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From: Gary S. Gevisser
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Subject: TRUTH...publications: newsday post


I am now settling in for the evening after taking with our Maggie our last walk of the day.


BTW my French-Canadian wife and her two kids from a previous marriage are visiting this week with Marie's family who have congregated in Vancouver, it has been a few years since they have all visited.


Suffice to say without divulging your name or email address just your first name I have shared what I wrote you with my entire primary email list that numbers about 5,000 individuals/groups but within 24 hours as the rest of the world "comes online" that number will reach about 5 million if not very SIGNIFICANTLY more, not to mention that on average each person who receives an email from me forwards it to 10 other individuals and that number is also growing exponentially.


As you can see it is not in the least bit difficult to "catch on" to what I am saying and even if I was not in fact the "ultimate insider" and just some "spirit out there" popping in and out of your head you would be able to figure it all out on your own.


Once you realize why it is that no one had you question where for example did this little corporal Hitler from World War I who couldn’t make a living as an artist painter or for that matter a wall paper hanger all the while looking like the most non-Aryan looking German imaginable bearing in mind he was Austrian, get the money to afford shoe polish for his boots let alone all the financing and precision engineered tooling to produce in no time at all the most extraordinary military machine of all time that had the rest of the world "playing catch-up" in the very next instant you just have to laugh and laugh and laugh.


And of course there is absolutely no need to cry over "spilt milk".


There is a tremendous amount each one of us can do beginning with doing nothing more than calling upon each and every one of elected and non-elected government officials to first of all read the Diamond Invention and then immediately engage me in "open debate".


The problem you will find is that none of them will respond until all of them figure out they don’t want to be the one "left out".


This is all very much common sense.


Try it with yourself first and then your children.


Don’t feel rushed.


Most of all feel invigorated without, however, feeling the need to go "overboard".


Again, I have done all the "figuring out".


I am 50 years of age and looking forward to every next moment including that very moment when I will pass on and be with God and my beloved Pypeetoe.


The same cannot be said of the rest of the miserable bastards who have caused this mess and that includes each and every individual who continues to "play ostrich".


You will see from my writings that I am not in the least bit religious although I did used to go along with many of the rituals of Judaism just so that I would not stick out like a sore thumb.


Judaism is, however, the most ingenious of all the religions but impossible but for the exceptionally few to follow its ingenious logic that is all about each of us finding purpose to our lives beginning by always remaining logical, sticking to the basics without allowing mysticism or superstition to ever get in the way of logical thought processing.


We hear from near the very "start" that "God is one" allowing each of us to figure out on our own what exactly that means and by the time we are done, exhausted by all the “nothing” debate, you know you get 10 of us Jewish people in a room and you have 11 arguments, no one is even thinking that one of the 5 books of Moses is numbers and the first number besides for zero that we know is the number one which when we cut the stem of any plant it kinda looks like a one and when we look at the cut section it kinda looks like a zero.


Then we come back to this "hearing" business and the first words we actually hear out of the mouth of supposedly God is,


"Hear O Israel, I am the Lord thy God, God is One!"


And if you can stick with it all and you notice how easy it is to do since there are increasingly less distractions around you as you begin to feel that much more the heartbeat of the universe, so you question why the word "Hear" as opposed to "Look" or "Feel"?


And before you know it you are thinking about nothing else but the "coincidence" of whoever was writing those profound words knowing that of all the senses it is EXCLUSIVELY within planet Mother Earth that we can hear.


God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we should listen twice as hard as we speak.


Next we should ask ourselves what are the implications of there being no such thing as "coincidence"?


Then to look no further than examining the word "truth" a word we all use all the time and yet when you ask someone beginning with yourself to define such a hard to define word you find yourself going awfully quiet because it is so very hard to define.


But you know when you see the most beautiful flower your whole body lets you know that you have found "truth", so that is one definition.


When you see another animal whether it be a human, a dog, a horse, a cat anything with a pulse and you simply find it awesomely beautiful your whole body lets you know you have found yet another "truth", so that is one more definition.


The wordsI am” is another truth that no one else can take away from you bearing in mind you can only talk for yourself, you cannot tell someone else what is their “truth” as in, “You are apart from being able to convince through logical thought processing that you have the convincing argument.


Another definition I suggest is, "Truth, that which does not change".


The only other time I am aware of truth is when God spoke, "I am the Lord thy God, God is One".


Time to sleep, to dream, to imagine a world free of the human beast, noise but full of joy.






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From: Margarite
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To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Re: PUBLICATIONS: newsday post


Holy Moly! This sounds like Captains and the Kings by

Taylor Caldwell - written a number of years ago.

