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One minute Mr. Glenn is in Ecuador, the next Kabul, Afghanistan, the next Harare, Zimbabwe and now Pretoria, South Africa, awesome!


What a great life for a non-elected U.S. Government official so very active in Democrat-Socialist Politics to also be representing President George W. Bush in the “hot spots” of the world?



Please understand that you are not “under oath” which shouldn’t stop you from imagining - our 13-year old Chocolate Labrador Maggie just farted - but could you tell me if you have heard either Mr. or Mrs. Glenn who I met with in the summer of 2004 where we conversed for quite some time in the living room of her multi-million dollar estate in the flats of Del Mar, ever say a “nice word” about Mr. Warrens’ boss, President George W. Bush?


Okay, you would prefer that I be clearer.


As you know when government freeloaders especially those so very liberal with hard working peoples’ heavily taxed earnings start losing their marbles the first thing we notice is that they become very liberal with their tongues.


Ok, you would prefer I be more direct.


These sons-daughters of bitches have the most extraordinary difficult time keeping their very big, so very vile, so extraordinarily disgusting filthy mouths shut.


You would also know that once you start down this path to hell it only gets worse.


Let me explain.


I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority; i.e. evil doesn’t come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork.


In other words, the truth is too disrupting for some people too busy keeping track of all their  lies from day one.


Consequently, it is inevitable that God doesn’t require much effort apart from laughing Her-His head off seeing all those who usurp their limited authority collapsing in to a heap of tears, not in the next most awesome life which IT IS for those who stand up to evil, but now, this moment, in real time as the past and the future all come “to-get-her” [sic] in the present, the Digital Age with Knowledge- Information-Light traveling at light-G-D-speed, nothing short of a godsend!


So there was Mrs. Warren mouthing off about how very impossible it was for her husband at each one of our civil wars stirring embassies in all the “hot spots” of the world not able to create more violence that allows us to amongst a number of by products buy everything cheap using our currency only backed up by our military mite, her husband’s job as the FOREIGN PRESS LIASON OFFICER so important to the lifestyles of all the career diplomats living so fricken high on the hog, to the point that Mrs. Warren didn’t notice I had taken that overnight package you see above and tucked it in to the back of my pants allowing you to make your own judgment about whether or not both Mr. and Mrs. Warren should be tried for treason?


In other words what has prevented Mr. and Mrs. Warren all these 7 odd years from having the courage to give up the “good life” resign from working for President George W. Bush and follow their “conscience” unless they are “conscienceless”.


Do you recall a single career diplomatic with their diplomatic pouches ever explain to you why they don’t make a big deal about the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel’s Diamond Currency, unlimited in supply, untraceable, LIGHTTWEIGHT, and never inventoried passed from one diplomat to the next using diplomatic pouches that has them all so very “deafeningly silent”?


Would you know the value of the diamonds that were paid to top counter-intelligence FBI Agent Robert Hanssen by the DAAC Soviets when securing knowledge about critical “assets” of the United States who were later summarily executed?


Is Mr. Glenn still connected with the Peace Corp because later in court that is exactly what Mr. Warren’s representative Ms. Lori Goetz told the judge who not in the least bit surprisingly when one understands the level of corruption in our judiciary, ruled in Mr. and Mrs. Warren favor that my wife did NOT have an option to renew the one year lease, despite all the executed documents showing conclusively Marie Dion Gevisser did in fact have such an option which only became an issue when Mr. and Mrs. Warren figured I had held on to that very telling Presidential campaign mailer.


And of course we could have appealed and possibly foregone our current residence perched atop the bluffs of Del Mar, a whole lot better location, right on the beach.


What goes around comes around with a vengeance!


Would you also know if when in Pretoria Mr. Warren will be meeting with Trevor Manual, South Africa's Minister of Finance who I had the opportunity to spend a good deal of time with back in 1995?


Can you think of a greater time to be alive so long as you are not being shot at or having to worry about whether you can afford to even step foot in a grocery store, afraid of so many things?


