From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, August 03, 2007 7:16 PM PT
Cc: rest; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild; Marcia Kramer - Political / Investigative Correspondent And Host - WCBS-TV ; Mossad; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Oprah;; Rush Limbaugh; Dr. Laura Family; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar Clinton;; South China Morning Post


Mr. President,


How many people even without seeing the movie-documentary Crude Awakening just “get it” but until now, as each drop of oil is seen as increasingly more precious, haven’t seen a way for us to come together apart from the world blowing up from lack of oil that fuels oils wars and us starting all over again?


It just taking one politician anywhere in the world to tell their country’s fighter jet fighters there simply isn’t enough fuel for their jets if it means a choice between them and just one person having enough fuel to get to and from work driving in to bumper to bumper traffic on an United States Interstate scared out of their minds from nonsense talkers like John and Ken of KFI 640 AM interviewing other nonsense talkers who also have no credibility whether it be in “how to make money” or to have those they “worry to death” about their lack of money distracted thinking about each and every bridge they cross over or under collapsing, so long as they don’t think about the guaranteed collapse of the oil market and its immediate implications that include the likes of John and Ken, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, Oprah, Oreilly and Co. all out of work.


Not to mention yet again the timing of the Top Secret Israeli Military Intelligence report which I plan to share with the world tomorrow, possibly before noon, yet to be even mentioned by the mass media since not only is it credible but beyond belief “explosive” and in the next instant totally paralyzing the American economy that even an elementary school kid would ask, assuming of course they were well conditioned,


Why wouldn’t Israel execute such a no-brainer and in the next instant make peace with the whole Arab world?”


Mr. President, may I suggest you confer immediately with Ehud Barak, Israel’s Minister of Defense asking him to explain why it is that Israeli Military Intelligence is “circulating” but only amongst highly credible individuals a Top Secret report that talks to a time-date certain when Al Quaida will launch a series of attacks in their own “backyard”.


And assuming Mr. Barak has the time, to explain why when he, a highly decorated Israeli Specials Forces commando, was Prime Minister of Israel he “pleaded” with DAAC President Bill “Rhodes-DeBeers ScholarClinton to grant a Presidential Pardon to Marc Rich.


Bear in mind Mr. Barak may have no issue with Rich voluntarily renouncing his American Citizenship on an absolutely nonsense charge but you would think any Jewish person in the world apart from the very many so corrupt would have serious issues with Rich trading with Israel’s enemies at the very same time, perhaps just a few hours after they removed the penises of Israeli soldiers manning the front lines during the 1973 Yom Kippur War that caught Israel “flat footed”.


Then may I suggest you “kick back” in the chair of your desk in the Oval Office of the White House, not forgetting for a moment that so very important meeting at the Carlyle Hotel between President elect John F. Kennedy and Harry Oppenheimer, the Anglo South African head of the DAAC which also controls Lloyds Insurance of London that now does not allow American citizens to be investors that has you thinking since you are also a taxpayer of things such as the “Boston Tea Party” followed by words such as, “taxation without representation”, insurance like casinos not only money laundering vehicles but highly effective ways to institute more of the DAAC’s regressive tax strategies aimed simply at more trickle down economics that has the rich continuing to trickle down the costs of getting richer on to the back of the poor so very poorly misinformed, that of course may go over the head of a good number of my audience but certainly not you or your advisors.


Then give thought without mentioning a word to Mr. Barak of the Top Secret covert operation in Egypt during the summer of 1954 that resulted in the capture, torture and in some cases hanging of Israeli agents who were “sold out” by their commander; most likely Mr. Seidenberg, the Israeli agent running Operation Suzannah in Egypt, “turned” right at the very start.


You don’t need to be Jewish to understand the story of Cain and Abel.


One of my Royal Mater’s “favorite” bedtime stories was of this little boy who was stuck high up in a tree in his familiar backyard, not to mention one that she repeated fairly often even when I was in my mid-teens, very much a “man”, able to dismantle and assemble both an Uzzi submachine gun and AK 47 in pitch dark, each time Zena changing the story just a little to make this rather “shocking” story “interesting”.


His father, from below, kept beckoning his very young son, “I will catch you. I am your father, you can trust me.”


The kid kept looking around for “support” from his mother who was nowhere to be found and began to cry which only made his father that much more determined to convince his son.


The tears were now streaming down the kids face and the father instead of simply telling his only son that he would get a ladder and help him down, got angrier and it wasn’t long before he was shouting at his son who was now screaming for his mother who was watching this very sad scene from inside the house, hidden behind a curtain, thinking that if she were to intervene it would only make things worse.


Eventually, however, the mother came out and so as not to destroy the manhood of her husband just gently asked what the commotion was all about.


