From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2007 10:55 AM
To: dee
Subject: Dee, you remember me.


This email below that has now been read by what we believe to be no less than 10 million individuals worldwide should give you an idea of the seminar-workshops I am currently putting on.


The next email I send you right after this is the last heavily broadcasted communiqué I sent out.


You said a couple of things since we first met that you could be “trusted” to run our bed and breakfast café over in England were you given the opportunity and that B of A made a mistake investing more of the poor’s wealth in bankrupt Countrywide Mortgage, the nation’s largest residential lender.


I don’t believe you are correct that you could be “trusted” right now with doing anything other than “sticking to your knitting” bearing in mind that B of A’s Board of Directors is only thinking of Bank of America’s survival and had no alternative just like the Federal Reserve had no choice so long as the poor, mostly renters here in the U.S. don’t object, not to forget the anger of all those who have paid off their mortgages.


But that is not only “unfair” but extraordinarily “short-sighted” since America is not the world and every penny that the Federal Reserve and the rest of our “counterfeiter” banks sink into the hands of the “filthy rich” mostly comes out of the “hide” of the poor living in countries we maintain in total and constant state of civil war and we don’t want these refugees coming to our country or do we?


How many Mexican maids do you have picking up after you?


We are not, however, talking about what is “fair” or “right” let alone to think beyond tomorrow which is the very convincing argument that each member of the Board of Directors of the B of A as well as all members of the Federal Reserve would make were they to attend one of my Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshops that covers the “money trail” following the end of the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902 that led to the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 one year before the first Diamond Drilling bit Oil War.


Not to mention how just prior to the formation of the “British Crown’s” United States of America’s Federal Reserve, American banks such as J.P. Morgan that financed not only the Anglo Boer War and the American led 8 Allied invasion of China in 1900 but MOST IMPORTANTLY the financing of DeBeers, the counterfeiters of counterfeiters, were on their last legs.


To mention little of the Anglo-Boer War, all about stealing the mineral riches of South Africa such as gold and diamonds was very costly given how Cecil Rhodes, the founder of DeBeers - “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend” - backed by the British Crown had his hand’s full taking on his former right hand man, the most awesomely brilliant and honest Jan Smuts whose most brilliant Afrikaner horseback riders perfected the art of guerrilla warfare.


These emperors of ours who change their accents depending on their audience have one thing in common, the are all “financially independent” having not only stocked up on basic commodities like condoms, botox, morphine, AK 47s, Uzzis, Apache helicopters, flour, sugar, rice, lipstick of course,

generators and the such to weather out what they believe will be one most violent civil war but by the time it reaches them because they wont have to worry about ransacking the local 7-11 - lets not get into the current problems of dialing 911 - K-Mart supermarkets and the such they will only have to deal with battle weary folk and besides the super lazy rich are quite convinced they still have much in common with the masses, that each of us dies only once and the pain of dying rich having at least enjoyed one more great meal cant be any more painful than battling it out amongst the poor for the scraps who will be the first to die brutally.


Your primary goal is to become financially independent. My goal is to at least try saving the world.


The two are not mutually exclusive but at the same time I have to concentrate on the “real world” of war which is something I know a whole lot more than most if not all military people who have spent a lifetime in the military especially those attending the world’s top military schools which produce mostly idiots who know nothing more than taking orders from people who themselves have no clue about how to really fight and win but those that do are most likely all bought and paid for.


Not to mention that just because I was not formally schooled in any military I am as schooled in the military as I am in understanding the “house of cards” financial structure of the western world that is built exclusively on trust; and yes you did get it right when you said that we have too much trust in our elected and non-elected government official.


I can show you how it is possible for you to accomplish that goal in 60 days or less without giving up you day job that may not be there come Monday morning, all assuming you have enough people you know who would be willing in exchange for you sharing with them information that can prepare them for the total collapse of the capital and financial markets. to pay you something even if it is only a handkerchief to send to the board of directors of B of A with a note when they are done passing it around, every so often rinsing out the tears into a cup that they each take a sip of each time they bail out the next Countrywide Mortgage, to then overnight it to the Federal Reserve and of course including the same note; every tree, everything counts.


Let me know what you think.





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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 4:15 PM PT
To: Chris Antolini


The problem is that I am in the Cleveland National Forest and the car is at our studio home in Del Mar.


I strongly suspect that you know your business better than me and would understand how extraordinarily well priced is my wife's Nissan Pathfinder.


Then again because I am a very straight shooter

I may have less experience in your business.


But then again I may be a better businessperson because you may not have been raised as well as me never to lie, steal or cheat and therefore you would only have “sum” [sic] difficulty understanding that the truth is too disrupting for some people too busy keeping track of all their lies from day one.


