< From: Gary S

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 7:34 PM PT
To: Peggy Anderson
Cc: rest; Dr. John K. Pollard - JKPJKP@alum.mit.edu; Tom Mangold -Author; Dr. Laura Family; Rush Limbaugh; Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman
Subject: THE DAAC NOT THE ONLY GROUP WIRED RE: Peggy hello - Just wanted to make sure i had your correct email adress?


You understand perfectly it is all about “playing the game” and when one “team” wins or at least gets its product on to the shelf the “losers” can do one of two things and placing their tails between their legs is neither human nor smart and so what we have with The Diamond Invention is the “losers”, i.e. the most independent thinkers with loyalty only to One God coming out with not necessarily a better product since the brilliant cut diamond is in fact mathematically perfect but simply executing more efficiently the marketing of Diamond Currency used to purchase weapons from the enemy, buy TV and Radio stations, newspapers, Rush Limbaughs, Dr. Laura’s, Marcia Kramers, Matt Drudges, Hilary Clintons etc, etc without however, killing the goose that lays the golden egg unless all else fails.


Well, you couldn’t blame me for wondering why you wouldn’t respond to my first emails 21 days ago, apart from you seeing very clearly the hypocrisy of not only your Roman Catholic Church doing the most marvelous job of keeping your rampant pedophile priests out of jail but all the Jewish people around the world not speaking out against Howard Shultz, founder of Starbucks kowtowing to his tyrannical Kuwaiti business partners who have said that if he, a Jewish person, opens a single Starbucks in Israel our oil tyrants, fast as hell running out of oil and therefore all their bargaining power, will bring to an immediate end Starbucks growth, now 5 shops per week, in the rest of the Middle East!


Then the other thought occurred to me that you have this “picture

of my mother which I don’t fully picture and then you have this picture of her second husband Alan Zulman

who you cannot stand the sight of which I fully picture, but most of all you have this very vivid picture

of my father Bernie that has you feeling so very good about yourself when declaring,


He is so very proud; but what a shame he couldn’t get back on his legs following the forced sale of Moshal Gevisser to the DAAC, the mafia of mafia!


But most of all since you are so very discombobulated in your misery not in the least bit concerned what will become of your church or for that matter the Jewish people let alone my “poor” Father living the “life of Riley

in Melbourne, Australia with his lifelong supply of the Purple Tablet thanks to Dr. Leizer Molk MD,


the only thing you are thinking about is how extraordinarily stupid you were buying in to people like my mother telling you how very brilliant you are, that you could have with one hand tied behind your back broken the world 100 meter sprint race all the while running not simply a nonsense behemoth like General Motors Corporation but in your spare time the out-of-control United States industrial-military-complex.


Of course you figured out that the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the mafia of mafia responsible for all the diamond drilling bit oil wars beginning with World Oil War I, were not the only group of “wired” individuals that have pulled off for a century now being the single extraordinarily poor allocator of the world’s precious mineral resources beginning with oil.


Tracking them closely was Guerrilla Warfare pioneer Afrikaner Field Marshall Jan Smuts undoubtedly the most intimately familiar individual in the entire world with the devious nature of the DAAC going back to the DAAC’s very start when commanding the British Crown to battle it out with Jan Smuts and his very excellent Afrikaner horseman.


Sorry for the very quick history lesson beginning with the Anglo Boer-Farmer War of 1899-1902 where right before Cambridge educated Jan Smuts served as the right hand of Cecil Rhodes, founder of DeBeers.


You wouldn’t know of any other Afrikaner or for that matter Righteous Gentile who 7 odd years prior to the outbreak of the 2nd major oil war had a kibbutz named after him?


In other words, it shouldn’t take a sleuth like Sherlock to get his “arms around” Jan Smuts not exactly an enemy of the Jewish people, not even close, in fact the best friend all independent thinkers including people of color have ever had in a position of awesome military power and who used it so very wisely, most of all so very discreet was Jan Smuts that so very few even know his name.


And then there was David Ben Gurion who came from the same tiny village-shtel as my totally unknown great maternal grandmother, Nechie Badash who returned in 1929 to England from Israel where she had been one of the early residents of Tel-Aviv to raise my highly deceptive Anglicized Royal Mater-Mother.


Did you think at one time that Albert Einstein was the only smart Jewish person who ever lived?


How often have you forgotten that Jesus Christ undoubtedly the most gifted, was born orthodox Jewish, lived the life of a righteous Jewish person, got crossed and in all likelihood got buried according to Jewish orthodox custom before rising from the dead, rest ants?


