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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2007 2:56 PM PT
To: Selwyn Gerber - Economist - CPA; Selwyn Gerber - Economist - CPA
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Everlasting peace is now knocking at each of our doors but there will never be peace for the wicked which includes all those who armed with KIL who fail to now stand tall.


Religious people find comfort when feeling overwhelmed in religious scripture that affords them a sufficient distraction to find the next distraction without ever thinking to question how an intelligent Superior Being might be offended by first and foremost those taking the ever so vengeful Lord’s name in vain, not taking proper care of their God-given bodies, that includes a one time genius mind, from day one instead finding themselves increasing “playing catch up”, trying in a futile effort to keep track of their lies from day one.


Not to mention the wealth of any assembly of people who know their next breath could be their last, whether it be a family, a corporation, a nation is in its peoples’ health.


And the health of the citizens of the United States, across the board, in each ethnic and religious group including academia, the new corrupt church, is pitiful.


And of course poor breeding inevitably also shows up on the battlefield where with technology not only doubling at least every 18 months but the spread of knowledge no longer limited to the “haves” the only competitive edge is the intelligence of Commanding Officers.


And there can be no doubt given just the public knowledge of the most senior members of the FBI and CIA having sold out the United States for pitiful sums of worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars that American Special Forces personnel cannot for a moment trust their intelligence, a fact of life known to the very best of Israel’s Commanding Officers going back well prior to start of World War II but nowhere in more recent times was there a better display of Israel’s distrust of the entire U.S. military than the decision on June 8th 1967, with victory already assured in the 6 Day Arab-Israeli War, to attack with the most brutal force the Liberty, the American spy-intelligence gathering ship operating well within international waters.


Not to mention “sum” [sic] other important “facts of life” about this decision that was not taken “lightly” to attack an essentially unarmed vessel belonging to an “Ally” with the most brutal force.


First, the Liberty was flying high the American flag.


Second, the very best of the best of Israel’s Special Forces Commanding Officers who lead their commandos into battle hence the high casualty rate of Israeli CO versus those COs who do a lot of shouting, can in fact see.


Not to mention Israeli Special Forces commandos unless firing nuclear weapons know that when there is no return of fire to speak of to only continue their most brutal assault with orders coming directly from the Prime Minister’s office.


Second, it would be pure folly to understate the significance of the fact that the very lightly armed Liberty offered no resistance.


Third, the message sent to the United States of America couldn’t have been any louder how increasingly beleaguered was the State of Israel increasingly feeling the strains of being the United States of America’s first and last line of Defense of the worthless-fictitious-nonsense Almighty DeBeers-Dollars.


Fourth, David Ben Gurion’s decision to turn down his “rival” Menachem Begin’s plea for DBG, on the eve of Israel’s most brutal Air Force beginning a preemptive strike against its surrounding enemies who had massed their forces on all Israel’s borders, convinced based on the intelligence the U.S.’ Arab tyrants had received from both the United States and the Soviet Union that they would finally annihilate the Jewish State, did not mean that DBG had decided to become a “potted plant”.


On the contrary, DBG turned to his most trusted defenders of the State of Israel, located in the United States, Great Britain and South Africa where the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel were the strongest, each of their military TOTALLY bought and paid for thanks to DAAC civilian governments being co-opted-corrupted with the DAAC’s own unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried Diamond Currency and asked this extraordinarily tight-lipped individuals to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and not only begin selling their diamonds but to let each and every person approaching them to make a financial contribution to the State of Israel in its time of desperate need FULLY AWARE that they did not in fact have any money “speak of”.


The plan was to begin a “run” on Diamond Currency at the very same time Israel was at its mightiest.


But the DAAC had its own plan in 1967.


In Japan, the matrimonial custom had survived feudal revolutions, world wars, industrialization and even the American occupation. Up until the “mid-196os” [sic], Japanese parents arranged proper marriages for their children through trusted 'intermediaries. The ceremony was then consummated, according to Shinto law, by the bride and groom both drinking rice wine from the same wooden bowl. This simple arrangement had persisted for more than a millennium. There was no tradition for romance, courtship, seduction and prenuptial love in Japan; and no tradition that required the gift of a diamond engagement ring.


Then, in 1967, halfway around the world, a South African diamond company [DeBeers] decided to change the Japanese courtship ritual. It retained J. Walter Thompson, the largest advertising agency in the world, to embark on a campaign to popularize diamond engagement rings in Japan. It was not an easy task. Even the quartering of millions of American soldiers in Japan for a decade had not resulted in any substantial Japanese interest in giving diamonds as a token of love.


