< From: Gary S

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 8:53 PM PT
To: Dr. John K. Pollard Jr.
Cc: rest; Diane Bell - Union Tribune; Roger Hedgecock - Recovering Lawyer; Roger W. Robinson; King Golden Jr. Esq.; 'roberto.quinones@sdcounty.ca.gov'; Molly H. Hubbard - Director of Development James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy - JAB's law firm representing the House of Saud; Allie Meyer - WHY WE FIGHT!; artbell-coast; Oprah; johnandken@johnandkenshow.com; Selwyn Gerber - Economist - CPA; Jane Pollard Kelley; Jay McMichael - CNN photojournalist; Sternshow@howardstern.com; Howard Schultz - Founder, Chairman and Global Strategist for Starbucks; drudge@drudgereport.com; Peggy Anderson; JRK@class-action-law.com; Mossad; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; Tom Mangold -Author; Seymour M. Hersh c/o The New Yorker; Larry Winokur - Baker Winokur Ryder; Michael Grant; Michael Lombardi - FBI; Sargent Jensen - San Diego Police Harbor Department; Leutenant William Kemery - San Diego Sheriffs Department Internal Affairs Unit; ymags@jpost.com; calev@jpost.com; Ernest Patrikis Esq. - General Counsel AIG; Kenneth Standard Esq. -Immediate Past President of the New State Bar Association; Laurie Black - Strategic Partners with Southwest Strategies, Steve Alexander Group,; Michael Strauss Esq. - International Monetary Fund; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar Clinton; Dr. Laura Family; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman; Roger W. Robinson; Professor Jeffrey Sachs - Columbia University; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild; Randall Kaplan. co-founder of AKAMAI with Daniel Lewin - 911 victim - Member of Sayeret Matkal - Elite Israeli Special Forces unit; Roy Essakow - Executive Marc Rich Holdings; Newell Starks - Chairman of the Board - Sterling Holding Company - A Citicorp Venture Corporation fronting corporation; Vicky Schiff - co-Managing Director of Wetherly Capital Group; Rush Limbaugh; President@whitehouse.gov
Subject: DOES BIG BEN RING A BELL...TAKE A DEEP BREATH...CONTRACTORS...? RE: "Who is in jail in San Diego/Eddie Bail


Trust me.


Take a deep breath.


Now take a very deep breath and then relax.


Think about yourself and all the people you know who you believe work much harder than me for the “overall good” including those on the frontlines of world’s battlefields.


How many of them can you name who also have a lower body fat percentage than me and who you would prefer to have alongside you when visiting with your grandsons’ gang infested neighborhood of National City where law enforcement are increasingly outgunned.


Take another deep breath.


Think about how much effort you have put in to helping your 18-year old grandson who never asked to be brought into this so uncaring world.


Think about how so very whimsical you were in broadcasting a communiqué about his horrific plight.


Take another deep breath.


Think about if only he had a lawyer like Irve Lewis "Scooter" Libby.


Take another deep breath.


We are talking about the life of an 18-year old sitting in jail, possibly on false charges.


Take another deep breath.


Think about how much effort, how much time out of your so busy day you could have devoted to writing a so much more meaningful, so human story about the tragic life just so far of your 18-year old grandson and his 16-year old brother both on a fast track to a life of endless hell before once meeting up again with our Maker.


Take another deep breath.


Think about the utter nonsense priestly teachings,


What goes around comes around!


Think about the fact that Scooter’s Marc “Traitor of Traitors” Rich was never even once handcuffed.


Think about the fact that March Rich, a traitor to Israel as well as the United States, trading with the enemy when the enemy were cutting off the penises and testicles of live young Israeli boys manning the front lines that were overrun in the early hours of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, never had to come up with bail money before this multi-billionaire reformed philanthropist got a DAAC Presidential Pardon with the Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak throwing in, for good measure, the Almighty weight of Israel’s Defense Forces.


Take another breath of the most awesomely fresh Pacific Ocean swept air.


My position has changed from when the sun last rose.


Each of us has a choice to do the right thing, be on the side of the DAAC or join me on the side of light.


What goes around comes around with a vengeance!


God is smart, so smart that his vengeance is written all over your face.


Try taking a deep breath when you now look yourself in the mirror and all you can think of is vomiting.


Take a deep breath.


God is merciless to those who usurp their limited authority.


Take your time.


Marc Rich, Libby, Clinton, Nicholas Oppenheimer, Stephen Cohen of Codiam Inc., David Gevisser, Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman, Roy “Trading with the enemy Rich” Essakow, his business partner my middle brother Melvin, Roy’s mother Norma Essakow, Roy’s brother Jeffrey, Senator Joe Lieberman, Senator Ted Kennedy, Hilary Clinton, Ehud Barak, Roger W. Robinson, King Golden Jr. Esq., The IT and the list goes on but not ad-infinitum are all still alive but wishing they were dead.


God is Great.


God only rests on the Sabbath Day.


Take a deep breath.


The Attorney General of the United States, John Ashcroft said the following on February 20th 2001:


Sunday the FBI successfully concluded, an investigation to end a serious breach in the security of the United States.


The arrest of Robert Hanssen, for espionage should remind us all, every American should know, that our nation, our free society is an international target in a dangerous world.


Take a very deep breath.


John Ashcroft, I last heard was not doing well but he may have fully recovered, possible dead, don’t know, don’t care.


John Ashcroft should be very ashamed of himself and every FBI Agent who is guided not by, “playing by the rules” but by a moral conscience should now lower their heads in shame, and DARE NOT resign!


I am totally counting on you to finish my job before meeting up once again with my so very missed dog who will lead me to God!


John Ashcroft’s so very carefully crafted 48 words that start the movie Breach were designed to do nothing more than deceive, a fact known to many in the least bit aware, certainly Israeli Military Intelligence were not swayed by his argument, “to end” or for that matter any of the totally utter nonsense that followed.


Take a deep breath.


This is no laughing matter.


This is very serious deadly business with American service people being paid a fraction what we pay U.S. mercenaries who we call “contractors” and all you can think about is doing what makes you “happy” as you call on those mutterings of the meaningless past, “Pursuit of liberty, justice, freedom, happiness.”


What a totally wasted life, yet you were afforded such an extraordinary brain.


Where is your soul?


Where is your heart?


So come and sing along with Dave Matthews,


O my God, wait and see, what will soon become of me, frozen heart screaming…


Think about you doing all you could.


Take it slowly.


One breath at a time.


Wait and see what will soon become of me; does the screaming come from me?


Was Ashcroft serious or delirious?


Okay, let’s take it from the beginning.


It is not what you say but what you fail to say that also counts.


How would the interpretation have changed of those listening had John Ashcroft, Attorney General of the United States simply told the truth bearing in mind the Attorney General of the U.S. is in charge of the Justice Department tasked most of all with vigorously protecting us mostly hard working, honest citizens of the world against violators of our sacrosanct Anti Trust-Anti Monopolies-Anti Competition-Anti-Price Fixing laws that allows us, the United States of America to crow so loud about, “FREEDOM”, “DEMOCRACY”, “Free markets” that fuel the “Free Enterprise System”.