You who would prefer not hearing repeatedly, “Being non-confrontational is no excuse for bad judgment” or “If you let people treat you like an ant you become an ant”, are not alone in thinking all the mostly nonsense talking Jewish people who survived the holocaust were not only extraordinarily dumb but a bunch of crooks to boot.


So it stands to reason that you are out of your mind livid that the co-inventors-conspirators of the Diamond Invention, American Charles Engelhard and Anglo South African Harry Oppenheimer both got buried in churches, surrounded by a bunch of idol-diamond currency-money worshipping Christians, Senator Ted Kennedy, former President Lyndon Johnson and Vice President Humphrey, enough to make not only you, a church going Roman Catholic vomit your guts out.


But again, it is what Jan Smuts, David Ben Gurion and Nechie Badash did with the knowledge they had of the DAAC being the principal financiers of the rise of Nazi Germany out of the ashes of the Weimer Republic when a barrelful of Deutche Marks couldn’t afford a loaf of bread that has you only thinking about yourself and why you were so dumb all those years not to have your palm out when your so very co-opted-corrupted priest palmed you but of course that smile was worth a few bob as he fiddled you boy.


You are not the only one annoyed, ready to scream “bloody murder”, while thanking God you didn’t have any boys, think of The Sperm Donor, his on-off again girlfriend Dawn, and don’t forget while you are making a list of all the people you know who don’t want anything more to do with thinking about the 6 million Jewish people butchered as the mostly Gentile world looked on, to include Protestant Dr. John K. Pollard Jr. who now not only has me just a weenie beanie little upset, everything is relative when you consider the awesome atrocities of the DAAC over the past century, but Public Defender Roberto Quinones Jr, Attorney, USA 1-619-498-2085, roberto.quinones@sdcounty.ca.gov, infuriated as a result of Dr. JKP ever so painstaking, ever so methodical, ever so patient in broadcasting this so purposefully highly confusing email yesterday following receipt of one of those emails from me that got you to explode your “deafening silence”.


So now click on to this hyperlink that will take you to what Dr. JKP sent me yesterday and feel free to share with me how best you think I should respond to Dr. JKP who in my humble but seasoned opinion does not have the best interests of his jailed grandson at heart; although, of course, since he is an alumnus of both MIT and Cornell University Dr. JKP might be able to convince but only himself given how well I am spelling things out that he was so busy yesterday and today making a fortune off his “short positions” in public corporations that he simply didn’t have the time but to waste not only my precious time but that of Attorney Roberto Quinones when all Dr. JKP needed to do was explain clearly what was his writings versus other peoples writings let alone have “sum” [sic] people thinking that Attorney Quinones had anything to do any of those writings and finally for Dr. JKP to explain again his own so purposefully deceptive writings.


Bear in mind first that Dr. JKP is mostly preoccupied in an effort in futility to find tits on the Internet comparable to those so perfectly shaped of my French-Canadian wife; and second, Dr. JKP is not nor has he ever been a member of the Mossad, trust me.


Now isn’t it just so nice to have someone you think is so very nice but for reasons you cannot explain marries an Alan Zulman someone you absolutely detest to the point that you will not visit the person you like and respect so very much unless Alan is not within an “earshot” and best of all have a Bernie Gevisser “popping in and out” who is just someone you love to have around so pitifully “financially poor”, so you think?


But again you cannot get your mind off what people like Jan Smuts, David Ben Gurion, Nechie Badash, and her son, my maternal grandfather, Alef-Albert-Al Badash-Ash did with the intelligence of the DAAC having so infiltrated the British War Ministry during World War II, well before D-Day June 5th-6th, the military scam of military scams!


Yes, all those tears you have shared along with loved one for loved ones now dead, to hell with those from World War II and I, you are again only thinking RIGHT NOW of what exactly did these people who you thought were your “friends” and of course they were mostly “fair weather friends” know about The Diamond Invention and when did they know IT IS all a bunch of total nonsense but yet all around you, on the radio, on TV there are so very many filthy rich and you don’t even have a maid?


The sun just broke through the cloud cover here in perfect climate Del Mar, California, so very bright the reflection of the ocean that I now need to put on my sunglasses.


Wouldn’t you agree this is the greatest and worst time to be alive?


