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Sharon – Print this out for Jeff as well as Howard and feel free to bill me.





It’s been almost 16 months since I last heard from you - Sharon’s timing perfect.


You know I’ve had a number of things “on the gotoday including now finding the time to stretch before going on a sunset jog along the cliffs, still a little stiff from this morning’s early long run with JoNathan & “Tippytoe”, my SIIG sic “goD” [sic] followed by the customary swim to mention little of me not needing to remind Sharon, just you, that while religion gets mentioned in every war going back to the year dot it is not so much religion the problem but those who profiteer from war using religion to get the masses of poor to fight it out while the “Captains of Industry” work on updating their “power point  business plan presentations.


Hard to forget the “cruel and unusual” punishment inflicted on Israeli front line forces that were outnumbered as well as outgunned in the early hours of the Yom Kippur War in 1973, the blood spilled from the not always quick slicing off of a penis followed by stuffing the mangled remains in to the mouth of a kid not necessarily fully unconscious, not even close, isn’t of course enough to distract you from what you currently fear the most.


JoNathan, like his mother, like most following along these past 7 odd years ever since, with your consent, I decided on June 10th, 1999 to “go public” on The Internet with the:


Revlon makeup job  

What is with this company? it is out of cash a negative net worth of over $14 per share, write off intangibles it is worth a negative $20 per share. What makeup job is going on here?


Increasingly understand in this so “practical” world where “morality” has long since taken a “back seat” that it is really not “essential” for me to go overboard on the truth let alone publish the best selling book spelling out precisely when the capital and financial markets, i.e. stock market, real estate and insurance industry, will collapse.


Bear in mind those no more than 15% of the world’s population getting more than their fair share of the graft, the result of DAACengineered” wars which of course even you have understood for “sum” [sic] time, do not need to read a single word of Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein’s epic and most fascinating INTERNET ONLY book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


But until such time, “life goes on” as in “live and let live”.


But as you know with each tick of the almighty clock as the past and future all come “to-get-her” [sic] in the present, the Digital Age, a godsend, the overwhelming majority just battling to get by in this “dog eat god aspartame” [sic] world, not salivating over the type of meals you and I are accustomed to getting, are not all waiting around “fat footed” [sic] to mention little of The Sperm Donor having nothing to say following JoNathan getting a “C” in band-music this past semester despite the bastard having so much to say when JoNathan previously scored a “B”.


Worth repeating I think you would agree, The Sperm Donor’s one of many classic statements indicative of his poor breeding:


I hope you didn’t do this just to get back at me?


BTW Marie is thinking that we should take our next vacation in Jamaica perhaps picking up on what Devin Standard had to say about Lily White Wheaty Eating German women choosing such a “well hung spot” off the eastern seaboard and instead of asking The Sperm Donor to return her wetsuit that by now could be stretched to the limit by his fatso on-off again girlfriend Dawn thinking it was spandex MDG will most likely do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and simply rent all the gear.


Bear in mind it is rare that DS is wrong about these sorts of things as he was rather explicit, I believe, back in the fall of 2002 that,


German men vacation in hot spots like Bali and German women finding what is lacking in German men in places like Jamaica.”


Yes, it is true that was once again the first to reveal that Israel has now telegraphed its Achilles Heel by letting the world know that its most elite Special Forces commandos can no longer hide out in “safe houses” not just in Lebanon but anywhere in the world so well depicted in Steven SPIelberg’s movie MUNIch, and might as well allow Peacekeeping forces to step in before very possibly resorting to using their world ending nuclear weapons.


Again, MUNIch is a “horrific movie” and if you haven’t watched it at least 10 times don’t assume it is because you have a great sex life.


Hard to get out of your head the fact that Israel’s Commanding Officers and their best of the best skilled and experienced “killing machine” but not exactly stupid commandos are not all “filthy rich”, few having followed the path of prime minister Barak and dirtied their hands on Wall Street.


Of course more disturbing for the “filthy rich” is how I am not only connecting up the dots in “real time but showing how people such as yourself have profited so handsomely from “foreign wars” while “playing pong”.


There is nothing in the least bit funny thinking about all your “shell games” while forced each day while shaving to look yourself in the mirror and face up to your past “shaving of the truth” that just like the lines on your face cannot be “willed away” given how you understand perfectly well that it is not possible to distance yourself from the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, the special interest of special interest groups who have now for more than 100 years managed to escape the spotlight of the so corrupt authorities while breeding hatred, mostly amongst the world’s increasingly less shell-shocked poor who now have a “window of opportunity” before the Perfect Storm of Perfect Storms sets in to get themselves hooked up to The Internet in an effort to “give peace a better chance”.