You didn’t like my choice of word, “fuel”.


Instead, you would prefer I talk about Islamic militants who you would also prefer I don’t point accept our worthless-fictitious so very blood stained DeBeers-Dollars.




Ashes to Ashes we all fall down.


Gravedigger when you dig my grave will you make it shallow so that I can feel the rain.


On June 8th 1967, Israeli Defense Forces, with the Arab armies totally crushed, launched the most coordinated, unprovoked and most brutal attack of the entire 6 Day Arab-Israeli War on the totally defenseless USS Liberty spy ship operating in international waters but no doubt posing a very significant risk to the IDF preparing the “lines in the sand” for the next oil war with the knowledge and TOTAL SUPPORT of the very top dogs in both the U.S. military and 3 Branches of U.S. Government who all understood perfectly well the world was fast running out of oil and if you want to be assured of victory you have to fighters like Israelis who have no where to run.


Place you hands back on your keyboard and begin typing away asking former U.S. Defense Offense-Defense Minister, Robert Strange McNamara, known by morons and the corrupt as having a “steel trap mind”, to engage me now in “open debate” in “real time” here on The Internet and for you to be his Cardinal Richelieu.


I will stick with God.


Mr. McNamara is still very much alive and so am I.


But for how long can all this utter nonsense continue before God says, “Enough is Enough”?


So let us just start over.


How about,


Sunday the FBI successfully concluded, an investigation of the highest offices of the FBI’s counter-intelligence unit that is aware of every black operation and double black operation going on 24/7, resulting in my decision to immediately disband the FBI given how it is not important why Hanssen sold out his country but why there has never been a courageous enough Attorney General of the United States if not able to shut down the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel who have now had a century to price fix their own exclusive Diamond Currency at more than a barrel or oil then to at least inform the citizens of the United States that it is simply TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to defend against such a mafia organization whose currency is considered valuable only because we failed the American people as well as the peoples of the world to do our duty which is to investigate corruption and there is nor has there ever been a more corrupt organization since the DAAC formed the U.S. Federal Reserve and began taxing the slave wage earners to death!


Take a very deep breath.


Do you know what exactly Robert Hanssen confessed to apart from accepting as “legal currency” the DAAC’s exclusive DIAMOND CURRENCY, unlimited in supply, UNTRACEABLE, lightweight and never inventoried by anyone?


The DAAC, the mafia of mafia, the most brutal terrorist of terrorist organization the world has ever known are the only people who not only know their own inventory but who has been bought off with their own currency.


Take a very, very, very, deep breath.


Read again what Attorney General John Ashcroft spoke on February 20th 2001 with President George W. Bush in office all of one month, our battle worn President doing as good a job as any human being could possibly do in the most thankless job, only finding out like the rest of us that Robert Hanssen had overseen the FBI’s investigation of the deepest, most dark mole which was Hanssen who we believe because the FBI tells us so began his treachery in 1984 when the Reagan Administration steered by “our man Roger” and Sec. James A. Baker representing the House of Saud was well on its way to bankrupting the United States of America.


President Ronald W. Reagan is dead.


“Our man Roger” aka right wing, pot addict Roger W. Robinson is very much alive, living the “good life” along with his “bosom buddy” pot addict, my one American attorney of more than a decade, Mr. King Golden Jr., a left wing Socialist-Nazi-Democrat and former General Counsel of the largest and most profitable employee owned Offense-Defense Contractor in the world, San Diego based, Science Applications International Corporation in the business, according to King of “creating spy networks” that feed business-war-plans.


Take a deep breath.


What do you have to lose by joining me in having the current Attorney General of the United States, Mr. Gonzales haul in both “our man Roger” and King Golden Esq. and when both strapped to a lie detector machine ask Mr. Golden Jr. why he would say repeatedly during the period when “our man Roger” and his buddy Sec. James Baker III were in full “command and control” of the White House, Soviet expert Roger W. Robinson, the top dog at the National Security Council based in the “basement”:


James A. Baker is the most dangerous person in the world!


Take a deep breath.


Start at the beginning.


Why should “The arrest of Robert Hanssen, for espionage remind us all, every American we have to be stark raving nuts to believe a word coming out of the mouths of elected and non-elected government officials let alone trust them with our currency that they lead us to believe is “as good as gold”?


So what to do with the rest of today’s afternoon?


Every American should know, that our nation, our free society, free in the sense that while we have our military strength it costs us nothing to print our worthless monies no different to the DAAC who work with us “hand in hand” in shaking down our oil tyrants when they don’t give us not what we want but what we need.


But why should that stop us reminding ourselves that our nation, our free society is an international target in a dangerous world and we should all immediately join hands and begin at the very top of the FBI looking for the next most darkest of DAAC mole who may or may not accept Diamond Currency but VISA as well as MASTERCARD is still accepted in most places including wholesale-retail diamond money laundering stores where you must still read the fine print.


Yes, every American should know, that our nation, our free society is the international terrorist targeting all the wrong people creating an increasingly dangerous world.


So what day is this?


Does it really make a difference that Robert Hansen’s family are living off his US$38,000 annual pension.


What your grandson could do right now with that sort of money which could work wonders when combined with the marketing and sales effort in trying to sell for US$5 or more our JoNathan’s Willis Brothers surfboard still resting against the rusty bicycles in the garbage can area of our most awesome so very love and art filled studio cliff home.


So happy that my so full of life, so very spirited awesome French-Canadian wife talked me out of putting down our Maggie yesterday who increasingly only feels safe when she is alone with either me or Marie better yet the two of us together, and to wait for her to return from Canada this Saterday when we will put our heads together and no doubt cry a lot, Maggie now lifting her head up off the carpet, looking me straight in the eyes, and then rolling on to her left side, not having to wait long for me to massage the back of her neck with my left foot.


How would our best friends survive without us.


The world has lost her way again.


But you are here with me.


But you are here with me and that makes it okay.


Pypeetoe still talks to me. I miss him very much but soon we will all be reunited.


Just a little bit more work to do.


The world is caving in. The world has lost its way but you are hearing me and that makes it okay.


Please write, better yet have your grandson and his friends email not yet disgraced enough Justice Department Nazi Prosecutor John Loftus Esq. to stop emailing me with his same old repetitive stuff while not responding to the email Marie Dion Gevisser had me send that began, “Okay”.


Perhaps, all Loftus is asking is for me to engage him in a simple fist fight and for the winner after killing the loser to take all but I couldn’t bare the thought of this miserable son-of-bitch who has no life having his way with my wife.


MDG also, however, would have a say, no doubt!


So now that we have all got our very important phone calls out of the way I remain deluged by people such as yourself who has a part-time maid and the Peggy Andersons who make up the masses who get by in this world just upon a smile and then “sum” [sic] without any maids.