Except this is far more sinister.  It also sounds

dangerous.  I've suspected for a long time that we are

just pawns in a much larger game - intentionally

dumbed down with what passes for "popular culture". 


I'm going to pour over this because it is going to

take a while to assimilate all this information. 


I've figured that for my part I can cut down on my oil

consumption - I hate feeding the enemy.  My next car

will be a hybrid, probably a Prius. 


I'm going to be spending time looking into this

information, but here is the question....what can

ordinary people do to save ourselves?  I don't even

know if this is possible anymore.  One thing for sure,

ignorance is no cure.


Thanks for the time you took to send this to me. 


BTW, I have a standard poodle.  My significant other.





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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2007 8:01 PM
To: Margarite
Subject: PUBLICATIONS: newsday post


“Margaret” [sic],


Again I must apologize for the delay.


We have a 13-year old Chocolate Labrador who despite getting a “second lease on life” following the spirit of my beloved Pypeetoe, the most precious, super sweet and super fast Italian Greyhound, such a thrill to watch him run, having entered her heart, soul and mind following Pypeetoe passing away 10 days shy of 6 back on June 28th in the “very prime of life”, still has the body of a 13-year old Chocolate Labrador who needs to pee fairly regularly.


You are coming in on the "tail end" of my life long endeavor to "give peace a better chance".


First, you should read The Diamond Invention only available on The Internet written by a Hollywood blockbuster author by the name, Edward Jay Epstein who you have probably never heard about before, no different to my name although Mr. Epstein is much more well known amongst the "general public" than me since he also writes editorials for the Wall Street Journal.


I am, however, extraordinarily well known to the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel who are the most brutal driving force behind the Diamond Invention.


Not only did I work for the DAAC some 27 odd years ago on 47th-Wall Street, New York City, the money laundering and intelligence gathering capital of the world but twice I had the opportunity to take over from my uncle David Gevisser the American head of the DAAC, first in 1980 and then again in 1995 which you can read about when clicking on to this hyperlink.


In many ways you will initially feel that you are coming in to the middle of the most unimaginable “nightmare” but once you realize that the DAAC who “interfere with the light” now have increasingly no where to hide as I place the most extraordinary spotlight on them and all those who benefit from the DAAC having been now for more than a century the most pitiful allocator of the world’s precious and limited resources so will you instantly feel the weight of the world being lifted off your shoulders.


Everything that I write can not only be verified but given how very painstaking, methodical and ever so patient I have been in exposing this mafia of mafia I now have them, the special interest of special interest group, in nothing short of a state of total paralysis.


Moreover, I know versus believe that they will inevitably agree to my terms of total unconditional surrender or face superior and overwhelming forces of light.


I am in fact writing my book, THE HISTORY OF MONEY CREATION AND ITS FUTURE!; subtitle, A Message For The President in "real time" although for several years I have been ever so patiently, methodically, painstakingly and so very repetitively but with enough changes here and there to keep things interesting letting my audience made up of a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate and of course discombobulated human population believe that I was simply putting the "finishing touches" to my book that begins where THE DIAMOND INVENTION leaves off.


Before letting you go "on your way" to check things out and may I again suggest that you start with the Diamond Invention by clicking on this hyperlink that will take you to Chapter 9 of the Diamond Invention titled, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle, THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA , let me come back to your questions about my posting that "caught your attention".


The "western powers" have absolutely no interest whatsoever in stopping Al Quaida, at least until we have secured our oil needs "in to the future"!


The world, however, according to the best minds out there runs out of oil in 5 years or less. You should rent the movie Crude Awakening that spells this all out rather well but you would do well to hear from me why they see the precipitous SIGNIFICANT drop in human population down to about 1.5 billion as a "consequence" and not a "solution".


The Israelis are not the only smart people in the world.


The Chinese, a population of some 1.5 odd billion strong, setting the scholastic levels wherever they go also know we run out very shortly of oil and it does not matter whether it is in 12 or 24 months or even 10 years from now given the entire world's "thirst for oil" and there are no realistic alternatives to oil which fuel oil wars, not even on the "drawing boards".


For Americans so used to consuming it is a very “hard sell” to move away from the “instant gratification”, “shake and bake” mentality, “win one you lose sum” [sic] to take the time needed to even begin thinking about the time needed for the reallocation of resources in to the “betterment of humankind” that would inevitably take away from our out-of-control industrial-military-complex that doesn’t exactly provide much "good" in this world apart from simply propping up our currency to allow us to buy at bargain basement prices goods, services and mineral resources such as oil, very much dependant on our out-of-control industrial-military-complex that isn’t doing all that well on the battlefields, bearing in mind Korea wasn’t exactly a “win for the record books”, Vietnam was a total loss and in Iraq we have had two wars up against a rag tag army and we are getting our butts kicked rather bad.