While I never brought to your attention when Marie and I visited with you on October 24th 2002 right after our stunning court victory in Judge Hendrik's Superior Court Courtroom 25, a week after your hilarious deposition of Revlon’s Mr. “Goodday” [sic], the fact that her X decided to make me aware when introducing into evidence her will that he had got hold of by illegally accessing and therefore compromising my proprietary Internet database containing more than just names of potential witnesses against Ronald Capo di Capi Perelman despite it not serving to strengthen The Sperm Donor’s case against me, on the contrary such an ill-advised move opened up a whole new hornet’s nest that if I chose to, between you and me, we could have so very easily bankrupted him as well as his corrupt Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, I DID, however, by keeping my big mouth shut tight end up gathering other intelligence that I had never dreamed of which may have all stemmed from the fact that Marie accompanied me for the first time to your relatively austere offices, not that we should forget the pivotal role played by a physician in the indictment of Milberg-Weiss Lerach, your “arch enemies”.


A similar event took place two weeks ago this past Sunday on my friend Neil Gould’s double-decker boat in not all that much need of a new paint job.


I had, given how much Knowledge-Information-Light I had previously shared with Neil, not to mention the subsequent 4 hours of notes he had taken, so necessary in making certain that neither his Russian mafia partner, his engineer or his lawyer could execute a “double cross”, I expected Neil would keep the social gathering strictly “personal”, limited to us all “enjoying” finding out from an X-South African who attended our Carmel College heavily corrupt school in Durban, South Africa that the big pay these days for beauticians such as herself, donning a not-all-that-great boob job, in Sidney, Australia is the bleaching of the anus.


And why do women focus on all this stuff?


MDG says, “because of the men”.


Never in a million years would I have believed after simply explaining why it is that my entire immediate and extended family including David Gevisser, the “male heir” of Charles Engelhard, are “deafeningly silent”, to be asked if I could help Neil “raise money” for his kettle business.


Moreover, Alex, Neil’s Russian mafia partner, who was lying on the deck but listening very carefully also didn’t waste time in joining in so, eager to see how I might be able to help exactly who I was never quite certain including those very possibly listening in.


And of course by the time I had got done explaining the business of “Money Creation” first perfected by the DAAC, both Alex and Neil who had extensive financing discussions with both Roy and Jeffrey Essakow of Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich fame, professed that they didn’t need me to help them with their “money needs”.


You, however, would never have needed me to go about so patiently, methodically and painstakingly explaining how the “real world” made up of so many hypocrites works.


Once introducing the two words “Diamond Currency” in to any conversation involving half way competent but greedy individuals there is nothing other than sex, politics, religion and Roy Essakow’s divorce to discuss that inevitably all lead back to “Diamond Currency”.


Why you would feel the need to share with Marie on such an important celebration day that Bill Lerach Esq. was able to “blacken your hands” when you first started out in this highly lucrative money making business of Shareholder Class Action Litigation can, in my humble but seasoned opinion, be the direct result of either the “Hand of G-d” intervening to have you produce a Freudian Slip “mea culpa” or the oozing sexuality of MDG which again I attribute to nothing short of the “Hand of G-d.


BTW do you agree with one person on my email list communicating with me but “incognito” that,


You need to send youe emails to KPRI 102.1. They seem to like shitty music. And I mean what I say.     Tell them radio flyer says so.  The true IDF [sic].


What goes around comes around with a vengeance.


My track record in naming not just FOOLS NAMES FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES but public corporations whose share price is about to skyrocket or plummet in pretty much every industry, as you know is one “coincidence” after the next and why again it is not just you who is anxiously awaiting my “calling” of the exact moment when the financial and capital markets WILL collapse as those getting more than their fair share of the graft assist me significantly in my prescient timing.


BTW after Neil Gould suggested that in order to get more attention for my forthcoming book I needed to have a “prophesy”, MDG without “missing a beat” suggested it should be something along the lines of Warren BO Buffet’s highly convoluted public declaration back in early 2002 when I was visiting Machu Picchu, Peru with Pypeetoe for the first time:


Between the next 10 minutes and 50 years there is the CERTAINTY of either a terrorist nuclear or biological attack on one of the United States’ major cities.” 