Here you are some 70 years of age and you have had the Gevissers and the Ashes play such a big part in your life, your husband’s life, your sister’s life as well as your children’s life and yet when I tell you that you will enjoy reading THE DIAMOND INVENTION you respond, “I don’t think so!


I just cant wait to hear what Dr. JKP’s grandson, Jose Edward Pollard makes of all this.


Don’t you think it would be a good idea for me to meet with him in jail and have ask his most trusted and least trusted friend join us and at the same time have everyone agree to having our meeting videotaped?


Now let me remind you that you are not the smartest person in the world and nor are you the dumbest, the dumbest is reserved exclusively for The IT aka The Sperm Donor aka Dr. John BIG BEN Stewart MD followed by each and every human being who has anything to do with this slimeball of slimeballs.


So now you are feeling better about yourself but that moment just passed as well.


Ehud Barak, Israel’s Minister of Defense who when Prime Minister of Israel back in the early days of 2001 as the clock ticked down on the Bill “Cecil Rhodes-DeBeers Scholar” Clinton’s fictitious presidency, threw his “weight” behind the extraordinarily brilliant move by members of the Mossad aided and abetted by the very deep underground Jewish Underground, forcing Clinton to grant Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich a presidential pardon at the 11th hour and 59th minute of his DAAC presidency.


You do understand perfectly well while still not convinced you are going to know the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth about who is and who is not on the side of the DAAC and why they didn’t at least dish out to you more money so that you could at least afford your own Lear jet and pilot on call 24/7, that Clinton and Marc Rich wanted that Presidential Pardon like a “hole in the head” and yes you have my word for it had Clinton not granted Rich that Presidential Pardon he would be long dead and buried and no one would be all that concerned to look into stuff like why Clinton, knowing that the world was running out oil, hand over at fire sale prices a significant chunk of the United States strategic oil reserves to DAAC Soviet spy Armand Hammer’s Occidental Petroleum funding the Trust Fund of then Vice President Al Gore.


But let me back up a little since I did give you when we spoke some 21 odd days ago for the first time in going on 6 years, a little more background on this most fascinating non-fiction novel written by a Hollywood blockbuster author who also writes editorials for the Wall Street Journal now owned by DAAC Aussie Rupert Murdoch.


Let me back up even more to remind you of every time I would visit with you all in Wiveliscombe, Somerset over the past 3 decades, up until December 2001 on average more than once a year, your very brilliant husband Robert who of course married the most brilliant secretary my mother ever had would always ask me, “How much money have you made?” going back all the way to March 1978 when I immigrated to the U.S. from our hometown of Durban, South Africa, and my smile response always brought a smile to Robert’s face since your husband also didn’t get off a ship just yesterday, the same with my Royal Mater-Mother who upon arriving in Durban in 1947 along with all her immediate family, “immediately felt at home in Israel” but only when finding out my paternal grandfather Issy Gevisser owned priceless properties in Haifa Harbor, Israel.


Now lets go back to the proposal I made the other day to Mr. Barak that he should simply step aside, no more questions asked, and allow me to take over immediately as Israel’s Minister of Defense-Offense without me having to leave sun filled, perfect climate Del Mar.


Do you think Ehud Barak needed to read Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA again written by Hollywood blockbuster author increasingly edgy but more so paralyzed Edward Jay Epstein, so very capable of writing about all the “funny games” of Hollywood accounting but for “sum” [sic] reason has not been able since 1978 when he finished writing this so very fascinating book to find a single Hollywood blockbuster Producer-Director like Stephen SPIelberg who you would agree I did a mighty fine job “flushing out”?


What exactly is it that you do not understand about why the Mossad or for that matter the deep underground Jewish Underground who keep the Mossad “honest”, do not pay for intelligence, certainly only using fictitious-worthless so very blood stained DeBeers-Dollars if simply wanting to flush out a double agent or “tTOo” [sic]?


I might be on my way tomorrow to visit with you all in England and of course I will call before just showing up which is how it has always been since I left South Africa on March 17th, 1978 armed only with a “Letter of Introduction”, an “insurance policy” signed by my uncle David Gevisser that my Royal Mater handed to me in an unsealed envelope just as I was boarding the plane along with my father, so discombobulated it isn’t in the least bit funny; but then again my mother made all the decisions and most of the time she was right bearing in mind how easy it was for her to see how quickly distracted the world became following World War II without a single parent, educator or priest questioning, “Where did Hitler get his financing apart from the DAAC?” who were then provided immediately following a “grace period” of some 45 odd years to convert-launder all their worthless-fictitious Diamond Currency that they fixed at always more than a barrel oil into everything “under the sun” including real estate, stock market and most importantly insurance.


