotal role in getting weapons in to the hands of both Jewish Underground movements, The Irgun and Haganah fighting the British for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, prior to the formation of the modern State of Israel when the fear of death was not being gassed to death in a DAAC Nazi concentration camp like Auschwitz but being hung by the DAAC British and you would know from at least reading Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle, THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA of the extent to which the DAAC had infiltrated the highest levels of both the British War Ministry and CIA who were involved in more than simply getting Hitler his diamonds but planning stuff like D-Day June 5th-6th 1944 when the Nazis just happened to know exactly where Allied paratroopers were to be dropped.


You also might not know that “sum” [sic] of my immediate family’s closest friends were the founders of the brutally successful Israeli Air Force, not to mention my amazing Allied fighter-bomber-pilot father, Bernie Gevisser, successfully completed some 71 odd missions dive-bombing the crap out of the Nazi bastards when based in northern Italy.


Right now my wife is doing “A health survey from the State of California she says!” over the telephone, the first survey I believe she has done in her entire life, first asking me what I thought and of course I said she should go ahead and get as many names and email addresses as possible which in turn I will be happy to share with you.


Not to mention that Bernie Gevisser was good enough to fly as “wingman” to Dr. Syd Cohen MD, who took over as commander of Israel’s first squadron when Modi Alon was killed.


Marie Dion Gevisser just this minute, 3:42 PM PST got off the phone commenting, “I don’t need such brain damage! Just wasting my time!


Right after MDG told the caller to begin the survey she was asked, “Who is the person in your household who is going to have the next birthday, an adult?” After giving my name, the caller asked, “Is there another phone number?” When MDG answered that there wasn’t the caller responded, “Gary has been chosen for the survey!MDG then said, “What?” to which the caller replied, “I will call back later!” and before my so very appropriate and highly literate wife could say in her so very sexy French accent, words to the effect, “What the f*ck?” [sic] , the caller abruptly hung up.


Not to mention that Adam’s idea to compete with my highly successful strategies to dismantle the DAAC, limb by limb, head by head and of course we cannot leave out of the torso is based on his fundamental belief, “Right now American people fear their government and it should be the government who fear the people!


To mention little of Adam who has known for a couple of years prior to my so very carefully planned decision to break my 24 year silence, you do the math, told me that this great book of “Great Thoughts” talks about “everything repeating itself”.


You would know that DNA double, “replicates faithfully” and why learned scientists are of the opinion that “God is DNA” and yet the first thing you would know to ask if reading what is on my one website which in reverse, in compliance with Quantum Physics-Gravity-Mechanics reads, MOC.godDNAname, is why the Son of God, Jesus Christ was so very defiant of be, “Fruitful and multiply” apart from Jesus being so very brilliant and not allowing his formal education to interfere with his learning.


I would assume you also haven’t found the right woman?


Do you also agree that an “independent thinker” should never argue with the “Once Born”?


Not to mention that Adam says he very much looks forward to debating me on the subject, “God does NOT exist!” and of course it is highly unlikely he would do so online but rather on the telephone or in person when “talk is cheap”.


Adam Tucker understands perfectly well that given my “command of logic”, a well above average “command of mathematics”, the most precise of languages, I could prove not only to him but to each and every one of us including all the many imbeciles who are of course more animal than any of the rest of God’s Kingdom including the plants, that Einstein’s “Mind of God” equation, better known as “2 c mE” in “reverse” is proof of both the “Hand of God” as well as Evolution putting to rest all the manmade controversy between Creationism and Evolutionists who all feed of controversy, stirring the ill-informed masses to first fight amongst themselves, and to death do us part which has you thinking yet again of the DAAC’s so popular slogan, “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend!


You also haven’t forgotten how the not easily distracted members of the deep underground Jewish Underground have never forgotten that the DAAC bought off each and every Jewish person who makes their way into the news.




I  do much more than call bad people bad names.


I provide irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of their wrongdoing.


Adam Tucker understands perfectly well that no one bad in their right mind would email.


Adam Tucker keeps going back time and again to lecturing me, “When a community is small enough, the people are accountable for their actions” just like you had on the Kibbutzim of Israel.


Then he reminds of how the drug crazed Hippies of the 1960s were able to get a name for themselves without however, able to figure out why they never drew attention to the 3 Branches of the United States Government in “command and control” of the 3rd Reich’s Southern Division more commonly known as The South African Apartheid Regime.


Not to mention why “conservatives” in the United States Congress have not questioned “liberal” Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy who was forced to attend the church funeral of DAAC American Charles Engelhard, the Kennedy clan’s principal benefactor, why when visiting South Africa in 1985 the not-so-good Senator received such as a “cold shoulder” from Black South Africans not yet DAAC corrupted.


Adam Tucker remains of the mindset that all I do is “point out the problem!” seemingly oblivious to how I have managed to not only “master” the power of the Internet but live to tell about it.


Adam Tucker hasn’t noticed the steady decline of the United States Dollar that spells out to any conscious human being that China with great support from Israeli Special Forces units operating 24/7 won World War III without so much as “firing a shot” and nor is China afraid to use either their conventional military or nuclear weaponry were any rogue state to get up to “mischief”.


Here in the United States the reason there is so much malaise, lethargy and of course voter apathy is simply because most of us have the attitude that the government knows best how to protect the thing we most care about.


The Almighty Dollar we all understand is backed up almost entirely by our ability to “wage war” on foreign soils.


All I am doing in an effort “to give peace a better chance” is prevent a precipitous collapse of the U.S. dollar that will play right into the hands of the DAAC and their supporters so very successful in getting first and foremost American citizens to believe that they are powerless.