The advertising agency began its campaign by subtly suggesting that diamonds were a visible sign of modern Western values. It created a series of color advertisements in Japanese magazines showing very beautiful women displaying their diamond rings. The women all had Western facial features and wore European clothes. Moreover, in most of the advertisements, the women were involved in some activity that defied Japanese traditions, such as bicycling, camping, yachting, ocean-swimming and mountain-climbing.


In the background, there usually stood a Japanese man, also attired in fashionable European clothes. In addition, almost all of the automobiles, sporting equipment and other artifacts in the picture, were conspicuous foreign imports. The message in these ads was clear: diamonds represent a sharp break with the Oriental past and an entry point into modern life.


The campaign was remarkably successful. Until 1959 the importation of diamonds had not even been permitted by the postwar Japanese government. When the campaign began in 1968, less than 5 percent of Japanese women getting married received a diamond engagement ring. By 1972 the proportion had risen to 27 percent. By 1978, half of all Japanese women who were married wore a diamond on their ring finger. And, by 1981, some 6o percent of Japanese brides wore diamonds. In a mere thirteen years, the fifteen-hundred-year Japanese tradition was radically revised. Diamonds became a staple of the Japanese marriage. And Japan became, after the United States, the second largest market for the sale of diamond engagement rings. It was all part of the diamond invention.


The diamond invention was an ingenious scheme for sustaining the value of diamonds in an uncertain world.


Forgive me for placing the Latin adverb “sic” after the year 1960 which Hollywood blockbuster author and investigative journalist Edward Jay Epstein’s editor failed to “pick up”.


I remember like it was yesterday, my Royal Mater coming in to my bedroom to let me know that I shouldn’t tell friends of mine that my father, former Allied fighter-bomber-pilot Bernie Gevisser who in June 1967 was a very fit 43 year old, planned to once again volunteer which came as a total shock given how it seemed inconceivable to me that my Dad who was also the Chairman of the Durban Jewish Club and a director of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies and whose father, Israel Issy Gevisser owned priceless land in Haifa Harbor would yet again “sit out” this most important war that in the event Israel lost then my RM’s words of wisdom, “IF THERE WAS NOT A BLACK PROBLEM IN SOUTH AFRICA THEN THERE WOULD BE A JEWISH PROBLEM” would inevitably come true.


And to shock me out of my shock, my RM then informed me that she had sold off all her diamond jewelry which I knew were mostly fake and that she was now broke.


I also remember distinctly that the very next Friday-Sabbath dinner included along with the prayers both before as well as grace after meals our customary 5 course meal and my favorite crown of lamb, kosher of course.


Non-religious people find comfort when feeling overwhelmed but mostly guilt ridden to avoid all the religious dogma altogether and when not able to provide the convincing arguments to be either deafeningly silent like most on this one email list of mine that needs updating to also include the next generation of selfish bastards thinking while grabbing like there is no tomorrow their parents and grandparents’ ill-gotten gains that there hands will never get quite so blackened OR to be like this Lori and Jeff duo to threaten me to intimidate.




Have you ever wondered why, at least up until now, why you have never been visited by the DAAC’s South African Secret Service Police commonly known as BOSS who are attached to each and every consulate office throughout the world including the South African consulate’s office in Los Angeles?


It is conceivable that the law enforcement official who first receives this fax from this Lori and Jeff couple is on my email list and if not then more than likely their boss.


I believe Lori and Jeff work for LJ Scamahorn, a former Executive Vice President of Insurance Marketing Services Inc. headquartered in Santa Monica, California, whose oversized office I took over when LJ, a college graduate with an above average “gift of the gab” to talk more nonsense than anyone else I know in the entire world, realized it was time to “quit” as he was “street smart” enough to see the “writing on the wall” as I began “nailing to the cross”, starting with the President of IMS who hired me back in August 1984, all the “bullsh*tters” [sic] .


You, a religious Jewish person, are noticing that even on this Jewish Sabbath, the day of rest, there is nothing restful about your soul.


Your concern is not about what God which most of us Jewish people spell G-d, thinks or does not think about what to do with you the next go around since you don’t and never have truly believed in G-d for a single moment, ever since money became the embodiment of who you are, no different to the overwhelming majority of the literate world whose minds were taken over so very soon after birth by the monopolists of monopolists, the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the most brutal, the most devious, the most anti-family, anti-truth organization in the history of humankind.


Instead your only focus while reading what may or may not be holy text, knowing full well that all the text books from the beginning of time have been allowed to be written by those with the biggest gun exercising nothing more than brute force, is all about how you can either “mitigate your damages” or make money or both from the Knowledge-Information-Light I am sharing with you and everyone else on the planet at no charge.