Moreover, there is this extraordinary anger that has literally appeared out of “nowhere” building up with such force it might be enough to snuff out once and for all the oil wars as you all; i.e. those with part time and full time maids as well as the maids who have their slave children act responsibly, now feel extraordinarily indignant that none of you have got your fair share of the graft-spoils of Diamond Drilling bit oil wars.


What a most awesome time to be alive, most of all fit and therefore not just well but feeling on top of the world.


By The Way, I am going to the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific tomorrow where I plan to meet up with Guy and Mia

Friedman who is now 5, her birthday January 20th, and I see no reason why you shouldn’t send her tall, slender, sexy, beautiful Chinese mother Leah a belated birthday gift.


Sad isn’t it how quickly us men forget the pains of childbirth.


Bear in mind those of us men who do not have any maids first feeling the most miserable given the “status symbol” of awesomely sexy French maids in particular, but then in the next instant feeling uplifted when reflecting on all the miserable looking people beginning with my Royal-Mater-Mother who had not one, but two Black South African female slaves journey to 7 Hartswell Lane, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England, Great Britain, postal code TA42NE, albeit one a close relation of Nelson Mandela who remember comes from Black South African royalty, the bloodlines while running the same color just different amounts of melatonin.


But when you consider that the two most beautiful women in the world are “taken for” by guys who happen to be “brothers” all the rest must now focus their anger, their beyond belief frustration on the “money angle”.


First, lets examine all the choices you have made over the course of the past 48 hours before allowing me to get in to the knitty gritty of all the factors beginning with the increasingly improving surf conditions here at 11th Street in Del Mar, California that caused me to delay my motorcycle trip today up to LA where certain Israeli Special Forces Commanding Officers and their most respected commandos want me who cannot draw to actually sketch out the “blueprint” which I have I have already shared with those much more intimately familiar with both my “style of writing” as well as “work product”, such a “game plan” if executed precisely as I have indicated given the extraordinary special “light forces” resources available to the Israeli Defense Forces will bring about within 7 days possibly within 24 hours worldwide peace.


Not to forget that the IDF have in fact been positioning themselves most brilliantly over the course of the past 4 decades in anticipation of this final “showdown” that is just moments away from being brought directly in to each of our living rooms even those belonging to the darkest of dark DAAC filthy rich who maintain several households throughout the world to keep everyone including their maids who they know better than to trust completely from knowing their precise locations at any moment.


There can be no escaping the awesomeness of the “fire power” that is going to be unleashed in every direction should those currently so inefficiently allocating the very fast dwindling limited resources of the world beginning with oil extraordinarily fast running out without the slightest possibility of us coming up with a substitute before all hell breaks loose, choose “poorly”.


Not to mention gang warfare throughout the world not just in America is already spreading like wildfire and why the need to “take stock” now beginning with President George W. Bush calling for an immediate suspension in the trading of shares in public corporation given a variety of factors that I have already so well spelled out but with the world running out of oil in possibly less than 5 years the share price of the overwhelming majority of public corporations is VERY SIGNFICANTLY overvalued and the fallout from such an inevitable collapse will first and foremost TOTALLY WIPE OUT the value of real estate holdings throughout the world that along with the precipitous decline in the human population brought about the world running out of oil it is inevitable that there will be an unimaginable precipitous collapse of the real estate market followed in the same instant with the precipitous collapse of the stock market.


We have now the quintessential catch 22 situation.


Now let’s get back to your poor choices over the past day or so.


So you chose yesterday following receipt of my very enlightening email to Peggy, the personal secretary of many years of my Royal Mater-Mother raised by a highly trustworthy pogrom orphaned grandmother, instead of helping me explain to my audience also the fact that Public Defender Attorney Roberto Quinones Jr has NEVER EVEN HEARD OF YOU, never heard you name mentioned even once, never received a single phone call or email from you showing any interest in helping out your grandson in jail now at least a week if not two or perhaps even 3, as you go about broadcasting Roberto Quinones full name as well as the first name of your grandson’s mother which you don’t even bother to explain her relationship to your grandson in your most awesomely convoluted so outrageously time wasting communications broadcast over the Internet to “undisclosed recipients”, to simplystand on your hands”?

Perhaps though, you thought it wise to just dig a hole in your backyard and bury yourself waiting to hear of the “bullet proof” military strategy that I have already started sharing that also spells out the extraordinarily few choices facing Ehud Barak, Israel’s Minister of Defense who understood very clearly what he was doing when “putting a gun” to Bill Clinton’s head, demanding that our DAAC President grant Marc “trading with the enemy” Rich, again a traitor to both Israel and the United States who voluntarily relinquished his United States citizenship, a Presidential Pardon at the 11th hour and 59th minute.


Bear in mind that barely a month later the FBI “rapped up” its investigation of FBI Agent Robert Hanssen, according to the DAAC infiltrated FBI the greatest security breach in all U.S. history, Hanssen sharing, beginning in 1984 before American-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard was “apprehended”, the most sensitive counter-intelligence intelligence with the DAAC Soviet EVIL EMPIRE without the FBI thinking it wise to make a BIG DEAL of WHY Mr. Hanssen, raised by an emotionally abusive father, does BIG BEN ring a bell, Hanssen directly responsible for the deaths of at least 3 VERY SIGNIFICANT “ASSETS”, chose EXTRAORDINARILY carefully to receive a good chunk of his payment from the DAAC Soviets in Diamond Currency, again unlimited in supply, lightweight, UNTRACEABLE and never once inventoried by a single government under the command and control of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel and of course that includes all 3 Branches of the United States Government.


Be sure to let me know if Mr. Barak calls to explain to you why I chose not to email your grandson’s court appointed Public Defender Mr. Attorney Roberto Quinones Jr as you thought I would, bombarding him with all extraneous material, instead you never believing in a million years I would simply call up Mr. Quinones, leave a very clear and easy to understand message and when he smartly returned the call, he and I without him breaching his client’s “client-attorney” privilege had the most delightful and sufficiently informative conversation.


You do recall why IT IS that even possibly busier people than me but unlikely to keep up with me, at least in the ocean, don’t waste a moment in listening very carefully to what I have to say beginning with a name a good number of people around the world have heard such as Maurice Hank Greenberg, former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of American International Group [AIG] who even without ever once hearing my name prior to December 11th 1996 had his very smart personal assistant not hesitate a moment in putting my call through resulting in less than 15 minutes later Hank Greenberg and Thomas Tizzio, President of AIG who Hank had join us on a conference call, directing Bill Frye, AIG’s head of Mergers and Acquisitions, directing his top Leutenant Ron Bellows, senior risk management specialist, to hightail out to meet with me in the very early days of January 1997 right after I had spent New Years Eve and New Years day with “The Biggest Problem in Franchising” Fred DeLuca out in Fort Lauderdale, Florida backed up by both a former Israeli Special Forces Commando who had flown in from Sweden and a Israeli Special Forces commando who flew directly from Israel.