But don’t forget for one moment that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere throughout the world are all about creating one refugee crisis after the next as the citizens of our war torn countries pack their bags in a hurry, set up future battlefields in neighboring countries and we get to enjoy our days riding about in our not exactly gas saving over-the-top gas guzzling pick up trucks, Hammers and all.


Don’t also forget that the price you pay at the pump to fill your vehicle has gone up, so not only is it not “fair” or “right” what we are doing in the rest of the world but things are not exactly looking all that rosy here in Good Ol USA, agree?


The Israelis are not the only smart military in the world.


Israel is quite the power house technological marvel as well.


The Chinese won World War III without firing a shot.


The Chinese economy is fueling the rest of the world's economy while the United States of America focuses on our out-of-control-industrial military complex that cannot even hold its own against a rag tag army of insurgents who we helped arm and train.


The Israelis didn’t arrive in the Middle East just yesterday.


The Chinese and the Jewish people have a rather long history of trading.


The United States does not do a very good job in educating its citizenry who think the whole world revolves around the United States of America.


1421 The Year China Discovered America is a book you might want to read one day.


Today Israel is in the midst of the greatest divide in the history of the Jewish people.


Marc "Trading with the enemy" Rich wanted that Presidential Pardon from Bill Clinton at the 11th hour and 59th minute of his DAAC Presidency like this Rhodes-DeBeers-Scholar wanted a "hole in the head".


Bill Clinton wasn’t close to being the smartest person in the world but nor was he able to avoid when being granted by the DAAC a Rhodes Scholarship that it was all courtesy of DeBeers whose founder was Cecil Rhodes.


Bill “Cecil Rhodes-DeBeers ScholarClinton wanted to grant that Presidential Pardon at the 11th hour and 59th minute of his DAAC fictitious presidency like he wanted "a hole in the head".


Ehud Barak, a highly decorated Israeli Special Forces Commando and now Israel’s Minister of Defense needs to explain exactly what he was thinking when he “threw his weight" behind such a beyond belief Presidential Pardon that only certain members of the Mossad as well as the very deep underground Jewish Underground wanted more than anything else in order to expose both Marc Rich as President Clinton for being on the payroll of the DAAC.


Not to mention that Marc Rich first, “mad a name for himself” [sic] when during the 1973 Yom Kippur War that had Israeli soldiers on the front lines that were overrun during the surprise attack getting their equipment cut off and stuffed in their mouths, some still alive, Rich purchased oil from Israel’s enemies for US$12 a barrel and then sold the oil to the United States for double as Americans clicked their heels waiting in gas-petrol lines.


To mention little of Rich voluntarily relinquishing his American citizenship while a fugitive from U.S. Justice on a “nothing” US$50 million tax bill he owed the U.S. Treasury which amounted to what he rounds up on any one of his daily trades which of course is “real money” to the “Joe Public” but nothing but “trouble” for Marc Rich.


Ehud Barak after his stint as Prime Minister of Israel spent a great deal of time on Wall-47th Street where the DAAC are not only so very prominent but a very significant number of their Hasidic ultra orthodox Jewish-Black Hatters are vehemently opposed to the State of Israel, a fact of life not many non-Jewish Americans are aware of.


Again, I have thrown my “hat in the ring” to take over from Mr. Barak as the Minister of Defense of Israel and will guarantee all the citizens of Israel that I would be able within 24 hours to bring about a permanent peace in the Middle East although Mr. Barak also knows by now exactly what it is that he can do given how I have laid out for him the entire strategy, bearing in mind that I didn’t get off a boat or a train just yesterday, a train right now blowing its horn in the far distance about to come blasting right in front of our awesome studio cliff house, the numbers 451 written in white on the side of the front engine, the train heading south towards San Diego, the time, 7:33 PM and now I must make haste as I want to get in a little run, perhaps to Torrey Pines State Park and back before it is dark.


Clinton was not the first DAAC President of the United States to be bought and paid for.


Click on this hyperlink that will take you to Chapter 18, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY of the Diamond Invention.


As you scroll down you will come across the words, "had no male heirs" in reference to American Charles Engelhard, the co-founder of the DAAC.


As you scroll further down you will note reference to a Justice Department informer making mention that it was a "New York Diamond dealer" who "arranged" the meeting of President elect John F. Kennedy and Harry Oppenheimer, Charles Engelhard's Anglo South African mafia partner at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City.


Nothing could be further from the truth but it is designed to let the reader feel utterly “hopeless” that even a diamond dealer and there are hundreds of thousands if not millions around the world could “command” the future President who carries the title, Commander In Chief to meet with the mafia of mafia just before being sworn in.


