From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2007 1:30 PM PT
To: Mary Anne Adams – Communications Assistant to Prof. Evelyn B. Higginbotham, Chair
Harvard University
Cc: rest; Sherri Hendricks - Rapaport Report; Professor Jagdish Bhagwati - Columbia University; Oprah; Adam Tucker; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Mossad; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar Clinton; United States Justice Department; Howard Schultz - Founder, Chairman and Global Strategist for Starbucks;


Dear Ms Adams,


The contribution can be either money, or art or of historical significance as well as all of the above although I am quite certain you will conclude my sharing with you my knowledge of “The history of money creation and its future!” is not only more important than all the money in the world but this very important subject for very “good”, as in logical reason, not in the least bit “good” has never, not once been taught by any school or university in the world because as you will soon see the instant you get your arms around this so important subject that I did in fact begin to start teaching at the University of Natal-Kwazulu, South Africa back in the first quarter of 1978 when still age 20 I was a tutor in the Business Administration faculty, it is so very easy to understand that in the next instant you then have to ask yourself what else is there to teach?


You would know that once you teach everything you know of “importance” there is increasingly less to teach bearing constantly in mind that with the discovery of Special-General Relativity, Quantum Gravity-Physics-Mechanics and Chaos Theory all discovered in the past century, CT in the upside down year of 1961, not forgetting that S-G Relativity is “pure geometry”, it is unlikely we are going to find anyone smarter than Einstein who had a hand to play in all 3.


Not to mention Einstein quite humble when referring to himself as a “locksmith”.


Unified Theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe!


Let me explain myself clearer by telling you a little bit about myself.


You nor Ms. Higginbotham have heard of me because of, “The tallest trees attract the most wind”, a Confucius teaching my Royal Mater-Mother instilled in me from the start.


I am, though, very well known to those at the very top of the socio-economic ladder who themselves know better than to allow their stooges in the media to place them on the “radar screen”.


Let me explain myself even clearer.


When you watch say a local newscast in TV one of the first things you “notice” even if all you see is one newscaster is that there is a “team” of newscasters, so conditioned is the human mind from day after day, year after year, decade after decade of repetitiveness.


The first most repetitive thing I came across was the Hebrew Bible with all its disgusting, so bloody animal sacrifices and yet that is what Rabbis do every day that they eat cow while making money talking about not eating pig.


I concluded that God understood human nature and the need for us to hear things 20 times before we would pay attention as well as taste something like disgusting cauliflower, although I love broccoli, some 20 times before saying simply and politely, “I don’t like it” and consequently thought to use “reverse psychology” in an effort to get us to use our human not ant brain when our canine teeth started to retract to stop killing first animal.


“Brown” a local 15 year old Lily White Wheaty Eating South African kid living here in Del Mar, California mentioned when we were in my wife’s 2001 Nissan Pathfinder 4 door LE that she has been trying to sell for years now but because I price it so low it pays me not to sell it because of all the email addresses I receive from people who cannot believe it is such a bargain, that “animals have the perfect life cycle other than us human animals” which he felt didn’t need further explanation and nor did I but the other discombobulated kids in the car required that I ask him to further explain himself which he reluctantly did, “They would all be fine if we didn’t interfere with them!


Brown is also Jewish and decided this year to change from attending a private Jewish school to a public heathen school because he simply felt the need to change which may have included being closer to his surfing buddies but I don’t know for sure because I know better than to ask too many questions when kids already get too much “adult interference” which we then diagnose correctly as Absent Parenting Disease rather than Attention Deficit Disorder which mostly helps medical physicians send their kids to school with gravlox rather than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


My math-wizard wife and I like “Brown” a lot, starting with his greenest of green eyes


His only agenda it seems so far is to not have an agenda other than just be “who he is” which is rather “goofy” person even though he might as well try surfing goofy since I expect he has tried surfing everything including the sand when the ocean in front of our studio cliff house threw him off his surf board the day before yesterday which may have all been about getting more “attention” from my wife, without a doubt the “coolest” mother, period.


How many times have you distracted yourself hearing yourself say,


A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend?


I am today the “male heir” of my uncle David Gevisser, also a name that means absolutely noting to you.


