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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, July 21, 2006 2:30 PM PT
To: Neil Gould
Cc: rest; President@whitehouse.gov; artbell-coast; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild; United States Justice Department; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State; Professor Joe Grundfest - Stanford University - former member of the SEC; 60m@cbsnews.com; Dr. John Ben Stewart MD - aka The Sperm Donor; Mossad; Hilton Wolman; Roy Essakow; www.SupremeInternetCourt@yahoogroups.com
Subject: RE: the truth...IS SO REFRESHING


My dear and not exactly poor or for that matter naïve but certainly less competitive, relative to your Russian mafia partner, friend;


First, take a close look at this hyperlink which takes you as well as those copied to the email you sent me 36 minutes prior that I assumed was exclusively aimed at having me put you in touch with Art Bell who as you would expect, assuming you were to be intellectualLY honest, has already made contact with me, possibly only to be put in touch with you who is hoping that your fascination with the metaphysical world will balance out all that you are doing wrong in the “real world”.


Second, as you go to www.SupremeInternetCourt.com, scrolling down, one of the first things you will notice in the  cy” hyperlink that takes you to my most recent heavily broadcast and REad communiqués to Professor Joe Grundfest of Stanford University Law School is this “hornet’s nest” I opened just yesterday although I didn’t go into any detail about Fred DeLuca who you can read all about in the March 1998 edition of Fortune Magazine, the cover story titled, THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IN FRANCHISING.


Third, one way to have you limit your metaphysical distractions is for you, while pondering why IT IS that my heavily broadcasted and READ communiqués find their way to the top of the Internet search engines, to multi-task by clicking on to my hyperlinks which you would agree a good number of people keep doing including the Sperm Donor’s girlfriend who just so happens refers to her “on-off” again deranged boyfriend as “The Sperm Donor” which as you know is probably the nicest thing anyone who is intellectually honest can say about this very stupid and so beastly character.


Fourth, following the initial broadcast of this most recent missive to Grundfest I picked up a vegetarian sandwich at the Board and Brew where I got to say hello to my friend Tom who is the owner of this really good deal sandwich operation that I daresay could compete with the best of the best Chinese fast food takeout joints we saw all over China which we did not purchase anything from, not because I don’t care for pig mouth or duck tongue to mention little of duck feet, I understand more tasty than chicken feet because of the extra skin on duck feet, but because most of our meals had been prearranged.


Tom is one of the 2400 or so on my email list who regularly receives my insight and analysis of the important events of the day and makes a point each time we visit of letting me know of something he picked while trolling the Internet without really knowing much if anything about the author let alone the folks who rely on such authors to never forget most of all who “butters their bread”.


Tom proceeded to inform me of the pending collapse of the Chinese economy as I smiled from ear to ear given how this is a rather usual occurrence with most people including those who know for a fact that I know my business rather well and can see how well, when necessary, I can in fact spell out very clearly what is nothing more than Absent Parenting Disease, often misdiagnosed as Attention Deficit Disease.


By the time I had explained in less than 3 minutes everything Tom needed to know including why he hadn’t bothered to do as much “due diligence” on that bought and paid for author, this really cool guy responded, words to the effect,


Thank God you haven’t yet got each of the 1.5 billion strong Chinese to figure out we have got the greatest scam going with our Federal Reserve printing as much money as the Chinese will go along with to keep us fatsos happy as they perfect their super industrial infrastructure while learning from us in the west who have so little greenlands how best to protect their awesome countryside, not to mention the Chinese not in the least bit bothered by the inevitable collapse of the western world’s economy beginning with the insurance and banking industry, not that any of us in the west want to hear either about the increasing irrelevance of America’s military mite so effective in the past at forcing the oil producing nations to accept our worthless DeBeers-Dollars or that the Chinese whose kids come top at our schools and universities read up on Henry Ford wanting to produce a motor vehicle that his factory workers could afford.


