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Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 1:30 PM
To: - Attention: Alan Byrne and James Sunderland – Risdon Hosegood.

Cc: rest;; Marie Dion Gevisser; Austin Auger; Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman; Devin Standard; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; Mossad; Dr. Laura Family;; Oprah;; Rush Limbaugh; Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss; Augusto Benito Vargis; Gregg Birnbaum - Political Editor for New York Post - webeditor of Just Hilary;; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Dr. Jonathan "Trouble Bubble" Beare;; Allie Meyer - WHY WE FIGHT!; Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki - President of South Africa;
Subject: PLAY BUSINESS...I CHOOSE PYPEETOE...on the ground........ Seacrest Lease[Scanned]


It appears that Dave Clark may not be paying his vendors.


At the same time my wife, Marie Dion Gevisser who continues to protest that she does not have the time to read or have me read to her my emails even when she is “walking out the door, informed me earlier this morning as she was headed out the door of our studio home in heavily corrupt Del Mar on her way to art class with Sebastian Capella that she couldn’t call her mother in Montreal, Canada because I hadn’t paid the long distance phone bill because most likely the telephone company don’t have the new number of my credit card which the credit card company changed because they argue this inconvenience-distraction was to protect those on my email list,,, no strike that, protect me from fraud without however, allowing me to provide my input that would have focused on all the time I have to waste not only notifying vendors but then have to explain the reasons to all of you why I don’t think my wife should be wasting time communicating with her mother apart from keeping up her very good French.


BTW I pay only 2 bills, my credit card and the gas and elect bill for our Stone Home deep inside the Cleveland National Forest that I have finally managed to get around to having San Diego Gas & Electric automatically debit my wife’s checking account.


Life is just great when you have not only the greatest lover in the world who happens to be your wife but only one bill to pay which most of the time my credit card bill is used for me to make notes on, invariably ending up in the trash leaving me only having to worry, at least right now about a United States Attorney convening a secret Grand Jury who could very possibly decide that a padded cell along with of course conjugal visits would be the only way I will ever get around to writing my forthcoming book, although I doubt very much they will allow me to keep my dog Pypeetoe unless the cell has a large enough courtyard attached?


I also understand that Mr. Clark has told members of the community that he paid the entire 24 months base rent in advance.


Furthermore, there are at least two customers who apparently refuse to eat at the restaurant because of a bad experience but continue to go over and drink. In other words, Dave may also be a great conversationalist which to the best of my knowledge was not a condition of the Lease but something to think about in the future.


Most of this is of course “heresy” [sic] and may be irrelevant to the “legal actions” I am seeking against Mr. Clark.


Can you tell me whether you think it would help or hurt to get some of these people to “go on record”?


BTW I am looking in to getting my Royal Mater’s Social Behavior record titled just like her book, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN placed up on my website.


Could I count on all of you as well as all your other clients who I assume include Mr. Brown, the incoming Prime Minister of Great Britain, to listen to it if not once a day how about once every other day?


I believe that Mr. Clark thought he had done a good “sales job” on Mr. Sunderland Esq. when he visited our very unique property-business bearing in mind that Mr. Clark may have had plenty of notice to make Seacrest-Waterfront look much more like a restaurant than what I understand is really a pub with Mr. Clark apparently doing the cooking, a far cry from him protesting to me that he had this brilliant French master chef that he was bringing over from the Red Lion.


Again, I could do more research now that I only have to worry about the telephone long distance being reconnected and a U.S. Attorney triggering a precipitous collapse of the worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars, including contacting the folks from Enterprise Inns PLC who were Mr. Clark’s previous landlord and my sense is that they would confirm he left the Red lion in more than just a little mess.


By The Way, have you noticed that while the DAAC media are “playing up” these indictments by the British Crown against the perpetrators who exploded the miniature neutron bomb in Piccadilly Circus that killed a former KBG officer who had a “tiff” going with President Putin of Russia, no one is really getting in to the knitty gritty of either the awesome technology that was employed nor the fact that President Putin understood perfectly well it would lead back to a very elaborate laboratory which then has everyone reading this wondering what folks like the Mossad and the CIA are currently engaging in.


President Chavez of Venezuela is increasingly finding himself in a “tight spot” as I begin to focus Public International Attention on why he has so much to say about President George W. Bush and the rest of us “colonialists” but yet he is “deafeningly silent” on The Diamond Invention.


