From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 11:32 PM PT
To: Gemma Dempsey -- PBS Producer of The Treatment hosted by Elvis Mitchell
Cc: rest; Mary Bradley (Holdridge); Solly Krok; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Jan W.H. Vaessen - Engineer and Project Leader of the Quickwheel untill 1989.; Trevor Manuel - South Africa's Minister of Finance; Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki - President of South Africa; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Roger W. Robinson; Mary Valder - Trilateral Commission; Molly H. Hubbard - Director of Development James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy; Tony Leon MP - Leader of the Democratic Alliance - Republic of South Africa; Arthur Carter - Publisher of the New York Observer; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild; Michael Strauss Esq. - International Monetary Fund; Tefo;; Fred Deluca - Founder-co-owner Subway; Diana Henriques - journalist New York Times - Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards - December 10, 1996;; Allie Meyer - WHY WE FIGHT!; Sergeant Lopez – U.S. National Guard; artbell-coast; Oprah;; John Loftus Esq. - Justice Department Nazi prosecutor; South China Morning Post; William Clark - Petro Dollar Wars;; Eliot Spitzer - Governor of New York State - Former Attorney General of New York State ; Lambert, Emily; Goldman Sachs;; Howard Schultz - Founder, Chairman and Global Strategist for Starbucks;; Captain Dale Dye; David "Poli" Pollak - Co-Chair of the NY "demoratic" [sic] party; Deborah "Aggressive" Sturman Esq.;;;; Dr. Laura Family; Rush Limbaugh Jay McMichael - CNN photojournalist;; Mossad;
Subject: Chapter II...BLACK AND WHITE ....The Treatment


Gemma, this hyperlink takes you to what I sent Mary who I assumed forwarded it to Elvis Mitchell.


Even though you have never heard of me please take my word that I didn’t “get off a boat” just yesterday.


In fact I arrived by plane into the United States 29 odd years ago this past St. Patrick’s Day; moreover, it would be foolish to assume that I couldn’t “connect up” all the important “dots” beginning with current day events that had these two screaming heads, John and Ken on KFI 640 AM, earlier today making a buck feeding off all the so polarizing controversies that they quite frankly are not bright enough to have created in their wildest dreams given how of course the DAAC make it their business to allow only the “most average” a “shot at the brass ring”.


Very few, if any would refer to me as “naïve” although my uncle, David Moshal-Gevisser- Engelhard Oppenheimer, the American head of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel back in 1995, at a private dinner did in fact refer to me as such after I had just days earlier shown him beyond a shadow of a doubt after a full afternoon of “toying” with this buffoon that I was anything but naïve; on the contrary, even possibly shrewder than my Royal Mater who got DG the top job at this cartel of cartels.


Not to mention DG eventually revealing rather explicit details of not only the $6 million “sign on bonus” he received when he became the American head of the DAAC immediately following the funeral on March 2nd 1971 of the murdered American Charles Engelhard but how “grateful” he was to my RM for having shown him how “prodders” can do far better than the extraordinarily few really smart people, bored to death with the Bell Shaped curve educational system that has the “most average” rising to the top.


To mention little of how I first had to begin by letting him know how very “sorry” I was to have “read the riot act” in the fall of 1989 to his famous investigative journalist-author son Mark Gevisser when Mark was simply following the DAAC’s orders to “bury” South African Industrialist, Solly Krok who was one of my first clients since I began in August 1989 hanging my “shingle”, dreamed up by my genius PR mother:


Gary S. Gevisser – A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There!


To mention little of SK’s Broadway musical revival, Meet Me In St. Louis that MG was moments away from delivering a “death blow” as he hoped to “curry favor” with the DAAC by writing an article for The Nation, owned at the time by my pal Arthur Carter, that drew the “connecting dots” between the musical not having a single black face in the entire cast and the Krok family who made their pharmaceutical fortune selling “skin lighteners” to millions of black South Africans, ultimately causing the most horrific permanent facial disfigurements.


To mention in passing how MG while having all his facts about the Krok family perfect including the efforts by the Kroks to keep such an outrageous product on store shelves with the evidence so extraordinarily “black and white”, didn’t take very long to realize the truth to the expression,


People in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones”.


