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Subject: SORT OUT...---... Please remove me from you mailing list


I didn’t think you would mind if I shared this email with Dr. John K. Pollard Jr. as well as Public Defender Attorney Roberto Quinnones Jr. who Dr. JKP chose to so very deceptively “highlight” in his heavily broadcasted communiqué geared no doubt, at least in my mind, to bring Public International Attention to the plight of Dr. JKP’s grandson, 18-year old Jose Edward Pollard, held in jail on charges that may be incorrect.


Your assistance in these matters could of course prove helpful including the choice to once again go “deafeningly silent”.

If it is not asking too much I would also like for you to assist me contact Mr. Guy Friedman who is the first person I am scheduled to meet in Los Angeles later today.


I cannot find my cell phone although every so often I hear a beeping noise that may in fact be caused from me trying to call, but for the life of me I cannot find it despite our studio cliff house perched atop the bluffs of Del Mar, being rather small.


Moreover, there is a problem with me calling long distance over our landline which the ATT-SBC repair department issued a “ticket” that they say could take several hours to “sort out”.


Guy’s telephone number is 1-213-840-4048.


I have of course tried emailing him but he is a rather busy person preparing for a 3 week trip to England starting this Saterday and no doubt has better things to do than stay as many do glued to their email inbox anxiously awaiting my next heavily broadcasted communiqué.


I just need to find out where exactly Guy would like to meet. I know his preference is closer to downtown Los Angeles.


Not to mention that I might in fact fly out with Guy once I know more about how my attorneys in England plan to handle the problem tenant my French-Canadian wife and I have operating our Seacrest Café in Minehead, Somerset, England.


To mention little of you should have no fear of Guy who is very “tight lipped” broadcasting your conversations bearing in mind that he spent some 12 years living with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore in charge of all their security needs which was like a day in the “water park” when considering Guy Friedman is an extraordinarily seasoned “former” member of Flotilla 13, Israel’s most elite Special Forces Marine unit.


To mention in passing Dr. JKP, now 83 and one time on the MIT wrestling team, doesn’t really think much of even a Flotilla 13 commando who is over the age 40 let alone Guy in his 45th year despite the fact that I am 50 years of age in possibly no better than 1/10th the physical condition currently of Mr. Friedman whose body fat is about 50% if not more less than mine bearing in mind that my body fat is most probably below 10%.


Moreover, if you were to ask my super athletic French-Canadian wife in the “very prime of life” whether to have at her side when walking in a very tough gang infested neighborhood me or the very best of our U.S. Navy SEALs, you could bet not only your life but your bottom dollar she would choose first of all Guy Friedman followed by each and every one of his Flotilla 13 commando buddies who she met I believe in September 2001 when she and I attended the marriage ceremonies up in LA of Guy and his Chinese wife, and only if none of them were available to choose me “hands down” despite the fact that I while trained from the youngest of age by Israeli Special Forces Commanding Officers all the way in to my mid-twenties, bearing in mind that I now weight 10 pounds less than when I was in “peak physical condition” I have never been “dropped into enemy lines”

but I have once flown in a helicopter when I was about 12 years old and that took place at the Jewish Club in Durban, South Africa.



PS – Were you aware that my “pooch” Pypeetoe passed away June 28th, 10 days shy of his 6th birthday, in the very prime of life, happy wagging his tail and smiling at my one-of-a-kind smile wife having just moments before the train hit him said goodbye to his best friend dogs?


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Pepito the pooch foils runaway truck



October 24, 2002

A man in the path of a runaway cement truck in Del Mar may owe his life to his dog. Alerted by his pooch, Pepito, the preoccupied pet owner was able to grab the dog and jump out of the way as the truck barreled toward the Americana cafe Monday morning.

After the truck lost its brakes coming down the 15th Street grade, the driver began honking and bumping against a median in an attempt to slow down. The light turned green as he reached the town's main street, Camino del Mar. The driver tried to turn the truck, but it fishtailed, flipped and slid through the intersection.

The truck came to rest about four feet short of the Americana cafe's outdoor tables, reports relieved restaurant manager Carrie Rosenberger. On the way, it wiped out a bike rack, trash can and sidewalk pole. Wet cement gushed from the truck, engulfing a restaurant customer.

It was a miracle that no one was seriously injured, Rosenberger says. The driver and customer were taken to a hospital for a medical check.

Also good news: Pepito's owner came back Tuesday evening for dinner. 



From: diane.bell@uniontrib.com [mailto:diane.bell@uniontrib.com]
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I would appreciate if you would remove me from you mailing list _ I find that the storage space required for your messages, along with the many others I get in, consistently

put  my mailbox over the limit and close it down.
Your consideration is much appreciated.
diane bell