It is one thing for busy housewives focused mostly on having affairs with their very colorful gardeners to let me know that they don’t have time to be bothered with all this stuff but it is another thing for a politician who is elected by the DAAC to think they can keep ignoring the “will of the people” who simply want to know, “What did you know and when did you know it?”


A little earlier I got off the phone with a former principal of which used to own the Internet rights to at the time when had me spearheading their SMARTBALL project which had SporTVision, a spin off of the Fox Network and run by Bill Squadron Esq., the son of the 30+ year personal attorney of Rupert Murdoch, doing all the engineering development.


I hope to speak within the next 24 hours to Che Che Vidal, the “retired” founder and Chairman of the Board of who if he has continued to “play his cards” right will inevitably be at least the President of FIFA which you would know is the governing body of soccer, a religion in most countries outside of the U.S. and possibly China.


Che Che is Venezuelan.


I know better than to “play business” with anyone let alone fool around with someone who is used to getting “his way” and when caught decides to act even more recklessly.


As you know I had an “incident” yesterday with an FBI agent here in the United States where the overwhelming majority of our citizens as well as “visitors” and not to forget “guest workers” doing the heavy lifting believe it is not only a safe place but the “safe haven” of choice for all those suffering persecution in the rest of the world.


Moreover, most subscribe to the Conventional Wisdom of not “messing with Big Brother” especially the Biggest of Big Brothers I am proving beyond a shadow of a doubt is and has been for the past century under the “command and control” of the DAAC who most getting more than their fair share of the graft-spoils of Diamond Drilling bit oil wars would be happy to hear have done such an excellent job of propping up the worthless-fictitious and very blood stained DeBeers-Dollars.


Not to mention, the T-shirt I once had that read on the back, “Don’t worry America, Israel is behind you!


It is a sobering thought for anyone who is all or mostly “about money” to realize how very important is the State of Israel to those getting more than their fair share of the graft.


Bear in mind that around mid-1964 while my Royal Mater was flying back and forth to Europe, the Middle East and of course attending the World Fair in New York City the DAAC arranged for newly elected DAAC President Lyndon Johnson to have the Captain of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier Enterprise visit Cape Town, South Africa and “pay his respects” to Mr. Johnson and the rest of the 3 Branches of the United States’ DAAC bosses.


Israel didn’t really have much choice but to also “play the game”; i.e. not go against the current and work with the DAAC beginning with procuring most of their armaments following the end of the June 1967 6 Day “Jew-Arab” War from the United States, the $5 billion odd that the U.S. “gifts” each year to Israel nothing more than the “down payment” for Israel being in a “constant state of war” with its Arab brothers and sisters who don’t all know of that so very important meeting between Ibn Saud, the founder of the House of Saud, Saudi Arabia and DAAC stooge Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt.


This photo below taken right after the Yalta Conference that began 2 days after the Red Army liberated the death camp of Auschwitz on February 2nd 1945 should have all the parties to the civil war going on right now not just in Afghanistan and Iraq but throughout the world including here in the United States as well as countries like France and Spain while never forgetting hot spots like Peru and Venezuela, choosing to be smart and to stop immediately with all hostilities.


FBI agent Lombardi might, however, after thinking very carefully about my suggestion he “Listen Up!” decide to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and read repeatedly what I wrote and to come away realizing that despite a university degree he may be more poorly educated than a violent gang member who only knows from what they pick up off the streets.


Not to mention people like Jewish Underground leader David Ben Gurion, informed by the awesomely great Field Marshall Jan Smuts who was destined to take over from Churchill during WW II were Churchill to ever get out of his drunken state, that the DAAC had infiltrated the highest levels of both the British and American War ministries well before the outbreak of World War II, did not need to wait around to read DAAC stooge Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein’s THE DIAMOND INVENTION first composed in 1978 the year I immigrated to the United States from South Africa “armed with” my “lucky” uncle Dave’s “Letter of Introduction”, to know that the Haganah needed to act very quickly prior to the DAAC controlled United Nations granting Israel statehood in May 1948 to establish “channels” with the most trusted underground movements beginning with the awesome French Resistance made up of mostly Gentiles who recognized there was no conflict whatsoever between any of the major religions who all teach “good” or for that matter any dispute between Creationists and Evolutionists apart from the fact that if you get rid of “controversy” you immediately neutralize the important propaganda tool of the DAAC who have owned both Madison Avenue and Hollywood from their very beginnings.