Suffice to say that for the past 9 odd years I have not only lived in mostly glass houses I have made it my business-personal to best protect myself and my “love interests” by placing all my Knowledge-Information-Light up on the Internet creating quite the bright spotlight on all those from the very bottom to the very top of the very dark DAAC pyramid who usurp their limited authority.


After “falling on the sword” and at the same time insisting it made no sense to “take down” the Kroks so “early in the game”, my uncle began to compliment me, then revealing how these self-absorbed Kroks were “rocking the boat” as they, Jewish South Africans, began to draw so much attention in the United States to their Epilady USA Inc. empire, but so very greedy when feeling the need to squeeze out an American Gentile lady who everyone knew had done her part rather well to be rewarded with her share of the graft.


It is rather hard to explain in one email all the “machinations” that talk to the extraordinary level of intrigue that goes on 24/7 at the highest levels of the DAAC where the principals knowing that they own each and every legislature in the western world can then go about with “all the time in the world” planting their seeds of discontent, fearful most of all of the world figuring out that the very top officials of the DAAC are not Jewish, the exception my horribly stuttering uncle, not smart enough to blow his way out of a paper bag.


I doubt that deep breath you just took helped very much!


There is one story involving Philips B.V. that I have yet to fully tell that talks to how important it was to the DAAC to “shut down” this Krok family whose main principal, Solly Krok, actually had an extraordinary amount of integrity, again relatively speaking, but had this penchant to surround himself with the “most average” of the “most average”.


If time permits I might share in this yet another Chapter of my forthcoming book, THE HISTORY OF MONEY CREATION AND ITS FUTURE! the details of someone working for the Kroks but really on the payroll of the DAAC who sent ahead of me meeting with the General Manager of Philips in his good sized office at Philips B.V’s headquarters in Anthoven, Holland, the mangled wreck of a Quickwheel, a highly dangerous consumer product engineered and built by Philips, along with Unilever the two most significant DAAC controlled European conglomerates and which was within moments of being launched in the United States by the Krok family were it not for my intervention.


Just this revelation in the above paragraph of the DAAC having a “mole” within the Epilady USA Inc. organization could take the pressure off the DAAC to pull out all stops to keep this one senior DAAC South African official dying of carbon monoxide poisoning alive while keeping cardiologists around the world in business just awhile longer after they now go about resurrecting from the dead famous South African heart surgeon Christian Barnard to perform pig heart transplants on Solly Krok, his identical twin brother Abe and their entire corrupt as well as inept American management team that included the biggest nonsense talking Israeli who possibly has no lineage to Abraham, God/G-d simply skipping much of the evolutionary cycle in between shellfish and man in producing Oded who when the “time was right” I introduced him to a highly respected member of one of Israel’s most elite Special Forces units that resulted in Oded preferring to speak in English which didn’t help relieve the anxiety as this other Israeli’s command of English was vastly superior.


Not to forget King Golden Jr. Esq., the pot-smoking former alter boy and University of Virginia Law school attorney I brought in to assist me in working out-restructuring Epilady USA. Inc. and who remains “bosom buddies” with “master DAAC spy of master DAAC spiesRoger W. Robinson aka “our man Roger” who along with Sec. James A. Baker III ran on behalf of the DAAC, President Ronald W. Reagan’s first administration.


Ms. Dempsey, if you think I covered a lot of ground with the above paragraph which you really shouldn’t have difficulty following once clicking on the hyperlink above Sec. James A. Baker III, now smoothly transition in to the next paragraph with those a little more “up to speed”.


Inbreeding in dogs should have been enough for all us Jewish as well as Gentile people not hooked on “money, money, money, me, me, me” to know that Hitler was, if not a stooge, stark raving nuts as he pontificated on his “Master Race” pursuit that he managed to convince a good number of people was a “worthwhile pursuit” so long as all the world’s lost souls didn’t think to look at how very non-Aryan looking was this clown of clowns.