On March 2nd 1971 my uncle Dave went from being a “nebbish” with a good last name to one of the world’s wealthiest and sought after persons amongst the “Money Power” elite when he received a US$6 million “sign on bonus” when agreeing to be the executor of the estate of American Charles Engelhard, assassinated by the Mossad and buried that day at St. Mary’s Abbey Church, Morris Town, two words, New Jersey.


There is nothing more annoying than someone who isn’t funny trying to be funny and right now I am already sharing with you highly valuable “contributions of historical significance” that does require if you are not co-opted-corrupted only the smallest amount “sense of humor” to find it all hilariously funny.


More importantly is the fact that I doubt very much I am named as an heir in my uncle Dave’s will and if I was I would of course decline receiving a nickel not even an apple given the cost involved for me to test that it did not contain poison.


Remember, I never mentioned how many daughters uncle Dave has.


Nothing worse than being in business with an honest fool or clever crook!


Now I am trying to be funny but I know you have read and heard funnier things before but there is something telling you that although both you and Ms. Higginbotham are busy people you should continue reading.


It is my humble but experienced opinion that I am significantly wealthier, forget “spirituality” since who really cares about doing the “right thing”, just in terms of “Money Power” than my uncle Dave, my father’s first cousin even while placing a value of zero on my “intellectual property” which I wouldn’t part with for all the money in the world, not to mention I have received no “handouts” from anyone apart from a very small inheritance from both sets of grandparents that afforded me to buy for myself at 16 years of age, some 34 years ago, a 50cc Suzuki motorcycle.


And of course given how I was raised so extraordinarily well by my parents I even paid for my university education while of course being allowed to stay at home where despite having “nannies” my awesome mother would have me help her not only polish the silver but help clean her antiques with a soft tooth brush during which times she would so very interestingly have me listen in the same way her paternal grandmother who raised her have Zena, “listen to the problems of the world relayed in her presence and the solutions to many of these problems.”


Just like my mother, I “early learned to overcome my inborn shyness.”


Today is the 35th anniversary of PLO terrorists beginning to brutally murder 11 defenseless Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics and some 3 days after I arrived in Israel on a 4 month Ulpan where along with other “spoiled brat” Jewish South African Lily White Wheaty Eaters we were based at Kibbutz Sde Boker which housed a military base in large measure because Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion had chosen Sde Boker as his “retirement home”, not to mention that 57 odd days later I met with very “on top of things” Ben Gurion for about half an hour in front of his very modest home where he spoke in Hebrew to us for about half an hour.


By November 1st, 1972 some 13 months to the day before he passed away, Mossad “hit squads” had already been activated throughout the world not just to track down the masterminds of the Munich massacres but to “avenge” two known attempts to assassinated Ben Gurion who in December 1949 had the Mossad, Israel’s highly effective intelligence institute with the Kidon assassination’s unit report directly to him.


You would know that those who know don’t talk.


Those who don’t know do most of the talking.


Go back to those newscaster reading, “THE news”.


How often do you give much thought to who decides for the teleprompter “readers” what they will read along with the “right sad-happy-sad expression”?


Making THE news” today is “Iran’s Ahmadinejad has ‘proof’ US won’t attack”.


It is doubtful you are aware unless other members of Harvard’s other faculties have shared with you the Top Secret Israeli Military Intelligence report that says,


Al Quaida will launch immediately following the conclusion of the Beijing Olympic Games a series of attacks on the oil fields of Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia that in the next instant will paralyze the US economy.”


You would also know that THE news media is reporting that “American Officials” have announced,


The Chinese military hacked into a Pentagon computer network in June in the most successful cyber attack on the US Defense department.”


You should if you had the very informal “intelligence briefings” I received at age 15 when my mind was very much focused on girl’s tits and only wanting to know what exactly made them aroused, not forgotten about a couple of years ago China’s Minister of Defense announced that in the event the US were to interfere militarily in Taiwan were the Peoples Republic of China to use military force in bringing Taiwan under their “control” then China would not hesitate to launch a preemptive nuclear strike on the mainland of the US and then the very next day as the Pentagon were announcing that Chinese nuclear submarines armed with nuclear tipped missiles were spotted surfacing along our coasts but still inside International Waters, this same Chinese official declared that when he was speaking the day before he was only speaking in his personal capacity and not as China’s Minister of Defense-Offense.