Equally important was the smarts of DBG to surround himself with the very best and brightest, i.e. those who could be the most trusted to “check their egos at the door” and not feel the need to see their names and pictures in the newspapers and none quite like my great maternal grandmother Nechie Badash, an early resident of Tel-Aviv who only returned to England in 1929 to raise my Royal Mater.


The very deep underground Jewish Underground who reported directly to DBG, never using phones or telexes, sticking only to personal visits, quickly realized that the groups most susceptible to DAAC infiltration were the most militant and hence the decision by DBG to pull out all stops to neutralize the Irgun, the more “radical” of the 2 Jewish underground movements fighting mostly the British and confined to Palestine.


Not to mention yet again the extraordinarily tough decision DBG took in June 1948 with Israel’s War of Independence still raging to send his most loyal and very brilliant field commander Yitzhak Rabin who would later become the first assassinated Israeli Prime Minister, to destroy an Israeli ship carrying armaments to Israel and in the process have his best and brightest spilling the blood of their Jewish brothers, the Altalena Affair while equally heart wrenching as the failed Suzannah operation that later became better known as the Lavon Affair was not as significant from an intelligence standpoint given how DBG recognized the imperative need to have his most trusted “consigliores” go very deep underground, the Suzannah Operation exposing the DAACMoney Power”; i.e. the “money weakness” of even Israel’s over-the-top competent intelligence services.


You will notice how very quickly so vocal Jewish supporters of Israel go “deafeningly silent” when you remind them that the top Israeli intelligence officer in charge of this undercover operation in Egypt aimed at influencing U.S. and British foreign policy that was not in the best interests of the State of Israel, “turned” leading to all the remaining undercover Israeli agents being exposed, tortured and some executed.


To mention little yet again of my 19 year old and just very recently married mother, “From the earliest days of 1949 she visited Israel two and three times a year writing reports for different publications.”


To mention in passing yet again how my Royal Mater made a “big deal” in her “Life Story of Zena” of, “her dreams of being a foreign correspondent and dropping behind enemy lines in Europe came to an abrupt end” when he father, Albert Badash-Ash “abruptly” informed her that he was moving her, her mother and step-brother, Commodore Joe Ash to South Africa in 1947 when my RM was just 18. 


To mention in passing yet again when “cutting and pasting” from my Royal Mater’s memoirs which she began broadcasting over the internet on October 9th 2001, some 53 years odd to the day she was married to my father, she goes on to say,


“The Gevissers (she married Bernie Gevisser when she was 19 after only a few months in Durban) owned land in Haifa harbour and Zichron Yscov and she rapidly felt at home in Israel.


Before meeting my father in South Africa, it is highly doubtful my mother who subscribed to the notion, “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer” had ever visited Israel.


The DAAC South African media loved my RM.


Her first sister-in-law, married to Commodore and Durban City Councilman Joe Ash was as right wing a journalist as they got in Apartheid South Africa.


My mother’s second sister-in-law married to Commodore and Durban City Deputy Mayor Joe Ash was the brother of Tony Tillum, the very close cricket buddy of Nicholas Oppenheimer, the current head of the DAAC and son of Harry Oppenheimer who in turn was the Oxford educated son of Ernest Oppenheimer who took over from Cecil Rhodes, the founder of DeBeers.


Not to mention what extraordinary influence my RM must have had to bethe first civilian in the captured area of the Sinai.”


To mention little of what my RM hoped to accomplish when writing a 4 page letter on April 7th 1996 to me and my 3 elder siblings where she makes out that my amazing father led her to attempt suicide rather than simply getting divorced as if none of us could recall how when she and our dad got divorced in the early 1980s the rabbi granting them the “get”, the Jewish divorce needed to get married again at least according to Jewish custom, kept shaking his head, repeating to both my mom and Dad who he knew remained very much in love, “most couples get married for the reasons you are getting divorced”.


The only thing my RM would not trust my extraordinarily trustworthy, so very smart and of course so extraordinarily honest father was with “money” for the simple reason she never wanted him to be in any way, shape or form familiar with the “money trail” and was willing to kill if it meant anyone DARING to damage his and his beloved father’s very good name!


So you figure what went wrong in my relationship with both my mother and father.


Zena Gevisser is nuts and she managed to convince my father he was nuts.


Zena Gevisser only went nuts because I drove her to attempt suicide when it looked like I was “missing the boat”, choosing to join the Israeli military rather than be smart, pick up on the clues she kept leaving while never, not once, spoon feeding and to simply take over from my “lucky” uncle David Gevisser as the American head of the DAAC when I would be 21 years of age, “white and bright”.