Furthermore, there is the distinct possibility as I put the finishing touches to an email I plan to send shortly to the Chair of the Astronomy department at Harvard University who most likely has had his formal education interfering with this learning more so than you, that I have better things to do with my time than distract you with “nonsense talk” given how for the money we asking for this vehicle in the time it has taken me to type this email and trust me again when I tell you I can type extraordinary fast I could make 10 times the amount by hooking my wife, no strike that, simply "sticking to my knitting"

and of course this ever so slight distraction doesn’t prevent me from doing that and much more as you will better understand in time.


With all that said, I have not had a single offer for the vehicle and perhaps it is because I have priced it so very low although I mentioned on the phone yesterday to my wife that we should drop it down to $1,000 which she thought I was “going overboard”.


But because we had so many funny things to talk about, never even bringing up this Top Secret Israeli Military Intelligence report, I never got around to explaining how many email addresses I would pick up that would more than make up for eleven thousand odd dollars I would be leaving of hers “on the table” but I am seriously considering simply taking off the market this rather well cared for vehicle with the bump in the back bumper that if you focus on long enough you will want to bargain that much more with me which is perfectly fine, and storing it in our self storage unit filling up the interior with the finest of wines, champagne and why not the odd revolver, shotgun but I think you would agree an Uzzi submachine gun is best placed in the hood of the car with easy access from the passenger section housing the air cushion, to be used in the event of an emergency such as if the world runs out of oil, at least we will have one vehicle also with a fuel gas tank.


Since it seems that neither of us are really all that interested why don’t we meet at the opening of the FIRST IMPRESSIONS at the Village Gallery in La Jolla this Monday and if you are even less interested than I think why not wait until the Reception on Friday when you can join in with the homeless and those seeking sugardaddies but mostly sugarmommies who make it their business-personal to scan the local newspapers and magazines for such events when at a minimum they get to enjoy very excellent home cooked food which is a darn sight better than waiting in soup lines?


And you would know when eating at buffets not to touch the serving utensils until you have finished your meal and as a courtesy to the next place you shop you go to the trouble of licking the paper money change clean of stuff like mononucleosis which is not to suggest that I making a psychiatric profile of you since I don’t even have a license to be a practicing quack which reminds me that my awesomely gorgeous over-the-top sexy, very very very excellent oil painter French Canadian wife who thank God may read one out every 1,000 email I send out, most likely closer to 5,000, and who produced the very very excellent wild horses painting below also has an equally excellent duck, actually two duck oil painting that I am not sure I want her to sell but then again Marie Dion Gevisser has 51% control and every so often she is generous with that 1%.




Not to mention if you have a good body and willing to take the chance that all the food on the day of the reception has been eaten than you should arrive just as things are winding down and everyone is a little tipsy; remove your shirt but only wear underpants if you are not well hung and when sticking no more than your chest through the front door make out like you are interested in seeing a catalogue showing the lifetime work of each of the painters.


Then after making out like you are really interested in each of their work but remember not to overdo it, return to your car put back on your shirt but leave enough hanging out that creates enough of a mystery and remember you are most likely wearing underpants.


And then because remember you are first and foremost hungry make you way, but don’t rush too quickly over to the food that is generally at the end of the gallery, remembering again to look like you know what you are looking at it helping to begin by not saying every one but every say third one is “pretty, looks very fresh, not overworked” and you may want to take more of a pause between the “fresh” and the “not”.


But keep walking, talking a little more small talk but again don’t overdue things, “subject matter interesting, proportions good”.


Always look for the first name to see if it is a man or woman, forget the men increasing the odds of success by about 50% of getting laid that evening.


Next painting, “She can draw and she really has both her values and chroma down” again maybe you want to use a different word to describe the brightness of the colors and depending upon how many times you do this you might want to go easy on being so “assertive” and right after the “and” insert the words, “I think” otherwise at least on Friday, September 7th, everyone including very possibly Mossad agents looking at you might think I have surgically implanted a hearing peace in one of your earlobes.


And before saying a word, using the quiet time to eat, keep you mouth full but not to the point that you look like you are pig, just chew gently like you are having oral fornication, close your eyes every so often but most of all listening as the first names get mentioned until you find the woman you most want, just having to remember which painting belongs to which artist and so maybe the next time you can suggest that on the invitation card next to their one painting is the name of the artist, but again timing is everything and you should first make certain you are covered in her will.


What do you think?





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Thank you for the reply. Obviously it is impossible to make an offer without the ability to drive or look at the car. How about we make an appointement to look at your car today or tomorrow. Generally, we ask folks to come down to our offices located at Qualcomm Stadium at Gate G. (inside the stadium). That way, we can pay immediatly and handle all DMVV Documents.



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What are you offering me on my vehicle?


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·     San Diego Auto Connection will give you a purchase price on the spot.

·     Purchase your vehicle paid for or not.

·     Administer your payoff.

·     Issue payment on the spot.

·     Complete all DMV Documents.



Please give me a call or return email.



Chris Antolini

San Diego Auto Connection

Auto Buying Division

(619)528-9680 x3508

(619)528-9690 FAX