There is a great book called The Diamond Invention that is available free on the Internet that I would like to suggest you, your family, co-workers and of course Mr. and Mrs. Glenn know all about it.


It is written by Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein.


If you have hyperlink capabilities I can direct you to it by clicking on this hyperlink.


Don’t you just love email especially when you boss is “out and about” and his email system is “set up” to provide such very informative automated responses.


BTW if you have the time why not communicate with Jose Edward Pollard, the 18-year old son of Dr. John K. Pollard Jr. who is currently in jail, bail set at $50,000. Just click on this hyperlink.


Actually, it looks like Jose Edward Pollard has now “made bail”.


The San Diego Sheriff’s Department’s website, WHO IS IN JAIL now reads:


The person you are searching for is not in our custody!


Should I not hear back from you soon I will simply place this communication up on The Internet and perhaps your assistant and/or replacement will respond in a more timely manner.




Ps - Do you have any thoughts why it is that since we have been in command and control of the air, land and sea surrounding the world's largest poppy fields, very specifically in Afghanistan opium production has gone from essentially zero under the ruthless Taliban who did a “marvelous” job of destroying the awesome culture of Afghanistan by first destroying their works of art to where our "contractors" in Afghanistan oversee some 60% more than the worldwide demand for opium?


Not to mention the United States consumes some 90% of the world's opium and please don’t think yourself so very smart to respond,


"Well at least this excess production keeps the cost down and consequently the cost of living in the U.S. which in turn would skyrocket leading to a whole more horror stories than the collapse of my pal's Angel Mozilo's Countrywide Mortgage!"


Why do you think Israel



hasn’t decided to follow in the footsteps of our “contractors” in Afghanistan and been inventive enough to out-produce Afghanistan by simply leveling that minefield you see me [red kibbutz hat] looking at on the Golan Heights back in January 1968, very possibly right in the spot where very young Israeli soldiers in the wee hours of the surprise attack on Yom Kippur 1973 had their equipment cut off and stuffed in their mouths?


Do you have “sumwhat” [sic] of a sense when my Royal-Mater-Mother called me in the summer of 2004 when my wife was renting Mr. Glenn’s multi-million dollar residence in heavily city council and real estate agent corrupt Del Mar, California, when informing her that Edward Jay Epstein, again the Hollywood blockbuster author of The Diamond Invention made no mention of the fact that my uncle David Gevisser was in fact the “male heir” of American Charles Engelhard, my mother responded:


Are you not concerned for your life?


Not to mention increasingly edgy Mr. EJE failed to mention in the awesomely important Chapter 18, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY that Charles Engelhard, the co-inventor-conspirator of The Diamond Invention was buried at young age of 54 on March 2nd 1971 at St. Mary’s Abby Church in Morris Town, two words, New Jersey.


To mention little of the Mossad assassinated Charles Engelhard “seeing fit” to make certain his most corrupted politicians, Democrat-Socialist-Nazi Senator Ted Kennedy, former Democrat-Socialist-Nazi President Lyndon Johnson and Democrat-Socialist-Nazi Vice President Humphrey “stood at attention” at the graveside.


To mention in passing, my Royal Mother was raised by her paternal grandmother who like her son my maternal grandfather, Alef-Albert-Al Badash-Ash were much more than “gunrunners” for David Ben Gurion’s Haganah fighting the DAAC British for a homeland in Palestine.


I am 50 years of age, not exactly in the “worst of shape”, far from it, and so looking forward to my awesomely in-shape, so very funny French-Canadian wife returning later today from visiting her family in Canada.


I will be leaving shortly to get a haircut and of course take as much time as you think is necessary although may I also suggest you inform Mr. Warren that possibly prior to him returning from Pretoria I will be sharing with him and now you as well as a good number of other “interested” parties the Top Secret Israeli Military Intelligence report that talks to a date-time certain when Israel’s top military brass expect Al Quaida to launch a series of attacks in their own “backyard” that in the next instant will cripple the U.S. economy.


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I will be in Pretoria from August 20 through August 22.  For immediate assistance, contact Frances Chisholm.


rances Chisholm.