My “credibility” in the “real world”, much more internecine bloody than “dog eat dog”, such an expression not even beginning to “touch sides” with all the nonsense talk in Hollywood movies as well as those so “cool looking cats” playing investment bankers all over the world thinking themselves “financial geniuses” as they steal blind from the hardworking masses when it is as it has always been about unadulterated brute force, just that today we here in the U.S. happen to be on the side of the brutal regime having called the shots for the past century, suppressing the masses who are no better than sheep while able to chatter stuff not much more than their brainwashed minds can register beginning with the chant,


We are a nation of laws, the rule of law is supreme, law and order is the backbone of a civilized society”.


Yes, Dr. Pollard I had “credibility” amongst the people who “counted” going back long before I joined the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel back in 1980 when preparing to take over from my uncle David Gevisser as the American head of the DAAC, the mafia of mafia.


Yes, Mr. Quinones is not the only attorney in the world receiving this very heavily broadcasted communiqué.


Naturally you would expect that included in this heavily broadcasted communiqué that is being broadcasted by more than my Dell desktop computer with a brand new guts, are much more “active” members of Israel’s Military Intelligence than my laidback “brother” Guy Friedman a member of Flotilla 13, Israel’s most elite Marine Special Forces unit who to repeat upon being “demobbed” spent some 12 years providing personal security to Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, smart enough to hire my eldest brother as their master chef and masseur; Neil Gevisser before working with the Israeli yachting team at the Seoul Korea Olympic first spent time on Kibbutz Main Zvi which is where Guy and his many “brothers”, all very excellent water polo players grew up, a good number including one Israeli Fighter pilot showed up at Guy and Leah’s wedding on August 26th 2001.


You might be surprised to hear that Guy Friedman is not the only Israeli Special Forces Commando to have an English mother which only partly explains his very good English that of course is not close to being as good as his Hebrew which also does not need to be spoken unless the purpose is for someone else to hear what you have to say.


Sometimes one should keep one’s thoughts to yourself especially when they are nonsense.


Being a highly educated Ivy League graduate increasingly, thank God losing your command of logic on top of, as logic would dictate, your increasing loss of command of English which is really all that is mastered in these gibberish, mumbling, nonsense talking corrupt academic institutions, expert at nothing more than confusing the already so shell-shocked masses, I would have still expected you to make the most of your worldly experience not quite on a par with mine, not even close bearing in mind first the fact that I never allowed my formal education to interfere with my learning and second, you are two-thirds older suffering horribly without me having to throw salt in the wound by telling you about this most awesome looking woman gliding by in front of the studio cliff house with the shortest of short running shorts, tight but not too tight top that would stop the massaging of her perfectly rounding tits.


And of course, still compared to BIG BEN you are a saint and God forbid you were to pass on before me, it will be a very sad day for me and Marie.


With all that said, I assumed that you have been so very busy preparing to fund your grandson’s vigorous defense after spending the past 24 hours cashing in your short sells, all of course on the backs of momworker63s, pensioners, widows, widowers and orphans, the most naïve; i.e. the most at risk, before now risking life and limb crossing Interstate 5 after your walk along the beach, sun starting to set, making a right into the Ralphs shopping center in the poorer section of Del Mar where homes on average still sell upwards of a million dollars, park in the parking lot and on your way to meet with the store manager, remember you have had no time to prepare your speech ahead of time but now with my help you figure out in no time how to get his attention beginning with:


Hello Mr. Manager,


My name is John Pollard.


You may have read about me about 5 years back in the Del Mar Times thinking that I was the American-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard since Mr. Gary S. Gevisser who penned the article, actually it was just a nothing “letter to the editor” didn’t think further than the end of his very long nose that people reading his nonsense would be so discombobulated to end up confusing me with the evil incarnate spy bearing in mind that while I am a graduate of both MIT and Cornell University I was making a living at the time being a stockbroker for AG Edwards who represented Mr. Gevisser’s French-Canadian wife a few years back when she thought it wise to convert her U.S. Treasury Bills later into gold bullion but first in to shares of gold mining corporations, her father Jonny Dion spent most of his career working for Canadian mining companies which as you know are owned by the British Crown no different to the crown jewel of the British Crown the crown colonies which we so very discombobulated Americans surprisingly still refer to as United States of America.


With that as an introduction I have these art objects made of stones I pick up on my daily walk right in front of Mr. Gevisser’s one residence here in San Diego county perched atop the bluffs of heavily city council and real estate agent corrupt Del Mar, every so often I get distracted by these Black Hawk helicopters from the Camp Pendleton Marine base hovering directly dead smack in the middle of the two oversized windows of Mr. Gevisser’s love and art filled studio home which he rents, too much of a cheap skate to simply buy up the entire stretch of beach property from the Mexican border and stopping at the Canadian border where currently his French-Canadian wife is shopping for a safe haven for their 13 year old Chocolate Labrador Maggie who Mr. Gevisser had planned to put down prior to Marie Dion Gevisser returning this Saterday to save the precious Maggie, her kids could care less, the heartache which of course wouldn’t touch sides with the heartache felt were another kid to end up being bitten worse yet lose all their limbs to predator Maggie who is simply a little grumpy and increasingly highly sensitive to those especially out of touch with the heartbeat of the universe.


I also go to the trouble of then placing twigs in the formation of a Torrey Pines tree on top of the rocks all glued “to-get-her” [sic] and you know that the word “sic” is used by kids as well as cool adults when referring to something that is “cool” as well as when indicating that there is an error of sorts whether it be a spelling or grammatical error within the quotation marks, the word “sic” is the Latin Adverb meaning “thus” or “so”.


If I may, let me answer each and every one of your questions before giving you an opportunity to only say “Yes!”.


First you want to know how many of these art objects I expect will be sold by not only your supermarket but all of the Ralfs across the United States.


All you need to do is tell me after agreeing to stock your shelves is how many I need to move out the door to make it profitable bearing in mind that my cost of sales is only the cost of gasoline, wear and tear on my new Mercedes 4 door sedan and the additional food and water consumption resulting from each time I bend over and pick up a stone and usually I only bend down when I can at the same time also pick up a twig or “tTOo” [sic].


Consequently, assuming my total costs are one quarter of a penny and that includes the glue plus another quarter of penny for the “heavy lifting” when putting to work the increasing number of panhandlers right outside the entrance to your Ralfs as well as at all the traffic lights leading in and out of this shopping center that I don’t believe is owned by Ernest Rady although I will check later with Mr. Gevisser who is expecting a call anytime now from Ernest even though Ernest Rady, not to be confused with Ernest Oppenheimer, now considered a Philanthropist because he donated US$60 million to Children’s Hospital San Diego, may have at one time supported his son Harry now on a arms trafficking charge telling Mr. Gevisser who could eat Harry up for breakfast, lunch and dinner without putting on an once of weight to “Eff off”.


In fact Mr. Gevisser is today 10 pounds lighter than he was in July 1982 when he was in peak physical condition and playing competitive rugby, although of course Mr. Gevisser’s muscle development is not quite what it was back then although he keeps telling me and his French-Canadian wife he at least dreams about getting back in to that condition although I doubt very much even if he was able he would be considered for the South African Springbok rugby team but you never know with this Gevisser character he constantly surprises us beginning with the fact that he is not only alive but has yet to sustain any serious injury despite his high-risk lifestyle.