So you want to know about my meeting on the front steps leading in the townhouse of Sir Donald Gordon, Liberty International’s President for Life.


I tell you what.


Walk a hard copy of this communication and make sure it is in color over to my Royal Mater’s increasingly larger mini-estate which should take you all of 60 seconds.


Then ask her to brew you a cup of tea and while she is standing in the kitchen waiting for the pot to boil have her tell what she remembers about that day as Donny and I discussed how easy it would be for him and of course me to own the entire U.S. insurance market, all the while watching out for a meter maid who could give him a ticket because his son had parked the car so very close up against the car in front that it could not be moved and neither Donny nor I had any change to feed the meter.


Not to mention at the time I was the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Insurance Marketing Services Inc., the largest for profit marketing-publishing company in the property and casualty industry.


To mention little that I got all my schooling when still in high school about the world’s insurance market from Sir Donald Gordon’s very close friend from university, Alan Benn whose partner was Gerald Hackner who of course you recall was my Royal Mater’s South African accountant and our next door neighbor when we moved to 50 Bowes Lyon Avenue, Glenwood, Durban.

To mention in passing you of course recall the Kibbutznik mosaic my mother made at the bottom of the swimming pool that attracted Sam Hackner, the eldest son of Gerald and now head of private banking for DAAC controlled Investec and his younger brother Mark to the point that Gerald’s wife, Hilary complained to my mother that her two boys were looking through binoculars at her models who would of course sunbath nude.


And if there is time have my mother tell you why Hilary talked both her husband, the smartest financial engineer to have ever come out of South Africa, as well as Alan Benn from investing a penny with Donald Gordon.


You know the old adage, “Is it better to be in business with an honest fool or clever crook?”


Neither Alan Benn nor Gerald Hackner ever got to the point of being anything but small time pawns in The Diamond Invention for the simple reason Gerald had a wife who spoke too much, although I really did like Hilary Hackner who was totally clueless to what was going on in the real world and Gene Benn, Alan Benn’s wife, I adored as much as she adorned me, showing her true love when opening up her house to me when I was at death’s door, her Black African maids playing a pivotal role in my rather miraculous recovery after my liver was being repeatedly poisoned beginning in New York and continuing in Cape Town, South Africa at Groote Schuur hospital until finally Alan Zulman said, “enough is enough” and had his friend Dr. Michael Moshal MD begin to make sense of it all.

So you can understand why I am so very understanding of these middle teen teenage guys using the excuse that in order to check out the surf first instead of simply taking a few steps down to the beach they need to first check with Marie to see if it is ok that they would mostly prefer to hang out with her who is really and truly also the coolest mother of all time.


So while we wait for Ehud Barak to “hand over the reins” why don’t you at least think it wise that we should examine who paid his bills during the past few years when he spent most of the time on Wall-47th Street, New York City, the money laundering and intelligence gathering capital of the world.


Bear in mind, I am not making a “judgment call” on Mr. Barak but what I have forgotten about how 47th-Wall Street operates Mr. Barak has yet to learn, matter which I will cover in more detail in my response to Spy novelist Tom Mangold who responds a little differently than you:


From: Tom Mangold – spy novelist yet to comment on THE DIAMOND INVENTION written by DAAC Hollywood blockbuster Edward Jay Epstein
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2007 2:25 PM
To: gevisser@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Re: Educational Light Journey - Looking at a mine field




You are such a cunt. Why don't you just die.


Tom Mangold

Cold WarriorPlague WarsThe Tunnels of Cu ChiThe File on the Tsar

I am simply letting Mr Barak know that he shouldn’t HESITATE to use me as nothing more than a resource to bring a permanent peace in the Middle East in 24 hours or less.


Suffice to say I have already shared the details of such a “bullet proof” plan with a handful members of the very deep underground Jewish Underground who for all I know may in fact communicate a whole lot better than me with the dead.


More importantly, my plan is to go up to Los Angeles tomorrow to meet in person with a handful of people, all Israelis, all Sabras-born in Israel who are naturally the most trusted of Israeli Special Forces Commanding Officers and commandos at which time I will share with them my “game plan” that I am led to believe is already fully underway.


But again, Israel is in the midst of one great divide and She could in fact go “either way”.


