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Subject: A penny for your thoughts on how best to get folks like Hezbollah and Hamas to "cool off"?....


How does this sound?


Bite down on your tongue and then get immediately to work on getting your buddy Stephen Cohen of Codiam Inc. to work on his Black Hatters who keep tabs on you and for all of you to “cool off” by stripping yourselves of your ill-gotten gains.


At the same time I will work on getting the leadership of Hamas and Hezbollah to also “cool off”.


What advice would you give me to achieve my objective apart from what I have already spelled out above rather clearly as well in the previous email to my one group of attorneys in England?


You do, of course remember your parting words to me on January 13th 2005, “One of these days you are going to get yourself in trouble!” as well as your parting words when we previously met in the restaurant of the Beverly Regency in Beverly Hills when you excused yourself from the table where you were playing host to members of the Diamond Invention Rothschild family, letting me know, “At best the Lazarus’ would have contributed throughout the years no more than $25,000 to the South African Apartheid Regime”.


Of course you were well informed ahead of our meeting on January 13th of my “shots across the bow” to Stephen Cohen that began 2 months and two days prior, my email of November 11th 2004, breaking a 24 year silence beginning, “Remember me?


The fact that the Lazarus clan of Durban North, South Africa are not hypocrites, the most “intellectually honest”, the mental midgets that you all are, doesn’t make right what they have done and nor does it make it right that you think yourself so “above it all” that their lack of hypocrisy allows you to “keep their company” and at the same time blacken the hands of those you “gift” with your so ill-gotten gains.


Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. did not need to remind me in the fall of 2002, “Your death will be painless and quick, a relative taking an ax to the back of your head” since I haven’t forgotten it was an ultra-orthodox Jewish person from Bar Ilan University who assassinated the great Yitzchak Rabin and not some “crazed Arab” that your antics are geared to incite.


When you let people treat you like an ant you become an ant!


While there are “sum” [sic] not able to understand why they receive my emails there are exponentially greater numbers who not only understand perfectly well my writings along with my agenda but are doing the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and sharing my Knowledge-Information-Light with everyone they possibly can while anxiously waiting for my next highly informative communiqué.


I must now respond to Sargent Jensen of the SDHPD.


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Hi  All

I am overseas

from: 01 May 2007 to: 10 July 2007

Kindly cool off all correspondence for that period



Bernhard Lazarus