How much thought have you given over the years to how much the DAAC benefited from the United States taking its time in entering both World War I and WW II which of course you realize was a continuation of World War I as was the Korean and Vietnam War?


Were you aware that “despite” the United States losing the Vietnam War, not exactly lost on the “intelligence circles” including the Mossad, the “Free Enterprise system” is thriving both in Vietnam and China, something you don’t really hear all that much about in any of the DAAC sponsored media?


Quite a daunting feeling knowing you are on the side of the DAAC who only survive while the United States has superior and overwhelming military force?


From the very moment that I figured out when in my early teens that American Charles Engelhard was an “open supporter” of the South African Apartheid Regime I knew the Nazis financed by the DAAC had in fact won both WW I and World War II but that it was inevitable they would be beat so long as I remained both quiet and patient and let G-d-NAture take its course.


You know the expression, “You can’t win all gambles against Mother Nature!


You would also understand that only a very corrupt individual would be so very arrogant to say that they don’t believe in God because to believe in a higher authority forces you first and foremost to think how such a Superior Being would be able to not only make the best possible use of your mind, the first evidence of the Supernatural given how the mind is all chemistry that through the science translates back in the math, the most precise and therefore spiritual of all the languages, placing all subjectivity aside, but to have you the arrogant bastard think yourself no more than a plant or better yet an ant.


When you let people treat you like an ant, you become an ant! – MDG


Are you interested in doing a “live interview” with The Sperm Donor who is currently fishing in Missouri?



Being a Sperm Donor or Sperm Recipient doesn’t make you a good parent! – MDG


Marie Dion Gevisser just mentioned she is ready to “return to China” while looking at photos on her poorly functioning Dell laptop computer which we took last summer on our 24 day “fact finding mission”.




There is a great photo taken by MDG of this old lady above wearing a very transparent blouse with no bra right after she crossed the bridge that has MDG now commenting, “She must have been a little bit nuts, any more she would have lifted her blouse! Quite a sight!!


BTW do you agree that with digital cameras you end up taking a lot more photos that don’t quite work as photos, don’t say anything?


Americans have the most expensive healthcare system in the world and yet 95% of Americans are in worse health than the British who are not exactly anorexic.




Adam Tucker was quite impressed with the movie Sicko which was yet another DAAC PR piece for the insurance industry very much dependant on sickos not taking personal responsibility for their health beginning by eating healthy diets and exercising frequently.


Again, why of course the Adam Tuckers of the world don’t “believe in God” because they know a smart God would be laughing at them from ear to ear.


When last did you hear a religious preacher like Adam Tucker advocating eating in small quantities vegetarian followed by healthy exercise that of course must include sex but only with those who subscribe to a healthy “value system”?


So what would we then do with all the fatso preachers out of work apart from having them dig for water?


It is disgusting all the hypocrisy but so invigorating if you are not YET on one of my “sh*t” [sic] lists.


There isn’t anything wrong with this world that cannot be fixed from the ground up which is exactly what I have been doing and having a lot of fun along the way.


The reason we the people have lobbyists and corrupt politicians representing our vote versus us is because we think it suits us.


Hitler’s DAAC propagandists were absolutely right when they got him to repeat, “THE GREAT MASSES WILL MORE EASILY FALL VICTIM TO A BIG LIE THAN SMALL LIE!


Adam Tucker is possibly rethinking his nonsense of suggestion to our DAAC bought politicians that it is “false advertising” if they don’t “stick to their position” when “running for office”.


Who but the DAAC can afford to pay off DAAC corrupted politicians more than the DAAC?


Email Adam Tucker and ask him how much more stupid can a DAAC electorate be?


Can you name me one website apart from mine where the DAAC are not King of their domains?


Do you think you would be a better CEO in charge of how the money is spent than the DAAC who think otherwise and have the “money power” to prove it?


Adam Tucker thinks that if someone wanted to become say United States Minister of Finance they should place in their bio everything a concerned citizen would want to know about them including their military experience.




Time to hit the surf and then to open one of the 7 special bottles of wines my wife and I have kept for special occasions.


You are invited to join us as well for sunset and so is Adam and Dr. John K. Pollard.


Please let me know if there is anything unclear in this very quickly pulled “to-get-her” [sic] and heavily broadcasted communiqué which had MDG quite annoyed given how I am using a heavily used wireless keyboard with a broken spacebar that is very noisy, interfering with our very peaceful surroundings.


Of course let me also know if there are any spelling or grammatical errors which bother you before I and “friends” begin loading it up on The Internet tomorrow after getting in my morning exercise followed by breakfast with my gorgeous wife and most likely a motorcycle ride although I might wait for MDG to return from art class with master painter Sebastian Capella.


All the best,




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From: Juliet Lapidos []
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To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE: Did you receive the email I sent Zuzanna Kobrzyski?


Hi Gary,


The editor of Slate is on book leave, but I can show it to another editor. May I ask what, exactly, this is concerning?


- Juliet


From: Gary S. Gevisser []
Sent: Monday, July 09, 2007 2:16 PM
To: Juliet Lapidos
Subject: RE: Did you receive the email I sent Zuzanna Kobrzyski?

Not really. If I were to send you the email I sent DeBeers, can you try and get it into her hands before then and if not then perhaps the editor of Slate?


From: Juliet Lapidos []
Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2007 1:14 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE: Did you receive the email I sent Zuzanna Kobrzyski?


Hi Gary,


She's on vacation and won't be checking email for another week and a half or so, so I'm afraid I can't get the email into her hands. Can it wait?


From: Juliet Lapidos []
Sent: Friday, July 06, 2007 8:55 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE: Did you receive the email I sent Zuzanna Kobrzyski?


No I did not, her mail doesn't forward automatically. Can I help you with something?

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