Given, however, my “knowledge” versus “belief” in God, belief belonging only in the “DAAC Ages” [sic] to control the discombobulated masses, logic is all that counts, I am quite certain Israel has already moved “offshore” the necessary “response” to a “Big Bomb” going off ANYWHERE CLOSE to Israel that could have the Mediterranean Sea flooding the oil fields of Saudi Arabia.


Clinton was also not the only human being in the world who knew well before 1994 when he fully funded the trust fund of Al Gore that the world was EXTRAORDINARILY FAST running out of oil that fuels not only oil wars but all the gas guzzling vehicles chocking up our already chockablock full Freeways and Highways, it no secret either that apart from our military bases fueling civil wars in oil rich countries us on the mainland of the U.S. are the biggest polluters in the world and it not making any difference that China could overtake our thirst for oil because there already isn’t enough oil to be “shared”, period; forget “shared equally”.


Armageddon has in fact fully arrived and yet the world has not blown itself to pieces, at least not YET!


So because I find your deafening silence so very rude I now insist that you read a good chunk of my Royal Mater’s LIFE STORY OF ZENA which she began broadcasting to the world on October 9th, 2001.


Not to mention how my Royal Mater got your daughter Kerry to interfere with my business dealings when I visited with you all later in December 2001, and yet I might add, to get any sort of apology.


To mention in passing when Israel handed back the oil wells captured during the 1967 6 Day War, Israel wasn’t waiting around for a bunch of wanker producers to produce Crude Awakening, a must see movie-documentary.


And please don’t bother apologizing on behalf of Kerry since I can understand you have other things on your plate to worry about including how you are going to explain all this to your grandchildren.


Do any of them have an email account you would care to share with me?


If not just direct them to www.NEXTtraterresTRIAL.com before clicking on the hyperlink above www.SupremeInternetCourt.com and then scrolling down all they way until they see your first name.


You do understand that my Royal Mater depends on people like you and my father to be there for her in times like these when the past catches up very quickly with the present.


It is fine for you all living like Kings and Queens in the English countryside to think you are all “above it all” simply because you do in fact lead very “simple lives”, Robert Anderson of course not the only exception.


But your “simple lives” provide those very poor of the world fighting it out amongst themselves mostly on foreign soils where there is oil underground more than just a “false sense of security”, they look to people like you leading “simple lives” to convince themselves that they are fighting for the “FREEDOM” of the “small person” who has “no voice”.


You will choke the next time you hear anyone mention nonsense talk such as “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”.


Notice how The Filthy Rich and you way down the DAAC socio-economic pyramid are both  deafeningly silent”!


So what does that mean exactly for say an American grunt wearing a U.S. army uniform not as worldly as the U.S. Marine Commanding Officer who I met with last evening over on the deck of the Del Mar Plaza right outside the front entrance to the pretty decent Italian restaurant Il Fornaio who responded without hesitation to my question, “So what do you think about things in Iraq and Afghanistan” bearing in mind Colt, don’t know his last name has already spent a great deal of time in that war torn region of the world and is preparing to return soon,


“It depends on whether you are asking about American business interests or the Iraqi’s business interests?”


Colt is very possibly the closest individual I have ever met to meet the standards required to be a member of one of Israel’s most elite Special Forces units, just slightly too tall but extraordinarily slim and trim, so sharp looking and best of all with an equally sharp looking and very athletic girlfriend each of them in the most cute way comparing their awesome shaved calf muscles, bearing in mind Colt was wearing faded jeans but there was no mistaking how the rest of his body looked beneath the clothing and his girlfriend who works for a Triathlon magazine wearing a miniskirt that left no doubt she too would easily get through the first round of being chosen for the Mossad’s assassination unit assuming of course they had passed the mustard in Israeli Special Forces and then “sum” [sic].


My father is in fact “sick to death” over my revelations for it has made him, no different to you and everyone copied, a minimum of some 250,000 within the next 24 hours, question everyone he has come into contact with ever since returning from War on April 23rd 1945 just to bury his mother Kate Sher Gevisser who he only found out was ill upon landing after his 71st mission dive bombing the crap out of the DAAC Nazi bastards.


Not to mention Louis Sher, Kate’s one brother then attacked my father with a knife believing the cause of Kate’s cancer was brought on by her being “worried sick” about her most precious and extraordinarily bright and athletic son who only found out in his 60s that he was dyslexic while good enough in only his 4th mission to fly as wingman to Dr. Syd Cohen MD, considered “a pilot’s pilot” and why when Modi Alon, the first commander of Israel’s first squadron was killed during Israel’s War of Independence 1948-1949, there was despite the great loss of this great commander quiet applause for uncle Syd who may very well have been the greatest fighter bomber pilot of World War II.