Right now, this instant, you are not alone in having NO CLUE WHATSOVER who is and who is not reading all this KIL.


Not mention those including G-d who got to see an advance copy.


My very good last name Gevisser means a lot to me.


My wife’s X-husband, The IT, backed up by King Golden Esq. and his bosom buddy, master spy of master spy, Roger W. Robinson attempted beginning on 9/11/2002, the first anniversary of 911, to murder my very good name.


And of course not only have I not forgotten but the very good, smart and so vengeful G-d did in fact give me “advance notice” when 3 days earlier The IT with alcohol on his breath attempted right outside his X-wife’s house on Barbados Way, Del Mar to goad me into a fist fight when taunting me to get out of my new Mini Cooper S with the words, “You are a coward”.


While alcoholism may be the only vice responsible for giving Jewish people a competitive edge this incurable disease bedevils all other peoples.


Not to mention why again Medical doctors here in the United States while making their million dollars a year after paying their medical malpractice insurance premium payments find all sorts of excuses-distractions for the overwhelming majority of brain dead Americans so that they don’t ever have to explain their reluctance to wean the masses off alcohol that THEY ALL KNOW long before leaving medical school to then begin PRACTICING medicine is up there with the DAAC, the root of all evil.


Shame on the child whose parent is a doctor who when “handcuffed” with the parent-s’ ill-gotten gains in the form of a trust fund, car payment, college tuition, etc etc fails to question the “money trail”.


Important that you and everyone else reading this fully understand the significance of The IT immediately after on September 8th 2002 when holding my breath for close to 4 minutes, such focus preventing me from using my quick reflexes to rip his tongue clean out of his foul mouth, to then in front of his X, my wife Marie Dion Gevisser raise the first name Roger as in Roger W. Robinson known in our one time very tight inner circle which never included The IT or MDG, as “our man Roger” before then going on to say, “Roger and King are also afraid of you” as I while remaining seated in the driver’s seat took a very deep breath focusing on the fact that even if the good Lord who communicates so well through the brain dead were to send a lightening bolt down to earth, bearing in mind that lightening strikes from the ground up, and chopped my body into tiny small particles not one bigger than the smaller of my two baby fingers when delivering the death blow to this slimeball of slimeball, I would, at a minimum, bruise at least the point of the contact with the jaw of this bastard of bastards who makes Hitler look like a saint.


Israeli Special Forces besides for their vastly superior training to any of the rest of the world’s special forces, the exception of course being the Chinese who today may very well have surpassed in every category including weapons systems Flotilla 13, Israel’s most elite Maritime Special Forces, have relied on infinitely more advanced weaponry and most importantly highly trusted intelligence given how extraordinarily difficult it is for Israel’s enemies beginning with Jewish people here in the United States, Great Britain and South Africa the foundation of the very dark DAAC pyramid, to penetrate Israel’s highly compartmentalized intelligence unit.


The Mossad, however, as you well know from the Lavon Affair, has far from a perfect record since each and every one of its members has to function in a world where money is so very important.


Not to mention how you made a point of letting me know that anyone who “cares” about the State of Israel knows everything there is to know about both the Lavon and Altalena Affair both of which had not simply Jewish people but Israelis selling out as well as killing other Israelis.


Each of us has to follow the “money trail” that goes back not to the beginning of time bearing in mind that 2500 years ago the Chinese were making bronze statues showing money growing on trees, but simply to the turn of the last century when American bankers like J.P. Morgan and media moguls like Pulitzer and Hearst began laying the foundation of the heavily corrupt monetary system by first financing DeBeers and two very important wars, the Anglo-Boer-Farmer War of 1899-1902 and the American led invasion of China of 1900.


The knowledge each of us now has about how exactly the clown Hitler got his industrial diamonds to build not only his highly mechanized military but the crematoria to burn the flesh and bones of some 6 million of the best of the best of the Jewish people, only the stragglers and Jewish Kapos getting out of the concentration camps like Auschwitz and Treblinka alive, causes each of us to have to make some very clear choices BEARING CONSTANTLY IN MIND that not a single human being receiving a copy of this heavily broadcasted communiqué knows for certain who else is as well as who is not getting a copy while at the same time ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that barring the entire destruction of the world it is inevitable that every human being on the planet will eventually not only get to see all this KIL but know the names of each individual who chose to be on the side of the DAAC versus the side of light.