At first the father simply ignored his wife and continued to belittle his son who just wanted to die, not able to believe that his mother would allow him to go through such misery.


But as the mother took another step forward her husband blasted her like a “bat out of hell” which so shocked the kid that he immediately stopped crying but only for a split second before erupting in agonizing pleas for his mother to just come and be near him.


Then in a very clear and loud voice his mother said, “Jump!”


As the kid began flying through the air his father stepped to the side allowing his son to hit the ground where all he suffered was a broken leg, 5 cracked ribs and a scratched bum, but none the worse for wear.


Mr. President, have you thought why it is it that the most thoughtful of those interviewed on Crude Awakening saw human population decreasing as a “CONSEQUENCE”, some 80% down to 1.5 billion, following the world starting to run out of oil possibly within 5 years, rather than a “SOLUTION”?


So obvious when you see Jane Fonda’s estate alongside other Brits owning the polo grounds that go on and on in Argentina, the British Crown own everything including “crown” British Crown colony, the United States of America.


The principal purpose of this communiqué is for me to help you help me expose not only why Hanoi Jane never bothered with her DAAC bosses’ South African Apartheid Regime as she also protested so loudly against the so easy to figure out Vietnam-Farmer War, just one more Hollywood distraction but Hilary and Bill “Cecil Rhodes-DeBeers Scholar Clinton who wanted to grant big time DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel commodities trader, Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich a Presidential Pardon, like a “hole in the head”.


Quite an introduction!


Quite a series of sentenences that don’t run on!


My French-Canadian wife just came up the stairs of our studio cliff house in Del Mar letting me know, “The boats look real pretty”, referring to one of her several very excellent oil paintings that she is hoping to sell at an art showing tomorrow over at the Del Mar Plaza.


Not to mention as we both returned separately from our Stone Home deep in the Cleveland National Forest, so very pristine, hasn’t changed very much since the 1950s, I opened a letter from the City of Del Mar which in addition to informing me that a parking ticket of mine had been “dismissed” resulting from a handwritten letter I had submitted that talked to one of many of the corruptions of the heavily corrupt Del Mar City council, let me that I should call a certain individual about “employee parking” which of course would have a reasonable person concluding that the City Council are not offering me a job but simply trying to “cover their butts”?


My wife now beckoning me to come and see her display.


I will continue this, all being well tomorrow.


Not to mention the first photo of a “regal” looking woman in the email I sent Ms. Marcia Kramer of CBSTV yesterday is my mother, Zena Gevisser, and yes at one time all those diamonds on that broach were “authentic” diamonds dug out of the ground.


To mention little of when picking up my Ducati ST4S motorcycle from a Ducati dealership in downtown San Diego, dropped off by my so very sexy wife who is now giving at least a little thought to instead of getting a Vespa scooter to purchase a Ducati Monster, I “ran into” an American-Israeli whose first name is Itai, born in 1971 and raised for 5 years on a very large Israeli military base near Haifa before immigrating to the United States with his Argentinean parents.


To mention in passing my mother’s most trusted “guide” in Israel, Yehuda Matov whose back you see in the bottom right photo below was also Argentinean who I was led to believe from highly reliable sources within Israel’s military played a hand in my paternal grandfather’s priceless properties in Haifa harbor, going back well prior to the outbreak of Diamond drilling bit oil World War II, getting “gifted” to the Mossad following my mother, “From the early days of 1949 visiting Israel two and three times a year”. 


Not to mention given how we are going out this evening on my Ducati, no guarantee we will make it back and to therefore explain further that multi-billionaire Marc Rich as well as all those including Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak who “weighed in heavily” at the 11th hour and 59th minute of Bill Clinton’s presidency, doing nothing short of “placing a gun at the head” of your predecessor, knew that Clinton as well as Rich’s one American lawyer Libby so very prominent in your administration and whose prison sentence you just commuted, were asking the President of the United States of American who also is Commander In Chief of all United States Armed Forces to pardon an American who not only voluntarily relinquished his American citizenship when a fugitive from justice but during the Yom Kippur War of 1973 that led to gasoline lines throughout the United States made a fortune when buying oil from Israel’s enemies such as Iran at US$12 a barrel and then turning around and selling it to the U.S. for twice the amount.


To mention little yet again of President Clinton, I believe it was in 1994, sold off a very significant chunk of the United States strategic oil reserves to Occidental Petroleum whose founder Dr. Armand Hammer had extraordinary close ties to the Soviets so very aligned with the DAAC it is of course neither a surprise nor is it funny especially when you consider that the Vice President of the United States at the time, Al Gore had a trust fund set up by his media family heavily invested in the shares of Occidental Petroleum who made nothing short of a “killing” on the backs of United States taxpayers as well as the world’s downtrodden masses increasingly “getting it”.


To be continued…---…