Zena Gevisser remains, at least to the best of my knowledge, the most deceptive human being on the planet with as “white hands” as it gets which only means she is human and makes mistakes.


On the eve of the June Arab-Israeli 6 Day War, Menachem Begin, the head of the Irgun “buried the hatchet” and approached David Ben Gurion who had retired for the second time as Prime Minister of Israel to once again lead Israel in to this most important battle that should have been the war to end all wars including local gang wars throughout the world.


Israel’s unprovoked attack on the U.S. spy ship Liberty should have been the “rallying call” first for Americans to “wake up” and begin a “dialogue” amongst themselves by asking what a defenseless U.S. spy ship was doing anywhere close to the war zone let alone so very close to Egypt resulting in if nothing else, “The hand of G-d” appearing, driving the world as close as it has got to nuclear Armageddon.


Israel can of course provide extraordinarily convincing arguments that this whole tragic “incident” was one big mistake after the next.


The United States of America, however, cannot.


The United States of America does not require its school kids to read THE DIAMOND INVENTION, the most fascinating non-fiction novel that has ever been written.


Nor does the State of Israel made a big deal to its citizens who see the Black Hatters shuffling “back and forth” about how this schizophrenic Jewish State props up the U.S. economy by promoting Dollars when telling the world it is using Dollars rather than Diamond Currency, unlimited in supply, untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried to purchase Israel’s weapons of war from the DAAC controlled United States’ out of control industrial-military-complex that are used to mostly protect the West’s tyrants-despots from their shell-shocked masses who thanks to the Internet may soon be as well informed as you, if not quicker.


When I come over could I rent an office from you that I assume has a T-1 Internet connection?


What is to stop Israelis from opening up a debate on at least what followed the unprovoked attack on the U.S. Liberty?


What is to stop Hezbollah and Hamas Special Op commandos doing one excellent job of mimicking the best of the best of Israeli Special Forces from doing the same?


What stops the survivors of the attack on The Liberty from gathering once again for the single purpose of following the “money trail” that leads wherever they are most or least comfortable?


D-Day is also still very fresh in the minds of Americans and few getting more than their fair share of the graft want to explore exactly what the Bretton Woods Conference of July 1944, one month after the nonsense of D-Day, was also all about.


Auschwitz is also still very fresh in the minds of Jewish people.


What if there was not the DAAC allocating the resources of the world amongst its “friendly” partners during times of relative peace when money is the most acceptable “means of exchange” and during war times when “money is no object” to go back to bartering where those who have stolen the most get that much richer all on the backs of the poor who are only financially poor, not necessarily as stupid as the DAAC would have them think.


Even if the choice was only between the DAAC and my Super fast, Super Intelligent-Sensitive Italian-Miniature Greyhound I would choose Pypeetoe.


There is a reason why gang warfare is epidemic here in the United States and law enforcement know that thanks to people like gun runner Devin Standard it is just a question of time before all law enforcement are going to be not only “outgunned” but up against significantly in better shape, both mind and body, gang bangers who don’t carry all the “baggage of law enforcement who have been doing the bidding of the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, cartel of cartels who make all the drug cartels who are of course DAAC infiltrated just like law enforcement, appear so very innocent looking.


This is not intended to be simply a “lecture” on the “delusional world” given how I know there is not a single person working for the great law firm of Risdon Hosegood who believes for a moment anything I have to say will make a difference in bringing peace to a world where a significant number of people are delusional in believing that violence is not simply a “necessary evil” but they somehow end up prospering from the poor of the world fighting amongst one another until such time as the violence comes knocking on their door and by then it is not simply a matter of it being “too late” but when delusional you simply “accept your fate” and take whatever “punishment” you think you may or may not deserve while always reminding yourself that not only does God/G-d not exist and nor does our Omnipotent Power care but long before just dying once and again there is no certainty it will be violent those slave wage earners breaking their backs doing the heavy lifting will first fight it out amongst themselves.


Images of those walking in to the gas chambers of Auschwitz are still “fresh” in my mind even though I have never even visited a death-slave camp of World War II since I have no interest in feeling “sad” and at the same time, “paying my respects” to the DAAC who orchestrated this garbage.