Suffice to say that I was, to the best of my knowledge, the first person in the world to begin “broadcasting” such “breath taking” information that at least the Mossad don’t have a problem in me broadcasting since for starters I am, to the best of my knowledge, still alive and which is very easy to understand, the report that is, and at the same time such a very craftily worded report coming from undoubtedly the smartest of Israeli military minds, “begs many questions” beginning with why hasn’t Al Quaida bothered to sink just one oil supertanker when they had so little difficulty taking out the Cole, the most advanced battleship capable with their Aegis combat system to “light up the sky” showing everything there is to see out there including, “friend” and foe”.


Knowing, however, who is and who is not the “enemy” is key to winning each and every battle, different to “war”  which makes it sound like there are times when there is “peace” which is “war” to those who profiteer from “war”, a fact of life known to each one of us human beings including very well informed people like David Ben Gurion.


So long as we can think and act like humans rather than the human ants that most of us are, we don’t have to worry about those who can’t returning as ants having to work their way up the food chain.


But what you and I did not know back in 1939 at the time of the outbreak of World War II is what David Ben Gurion knew.


BTW I was born in 1957.


Let me draw your attention to the beginning of the 2nd paragraph in Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA written by Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein who also writes editorials for the Wall Street journal:


In Washington, D.C., the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt began to hold emergency meetings about diamonds in 1940 when Hitler's armies swept across Europe in a blitzkrieg and threatened to invade England.   


BTW were you aware that Einstein who was close to David Ben Gurion and Field Marshall Jan Smuts, the greatest friend the Jewish people ever had and a member of the British War Cabinet, in 1940 at age 61 became a US citizen?


Now let me have you go back and read the first paragraph:


The strategic importance of diamonds became acutely clear to both the Allies and Axis powers with the approach of the Second World War in 1939. Only diamonds were hard enough to stamp out the millions of precision parts that were necessary for mass-producing airplane engines, torpedoes, tanks, artillery and the other weapons of war. Only diamonds could be used to draw the fine wire needed for radar and the electronics of war. Only diamonds could provide the jeweled bearings necessary for the stabilizers, gyroscopes and guidance systems for submarines and planes. Only diamonds could provide the abrasives necessary for rapidly converting civilian industries into a war machine. Without a continuing supply of diamonds, the war machine would rapidly slow to a halt. Yet, nearly all the diamond mines remained closed, and De Beers controlled the world supply of diamonds. Obtaining these industrial diamonds thus became a paramount objective for both the United States and Hitler's Germany.


The question that Edward Jay Epstein does NOT raise besides for “What happened to Hitler’s diamonds that were not used?” in this very important chapter of the most important, most fascinating non-fiction novel detailing the deviousness of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the mafia of mafia, counterfeiters of counterfeiters, banker to all the world’s central banks starting out in 1913 with the establishment of their U.S. Federal Reserve, one year before the outbreak of the first Diamond Drilling Bit oil War, is what financing did Nazi Germany receive in the intervening years from “1940 when Hitler's armies swept across Europe in a blitzkrieg and threatened to invade England” and when this Little Corporal Hitler from World War I, anything but Aryan looking, became Fuhrer, this Socialist Nazi street thug who “Brown” could have beaten up with his lunchbox, taking over from the Weimer Republic when a barrelful of Deutche Marks couldn’t afford a loaf of bread.


You recall me saying, “I refer to myself as a LWWE American, I actually think more of myself as an African American given how I was born and raised in South Africa for one week shy of my 21st birthday”?


I am also a graduate of the University of Natal-Kwazulu, South Africa where I studied from 1975 to March 1978 when I immigrated to the United States for the single purpose of taking over from my uncle David Gevisser as the American head of the DAAC, the special interest of special interest group that had even the overwhelming majority of enslaved Black South Africans extraordinarily confused let alone educated African American academics such as yourself and Ms. Higginbotham.


You don’t recall Bob Dylan and Bill “DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar” Clinton locked arm in arm marching in the streets of London, New York and Los Angeles, humming under their breaths, “We shall overcome the United States of America’s DAAC South African Apartheid Regime?


You just have to look at the DAAC’s South African Apartheid Regime’s policies that don’t simply “border on” Nazism for this most brutal regime which ruled over South Africa for a period of 45 odd years beginning in 1948 were in fact nothing more or less than the 3rd Reich’s southern division which people like Ben Gurion didn’t need to attend classes at Harvard to appreciate.