Moreover, what must have you the most disturbed given how you could always manage to convince yourself that Hitler could have got his diamonds to build his precision engineered military from “independent” diamond dealers is the fact that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt when reading Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle, THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA that the DAAC pulled out all stops to thwart the efforts of the DAAC controlled Allied Nations to stockpile the much needed industrial diamonds which as you know being a much touted economist-accountant serve as currency and then “sum” [sic].


Again, I go back to what has you most troubled today as you pray away asking G-d to stop me from bothering with you since you still believe there are much more evil people like The IT and his monstrously fat butt girlfriend that I could be focused on allowing you to zero in on your client base who you have done nothing short of selling them over you entire career a totally worthless-fictitious “bill of goods”.


You know perfectly well that the advice you have given is 100% fraudulent.


You know perfectly well that despite the fact you are not the only fraud out there, you are nevertheless a total and complete fraud, as guilty of crimes against humanity as the top echelons of the DAAC who for more than a century have laughed themselves silly at people such as yourself who make a living talking absolute nonsense.


Remember, from now and until you meet your maker, the top officials of the DAAC have never been Jewish and pride themselves on the fact that they are Christians who “rule by divine authority” over the masses only interested in beer in their belly, a soft couch, a TV hookup and a “strongman” leader.


Moreover, the Charles Engelhards and the Harry Oppenheimers don’t consider themselves in the least bit hypocritical like you and everyone else who makes a living off Wall-47th Street given how they have NEVER, NOT ONCE, attempted to hide the fact that they are the price fixers of price fixers with the entire world better off with them in complete and total control of allocating all the world’s precious and limited resources including human labor than all the world’s governments who they have corrupted.


Yes Selwyn, it is all about “access” and that SO VERY IMPORTANT meeting at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City between President elect John F. Kennedy and Anglo-South African Harry Oppenheimer was a pivotal moment for not just the DAAC but the entire world as HO and his Socialist-United States Democrat partner Charles Engelhard let each and every government on the planet know that going forward they would own everyone and everything including the 3 branches of the United States Government as well as the Israeli Government.


Not to forget that all the world’s intelligence services were also “invited” and at the end of the meeting, just prior to JFK being sworn in as President and Commander In Chief of all United States Armed Forces, to be made aware that it would be the DAAC who would be the first to publicize their awesome “Money Power”.


So have you like Derrick Beare of Investec shook the hand of Stephen Cohen of Codiam Inc.


Also like you Derrick up until very recently had no clue about the “Money Power” of the DAAC but assumed just like you and most poorly bred individuals that if someone has a big house, lives in a fancy neighborhood, doesn’t have to carry cash or credit card, puts everything on “account” including their very well paid for prostitute informers that at least they are smart and should therefore be courted.


But unlike you, Derrick Beare doesn’t consider himself an economist just a member of a very corrupt mafia family and whose “saving grace” is that their don, Dr. Jonathan “Trouble Bubble” Beare isn’t as “filthy rich” as those further up the DAAC pyramid who derive great satisfaction poking fun at the Troubles of the world who in turn have laughed themselves silly at people such as yourself having to grovel for a living.


After getting on your hands and knees, praying to G-d for forgiveness while knowing that He-She is no longer listening to your words or crocodile tears go back read again increasingly edgy Edward Jay Epstein’s Chapter 18, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY, specifically were it mentions that it was a New York diamond dealer who “arranged” the meeting between President elect John F. Kennedy and HO.


Most of the brain dead literate world when reading the words “New York Diamond dealer” would automatically assume that this person was Jewish.


Most of the literate Gentile-non-Jewish world are UNaWARE that the Hasidic-ultra-orthodox Jewish-Black Hatters who serve as the “cushion” as well as intelligence gathering arm of the DAAC are VEHEMENTLY opposed to the State of Israel which remains DESPITE SO MANY people such as yourself benefiting from the DAAC’s so flagrant anti-trust violations the most democratic AS WELL AS militarized country on the planet APART from the awesome Peoples Republic of Communist China.


This coming Tuesday, all being well, my awesome mind-body French-Canadian wife, MDG and I leave on a 3 week trip to Europe and while I plan on returning do not be surprised, even if I survive, and that includes all the sexual demands of my very in-shape most beautiful body and face of MDG, were I to decide to go very deep “underground”.


The decision by my Royal Mater to steal a “nothing” South African property of mine from which I have not benefited from personally other than it allowed my one time amazing father to not be financially independent on anyone including my RM, is nothing more than a “sign” of how the best of the best of the Jewish people who remain on this planet have so very much lost their way.