Again, I don’t know when I will take my last breath so I try to be mindful of everything I say and do bearing in mind this could be my last communication; i.e. I wont get around to sending out the last two remaining heavily broadcasted emails, one to Mr. Devin Standard and the last one to my immediate family let alone write-complete my forthcoming book THE HISTORY OF MONEY CREATION AND ITS FUTURE, subtitle, A Message For The President thus giving my wife the “good” but not necessarily acceptable “excuse” not to write, “The Lion”, the children’s book of children’s books.


Most poorly conditioned human beings would argue that it is not a smart thing to “upset” the FBI whose top officials not only know who I am but are intimately aware of my agenda to expose their corruption that begins like all the corruption throughout the world with the Diamond Invention.


You will notice how each of you are getting not only increasingly quiet but much more mindful as you go about your daily business knowing perfectly well just like the FBI, CIA, Mossad, as well as all top government officials, elected and non-elected that not only do I speak the truth but it is just a matter of time before the masses of good, hard working people figure out that they don’t have to “accept their lot” determined not by an Omnipotent Power but by a reckless, ruthless but government sanctioned organization.


The DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel are not as smart as they would like everyone to believe, not even close.


For starters they made an extraordinarily big mistake in underestimating me.


I don’t know if there is anyone else out there who is willing to take on this mafia of mafia who have the means to infiltrate not only all our intelligence services but each one of our households without even the bought and paid for family member ever being quite certain they too are not being “watched” by another family member.


It took me a while back in 1980 when I was working for Codiam Inc. in Manhattan to figure out that I needed to keep my mouth shut very tight given how I knew that I was not the only person in the world privy to what was taking place at Codiam Inc.’s headquarters located on 47th Street and by keeping very quiet I was able to conserve what little energy I had knowing that I could be making a fatal decision by not returning to South Africa where I would be assured of getting world class medical treatment and to listen very carefully, figuring there had to be a purpose, to the utterly nonsense talk that went on between the two principals of Codiam Inc. and a man by the name of Martin Rappaport, the most important Hasidic-ultra orthodox Jewish-Black Hatter who was counted on to publish the “manufactured price” of the DAAC’s Diamond Currency.


The words, “manufactured price” should take your breath away.


If not then you are in either heavy denial or more likely the “resignation” stage of simply grabbing as much as you can before the masses figure out everything you know.


As I mentioned earlier today in an email to a good English friend of mine I have known since I was a kid how very fickle is the human spirit, brother selling out brother goes back to biblical times but that doesn’t mean it is right.


Instead we should figure out how easy it is to fix beginning with conditioning kids right from the start not to focus on this “loving one another” utter nonsense but to work together playing to each others strengths as opposed to wasting energy killing one another given how short a period of time we are “gifted” to visit.


Stupidity is a choice we make when we decide to “turn the other cheek” and the more you turn a blind eye to evil the more you lose your consciousness until you have no sensitivity, left only with the “gift of the gab” to talk a whole bunch of nonsense that to those who have figured out the “game of life” is so very easy to “spotlight”.


I have a Next Symposium just starting up with a 23 year old and worldly American.


Austin Auger, assuming he has the stamina which I obviously believe he has, might come around much quicker than he currently thinks to “my way of thinking” which is no less or for that matter, no more than 180 degrees different to the way he thinks currently, although he would argue currently that he and I are much more of the “same mind”.


Austin, however, is so extraordinarily “off the mark” only because he has so much invested in the “status quo” garbage educational system which the DAAC control that has their “subjects” all thinking that they are all so very different.


Going in his favor, however, is the fact that Austin grew up in the gang infested area of “Carlsbad” [sic] where he and his family were at times forced to seek shelter from all the “cross fire”.


Were I to be successful in convincing Austin to stop with all his utter nonsense distractions, most of all his so very annoying “gift of the gab” that I would be able to decimate not only in a “one- on-one” debate but as I hope to prove in this BLOG I have now set up for him on the Internet, it is my humble but seasoned opinion, the two of us would in no time not only stop all the gang violence but at the very same time expose and silence all the DAAC media talking heads made up of the most average of us who the DAAC seek out to do nothing more than breed controversy.


Stick and Stone break bones, but words kill!Zena Gevisser


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From: Gary S. Gevisser []
Sent: Monday, May 21, 2007 10:12 AM
To: Catherine Blundell – Risdon Hosegood - Attention: Alan Byrne and James Sunderland.

Cc: rest; Marie Dion Gevisser;
Subject: ON THE GROUND....RE: Seacrest Lease[Scanned]


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