Not to mention he has not made a “penny” from his “risk assessment” business in God only knows how much time which of course stands to reason why anyone would bother listening to someone so very constantly at “death’s door”.


Next you can figure out on your own as I complete this analysis for you that I would be quite satisfied in making no more than a nickel off every one of my art objects that is sold leaving you the “lions share”.


So lets assume a reasonable price of US$1.99 although I could easily see people willing to pay even more than US$4.99 what it comes down to is how much I need to pay you in “slotting fees” in order to get my art objects on to your shelves and obviously replacing what is already there.


Again, I will guarantee you that I will meet whatever sales and profit quota you need bearing in mind again I am willing, right now, this instant, to pay you and I don’t mean you personally but Mr. Ron Burkle who I believe is still the “control person” of Ralphs Supermarkets whatever it takes to get on to all your stores shelves throughout the United States although to prove my point that I am not “sum” [sic] some “flake” just wasting your time because I have nothing else going on in my life and I need someone to listen to all my nonsense talk, you tell me just how much it would take to get a “pilot program” going and we can begin right this instant.


While you think about it let me also mention that Mr. Gevisser has nothing to do with this.


He is not a partner of mine even though on October 8th 2001 the day before his Royal-Mater-Mother began publishing over the Internet her memoirs with a strong emphasis on her Israeli connections, Mr. Gary S. Gevisser attended for the first time a board meeting of the Wetherly Capital Group held in the corporate world headquarters of ARI Realty a New York Stock Exchange Real Estate Investment Trust that was taken private last year.


Not to mention that Mr. Burkle who you may recall was the first person to hire Bill Clinton immediately following Mr. Clinton granting Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich a Presidential Pardon at the 11th hour and 59th minute of his President, provided US$2 million in seed capital to the Wetherly Capital Group who first hired Mr. Gevisser when its co-managing director Dan Weinstein got himself in to “hot waters”

when having a conference call with Indian Tribal Chiefs who were helping bankroll Mr.. Weinstein’s client Mr. Hahn who in the summer of 2001 ran successfully for mayor of Los Angeles.


To mention little of Mr. Gevisser’s “risk assessment” services not coming all that inexpensive although when charging the Wetherly Capital Group US$700 an hour Mr. Gevisser had discounted his hourly fee by upwards of 90% bearing in mind that Mr. Gevisser had a “side deal” with the other co-managing director of Wetherly Capital Group, Ms. Vicky Schiff who had agreed several months prior, see joint safety box #280 agreement below



to pay Mr. Gevisser 10% of every penny she earned from then until she decided to retire all because of how well Mr. Gevisser had handled extricating Ms. Schiff, then just 35 odd years of age, in the very prime of her extraordinarily fast track career from the clutches of Lou Gonda who along with his father are the second largest shareholders of AIG given how Ms. Schiff and Mr. Gonda were not exactly seeing “eye to eye” in the management of their US$100 million real estate portfolio specializing in self-storage facilities.


Now while you think about the sum of money which I can have delivered to you in that same armored truck parked outside so long as you don’t mind simply having the driver drive across the parking lot to the Wells Fargo branch where I have a safety box full of brilliant cut diamonds, all certified by the DAAC’s Gemological Institute of America, I would like you to know that I don’t need you to bother with handling any of those diamonds let alone selling them, I simply would like for you to use your muscle in getting me a discounted rate with the armored truck courier service to take those diamonds down to the two diamond wholesale-retail money laundering shops in the heart of downtown Del Mar both within 10 meters of each other just south of the traffic lights on 15th Street on Highway 101 on the west side of the street.


Mr. Gevisser tells me that in all likelihood if he was present alongside me there is every reason to believe that I would get a better price but then again Mr. Gevisser does nothing for free, he has this thing about people forgetting who taught them to fish and generally demands an agreement upfront before committing himself to spend a moment of his precious time although in the case of Ms. Schiff, Mr. Gevisser left the decision entirely to Ms. Schiff once he had performed what cannot be considered anything short of a miracle hence why Ms. Schiff was so very generous bearing in mind that Mr. Gevisser’s written agreement with Ms. Schiff did not call for Mr. Gevisser to do anything more for Ms. Schiff not even take her calls.


Not to mention that Mr. Dan Weinstein was so very impressed with Mr. Gevisser’s “risk assessment” services that simply called for Mr. Weinstein to “hold his tongue

that the Wetherly Capital Group agreed to put Mr. Gevisser on retainer, such a monthly retainer agreement besides for the US$6,250 that doesn’t touch sides with daily thievery that goes on in places like the pathology department of Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego, also had Mr. Gevisser getting “overrides” on WCG’s vast array of highly lucrative business dealings and remember Mr. Burkle in order to be also so generous a multi-billionaire philanthropist is very much out to make a profit, and in no time WCG had Mr. Gevisser spearheading their California Agricultural Partners

water fund that brought Mr. Gevisser “face to face” with the “movers and shakers” such as Vivendi, the French-French multinational conglomerate that own the world’s water market, their holdings in companies like Universal Studios nothing more than a “smokescreen”.


Not to mention Mr. Gevisser’s decision to have his French-Canadian wife MDG on January 3rd 2002 - some 6 days following 2 very important meetings ten minutes apart, both meetings involving Gray Davis Governor of California, the first with the very top officials of Vivendi in the United States - get her one-of-a-kind will witnessed by a neighbor attorney, such a will Mr. Gevisser put the finishing touches to in December 1976 when a student at the not exactly crappy University of Natal, South Africa.


To mention little of beginning January 3rd, 2002, the day Mr. Gevisser made it patently clear to Ms. Schiff that he was not going to be a part of the voter fraud in the upcoming California Gubernatorial elections with Vivendi “greasing of the wheels”, the share price of Vivendi, stock symbol V, and its 63% owned sister company Vivendi Environmental [VE] began a 280 day precipitous collapse losing some $63 billion odd in market value; i.e. those “smart money” people paying attention to what was happening in the world in those pivotal industries such as water and oil, best of all those paying attention to Mr. Gevisser’s not in the least bit difficult to follow missives, just taking a moment to stop inhaling stuff like aspartame and get over Absent Parenting Disease so often misdiagnosed as Attention Deficit Disorder, could have been part of the group who profiteered from that US$63 billion odd market value collapse.


Now while we get to enjoy hearing from Mr. Gevisser about this very dark but breathtaking sunset, so very different to last night’s beyond belief awesome pink of pink spotted clouds, when thinking about your customers who live here in the poorer section with upwards of million dollar mortgages just as a comparison the family next door to Mr. Gevisser who moved from Rancho Sante Fe leaving only behind their white picket fence but bringing all their lights have to believe the US$6 million they paid bearing in mind they don’t have 1/20th his view despite also on the cliffs of Del Mar without any manmade structures interfering with either of views, have to be beaming with joy feeling so much richer just loving the fact that the cost of living here in the United States is skyrocketing and the Feds are just pumping away just having to worry about whether they have enough oil to keep the printing presses going 24/7, hyperinflation so wonderfully awesome for the filthy rich or so they have been led to believe.