I am now well on my way to “winding things down” as I prepare to meet my deadline of providing by August 1st my extraordinarily brilliant and yes, out this world sexy and beautiful wife who could make an untold fortune by just visiting Valencia, Spain or simply renting her portrait to the wealthy businessmen quite taken by Sebastian Capella’s masterpiece, the first draft of my forthcoming book that has the subtitle, “Message for the President” although if Marie Dion Gevisser, a legal French Canadian resident alien of the U.S., agrees I will throw in the word, “Continuing” right before the “Message”.


Naturally this soon to be well read book will contain more advice than us in the west “biting the bullet” and devaluing our bs DeBeers-Dollar currency.


Let me simply leave you with the following “conversation stopper” as you continue to reflect on the notes you took during our rather lengthy phone conversation following our most “revealing” excursion on your boat where your increasingly nervous “steel of nerves” Russian mafia partner not only revealed his true colors showing most of all that he brings nothing but intimidation to the bargaining table when representing your “best interests” but that he didn’t think it a big deal in the least that Russian President Putin not only managed to get his hands on $13.5 billion odd of “Diamond Currency” but that he could so easily get away with using an orthodox Jewish person with a very big mouth to launder such funds on 47th Street in New York City where of course you would argue such Hasidic-Black Hatters do a whole lot of good, no different to any folks such as Dr. Jonathan “Trouble Bubble” Beare, Roy Esssakow, Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich not to forget the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the mafia of mafia who have “stolen blind” from the hard working peoples of the world to mention little of the DAAC establishing the nations that then are tasked with promoting bs in our schools, the most laughable, “We are a nation of laws” to mention in passing the likes of Grundfest, Rand Leshay, Ron Bellows Senior of AIG etc etc cannot bring themselves to acknowledging that they have read THE DIAMOND INVENTION because it then begs the question of not only what did increasingly edgy Edward Jay Epstein leave out but equally important what each and every intelligence service in the world has known about the awesome power of the DAAC going back prior to the continuation of World War I.


Bernanke’s decision to let Wall Street know that he doesn’t intend to increase interest rates because he doesn’t see “inflation as a problem” masks the fact that if he were to increase interest rates 10 fold to the point that financial institutions would be paying depositors interest on their savings of some 50%, such a “far fetched” move would have little effect on the current American negative savings rate, SIGNFICANTly worse, in my humble but seasoned opinion, than at the height of the Great Depression.


Moreover, while increasing interest rates would step up the pace of an already collapsing real estate market such a move would have no effect on China deciding to invest more or less of their extraordinary trade surplus in what we all know are worthless United States Treasury Bills.


While westerners, particularly north Americans living on the beltways of America who haven’t quite caught on to your bs remain quite certain that everything will continue to go along with the rest of the world particularly the Chinese not even bothering to “lift an eyelid” despite such lazy fatsos so distrusting of the current chairman of the Federal Reserve who doesn’t quite have the “gift of the gab” as his predecessor, Alan Greenspan, such greedy bastards do, however, fully understand the “end is in sight”, first angry at me revealing my insight and analysis of the important events of the day and when “exposed” make a futile attempt at becoming jokers so forgetful of how we show our “true colors”.


It is no longer about “morality” just how to be “practical” when grabbing more than our “fair share of the graft.


Yes, the time is fast approaching when we are going to have start leveling with our children who are increasingly realizing with the lack of clean drinking water, polluted oceans, real estate speculation out of control, the capital and financial markets all about to collapse, there really isn’t much left for them to follow in our footsteps and mortgage not just their children’s but their own futures given the little remaining green lands in the western world.


It becomes a rather dark day when the next generation figure out that they cannot become as corrupt as the prior generations bearing in mind how extraordinarily out of shape are our youth.


As you know I have been suggesting ever since arriving back in California that folks do themselves a very big favor and come visit with you and of course you should charge just like I am going to be doing at my seminars based on their ability to pay.


I strongly suggest that instead of getting your rocks off in Thailand you take the canoe trip up a tributary of the Yangtze River and while paying very careful attention to the extraordinary muscular-skeletal system of these farmers who pull mostly westerner fatsos upstream you notice also the smiles on their faces while earning some $5 [5 DeBeers-United States Dollars] for this back-breaking 2 hour exercise of Roman debauchery at its very best and worst and then think about the “level of intelligence” that has these super studs so very energized.