David Ben Gurion and his most trusted aides who began confiding in me back in the fall of 1972 when I was on a 4 month Ulpan at Sde Boker in Negev Desert where DBG had “retired”, again meeting on November 1st, 1972 with this great man who declared, “Let the Children of Israel be a light unto the nations of the world”, would not have been in the least bit surprised that his most skilled and trusted field commander, Yitzchak Rabin would end up being assassinated in 1995 by a homegrown Jewish Israeli terrorist who received his final training at Bar Ilan University which as you can see from the second photo in this hyperlink I happened to visit back in the fall of 1989 while doing an assignment for Solly Krok.


The problems of the world have nothing to do with race, color, sex or religion, simply poor parental religious teaching and greedy people such as yourself who manage to live with yourself by constantly reminding yourself that there are far more evil people out there who rely on people such as yourself to justify you “playing your part”.


Last evening I fell asleep listening to this smooth talker George who hosts “Coast to Coast AM” and when I awoke around midnight I heard a caller-in question, “Who do we know to trust?” as the discussion had turned to people such as this big talker George “filtering” information before sharing it with his millions of listeners.


Instead of answering the question, “You are right. There is no reason that you can even trust someone such as myself who refuses to touch with even a 100 foot pole The Diamond Invention that talks to how first and foremost all the media including me and my hero Art Bell who I replaced and whose name I simply cant stop repeating are bought and paid for”, this heavily corrupt DAAC spokesman attempted to change the subject when going on and on and on about how someone had “hacked into” Senator John McCain’s My Space and how for a period of time the entire world was being misled about certain positions of this idiot-corrupt Senator that had been altered by the hacker.


Could you please explain exactly what you meant when you said this past Tuesday for 35 minutes and 14 seconds, “How can I help you?” when calling me “out of the blue” following “sumone” [sic] on my email list forwarding to you this “aggravation” heavily broadcasted missives that was first of all directed toward Tefo, a very intelligent but very poor Black South African who to his credit turned down the opportunity to become very rich very quickly by selling his soul to Solly Krok.


Not to mention I have yet to meet a single Lily White Wheaty Eater anywhere in the world, and that includes a good number of Israeli Special Forces commandos who wouldn’t have thought twice, grabbed Solly’s money and today living in a place like the Bahamas.


But you also know in this very DAAC controlled world those such as Sol “Gambling Czar” Kersner don’t get much rest given how they never know, no different to you and those much further down the DAAC pyramid how the DAAC will leave a not always indelible mark on a relative or “tTOo” [sic].


No doubt when Kersner’s son Butch was killed last October in a supposed helicopter accident there were many tongues wagging amongst Jewish South Africans all over the world, few if any of them, apart from members of the very deep underground Jewish Underground and certain members of the Mossad giving any serious thought to such an accident being a “hit” to let the Gambling Czar know that he was beginning to get too big for his boots and drawing too much attention to Jewish criminals throughout the world which in the next instant would have the world’s mostly non-Jewish population focusing on the truth that it is Gentiles-non Jewish people who are fully in charge of the DAAC but who know enough about the genius of Judaism to co-opt-corrupt the best of the Jewish people.


Sad, mostly for Butch’s siblings who had no choice in their scumbag father who saw nothing wrong in using his one time genius mind to hook the poorest of the world on gambling, so very anti-Jewish.


Second, can you explain since you said you were very familiar with both the Altalena and Lavon Affair what significance they meant to you first as a Jewish person and second as an economist-accountant?


Third, can you also share with me your understanding now that you are fully aware of The Diamond Invention, not that you had to read increasingly edgy Edward Jay Epstein’s most fascinating non-fiction novel on this subject stealing blind from the masses of hardworking peoples throughout the world, of what it meant to Jewish people everywhere, Bill Clinton granting Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich a Presidential Pardon at the 11th hour and 59th minute of his presidency.


Fourth, please tell me what steps you have already taken to share the truth with your family, friends, colleagues, customers and prospects beginning with what reasons you have given yourself not to raise the question of who financed the “nothing” gang leader Hitler apart from repeating to yourself the 56 or so years you have been on this planet, at least this time around, “they must have been bad people”.


Fifth, would you agree that while the Gentile world suffer horribly from alcoholism, Jewish people set the pace on hypocrisy?


Time is very much of the essence!


Blessed is G-d.






Ps – Take as much time as you need to arrange a meeting for me with every rabbi in the Los Angeles area.


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From: Lori & Jeff - ljsales@idirect.com
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 9:23 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser


i am going to fax this to the POLICE for harassment.  I have asked you numerous times to STOP emailing us.