Kate Gevisser sure knew how to dress up her 2 boys!


Those who don’t know talk .


Those who know don’t talk.


My father did not die from that knife attack nor is it likely Louis Sher got close enough to my father to have even scratched the surface of his skin.


Bernie Gevisser may have in fact had faster twitching muscles than me and no doubt had he delivered his uncle just half the punch I know my dad was capable of delivering it would have been lights out for Louis Sher.


And yes, as much as I am opposed to violence I think in retrospect that is exactly what my father should have done but Bernie Gevisser was already in enough pain and knew that he was soon going to be alone, Kate Gevisser dead June 8th 1945 and his father, Israel Issy Gevisser was “not talking”.


Zena in the meantime on this big time celebration day in England was “happy as a lark”, dancing in the streets with her friends, the world her oyster, not only because she had the looks and an unmatched figure but with her beyond belief brain that would have had Einstein in awe when combined with her father’s one million English Pound Sterling wealth, all in cash, she could go anywhere, the last place in the world, however, she would have dreamed in her worst nightmare, unbearably humid, Durban, South Africa.


Click again on this hyperlink and read very carefully my Royal Mater’s so very carefully crafted autobiography that she began broadcasting one day after I had informed her I attended on October 8th 2001 a very DAAC board meeting in west Los Angeles at the World Savings Center on the corner of Wilshire Blvd and San Vicente a 400 meter or so dash from United States Passport offices at 11000 Wilshire Blvd.


You have not heard of Wetherly Capital Group just like you said the name Charles Englehard , the American head of the DAACdidn’t ring bell”.


But of course you could not deny knowing enough about my father’s first cousin David Gevisser since David was “best friends” with my Royal Mater who you remember was your boss during those so very important years that the DAAC were preparing to take over and then bury The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies.

Photo above shows David Gevisser sandwiched in between my Royal Mater on his left and my father’s sister, Daphne Molk on his right who is seated next to her husband Dr. Leizer Molk MD.


Now where do you think that railroad track was heading?


Now compare, just to begin with, the legs of the 3 men starting with my father on the far right.


Now look at each of their respective crouches.


I don’t think so!


Just your 4 words told me everything beginning with the fact that I should not expect a response .


So let us revisit the two very carefully crafted emails I sent you right after I called you on July 23rd, again some 21 odd days ago:


From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2007 2:26 PM
Subject: Peggy, could you be so kind, perhaps even asking one of your grandchildren to go over to my mom's and ask her if she could let me know when her paternal grandmother, Nechie Badash was born as well as


When she died, better yet from what if that information was available.


You may not know that Nechie returned to England from Israel to raise my mom when she was born in 1929.






From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2007 10:01 AM
Subject: Peggy hello - Just wanted to make sure i had your correct email adress?


Don’t let what I had to tell you about The Diamond Invention “upset” you since “on balanced” it is in fact a very good thing.


I recently came across something that Harriet Tubman, herself a slave, had to say, “I could have freed many more slaves if only they knew they were slaves!”


All the best,




You of course know Leslie Shagam another of my Royal Mater’s “great friends” who was to begin with a not very good fighter pilot during either World War II or Israel’s War Independence.


The photo below of Israel’s first squadron shows Leslie “hiding his head in shame”.



You might not know since it was not something my Royal Mater made a habit of discussing at the very many parties she threw in Wivesliscombe over the years when on occasion Leslie would visit from London that he was thrown out of the Israeli Air Force-El El because he was considered a “security risk” only because he was gay.


You probably do remember that Leslie used to own the London Travelers Club hotel

in Earl’s Court London which we used to frequent every time we traveled as a family to London beginning in July 1966

but of course there was a “hell of a lot” going on between then and “From the earliest days of 1949, she [Zena] began visiting Israel two and three times a year writing reports for different publications.”


You were my Royal Mater’s most trusted private secretary and yet you never saw a single one of those reports since they never existed.


Second, my Royal Mater’s Charm Schools and Model Agencies were all a “front” which of course you only knew for certain when I let you know of the close relationship between her very “lucky friend”, my uncle David Gevisser and the American Charles Engelhard who wanted a “bloody Jew boy” as the executor of his estate as much as he wanted a fricken, “hole in the head”.