So after first acting EXTRAORDINARILY NAVIE as well as contrite I got my uncle to feel so “self-important” as he “lectured” me for “lending my good name” to Solly Krok bearing in mind again DG has the most horrible stutter that didn’t prevent him from coming as close as it gets to “laughing his head off” at which point I stopped laughing along with him after letting him know that “thanks to Solly Krok” I had got to enjoy just the day before a “delightful” meeting with his “boy” Mr. Trevor Manual who is currently South Africa’s Minister of Finance, taking my uncle’s laughter to a crescendo when congratulating him and his partner Harry Oppenheimer in seeing to it that TM and the rest of the ANC “retards” were doing an excellent job in “fu*king up” [sic] the South African economy on behalf of the DAAC, then pausing for several seconds before telling my uncle in no uncertain terms it was just a question of time before the world would know the answer to a number of important questions beginning with why the DAAC controlled 3 branches of the United States Government while executing to perfection Regime Change, the foreign policy of the United States and British Crown throughout the world for some 45 odd years following the end of World War II, they left alone the most hatred filled, most vicious, terrorist of terrorist financing organization given how the DAAC just happened to also be in “command and control” of the ruthless, heinous and evil of evil South African Apartheid Regime.


In a nutshell, my uncle DG was in calling me “naïve” when he knew that I was “nothing of the sort”, letting my mother know that I should have learned better both her Charm School teachings, “THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN”, women in this “man’s world” knowing best how to “behave”, as well as not let the fact that I had survived a DAAC administered poisoning back in 1980 now get “the better of me”.


Steven is my middle name and whenever I “misbehaved” as a kid my mother, Zena Gevisser would call me Steven but it is was in fact very rare that I was ever inappropriate given how much I loved, i.e. trusted and respected my mother who I also refer to as Royal Mater for reasons that are fairly obvious although no where near as interesting as the BIG story I am telling in “real time”.


Stephen Cohen is the principal of Codiam Inc. the most significant DAAC fronting organization headquartered on 47th-Wall Street, the money laundering center of the world.


Even Stephen had to be surprised when on November 11th 2004 I broke my 24 year “deafening silence” when emailing him beginning with the words, “Remember me?


Repetition is important when dealing either with those who have allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning and/or those too busy keeping track of all their lies from day one.


Gary S. Gevisser & Associates

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There!


was the title of an ad I ran just once in 1989 in the DAAC controlled South African Sunday Times and when my uncle DG responded by having 2 members of the South African Secret Police commonly known as BOSS visit with me at my offices at 100 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, California I knew first and foremost that my RM was “not in bed” with DG, my father’s first cousin, “in no way shape or form since the whole idea of the ad was the brainchild of my RM who simply wanted me to know not only the “Ace” I still had “up my sleeve” but how very “trusted” was the Gevisser name particularly by South Africans of “color”, mostly Muslim Indians who responded not only in great numbers but shared with me highly confidential information including numbered bank accounts in places like Zurich, Switzerland, remembering fondly both my father and his father, many small business traders greatly “disappointed” but understanding perfectly well, once I had the opportunity to explain how very anti is the DAAC of independent minded “traders”, what brought about the demise of the multinational conglomerate, The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies that served many functions in opposing the DAAC throughout the world; Moshal Gevisser co-founded by my paternal grandfather, Israel Issy Gevisser and his brother Morris Gevisser who married a Moshal producing DG, back in 1910, the year South Africa became the Union of South Africa, some 2 years prior to the formation of the DAAC controlled Federal Reserve which played their role the following year in the start of the first DAAC oil war.


Back on June 10th 2005, the 6th anniversary of me “going public” with my first posting up on an Internet message board, my no-nonsense, highly intelligent and extraordinarily literate French-Canadian wife, Marie Dion Gevisser wrote the following email to a failed local politician-journalist in Del Mar, California who provides kids with a false sense that there is “open debate” within the United States, the most censored media in the world including China.


Worth repeating MDG’s profound words:


Gary and I agree that lack of knowledge–information-light-power, power to change the world stems from humans being lazy and fearful from embracing the truth.


The truth is too disrupting for some people too busy keeping track of all their lies from day one.


Your lack of knowledge-light is betrayed by your silence regarding 2 questions Gary posed to you and that he reminded you of this morning at the beach when we met with you.


What is most of all important for you to understand at this time is how I have gone about establishing the most extraordinary “footprint” on the Internet by confronting evil “every step of the way” knowing how systemically rotten is the entire system given how extraordinarily effective the DAAC have been in getting each and every western government particularly the United States and Great Britain to grant this mafia of mafia total control of the entire world’s monetary system.