Ok, Dr. JKP, your whole point of your so pathetic communication was to have me tell the world we are all a bunch of followers but what’s so wrong in following a benevolent dictator?’


Not to mention yet again why it is that so very little is made of FBI Agent Robert Hansen very possibly responsible for compromising more “assets” of the United States than any other spy in the history of the United States apart from of course DAAC operatives who play the likes of Hanssen like a fiddle, receiving diamonds as part of his compensation from the Soviets!


To mention little of the significance to intelligence services not as compromised as the FBI and CIA when they note how little attention is placed by folks as high up as the Attorney General of the United States who oversees the Justice Department that includes the FBI when a master spy like Robert Hansen chooses to accept Diamond Currency as payment for handing over principally human assets to enemies of the United States who as a direct result of an “intelligence breach” are summarily executed.


To mention in passing, for anyone reading this communication who thinks they can ignore the importance of Diamond Currency that is unlimited in supply, untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried does first and foremost a significant disservice to their brain, a mind a terrible thing to lose.


Not yet disgraced enough United States Justice Department Nazi Prosecutor John Loftus Esq. who makes a buck talking incessantly on heavily broadcasted TV and radio stations such as KFI 640 AM most specifically on going after Americans who profiteered from the rise of Nazi Germany and in particular Mr. Loftus takes great pleasure in pointing out that President George W. Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush were he alive today Mr. Loftus would prosecute him for Nazi War Crimes bearing in mind Mr. Loftus so drawn to commenting on my writings that expose him for the fraud that he is continues to fail to even pass the most minutest comment on The Diamond Invention because to do so opens up the most extraordinary hornets nest not just for Mr. Loftus who is in fact a “nobody” who got picked for the job because he is so extraordinarily malleable, so very mediocre.


At this time, however, it is not just the United States Justice Department who is at a cross-roads.


The Mossad who have had to “play the game” have themselves lost critical “assets” that cannot be explained away by the damage done by people such as Hansen and Ames of the CIA, again all beginning their “foul play” during the Reagan era when the Diamond Invention was given the most extraordinary “free pass”.


As the DAAC began to crash the gold market beginning on January 21st 1980 the Justice Department had a perfect opportunity to examine who was most of all “selling” gold which seemed so very illogical at the time given how in order to defeat the Soviet EVIL EMPIRE there was a need to outspend the Soviets militarily which again as logic would dictate would be seen as not just inflationary but hyperinflationary given how such goods and services for the military rarely if ever translate into anything other than creating more of an out-of-control industrial-military-complex, making gold even more of a “safe haven”.


When however you have all the access you need to fuel oil wars all logic gets thrown out of the window since there is no way to place a value on a non-replenishable commodity such as oil which when it runs out everything stops beginning with fueling F16 fighter jets followed by aircraft carriers who don’t only run on nuclear energy; the plastics in the computers, the trash bags all come out of oil now on the most extraordinary fast track to being no more which is why the world’s military brass right now are gearing up for total all out war which therefore requires not simple level headedness, trying to make sense of everything that makes perfect sense that talks to our out of control greed having got the better of us, but the boldest, most extraordinary display of superior and overwhelming force.


There is in fact today only one military with both the capability and the guts to pull it off.


Israel cannot falter and if it does God help not just the United States but the entire planet.


Have you given all that much thought to why Ron Bellows was-is such a subscriber to 911 being a US-House of Saud conspiracy but then again you would argue that Ron Bellows is a nut case but then you don’t quite know “wether” [sic] to say complete nutcase.


Then you look at the sophistication of Hezbollah Special Ops in causing the evacuation of Haifa, a port city in Israel housing 300,000 Israelis who are not all excellent water polo players and cannot make it to the safety of the Aswan Dam.


Take a very deep breath Dr. JKP.


And then you ask yourself how many of America’s best Special Forces the US Navy Seals speak as good a Hebrew as Hezbollah Special Ops who talk more Hebrew on the battlefields than Israel Special Forces commandos who don’t talk.


“Sh*t” [sic] is a word not only my French Canadian wife has a problem in saying.


My Royal Mater as you may well know would only spell it out “sh One t” and never would she place a sic after.


Would you like me to continue in Latin but don’t ask me to tell you in Greek.


When you attended MIT and Cornell University did they offer any course in helping students compose, that when they begin a communication it should be clear who is writing the communication?


Who exactly wrote, “You pretty much cured me of the bail thing but I'll pass your observation along.”


Who exactly are the “undisclosed Recipient” apart from me?


Okay, so now I have you distracted enough to the point that you realize right this instant that I didn’t buy into your “distraction game”.


But why not let us all just “play along” with you and Elizabeth worried sick meeting with the defense attorney and lets also assume the defense attorney was telling me the truth when we spoke yesterday that he is the public defender Roberto Quinones Jr, Attorney and that his interests in your grandson extend beyond the two of them possibly able to find traces in their bloodline dating back to Jesus Christ.


So now that we have also got out of the way that the Pollard clan cannot come up with the US$5,000 representing some 10% of the bail amount, the balance coming from a bail bondsman who I assume is one of your classmates from either MIT or Cornell and that you personally have a 99.99999% stake in the business.


Again, I don’t see anything mentioned in all your communications about the US$5 I believe is the minimum we can get from JoNathan’s Willis Brothers surfboard which so long as you stand alongside me tomorrow on the corner of 15th Street and Highway 101 in downtown heavily corrupt Del Mar, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if we managed to double the amount.


Nor did I see any reference to your pointing out to your grandson’s attorney that to introduce in his defense extraneous material such as Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich gauging Americans at the pump during the Arab oil boycott that followed the surprise 1973 Yom Kippur War that in the initial hours resulted in Israeli soldiers manning the front lines getting, well you get the picture…---… still alive, would be possibly prejudicial to not only Jose Edward Pollard’s defense but end up with us all having to come up with more bail to get the attorney out of his jail were he to persist when being handcuffed for contempt of court in letting the judge, jury and your grandson’s executioner know that on top of all this Marc Rich’s attorney, Scooter Libby who just got his prison sentence communized couldn’t help himself when informing President Clinton that Marc Rich also wanted the Presidential Pardon as much as he wanted to voluntarily relinquish his American citizenship while a fugitive from U.S. justice, like “a hole in the head” the same with Clinton granting the Presidential Pardon.


But you also understand that not “wanting a hole in the head” is different from getting either a bullet in the head or simply scratched by a poisoned dart.


Now you now this song, “There’s a hole in my bucket dear Leizer, dear Leizer, there’s a hole in my bucket dear lizer a hole”.


Did you know why your tochas has a whole rather than a square?


Can you imagine if President Clinton had not granted at the 11th hour and 59th minute of his DAAC Presidency a Presidential Pardon to a traitor of Israel who also raped American citizens out of a whole lot more than a miserable FUCKING us$50 MILLION of worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars.