U.S. Marine and Navy Officer Amos P. Wright, my greatest human friend and mentor has told me only to use the word “fricken” when “all else fails” and then not repeatedly.


Now ask your awesomely secretive husband Robert why he had so much respect for my paternal grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser and it was not simply because Issy Gevisser was a Grand Mason and founding member of the Masons in South Africa but such membership of an extraordinarily good organization that the DAAC saw fit to infiltrate and corrupt did in fact mean a lot back in those “early days”.


Begin again by having Robert simply read Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA and of course once you read it the last thing you are going to want to do is have Robert give you his opinion since it will bring into question who is this great man you thought you knew so well.


Not to mention people like Dr. Ruth

did have a life before becoming snipers for the Haganah, headed up by David Ben Gurion who understood perfectly well when he ordered his right hand person Yitzchak Rabin and his soldiers to fire on and destroy the Altalena in June 1948, killing a whole bunch of other Jewish soldiers simply bringing in arms critically needed for Israel’s War of Independence that was far from over, there was a very high risk Menachem Begin, the head of the Irgun, the other Jewish Underground movement fighting alongside the Haganah and who was on board the Altalena, could get killed


Smart people like David Ben Gurion who didn’t need to be reminded that Hitler was not the first to propose let alone get a kick out of killing Jewish people also understood that history has an excellent record of even Jewish people being “gutless”, quick to make a buck even if it means selling out immediate family members.


Make no mistake there was nothing gutless or dishonest about Begin.


Robert Anderson may in fact be not simply the smartest human being that has ever lived he may in fact be the very best human being that has ever lived and therefore doesn’t need me or anyone else to tell him so.


Good people don’t need friends.


It is only bad people who need friends.


Good people only need one dog as their best friend and when that dog passes back to God to be fortunate to have that dog’s best friend, Maggie who we will be putting down soon.


My Pypeetoe was Maggie as my wife and my very best friend and anyone with sensitivity; i.e. that the world does not revolve around them, would have figured that out just in the way he would greet us although at first light his preference was to have Marie Dion Gevisser all to himself to the point that it kept me “grounded” reminding me that I am nothing without “doG” [sic].


The very last time I saw Pypeetoe together with MDG who he would exhaust himself kissing, he twice pinned her to the bed applying such force against her left tit just with his head letting Marie and me know that there was a very deep soul buried not in the least bit deep within our pure love, no hidden agenda Pypeetoe and while liking most people had each of us all figured out.


Robert’s dog who accompanied him to the local bar every night where he was served his bowl of beer was no different to Pypeetoe but there has never been such a beautiful character of characters with the silkiest of skins as Pypeetoe who never saw himself as a dog, more like a cat.


My Royal Mater’s, THE WINKING CAT


will in all likelihood end up being a best seller although it is doubtful we will get to witness that day, but only God knows for sure.


Bernie Gevisser could have eaten up all the Jewish and non-Jewish men of Durban, South Africa for breakfast lunch and dinner without however gaining any weight.


But to my Royal Mater the fact that my father was still in 1947 having a hard time getting over the death of his mother when she Zena was raised by her grandmother who was orphaned as an 8 year old following Nechie Badash’s immediate family all being butchered to death with knives by a bunch of marauding Cossacks on horseback out on the town having fun killing Jews, was a little too much for her “constitution”


So lets look at both Zena


And Bernie on their wedding day October 10th 1948.

Now think about how many virile, good looking men in the world would allow within 3 months of being married, their pretty awesome bride to begin traveling regularly to the “hot spots” of the world beginning, “From the earliest days of 1949” when it came as no surprise to those following the DAACMoney Trail” that the DAAC British would escort enemies of the State of Israel in to battle, as both sides prepared to “draw lines in the sand” for the not so much Israel but the west’s next oil war.


How “out of place” to see in Israel a good-looking blonde as blonde can be Shiksa looking 19-year old girl married, however, to the favorite Fighter-Bomber-Pilot son of Israel Issy Gevisser who was “clicking his heels” in Durban, South Africa?


Bernie Gevisser was unquestionably the most eligible bachelor in all of South Africa if not the entire world and whose family owned at the time not only priceless property in the harbor of Haifa, Israel but the most extraordinary multi-national trading conglomerate so sought after by the likes of DAAC American Charles Engelhard who journeyed to South Africa at the very same time the very deep underground Jewish Underground with approval from David Ben Gurion were tracking extraordinarily closely every member of the DAAC responsible for the financing and arming of Hitler.