Were you to go to my FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES list by clicking on this hyperlink and then typing the names that appear in to the Google search engine there is a good chance that even without adding in my last name one or more of my emails either to them or referring to them will show up.


At this time I would suggest you simply choose the name Michael Strauss Esq, now a lawyer working for the International Monetary Fund, and add my last name.


Appearing fairly high up is this email I sent Professor Joe Grundfest, a former member of the Securities Exchange Commission and Professor of law at Stanford University back on July 25th of last year soon after my wife and I returned from a 24 day “fact finding mission” to China where we ran into Michael and his girlfriend at the bottom of the zipline at the Simitai section of the Great Wall of China.


Were you to click on the hyperlink above the two words “Michael Strauss” you would better understand not only why Michael is now so “deafeningly silent” but what has in all likelihood each and every person associated with PBS aware of the “method to my madness” now doing nothing short of “shaking in their boots” as I continue to place a “stranglehold” around the neck, limbs and torso of the DAAC, the most devious, most brutal organization in the history of humankind responsible for the greatest enslavement, torture and mass murder of all time that continues to this day.


Within 24 hours I will be following up with Tefo, a very bright as well as worldly black South African who came to me as result of “Googling” Solly Krok one of my many “Money Power” clients.


My immediate family don’t quite know what to make of my “findings” let alone what “good” will come from revealing all the “dirty laundry” including my Royal Mater who has known from when I was still an infant that I had certain “gifts” beginning with an ability to listen very well and only speak when I had something “important” to say which was rare and far between given how I could not see any solution to the awesome power of the DAAC who had managed to stop pretty much all the smart people I knew in the world in addition to all the morons out there from asking the so very simple question, “Who financed Hitler?” followed immediately with,


Why back such a pitiful looking, so small time thug unless wanting to send the clearest message possible to the very deep Jewish Underground to not bother with assassinating such a loser as Hitler since his replacement would be SIGNIFICANTLY worse?”


Remember, Ms. Dempsey, people like David Ben Gurion, the head of the Haganah and Menachem Begin, head of the Irgun, the more militant Jewish Underground operating principally in Palestine prior to the formation of the State of Israel in May 1948 were not stupid and could figure out how fewer Jewish people would have escaped the DAAC engineered holocaust when simply listening to the strong anti-Semitic sentiments of the likes of DAAC small time bootlegger Joe Kennedy, appointed in 1933 by DAAC stooge President Franklin D. Roosevelt as the first Chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission.


And of course you are aware how Churchill in 1937 well before the ovens in death camps like Auschwitz began smoking thought it “wise” to comment that Jewish people were, "partly responsible for the antagonism from which they suffer".


Remember, people like highly literate and worldly David Ben Gurion didn’t need - and nor did his “kinsman” Nechie Badash, my RM’s orphaned paternal grandmother - to read Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle, THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA of The Diamond Invention to know exactly who was providing Hitler not only with his industrial diamonds to produce precision engineered tools and weapons of war but diamonds were and remain just like other currency, a “means of exchange”.


The only difference between numbered notes and Diamond Currency is that back at the time the DAAC began backing this “little corporal” from World War I who couldn’t make it as an artist-painter instead choosing to become a wallpaper hanger and even then he couldn’t make ends meet, DC was both lightweight and untraceable without the DAAC having any fear of either the London Exchequer or Federal Reserve questioning the ability of the DAAC to issue their PRICE FIXED, unlimited supply of diamond currency that has never, not once, been inventoried by any government body while of course the DAAC have the most detailed records of each and every elected and non-elected government official who has ever been on their payroll including Senator Ted Kennedy.


Deafening silences speak volume.




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From: Gemma Dempsey – PBS Producer of The Treatment hosted by Elvis Mitchell
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 4:58 PM
Subject: The Treatment


Thanks for your email. Did you have something you wanted me to forward to Elvis Mitchell?
If you have already sent something to Mary for forwarding, she would have done so.

Gemma Dempsey


From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 11:42 AM
Subject: Dear Ms. Dempsey - I have been referred to you by The Treatment's former producer Ms. Mary Bradely.


I had been working on a “treatment” relating to a recent show of Elvis Mitchell.


Are you aware of what I have in mind?