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Subject: LIKE KINGS...---...: just in case it gets taken down


John - I would like you to forward this "just in case" email from Adam to not only Judy but your entire email list that I assume also includes your grandson Eddie and if he doesn’t have an email address then perhaps you could forward it on to one or all of his gang-banger friends who may be more forthcoming about how Eddie is feeling these days and if it is anything like our JoNathan I doubt he feels all that great.


Moreover, when you realize the size of my audience and I am not talking about tomorrow, some 23 hours and 50 minutes away but right this instant bearing in mind how one person in England tracked me down just because he was aware [via the internet] that I owned a painting of local artist Reg Gammon who on a scale between 0 and 1000 with Sebastian Capella being 1,000 Reg Gammon who could in fact draw very well is at best maybe a 1, so you begin to see you are not doing yourself or your grandson any favors in deciding what is best for him when in fact we all know all you are deciding is what is best for you which as logic would dictate cannot be in Eddie's best interest given how for starters Eddie is not a member of the Del Mar Race track that not only brutally kills the most beautiful animals in the world apart from of course the very few women in the world who have extraordinary beautiful bodies like my French-Canadian wife Marie Dion Gevisser but horseracing so sickeningly elitist as those who can afford to lose when betting and of course are capable of shaking their heads when a spectacular crash occurs, derive most of all great satisfaction watching those who cannot afford to lose their "bread money" get increasingly deeper in the whole, not to mention how there is this “whole thing” of passing on to one’s “lost soul” children the opportunity to rent a box and be seated next to the worst of the human beasts who most of all shake their heads at their children when they “fall off  the wagon” but of course always there in the end with their “money hand out”.


There can be no grace, no Charm School etiquette if one has just an ounce of humanity that would have you focusing on those kids of the poor who are fighting it out amongst themselves FOR THE SIMPLE REASON selfish bastards like you are not willing to inform them of the truth beginning with how it is possible that law enforcement throughout the world haven’t got together now for some 100 years to prevent their DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel bosses from paying their fare share of taxes?


I was in fact thinking of having you take Marie's daughter Danielle who as you know is now 18 to a day at the track where of course you would inform her of many of the "interesting" things about this "sport of Kings" but my concern is that she would very possibly "speak her mind" sending you not simply to an "early grave" but in to a tailspin which would not necessarily help me increase the circle of those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day.


Instead why not invite The Sperm Donor and please remember to take plenty of photos.


Each and every one of us 7 odd billion humans on this planet can "make light" out of any situation but when you realize not simply the horrific suffering that is going on throughout most of the world as a result of so uncaring, so self-absorbed elitists-bigots-racists only interested in grabbing as much enjoyment as they can in the so very limited amount of time they spend screwing up the world but much more importantly is the reality of very together family oriented peoples in places like Israel and the Peoples Republic of Communist China as well as, believe it or not, here in the United States there are in fact a good number of people who really do care about their neighbor so you should recognize that such people are first and foremost not stupid realizing that violence plays only in to the hands of elitists but at the same time thanks to people like me and Adam who of course you realize we are not alone, not even close, knowing there is going to be a need for the greatest display of the most brute military force in order to give peace a chance.


What exactly do you have to lose apart from getting just a little more time "playing" when you know that there is at least the possibility that I am right that not only does God exist but our Superior Being is extraordinarily vengeful and when returning in an instant those with the Knowledge-Information-Light to make a positive difference but instead chose the easy path of "least resistance" such creatures retain a very strong human element beginning with a pulse bearing in mind that not every dog gets treated like Pypeetoe.


Look again at what I sent earlier to Adam from this email account by clicking on the hyperlink below and then ponder as long as you like how with each passing moment there is every reason for you to believe that finding someone like Judy with such a very fine figure who should just try not using the crayon so strongly on her very full lips but who tells it exactly the way it is even though of course she is not equipped just like you to go into any detail on the important issues of the day that effect the next generation of fighters fed up with all the elders nonsense talk it is inevitable finding anyone to keep as your company can only get exponentially more difficult which isn’t pleasant versus grabbing on for "dear life" to the "side of light" bearing in mind that I have already defied all the "odds takers" in having survived this long, not to mention how Marie feels that anyone wanting to get rid of me shouldn’t bother and just wait for me to have a fatal bicycle accident which still wont change the outcome of the KIL I have already shared in terms of how we can have a worldwide peace well within 7 days and for those who only know from profiting from war to allow them if they can put up with the shame to continue living like Kings.

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