So what were you doing besides for learning how to knit, “From the earliest days of 1949 she [Zena] visited Israel two and three times a year writing reports for various publications” that no one has ever heard of?


Were you aware that Issy Gevisser was still a bachelor at the time my Royal Mater and her immediate family arrived in South Africa where they first stayed for a couple of weeks at the 5 Star Mount Nelson Hotel located in the foothills of Table Mountain, Cape Town and that Issy came to live with them in the house they built that was paid for of course in cash; my maternal grandfather Granddad Al Ash formerly Alef-Albert Badash-Ash who remember “retired” as a “nonsense” bookmaker to the “humid hell hole” of Durban, South Africa with a million English Pounds Sterling in his “back pocket”.


Have you ever seen a single photo of both my grandfathers even in the same room?


Have you read that “fictional” short story in The Winking Cat about this terrorist attack at Durban July Handicapp held at the Durban racetrack where Al Ash was a bookmaker?



Did my Royal Mater ever tell you that Issy Gevisser nearly lost his life when he walked in to a glass door at my parents’ first home located at 28 Grandleigh Crescent, Durban North with a rather good view that could allow us to send sun reflecting mirrored signals to my mother’s half brother’s home on the bluffs of Durban’s very deep harbor?


Not to mention Councilman and Deputy Mayor Joe Ash was already then well on his way to being the commodore of the highly anti-Semitic Durban Yacht Club.


What business do you think Al Ash and Issy Gevisser spoke about when in the safety and security of 28 Grandleigh Crescent?


Did you know that Joe Ash’s first wife, journalist Aida Parker as close a confidant of my Royal Mater’s as it gets would later sleep with Connie Mulder the right wing conservative member of the South African Apartheid Regime?


Of course you met on more than one occasion right wing reporter Aida Parker.


But you may not have known that Joe’s second wife Tillim, forget the bitch’s first name, has a brother Tony Tillum one of Nicholas Oppenheimer’s closest cricket buddies.


You are beginning to understand better why you so quickly said, “I don’t think so!” even though I never told you the last words coming out of my Royal Mater’s mouth when she and I spoke for the last time in late summer 2004 were, “Are you not concerned for your life?” when all I did was tell her even less than I told you about the Diamond Invention but I did mention to my mother about the fact that there is no mention in Edward Jay Epstein’s, THE DIAMOND INVENTION of American Charles Engelhard being laid to rest on March 2nd 1971 at St. Mary’s Abby Church, Morris Town, two words, New Jersey.


Not to mention such a funeral taking place within a month of that cartoon above appearing in Durban’s Daily News.


My Royal Mater may not have told you when the two of you visited a couple of months ago at your local country club when Alan Zulman was out and about playing “gold” [sic] that she has “stolen” from me the bachelor apartment I purchased from her back in 1995 right after I met with my uncle David Gevisser who offered me for the second time the job of American head of the DAAC.


You would know that my Royal Mater does not need either the income from that property or the proceeds if she were to sell it in order to maintain her anything but over-the-top lifestyle although compared even to how most of you very quiet people live it certainly appears that my Royal Mater and Alan live like Kings as they still despite all my Royal Mater’s whining about her health jet set around the world to their not exactly inconsequential other dwellings, whether it be their most awesome bachelor pad in south Kensington, London or their antique furniture cluttered apartment in Netanya, Israel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and of course why would my Royal Mater have on her email list a real estate agent in Majorca unless she was at least thinking about buying up the entire island.


Going overboard?


Zena Gevisser is of course furious with me for revealing things that should only have been revealed in order to safeguard the security of Israel.


But today my Royal Mater is “irrelevant” and if she doesn’t yet know it, then please inform her.


Her only focus right now is making certain that BIG BEN’s bought and paid for kids don’t inherit anything from me or at least those items which she believes in her infinite wisdom could be put to better use by people who again she believes in her infinite wisdom have a better “value system”.


And of course my Royal Mater who does not let a day go by when she does not recall the most important teachings of her orphaned grandmother, Nechie Badash as close as it gets to David Ben Gurion, besides for possibly me, is correct in believing that there are in fact very good people out there like non-fanatical awesome Gentiles such as Robert Anderson who have a significantly better value system than currently either of the Sperm Donor’s two children but don’t you think it is a little bit too soon to be saying kaddish for me?



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Hellow Gary,

Got your mail but, unfortunately, also five other mails from you, which I have no reason to read!

Hope you are well


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