Dr. John K. Pollard are you serious or delirious?


In the time it has taken me to write this email do you have the slightest idea what Israel’s Defense Forces accomplished, again in the exact same amount of time, some 3 hours including taking breaks to stretch and play with Maggie?


Now I cannot say for sure because I am not YET Israel’s Minister of Defense but if you just kick back and apply the most basic of common sense along with of course my intimate knowledge of Israel’s extraordinary deceptive military strategies and tactics that I began being schooled in well before I held in July 1966 the Israeli Uzi submachine gun you have now seen repeatedly, you might decide to simply arrange for me to meet privately with your nephew and have him arrange at the same time for one of his most trusted and least trusted fiends to join us and if it is okay with everyone including law enforcement I will arrange for our conversations to be videoed and streamed live over the Internet.


BTW I have yet to send Jose a single email but I will do so tomorrow.


Ps – As you know Spy author Tom Mangold responded to the 877 odd word email using rather foul language to describe his discombobulated mind and once I receive feedback from Israeli Military Intelligence as well as high ranking members of the very deep underground Jewish Underground who again “keep tabs” on the Mossad, I will respond to Mr. Mangold who may have forgotten that my one American attorney, Mr. King Golden Jr., a bigwig in Democratic-Socialist-Aristocratic politics here in the U.S. was immediately prior to working for me pretty much exclusively, the General Counsel for SAIC a very significant player in the o-o-c Industrial-military-complex.


Not to mention this top University of Virginia law school graduate, much smarter than another alumnus Robert F. Kennedy Esquire, was at the timebosom buddies” with “our man Roger” as in Roger W. Robinson who joined the National Security Council located in the “basement” of the White House back in March 1982


First note the verbiage, “TO ARRIVE BEFORE” and then the date, “03 JULY 1981” that appears on the Australian Visitor Visa you see below:

I have never stepped foot in Australia.


Now look again closely at my first California drivers license

It is dated July 29th 1982.


I was still living in San Diego transitioning to Los Angeles where I would join Alan Austin Company, a high end women’s retail operation with a couple of stores in Texas.


I was actually living down on Mission Beach at 2999 Mission Blvd apt 302 not living at the time with my sister and eldest brother living in a rental apartment complex at 6302 Rancho Mission Road, apt # 322, which is where my South African physician, gastroenterologist Dr. Michael Moshal MD sent me on February 24th 1981 this “nonsense” letter suggesting that I had told him that I was scrumming with the world’s woman’s rugby champions, not to mention yet again that 10 months later my very good friend Mike was dead at age 45, no doubt the cause of death on his death certificate was marked “lung cancer”.



Below are my published “Letters to the Editor” of the Jerusalem Post


Heads up, you lose. Tails we all lose

Gary S. Gevisser Del Mar California ( 1 February 2001)

Dear Jonathan Pollard;

The pardon of Marc Rich eliminated not only an opportunity of justice being served but it would have allowed the public to view the role that oil brokers play in furthering terrorism.

This debacle also makes a mockery of your fight for true justice. Although you have now shown remorse, into your 16th year for providing Israel with a "heads up", your biggest mistake was that you should have charged more, stashed it away in Switzerland, and you would have got your comeuppance a little sooner. Where was your Yiddisha kop?

Your pal, Israel’s premier Barak, became so mesmerized by the glitter of "Richy Rich" that he failed to grasp that Rich's under-the-table deals paved the way for Israel enemies to hit soft targets. It is ironic that while your actions strengthened Israel's security, Rich's brokerage operation softened the will of Israelis resulting in the embrace of spiked peace initiatives. Surely you are also wondering if Mr. Barak's source of newfound wisdom comes from reading the funnies having forgotten the History of the Jews.

Barak brings shame to Jewish people who grew up believing that when push comes to shove our leaders would know better than to sell their souls in return for a good shmooze albeit with a womanizer supposedly with a good head, wouldn’t you agree? None of us should be all that surprised by Clinton’s call. His actions were simply in character but don't try arguing that point to our senators Feinstein and Boxer.

The tail this pardon leaves may yet come back to bite us all. In prison you are safe from terrorist actions. Here in Del Mar surfing conditions have been pretty good lately, but who knows what sharks may appear as the oceans warm up.

Hang tight. Odds are help may yet come knocking on your door but don’t count on the


Gary S. Gevisser

Del Mar, California




Wednesday, March 7 2001 01:29 12 Adar 5761


It is more than Pollard who got stuffed.

Gary S. Gevisser ( 3 Mar 2001)

Jewish leaders coveted Marc Rich at the expense of one who may have delivered the Right Stuff.

Perhaps, it is simply a coincidence that Jonathan Pollard was locked away at the same time FBI agent Hanssen was mastering U.S. counterintelligence on behalf of the Soviets. If you were Mr. Hanssen or Mr. Ames of the CIA what would you do to deflect attention? Wouldn’t it make sense to position Jonathan Pollard as the evil incarnate, an eternal threat to U.S. strategic interests? Not surprisingly, those charged with counterintelligence have somehow missed every opportunity to neutralize the impact of Pollard’s 15-year-old intelligence secrets. With all the finger pointing that went on in the mid 1980s, even a former CIA head like former President Bush, may not have been given all the intelligence he deserved.

Coincidence or not, by our Jewish leaders supporting the pardon of Marc Rich negating a once in a lifetime opportunity for the public to view the role that middlemen play in corrupting the leaders of most oil- producing nations to mention little of the terrorism these oil dollars father, the person made of the Right Stuff remains stuffed.





Wednesday, March 14 2001 02:44 19 Adar 5761


Barak’s call to Clinton induces the wrong call-to-arms.

Gary S. Gevisser Del Mar California (13 Mar 2001)

Throughout the ages, Jewish people are taught more about the weaknesses of their leaders than about their strengths -- beginning with Moses. Even King David, the greatest of Jewish warriors, too had feet of clay, sending his captain to the front line so that he could continue a liaison with his warrior’s wife. Calling the leader of the free world on behalf of Marc Rich, a fugitive from justice, is all too telling to people of all ages.

Barak’s actions are strikingly at odds with the message of Israel’s first prime minister who in the twilight of his life challenged Israel’s future leaders to become “A light unto the nations”, a people abiding by the highest moral standards. The day after the 1973 Yom Kippur War ended and just weeks before Ben Gurion’s death on December 1st 1973, Marc Rich began to profit from the Arab oil producers’ shakedown. A decade later he arrived in Zug, Switzerland with his suitcases full and plenty of cash in the bank to begin buying his own protection.

Clinton has a history of lapses but why would Barak allow himself to be used to set such a bad example, lacking the foresight to realize that he would ultimately be blamed for Clinton’s decision? Despite his highly touted ability to read maps, Barak lost his way in this maze filled with the glitter of Richy Rich, golden calves no doubt playing their part two (sic). Mr. Arafat must also take his share of the blame. He wasn’t exactly a potted plant at Camp David, or was he?

