From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, May 21, 2007 10:12 AM
To: Alan Byrne and James Sunderland – Risdon Hosegood
Cc: rest; Marie Dion Gevisser;
Subject: ON THE GROUND....RE: Seacrest Lease[Scanned]


Attached is the last email [turnover] I received from Mr. Clark on April 10th where he mentions turnover.


The second attachment [insurance-percentage rent] references Mr. Clark’s acknowledgment of the “good deal” I got on the insurance premium plus agreeing to pay 3.5% on all sales for the percentage rent provision of the Lease.


Mr. Clark should by now fully understand that while I am not “driven by money” I understand its importance as just ONE MEANS OF EXCHANGE as well as a way for us to “keep track of things”.


There is nothing that I do apart from empowering the kids to parent the parents who need the most help in order to give peace a better chance that I consider more important than my next priority which requires that I call right after sending this email the contractors to replace the wood and glass railing in our rented studio cliff house with the latest steel and glass railings thus significantly increasing the view which to begin with is “over the top”, while at the same time I have to make choices in terms of what I shouldn’t “let slip in between the cracks” all the while constantly focused on finding the most efficient methods to increase my already extraordinarily large “footprint” on the Internet, again all in an effort to “give peace a better chance”.


Not to mention yet again the importance of “triangulation” so very well spelled out in my Perfect Storm II story co-authored with Mr. Newell Starks, an officer of Citigroup’s awesomely successful leverage buyout firm, Citicorp Venture Corporation who specialize in “management friendly”, i.e. “shareholder hostile” takeovers, PS II considered by those operating at the very highest levels of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel’s dark pyramid nothing short of an “excellent take” on how just one individual telling a fairly entertaining story can bring a totally corrupt institution like CVC to “its knees” without having to spill a “drop of blood”.


To mention little of Israel’s not only so very “unprovoked” but orchestrated to the Nth Degree attack on the totally defenceless American spy ship Liberty manned by a great American captain and an extraordinarily skilled crew operating the world’s most advanced intelligence gathering equipment, so very close to the Middle East war zone some 3 days in to the “Jew-Arab” 6 Day War that on June 8th 1967 was already a “foregone conclusion” that Israel would be beyond belief victorious, and why every human being on the planet should right now click on this hyperlink taking them to the highly informative BBC commentary that is mostly informative of what it fails to mention while you will pick up in the “background” audio of an English commentator at the time referring to this war that should have been the “war to end all wars” as the “Jew-Arab” War which to a good number of people is not in the least bit “offensive” unless they have, or should I say, “care to have” a better understanding of the truth about wars and who exactly profiteers including those later doing documentaries and who also profiteer from “controversy”, poor breeding and the such.


The problems of the world having nothing to do with race, sex, colour or religion simply poor parental religious teaching and greedy people inevitably relying on wars to have the increasingly aware poor fight it amongst each for the scraps.


To mention in passing what exactly is going on right now at the highest levels of American Airlines as Mr. Gerard Opray, President and Chief Operating Officer considers the “fallout” of the Feds deciding whether or not to prosecute a criminal action against American Airlines’ wholly owned subsidiary, American Eagle and its employees.


To mention in passing that as one follows the “money trail” beginning at the very end when the General Manager of American Eagle called me up with the single purpose of retaliating against me for having both reported a crime that involved the use of an aircraft in the commission of a felony crime as well as having ferreted out SIGNIFICANT evidence of “cover up” including his own highly incriminating statements in “black and white” which coupled with his absolutely ASTONISHING phone call is the sort of thing that makes for much more than simply great entertainment.


Interesting that no one, including of course me, knows precisely what is happening on a number of important “fronts” I have “opened up” and at the same time most would agree that I am most likely the most well informed which makes for great entertainment attracting an even greater audience.


Of course it helps to have my credibility as well as skill and knowledge which are of course all interdependent.


Interesting that the Drudge Report just placed up on their website the UK’s latest “spy drone”, a flying saucer looking contraption that is not quite as small as the artificial fly I as well as many others envision flying above the desk of Stephen Cohen, President of Codiam Inc. who each and every day sets the price of diamond currency above a barrel oil affording his DAAC bosses without it costing them a single penny to own through their Central Selling Organization in downtown London, England Lloyds of London who accept the DAAC’s certifications of their own Diamond Currency as well if not better than Bank Guarantees issued by banks such as National Westminster when guaranteeing the collateral of those including DAAC operatives investing in Lloyds who in turn not only establish the cost of insurance in the rest of the world but assure themselves of being in “command and control” of all the world’s stock exchanges, inevitably the world’s capital and financial markets.


Now back to the small little world of Minehead, England.


There is nothing in the least bit funny by Mr. Clark’s “tardiness” not to mention how he made such a big deal when negotiating the Lease to “play down” the potential liquor sales and now we find out that he is very possibly running more of a pub than a high class restaurant which is what he led me to believe was his primary interest.


I have not checked the Lease but I would assume that the “losing party” would be responsible for all legal costs.


Either way, proceed poste haste to apply to the Court for the Lease to be forfeited.


BTW, I already have people “on the ground” in Minehead watching the situation very closely but should you feel the need to notify the local authorities to protect the 4 Ps, People, Property, Plant and Pets please do so.


There are lots of rumours flying around about the condition in which Mr. Clark left his former operation, The Red Lion which may not have an ounce of truth to them but at the same time I know that Mr. Clark has not been exactly forthright with me, not even close.


Over the course of the next 48 hours it may be difficult to reach me given how I will be focusing on things developing in Venezuela, hoping to touch base with a former partner of mine, Che Che Vidal whose company once owned the internet rights to


Sincerely yours,


Gary S. Gevisser


Ps – Would you know if my United States motorcycle license is suffice for the UK?


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From: Catherine Blundell []
Sent: Friday, May 18, 2007 6:37 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Seacrest Lease[Scanned]


Dear Mr Gevisser


Seacrest Lease


Mr Clark’s che


litigation to advise you.


Yours sincerely



Alan Byrne