Charles Engelhard was very much alive both before and right after he arranged the rigging of the 1960 Presidential election.


American Charles Engelhard chose my uncle David Gevisser as the executor of his worldwide estate not simply because Engelhard had "no male heirs" but because Charles Engelhard had a gun put to his head that the Mossad did in fact pull.


American Charles Engelhard was buried on March 2nd 1971 at St. Mary's Abby Church in Morris Town, New Jersey, not in a Jewish cemetery as you would expect when reading this Diamond Invention a very fascinating non-fiction but highly anti-Semitic book again only available on the Internet.


Increasingly edgy Edward Jay Epstein does not mention in this very fact filled chapter that Charles Engelhard had even died or the fact that Senator Ted Kennedy, former President Lyndon Johnson and Vice President Humphrey were forced to attend this so very important funeral of the head of the mafia of mafia.


Bear constantly in mind that this Internet only book that could be so easily updated with all these very important facts was first written in 1978 the year I arrived from South Africa to take over from my uncle as a result of a "deal" between David Gevisser, my father's first cousin and my mother, the "brains" behind my “sellout” stupid uncle.


Not to mention that my mother's father and grandmother who was orphaned as an 8 year old when a gang of a marauding Cossacks on horseback wiped out her entire immediate family were much more than "gun runners", they were the entire "brain trust" of the “very deep underground Jewish Underground” who trusted absolutely no one apart from David Ben Gurion and his most trusted military commanders who knew better than to write anything down or speak “out of turn” let alone write reports for nonsense publications, certainly never to have a single phone conversation that didn’t contain mostly deception.


Are you more or less curious?


More importantly can you think of a more interesting debate that has me up against each and every member of the DAAC 3 Branches of the United States Government who chooses so very poorly not to educate the American masses on The Diamond Invention and its catastrophic impact with time remaining, however, to restore balance along with a deep respect for our Maker who grants us sufficient time.


All the very best,




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LOL...not with the BBC - that's the first time I've

ever been asked that!

I saw you on Newsday - a post you did about how

Hillary was asked if she was black enough.  Actually

there is a somewhat interesting debate going on about

it now.  It's a gray day in Portland (imagine that) so

I've been spending too much time on the net today.

I grew up in southern California and miss it -

especially the weather. 

So, I'm just an ordinary person, I work at Nike, I'm

curious about political things because I think we have

lots of turmoil ahead and I'm worried for my kids and

their kids.

I guess I can understand you being concerned about who

you're talking to.  You had your email at the bottom

of the post and I was curious about what you wrote so

I figured why not ask?



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From: Gary S. Gevisser
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Sorry about the delay, I got distracted by the awesome view at our cliff house in Del Mar, California.


Before I answer all your questions to the best of my ability can you tell me a little about yourself?


Are you with the BBC or did you just come across my post on an Internet message board?



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From: Margarite

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Well, I could see how Israel might have info on future

Al Queda attacks and how this could impact our

economy.  And I guess this leaves open questions about

why we aren't doing more to stop them..but then maybe

we are and most of us are kept unaware.


What got my curiosity is why would Barak help Marc

Rich?  Is Rich significant to the security of Israel

and the US?  I'm confused at this point.  And what

would China gain by participating in the destruction

of their biggest customer?


I'm confused....and curious.


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
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To: Margarite
Subject: RE: newsday post


Allow me to repeat what I wrote and then let me know if you want me to answer your questions below oR any other question-s you might have.


Are you aware of a Top Secret Israeli Military Intelligence report circulating amongst Israeli Special Forces Commanding Officers and their most trusted and battle hardened commandos that talks to a date-time certain when Israel's military brass expect an Al Quaida attack in their own "backyard"?


Not to mention such a very detailed “publication” not only has China featuring "prominently" but the Israelis appear quite "convinced" that in the very next instant of such a series of attacks the U.S. Economy will come to a “crashing halt”, although I believe the word “paralyzed” is the actual word that is used, bearing in mind that Ehud Barak, himself a highly decorated Israeli Special Forces commando - Sayeret Matkal - after his stint as Prime Minister of Israel where he played a pivotal role in getting commodities trader Marc Rich, represented by Libby, a Presidential Pardon at the 11th hour and 59th minute of Clinton's presidential then spent considerable time on Wall Street before very recently taking over as Israel's Minister of Defense.



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Some of the words came out garbled on your post.

Best I could figure is that Israel believes it will

soon be attacked in its backyard and this will

paralyze our  US economy.  Then something about the

prime minister Barak helping get Marc Rich pardoned.

Not sure what Marc Rich has to do with Al Queda

attacking anyone.  Why would Barak want Rich pardoned?

 And if he did, would this exonerate Clinton for doing so?