Unlike what BO had to say which those of us in the “risk assessment” business know all too well, there are only probabilities, not “certainties” unlike when discussing Einstein’s Special-General Relatively which this genius of geniuses correctly called, “The Mind of G-d” given “2 c mE” in “reverse’s” extraordinary precision, my “Statement of Fact” will not only “stick to the facts” but I will avoid using such language as “certainty” which BO used only to “distract” the masses who he knew would focus on just the “50 years” and the word “certainty” versus if he had told the truth and used “appropriate language” and said “between the next 10 minutes… there is a high probability” it would have begged the logical follow up question,


How could you Mr. Salesman of salesman, so good with numbers, be so dumb as to suggest that there is a ‘high probability’ of such a catastrophic event when your actuaries who know better than to use the word ‘certainty’ that does not exist in Quantum Mechanics and Chaos Theory only in S-G Relativity, would say that you are out of your mind pulling out of the sky such a ridiculously high number like 50 years ”?


Buffet who later went on to tell the DAAC controlled United States Congress exactly how “upside down” were his numbers is today squirming right alongside the folks from the 5 Star Lodge at Torrey Pines who have leased public beach space to house their 10 cabanas from our heavily corrupt city and state politicians which doesn’t have me now exclusively focusing on the fact that there wasn’t a single individual such as yourself in a position of “money power” willing to run with the irrefutable smoking gun proof of voter fraud in my possession during the 2002 California Gubernatorial elections that resulted in the traitor Gray Davis being reelected Governor of the 6th largest economy in the world.


Rather I would like for you on behalf of JoNathan and the next generation of “independent thinkers” to call [USA 1-858-453-4420] either Mr. Fullen, The Lodge’s General Manager or Tom James, director of the department that oversees the beach program and have them put their “best leg forward  in order to reach both a quick and appropriate settlement bearing in mind not only all the “pre-discovery work” I have garnered including “capturing” their outrageous and inconsistent statements not to mention publicly available documents, but as you would expect I will continue to bring Public International Attention to this corruption that of course is nothing new.


Besides for old farts able to poison kids’ minds with garbage, increasingly less so thanks to the Digital Age that keeps track of pretty much everything including wire taps, there remains only increasingly worthless and fictitious DeBeers-Dollars to buy them off. 


There are many incidents of “behind closed doors” and “under the table” deals, each of us knows our “fair share” of such “turning a blind eye to evil” events including of course the folks leasing the Polo grounds here in heavily corrupt Del Mar whose land actually belongs to the people who leave it up to corrupt politicians to steal so long as when the time comes to get their share of the graft they can bitch about their politician still in office.


So very important how Russian President Putin got not only elected but his hands on $13.5 billion odd of “Diamond Currency” that resulted in Russian middleman Laviev being so generous with his $1.5 billion share of the graft, renovating a synagogue in Moscow as well as some 50+ Yeshivas-universities to pollute the minds of the still relatively young and impressionable which has you thinking more about all those folks like Bob Dylan protesting the Vietnam War never once, still to this day, raising the so obvious point of who else besides for the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel were profiting so handsomely?


Moreover, incredible to think as you so foolishly pray for an assassin’s bullet to separate the space between my ears that Putin thought he could get away with such KIL not eventually “leaking out” that has us all now thinking more about the nonsense, “we are a nation of laws” where the “rule of law” has always been determined by whoever has the biggest gun.


Not to forget either my sic website www.SupremeInternetCourt.com and www.CompetingCorruption.com but the Israeli “Hits SquadS” tasked with bringing Public International Attention to the fact that Israel couldn’t be counted on indefinitely to prop up the DeBeers-Dollar, following the 1972 MUNIch Olympic massacres, such best of the very best commandos and intelligence officers of many nationalities, Jewish and Gentile, were anything but a bunch of ragamuffins “picked up off the streets” of Tel-Aviv.


The Economics-History-Politics seminars-workshops that I plan to hold all over the world and to be broadcast in the 42 languages of the BBC may have you now thinking about American 4 Star General Stilwell who was recalled back to the United States by President Roosevelt after this “National Hero” to the so non-aggressive, so extraordinarily productive and so very friendly Chinese, refused to be a part of a rather important cover-up that resulted in the U.S. eventually becoming in “command and control” of heavily corrupt Taiwan.






Ps –JoNathan and his friends can be trusted to use whatever settlement that is reached with The Lodge and its owners Evans Hotel , not to forget the corrupt “authorities” to “give peace a better chance.”


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Okay, got it.  Thanks.



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Sharon thanks - Could you tell me when you receive this E-mail that ties in to an email Jeff sent me back on March 30th of 2005 asking if I could assist finding a significant shareholder of AIG.




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