And before you think about making a joke of this extraordinary entertaining experience give thought to your daughter reading all about this and able to make the connection between the Chinese who are not all about money, after handing MDG a stone pulled out of the water refused any monetary reward just happy with her one-of-a-kind smile.


When failing to sweat each and every day while making a living you forget very quickly why it is that China has won World War III without having to “fire a shot”, well aware am I, however, of the west’s “deceiving” influence.


Last evening, during the preparation of a delicious dinner over at our cabin in the Cleveland National Forest after I took JoNathan biking over the most treacherous sections of Noble Canyon that had me most fearful of the wrath of Marie had I returned with much more to talk about other than the “mangled” bicycle he was riding, JoNathan commented, “What if the blacks had been the first to invent guns and then went over to Europe…?” which was just the start of music to our ears.


Bear in mind that Marie’s rather math and English bright son recently scored a “C” in band deciding to send one awfully clear message to his so evil and over-controlling biological father who when hearing about the prior semester’s “B” result asked JoNathan who couldn’t believe his ears which is why he repeated to his mother and me the Sperm Donor’s diabolical reaction:


I hope you didn’t do that just to get back at me? 


Rather important that you realize it is not simply that I but rather “we” are “convincing” because we tell the truth.


Moreover, the facts which I present are not difficult to get one’s arms around beginning with the following:


The Chinese are a strong people who show their “love”, i.e. trust and respect for one another not by getting their offspring to keep repeating, “I love you” but how they make it their business-personal to enjoy time “to-get-her” [sic].


The Chinese are a cultured people spanning thousands of years - take a look at this 2500 year old bronzed relic that shows Chinese money growing on trees.


The Chinese have made it their business-personal to have their invaders adopt the Chinese culture that is non-aggressive and very peaceful.


The Chinese people have an agenda. They very obviously want to and do sell us everything.


The Chinese people when they are being nice don’t have like westerners, particularly in Hong Kong, the “money capital of the world”, an agenda to “rape and pillage” without so much as “breaking a sweat””.


In the west it is so annoying this business-personal of who you know and if you don’t have money or are not a doctor or a lawyer or a real estate agent and the such who just need to maintain good memories and little or no intelligence, then you are no one.


China is so refreshing.


Take care,




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From: Neil Gould
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006 1:31 AM
To: Gary Gevisser
Cc: hilton01@usa.net; Devin Standard; roye essakow; derrick beare
Subject: Re: the truth


My good friend


I attach an animated cartoon about you, for you to look at first, so that you take the mail in the spirit in which it is intended.


You are farting into a cup - the delivery simply evaporates. Your mails arrive, make a smell and IT APPEARS nobody listens to them. Many of your mails, when I hit the reply button, are considered by my Bayesian filter to be Spam addresses. Simply speaking, your messages are ignored,


I read the Diamond Invention and I will read it again because it is gripping, exposing and enjoyable. Not that I understood everything - but what the heck - I read it. Again it is a symptom of the real truth about who is behind the Government and the Extra Terrestrial factor, which you still fail to accept.


To animate my point, the Red Rag is De Beers, the Charging Bull is you  and the real problem is the Matador ( the unofficial government - cahoots with De Beers).


You cannot be Jesus, Einstein, Lawmaker, Judge, Jury and executioner all in one. Having said that to a certain extent you do have this eerie knack of being 100% accurate in your perceptions, logic and everything else...BUT ... no visible result to your cause. If I compare Art Bell and Dr Steven Greer and their results, which are overwhelming, you should perhaps look at where you can be best effective in cleaning up and join Dr Greer so that you hit the Matador and not the RED RAG. Your Brainpower overwhelmingly qualifies you.


As for Money - a motivator and corruptor - hell man humans are genetically exposed to corruption, it makes the world go round. Why would anyone do something for free or let another Human take his opportunity. The De Beers model is harsh, bad but it happens because they corrupt those above them. Nothing new here??


You point to me/my partner and everyone else as not being clean. But tell me, are you clean? Forget money, forget gold, forget being morally correct. Governments are not clean. You pay tax to them. You  use the toilet and pollute the planet too. You turn on your power at home and you do what we all do and from there corruption becomes only a matter of degree.