My great maternal grandmother, Nechie Badash, an early resident of Tel-Aviv, Israel only returning to England when my mother Zena was born in 1929, goes back a long way with Ben Gurion; both born and raised in the tiny village of Plonsk, White Russia-Poland, not to mention that Nechie was orphaned at age 8 when a gang of marauding Cossacks on a “night out on the town killing Jews” butchered to death her entire immediate family as she sat huddled in a tiny closet.


To mention little of you wouldn’t be all that surprised to hear that in 1947 with “news” that American Charles Engelhard was “journeying” to South Africa, Nechie Badash’s one son, my granddad Alef-Albert-Al Badash-Ash “abruptly” informed his immediate family that with a million English Pounds Sterling in his “back pocket” they would be settling in the humid hell hole of Durban, South Africa and that Zena still 19 would marry my father, Bernie Gevisser after only a few months in Durban and whose family “owned land in Haifa harbour and Zichron Yscov and she [Zena] rapidly felt at home in Israel.


BTW I am doing a lot of “cutting and pasting” including taking material from mother’s “LIFE STORY OF ZENA” which she began broadcasting for the first time on October 9th, 2001.


And yes I know that “rapidly felt at home in Israel” does seem at first a little “bizarre”.


There is one more thing I think it important to add even though you would be quite correct in believing that I who at age 15 could assemble and disassemble both an AK 47 and Israeli made Uzzi submachine gun in the “daac” [sic]

did not get off a boat

yesterday, i.e. there is in all probability not a single member of the faculty at Harvard less naïve than me, that I am often approached even by complete strangers to assist in efforts to get the world to focus on the “problems of the world” and no better example than a story I heard back on July 10th from a LWWE American woman I ran into at a branch of Bank of America who was the first to introduce me to the profound words of Harriet Tubman, herself a slave,


I could have freed a lot more slaves if they believed they were slaves!”.


This well-educated and rather worldly customer of B of A overheard my South African accent and approached me to assist a highly educated African American lady now living in Cape Town, South Africa who was helping refugees from the Congo who had harrowing stories which they were now wanting to web-telecast, again all in an effort to bring Public International Attention to the so very boring tale of the rich trickling down the costs of getting richer on to the back of the poor and downtrodden who are simply financially poor, poverty of thought stricken but mostly misinformed.


With all that said, I expect, but I am not holding my breath, for a very prompt response.


You would of course perfectly understand that the DAAC not only have the “Power Money” that is so very importantly “untraceable” but a key component of the “marketing strategies” is to be the first to provide the “seed capital” to fund those in “opposition” including OF COURSE very militant left wing organizations such as the FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION and then there is our “home grownACLU!


Of course you understand perfectly well how American Charles Engelhard could “get away with” being an “open supporter” of the South African Apartheid Regime while at the same being so very friendly with the Kennedy clan and the such and why such treasonous politicians were forced to attend his funeral including Senator Ted Kennedy, former President Lyndon Johnson and Vice President Humphrey.


Before making the decision on November 11th 2004 to break my 24 year “deafening silence” with the DAAC following my working for their principal US based money laundering and intelligence gathering operation on 47th-Wall Street, New York City, I had strategically placed “assets” of mine throughout the world; in the words of my highly secretive and deceptive mother, “In the event of a rainy day.”


While I had “secured” my “financial future” when still in my twenties without, however “blackening my hands” I have continued to “mix it up” at all levels of the socio-economic DAAC pyramid.


You might find it of interest that despite my name being mentioned in a landmark repetitive-stress-injury jury award that was overturned because of my “intervention” there has not been any follow up by the DAAC controlled media.