Israelis and Palestinians should recognize the events of the recent past as a call-to-arms to eliminate protection rackets throughout the region. Following the example of their forefathers they should raise a shield and band together, encouraging the business community who understand that a win-win results in long term mutual prosperity to mention little of the protection it affords. Trading with each other is the only possible way out of this crisis. Fostering interdependency is the only way to win the peace and end the rhetoric of hatred that allows despots to obfuscate their own poor performance.

Both peoples have in their arsenal a potent weapon, much holier than anything contained in a Swiss lock box, their commonality. Their forefather wrote the book on how to win holy wars that really count. Not King David, the warrior, but rather, Abraham, the first of the free traders, with whom Jews and Arabs share everything in common.

One day Clinton and Barak may want to take a trip to Sde Boker in the Negev Desert and visit a no-frills library. Once briefed on the legacy of Ben Gurion who envisioned an undivided Jerusalem they can then set forth and promote the whole world as one holy place, not just Jerusalem. Both former leaders may also be encouraged by the time they have inhaled the crisp unpolluted air that blows off the desert to speak to the youth about the lessons they’ve learned since leaving office; that the right call-to-arms is to reward those who stimulate competitive business practices.




Wednesday, May 2 2001 02:15 9 Iyar 5761


Kerrey’s versus Pollard’s heroism

Gary S. Gevisser Del Mar California ( 1 May 2001)

There has been only one Holocaust, but what the Nazi Holocaust demonstrated so well is that human deprivation occurs incrementally. It starts with simple massacres; you shoot the first innocent person and then you shoot the next set of people and after you realize that you cannot shoot enough people you look to more efficient methods such as gas chambers. This is why weapons of mass destruction are developed and why chemical warfare is so frightening. Saddam Hussein understands this. Bob Kerrey, former U.S. Senator and presidential hopeful, took the first step down this frightening path while a U.S. Naval Seal and stopped. On the other hand, Jonathan Pollard, the convicted spy, did not need to kill anyone to understand the consequences of weapons of mass destruction before he blew the whistle on what he saw cross over his desk at Naval Intelligence.

The rewards in America for covering up your sins or revealing the truth are indeed ironic. In this instance Kerrey received the nation’s highest award of valor while Pollard’s reward is going on sixteen years of hard time.

In war both sides commit atrocities, which is the whole point of peacemakers in attempting to prevent future atrocities. It is in the gray area of corrupt secret policies such as the ill-conceived CIA support of Iraq in supporting Saddam’s chemical warfare production that was ultimately aimed against Israel – a policy that is so incomprehensible to anyone who has relatives that lived through the Holocaust.

Were there only one witness to Kerrey’s atrocity, this cover-up would have remained with those who elected to follow their leader [which led directly to Kerrey’s Bronze Star that stated that twenty-one Vietcong were killed in this incident, a clear lie which could have been refuted at any time including the moment at which President Nixon personally awarded him the Congressional Medal of Honor]. What was going through his mind at that moment when the President of the United States was reading the commendation for heroism to him personally?

Is this public persecution of the whistle blower by the political elite and the press in America any different than that they imposed on Jonathan Pollard? The only difference is there was no corroborating witness and Pollard stands alone in revealing the conspiracy of the misguided CIA policy aimed at the Jewish State which ironically was probably used against U.S. soldiers during the Gulf War. Whose sin is greater; Pollard’s for violating an American secrecy law that could have lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens to prevent another Holocaust or Kerrey’s sin, which clearly led to the murder of at least thirteen innocent people? Pollard has already spent 15 years, one-third of his life, in an American prison while Kerrey spent the same time in two of America’s most exalted political offices; knowing full well that he had lied while serving his country. Where is the justice in the American judicial system? Where is the forgiveness in Bob Kerrey’s heart?


[Word count 10810]

From: John K. Pollard Jr. [mailto:jkpjkp@alum.mit.edu]
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2007 4:07 PM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: Fw: "Who is in jail in San Diego/Eddie Bail




Sent: Monday, August 13, 2007 3:27 PM

Subject: Re: "Who is in jail in San Diego/Eddie Bail


You pretty much cured me of the bail thing but I'll pass your observation along.



 Elizabeth and I have just finished meeting with the defense attorney. He said that a delay of the preliminary hearing (this Thursday) for Eddie would be a very good thing at this point in order to further the investigation of some of the assertions the police are  making in this case.  The Attorney feels that it is very likely Eddie did not do as  is being charged and wishes to mount a vigorous and effective defense.

The advantage is in prolonging the proceedings. The problem is that Eddie is sitting in county jail while this happens, as we do not have the resources to get him out. The bail is $50,000, which is substantially reduced from the original $125,000. If you are interested in helping Eddie, now (today or tomorrow) would be an excellent time. Please let me know.

If you wish to contact the attorney to ask questions or for more info (which would be a good thing, as interest by the family is a very positive factor for all concerned)

Roberto Quinones Jr, Attorney

Eddie says that Flo emailed him at jail, however inmates can not email out, so he can't answer directly. If she has questions or would like to help she can contact me or forward through you.


"John K. Pollard Jr." <jkpjkp@alum.mit.edu> wrote:

Do a Google search on  this phrase and you will be taken to a site allowing  you to determine who is in jail and where,  what the charges, bail amounts, etc.  You can also e-mail the prisoner.   Court appearance dates, and so on.




Yahoo! oneSearch: Finally, mobile search that gives answers, not web links.






From: John K. Pollard Jr. [mailto:jkpjkp@alum.mit.edu]
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2007 4:07 PM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: Fw: "Who is in jail in San Diego/Eddie Bail




Sent: Monday, August 13, 2007 3:27 PM

Subject: Re: "Who is in jail in San Diego/Eddie Bail


You pretty much cured me of the bail thing but I'll pass your observation along.



 Elizabeth and I have just finished meeting with the defense attorney. He said that a delay of the preliminary hearing (this Thursday) for Eddie would be a very good thing at this point in order to further the investigation of some of the assertions the police are  making in this case.  The Attorney feels that it is very likely Eddie did not do as  is being charged and wishes to mount a vigorous and effective defense.

The advantage is in prolonging the proceedings. The problem is that Eddie is sitting in county jail while this happens, as we do not have the resources to get him out. The bail is $50,000, which is substantially reduced from the original $125,000. If you are interested in helping Eddie, now (today or tomorrow) would be an excellent time. Please let me know.

If you wish to contact the attorney to ask questions or for more info (which would be a good thing, as interest by the family is a very positive factor for all concerned)

Roberto Quinones Jr, Attorney

Eddie says that Flo emailed him at jail, however inmates can not email out, so he can't answer directly. If she has questions or would like to help she can contact me or forward through you.


"John K. Pollard Jr." <jkpjkp@alum.mit.edu> wrote:

Do a Google search on  this phrase and you will be taken to a site allowing  you to determine who is in jail and where,  what the charges, bail amounts, etc.  You can also e-mail the prisoner.   Court appearance dates, and so on.




Yahoo! oneSearch: Finally, mobile search that gives answers, not web links.