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Gary I am not going to get into a debate with you verbally or on the internet and I will tell my uncle the same. You are wrong in what you write and it is not up to me or my family to justify to you what charities or what we do to stop our guilt for our privelaged lifestyle. The purpose of this communique is to say I commiserate with you for your misery and hope you get what you want out of life. db



From: Gary S. Gevisser
Saturday, January 15, 2005 12:59 PM PT
Derrick Beare
Cc: rest; Jonathan Beare;
Dad; Devin Standard; Dr. Rodney Smith
Subject: RE: RE: I know all about trouble bubble. I don't need u to tell me.


D – One purpose of this communiqué is to let u know that I commiserate with your misery, none of us favored class while enjoying a good laugh want the game to end, to be allowed to milk the cow to the very end, certainly not have one of our own spill the beans, agree?


I may not be any better than anyone else, my hands not necessarily whiter than yours, my “work product” tho, out on The Internet for everyone to critique in the hope that others will follow suit before more radical elements decide to take a bribe from the DeBeers-Anglo American Diamond Cartel, trigger a class war between the poor and working classes destroying any chance for the next generation to escape this cycle of corruption and violence that cannot continue, the masses being educated at light speed to the “whispered deals”, this poor attitude of, “accepting without questioning, this is the way it is, one has to deal with the most honest crook, grabbing as much as u can, get comfortable and spend the rest of one’s life getting old, phat and incredibly ugly” [sic], fast drawing to a close, agree?


We use the excuse of family when it is plain simply money, pure greed because if u were really concerned with family would u want to raise your kid to be this corrupt because they will have to be more corrupt to survive unless of course they inherit the money, is that what u r planning to do?


U think I am mean, remember u left South Africa 2 days after your barmitzvah, not very aware of how mean the leaders of our Jewish communities throughout South Africa were to the black masses who during the 1976 Soweto riots took little vengeance on us Lilly White Wheaty Eating so liberal boys and girls, but then u know all this?


I am hoping, no strike that, I am succeeding in getting the next generation from being as complacent as those in the past, looking to the future, seeing the past and the future all coming together in the present with the Digital Age, A G-D-Send, willing to question like never before beginning by having the previous generation open up their books, critical given the instability in this world that the youth who r all our futures do not follow in the footsteps of those who have allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning.


Tell me exactly what u don’t understand in terms of what I have written above.


The decision by your uncle Dr. Jonathan Beare telling u subsequent to our meeting this past Thursday morning in Beverly Hills, “Gary is smart, his information though is not accurate and one day he is going to get himself in big trouble” without pointing out exactly what information is inaccurate other than he is apparently not the cash richest person in the world, jb making  a point of letting me know that people like Larry King who was seated a couple of tables away could be richer is in addition to being a rather weak statement rather telling, agree?


Have u bothered to find out exactly what other information is inaccurate and why wouldn’t u make me aware of your findings or is questioning your uncle not part of the loyalty thing?


The “Family loyalty” thing when it all boils down is to hide things to keep it all a secret within the family, agree?


Would u have the same feelings of loyalty and be in denial about jb’s weaknesses if he were a poor scum bag?


Put him as just Plain Joe versus the public person who has benefited a whole lot more than control a handful of public corporations and maybe u will in fact be just as loyal then again if he has already given it all away to charity why not be proud and display such amounts and which charities on The Internet to encourage others like myself to be even more forthcoming, choosing our words ever more carefully, sticks and stones break bones, words kill, agree?


It’s amazing what conditioning can do?


In the end u have been able to look logically at all the other scum bags out there.


Until it hit home everything was very nice, wasn’t it?


The feedback I have already received from our call earlier today is the following:


Derrick Beare knew all along his uncle was setting u up to go to Los Angeles and have u agree as u sat down not to make public what bs jb would cast your way.


Db was just trying find a way to get his uncle’s name off your emails scattered thruout The Internet, perhaps the conversation between db and jb going along the following lines,


'Why don’t u just meet with Gary - that’s all u might need to shut him up?'


And if u didn’t agree to remove jb’s name from your communiqués gaining public international attention with each strike of the bell, smart of u to be the first to recognize that it is the ‘most average’ who rise to the top of the Bell Shaped Curve, to have jb then declare at the end of your meeting having initially got u to agree to not disclose publicly all the ‘back and forth’ that he never read anything about your Clean Water Fund project forgetting how despite fixated on saving the world there r certain things which have your multi-tasking skills kicking in, able to go back to emails written by jb himself just 6 weeks ago stating rather succinctly that he had not only read the stuff that has folks in tune with the heartbeat of the universe drooling but to show his sincerity jb also made a point of wishing u “success”.


So weak your argument that I have attracted only Tefo Mohapi while managing to:


 “alienate the rest of the world including your own family, Ron Bellows Senior, Jeffrey Simple Smith, Lori Goetz, NewellManagement Friendly’ Starks, Vicky "Sticky" Schiff, Dan & Mark Weinstein, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Campbell Soup Krinsk, Ron Burkle, former President Bill Clinton, Marc Rich, Roy Essakow, Cliff "Still retrieving diamonds up my anus" Benn, David Gevisser Engelhard, Nicholas Oppenheimer, the bought and paid 4 media, etcetera, etcetera" [sic]?






Footnote to Dr. Jonathan Beare: What’s preventing u from making the arguments refuting what I am uncovering? Prove me wrong. Wouldn’t that be an easy way to shut me up? Your silence shows culpability!


Furthermore “phatso” [sic], why would I come to Los Angeles other than to address any and all your questions relating to our CWF project, just so see your incredibly fat belly?


Your decision to vent to your favorite nephew, “Gary is smart... one of these days he is going to get himself in big trouble” is once again telling of u not perhaps as smart as u once were, going back to the time you were born not recalling well enough your ingenious father letting u know that u would not inherit a dime allowing u to make it on your own while benefiting immensely from the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel’s influence over corrupt governments granting those further down the totem pole “equal access” thru “bought and paid for” tax loopholes to the ever dwindling riches belonging to those incorruptible grass roots organizations and the next generation catching on real quick to,


U summarizing the fundamental problem of the world's economy with the beginning and ending of our meeting with your request for me to not speak of our discussion, the mortgaging of our children’s future through out of control real estate development must now stop, as Nero fiddles Rome burns” [sic], agree?


I know all about trouble bubble. I don’t need u to tell me.



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We should speak asap. Call me at home when you get up or now. I don't want

to wake your family. db



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D - your uncle and my uncle David Gevisser have no excuse...---...