What I cannot live with nor accept and never will, and nothing is more important than to Honor your Parents. Without HONOR, nobody will listen nor have respect. Without HONOR there is no integrity and without HONOR you cannot join the Council of Liquid Light. There is even Honor amongst thieves. The Criminal Cray twins of London's East end adored their mom

Honor begins and ends with treating your Parents with the utmost respect and unconditional love and care and with an unshakable interest in their well being. Your mothers body carried you and fed you and she protected you because you were everything to her and despite how many knives you have stuck into her till now, she still does.

You cannot hear the muffled cries from her heart nor her longing for you to come back home, to where you were when she trusted you. You cannot see the tears that well up in her eyes every night when she goes to sleep not the way she lays there with her arms curled remembering how she held you as a baby. You have become desensitized to your family bonds and totally fallen into the trap of being the "anti Christ of De Beers".


Message givers, sages and hero's lead by example. They themselves earn respect from their followers. Intellectual honesty right now as far as you are concerned belongs in the garbage dump, until its handled by an untouchable clean messiah, who can demonstrate by example,


Oil is dirty and oil is money. Gold is dirty and Gold is money.  For the cogs of the world to turn you need oil, but at the same time Chinese say that when removing a fly from your mothers or fellow humans face, do not use a hatchet






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From: Gary Gevisser

To: Neil Gould

Cc: rest; hilton01@usa.net ; Devin Standard ; roye essakow ; president@whitehouse.gov

Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 11:16 PM

Subject: Re: the truth


My friend,


I will attempt a little later this morning once I exercise the dogs on the beach here in Del Mar where it is one most glorious day to look at your hyperlink bearing in mind the following:


1. I do so only because I want to try and see exactly what has you so distracted from even commenting on the most fascinating INTERNET ONLY book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION that I "know" versus "believes" is one most awesomely reliable gauge to test an individual's intellectual honesty.


2. Nothing else worth commenting on until I hear back from you other than to know what you know about the death of Shaun Tomson's son, there no mention-tribute on Hilton Wolman's website-s to this trajedy that no doubt has served as one terrific distraction for South African Durbanites, Durban as you should know is the hipocrite capital of the world.




Ps - I assume you not only received but read very carefully my response to you email titled, "Chinese Thinking" to mention little of the reaction by very Jewish thinking friends made up pretty much of all the peoples of the world, Jew and Gentil alike, just a matter of breeding, who while able like me to understand SIGNIFICANTLY better than you the science and math used by charlatans to confuse the likes of you operate in the "real world", placing themselves and other highly skilled "killing machine" commandos in "harms way"; moreover, while increasingly understanding that in protecting the State of Israel, again the most democratic country on the planet, they have in fact mostly served to prop up the DAAC regime whose heads as well as pawns are virulent anti-Semites, intellectually honest enough to call themselves "dumb fucks" following my connecting for them the so obvious dots between DeBeer-U.S. Dollars and your Chabad-Hasidic-Black Hatter DISGUSTING Jewish stooges of the DAAC AND now eagerly awaiting this "real world" most evil institution's reaction to my increasing exposure of this mafia of mafia, responsible for the greatest enslavement, torture and mass murder of all time that continues to this day.


The DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel's control of both the diamond market and peoples' minds so well illustrated in your non-response response to mention little of while you are able to function relatively well in Hong Kong, the "money religion" capital of the world despite your repeated breach of cardinal rules beginning with never using a lawyer-liar even if it is yourself to negotiate with your adversaries you could be much happier were it not for the fact that you are, at a minimum, in bed with possibly an even bigger crook than Roy Essakow.


You wouldnt happen to have Roy's recently divorced wife's email address?

Neil Gould <ngould@hkstar.com> wrote:


Hi Gary

Pleased to hear you and Marie are back safe and sound.

I attach a link, which in fairness you will stop, take a break and listen to Dr Steve Greer, head of the Disclosure project, talk frankly about what the Government is hiding  - which Government you ask?? Well there are two of them.




Best Regards