Below is an excerpt from famous Federal Judge Jack B. Weinstein’s opinion issued in late April 1997:


- against - 
Jack B. Weinstein, Senior District Judge:…)


2. Application of Law to Facts


National publicity followed the announcement of the jury verdict in December of 1996. See, e.g., Diana B. Henriques, Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards, N.Y. Times, December 10, 1996, at D1; Jon Auerbach and Laura Johannes, Digital Equipment Loses Verdict on Carpal Tunnel, Wall St. J., Dec. 10, 1996, at B4. The news of Ms. Geressy’s nearly $5.3 million verdict against defendant reached Gary S. Gevisser, Chief Executive Officer of Sunmed, Inc. (formerly known as Injury Evaluation Consultants (IEC)) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The information struck Mr. Gevisser as particularly noteworthy because, before the litigation had been commenced, doctors from his company had examined Ms. Geressy, prepared a medical evaluation on her condition for The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (the IEC Report) and, contrary to the jury finding at trial, had determined that her ill health was unrelated to her work. See Affidavit of Kenneth J. King, sworn to March 25, 1997 ¶¶ 10, 11, Exhibit A (King Affidavit). Mr. Gevisser contacted Digital Equipment Corporation to explain his knowledge of the Geressy case and his company’s own information regarding Ms. Geressy. See King Affidavit ¶ 11. Defendant then subpoenaed the IEC Report and filed the instant motion for a new trial based on discovery of this evidence.


Finally, I would like you to take a look at what my one American programmer Adam Tucker sent me late last evening:


Diamonds = untraceable universal currency

Untraceable universal currency allows for illegal activities to occur without accountability

Lack of accountably allows for the truly evil to continue without our awareness or interruption

We police ourselves, but who polices our governments

Inventory diamonds. Relegate diamonds to their most useful position as an industrial tool. As long as there is a consumer side to diamonds, there can be an emotional value, and as long as there is an emotional value, there will be no limit to what people pay for them (as long as they are kept in limited supply). If we devalue them, we remove their ability to be used as currency. Remember gentleman we are taught through clever marketing, that "Diamonds are a girls best friend".

As long as we have untraceable currency, we will never be able to link the money to its source. Ultimately this trickles down and ensures the separation of people into a class structure the likes of which we learned from Britain in the 1600s and never gave up despite claiming independence. We as "Americans" perpetuated what was learned by placing us in the upper class and ushering in a new breeds of "second class citizen", Native Americans, Africans, South Americans, and any one else that we could dominate. All that has been necessary to perpetuate this has been to separate the slaves from the sight of the consumer; Now that we have the technology to see what is going on around the world in an instant, we are kept docile by being barraged with disinformation and distractions. As long as there is the threat of war, there is justification for relinquishing power and independence to our governments.

This is our biggest burden to overcome as a united world

Revenge dies slowly and usually outlives its original participants; this is our nature and ensures that unless we change our course, we are destined to pass this burden to our children's children.

We can stop this now.

I think I get it... Am I on the right track?


Adam, of course, is not the only individual copied. Blind copied are approximately 400 Mossad agents, several offices of the FBI and approximately 5,000 individual/groups who on average can be expected to forward this communiqué on to approximately 15 other individuals/groups.


Furthermore, I have “offshore” approximately 1 million email addresses who will receive a copy of this within one hour and then another 2 million who will receive a copy within 48 hours and then another 3 million odd who will receive their copy within 72 hours.


Time is of the essence.


Gary S. Gevisser


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To: 'Gary S. Gevisser'
Subject: RE: Ms. Higginbotham, although I refer to myself as a Lily White Wheaty Eating American I actually think more of myself as an African American given how I was born and raised in South Africa for one week shy of my 21st birthday.


Dear Mr. Gevisser:  Can you provide me with the details of the contribution?  The process for the acceptance of the contribution will vary depending on the type.  Is your contribution monetary or are you offering something in the way of art or of historical significance? 

Mary Anne Adams
Communications Assistant
Assistant to Prof. Evelyn B. Higginbotham, Chair
Harvard University
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From: Gary S. Gevisser []
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 2:14 PM
Subject: FW: Ms. Higginbotham, although I refer to myself as a Lily White Wheaty Eating American I actually think more of myself as an African American given how I was born and raised in South Africa for one week shy of my 21st birthday.


Could you be of assistance?


From: Gary S. Gevisser []
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To: ''
Subject: Ms. Higginbotham, although I refer to myself as a Lily White Wheaty Eating American I actually think more of myself as an African American given how I was born and raised in South Africa for one week shy of my 21st birthday.


Most people who would receive an email that starts out as I did would expect that the sender would quickly move on to ask for some sort of “hand out”.


In this case I am only interested in making a very significant contribution to your department.


Who would be the best person for me to contact.


Sincerely yours,


Gary S. Gevisser