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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2006 7:28 AM PT
To: JBSTE@aol.com; jbstewartmd@aol.com
Cc: rest; George Hurst Esq. - Lawyer-liar for Dr. John Ben Stewart aka Sperm Donor; Devin Standard; Detective Jeffrey W. Steele - San Diego Police Department; FBI; United States Justice Department; MDG; Deborah "Aggressive" Sturman Esq.
Subject: FW: ...---..."G-D DOES NOT EXIST"...---... Prediscovery work for criminal as well as civil complaint against The Spe...


Ms. Dawn “Kilicut” [sic],


I can understand you are angry but to choose to follow so closely the path “chosen” by The Sperm Donor back on 911 2002 is going a little “overboard” wouldn’t you agree?


Of course you could beat me once again in getting down to the courthouse steps and again following the extraordinarily reckless path chosen by such a extraordinarily poor provider obtain a Temporary Restraining Order by being extraordinarily selective in your “cut and paste” job but this time when we appear together at the hearing you will have some tough explaining to do beginning with your brainwashing that may be one mitigating factor in you having the most horrible selective memory.


More importantly at this time WHO CAN FORGET the fact that you never showed up in court on either occasion in the fall of 2002 not even when Judge Hendrix handed to my gorgeous wife and me The Sperm Donor’s head on a platter.


Could your absence for the man you so proudly defend be explained simply that you were deathly afraid that you would be called as a “hostile witness” to the stand to explain the goliath physical description Dr. John Ben Stewart, a wondering-eye practicing Pathologist who I understand may be now “legally blind” in at least one eye, attributed to me who I agree I am at least half your size if not more.


Up until you decided to communicate directly with me reasonable people could agree that a very very old looking man, a horrific athlete who would have trouble attracting flies with all his “sh*t” [sic], young in shape bar flies only in his wildest wet dreams, MIGHT be excused for messing up HORRIFICALLY in describing me as having the goliath physical attributes of you having lost the most beautiful and in shape woman the world has possibly ever known, convinced that Marie Dion Gevisser would consequently have difficulty “getting by in this world just upon a smile”.


You would know by now that his first wife, a lawyer, tossed him out because of his “social skills”, at least that is my deduction, further discovery work will no doubt unveil more of the hidden truths.


I suggest we make the most of things by calling for an official “winner take all” gladiator fight of the millennium since it seems you are really far too upset to reason with following my having just very recently revealed a whole number of truths beginning with how Dr. JBS took you to be such an incredible fool when telling you that I said you were his “maid” that had you on that Thanksgiving Day, I believe it was back in 1999, challenging me to a fist fight declaring out loud in the garage of MDS’ house on Barbados Way, in the poor section of Del Mar,


Why don’t you tell me right now to my face that I am a maid and I will take your fc*ken head off right this minute [sic]?


But what in all likelihood has you now flying off the deep end is the point I made in a communiqué this past Thursday evening to Danielle, the Sperm Donor’s one biological daughter,


You KNOW versus BELIEVE that you had NOTHING, I repeat ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this “error” email The Sperm Donor sent me on September 14th 2002 three days after he filed a baseless criminal complaint against me that left nothing to the imagination of how EXTRAORDINARILY SICK is your SPERM DONOR as well as Ms. Dawn the person he sleeps with WHO HE HAS YET TO MARRY for reasons you should certainly know by this time.


Such “knowledge” is one that I have tried hard to keep “under wraps” but smart enough to have shared it with trustworthy people such as Mr. Devin Standard, the executor of my estate who while like me rather well educated in the Science, Math, Art, Religion and Technology is also extraordinarily “street smart” to mention little of Mr. Standard in court on that remarkable day which I believe should become the first international holiday honoring the power of truth, that which does not change.


Rather important at this time as you hurtle down this “peeriless” [sic] path that I begin to spell out all the knitty gritty details of one most extraordinary meeting about 6 months ago between Danielle and her Sperm Donor where your forthcoming marriage to Dr. JBS was discussed in the most slimeball manner, Dr. JBS letting Danielle know that if he were to marry you it would have significant financial implications for her and to her credit Danielle in letting her Sperm Donor know that she had figured out his game told him in no uncertain terms that he should come up with a better excuse if he didn’t want to marry you but if in fact he loved you than of course he should marry you, that she was not interested in his money.


Hopefully should we both show up at Jonathan’s baseball game later this morning you will make a point of while keeping your distance of flashing me either the diamond engagement ring or the gold wedding ring.


You are of course while monitoring the Sperm Donor’s email account reading all my emails but for some reason you may have missed the heavily broadcasted communiqués put out by my out of this world brilliant, so awesomely talented, most beautiful, sexy beyond belief just ask anyone who has ever seen MDG dance whether on a dance floor or on top of a table in the gas lamp district of downtown San Diego that talks to her over the top investment astuteness and who can forget how this “good provider” flew off the handle” with “She could never afford a jet” at Danielle’s 13th party just 2 months before 911 2002 when overhearing me telling MDG about how she could make me an additional $40K in a double or quits bet with Mr. Newell Starks very possibly the most brilliant financial engineer walking the planet, the inventor of the notebook computer and officer of the over the top successful leverage buyout firm of Citicorp Venture Corporation, were she to purchase within a 12 month period her own Lear Jet, to mention little of I have never been put off that Dr. JBS picked you up in a cowboy bar.


Flying high by the seats of one’s pants is uncomfortable especially if the bull decides to land right on top of you.


You still work, I believe, for the 1000 pound gorilla lawyer-liar, Bill Lerach Esq. and I having only met once at Armstrong’s nursery in Solana Beach just before he headed off on a diving vacation although he first had some business in New York with Citicorp.


You would know by looking at this check stub representing about 12 seconds of my time paid by Bill Lerach’s Shareholder Class Action Litigation law firm to me for my final services rendered in the Splash Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit that after “heartbreaking” deliberation I decided to “blow up” having concluded that the infinitesimal amount of monies that would have possibly found their way to the aggrieved shareholders was not enough to overcome the horrific manner in which Milberg Weiss-Lerach had gone about executing this lawsuit placing good senior management who were willing to come forward with evidence of wrongdoing in “harms way.”


You would know if you had been in court back on October 24th 2002 that the Sperm Donor by illegally accessing my proprietary database that contained names of witnesses in the SCAL against Ronald O. Perelman of Revlon Corporation also referred to as Capo di Capi by his senior management people had also not only placed good management and former management of Revlon in “harms way” as he did nothing short of “breaking and entering” my proprietary database but had the audacity to protest when caught “red handed” that I hadn’t placed sufficient security against wondering eye people such as he to mention little of the smoking gun proof was my extraordinarily smart business minded wife’s will dated January 3rd 2002 that contained quite the 7th and final provision that may have been the catalyst in Dr. John Ben Stewart’s increasingly diminished eyesight.


So while you go ahead down the path of securing a Temporary Restraining Order against me also give thought to how I might respond despite the fact that I have given both children my word that I would not lodge a criminal complaint against Dr. John Ben Stewart bearing in mind that they may very well welcome me taking a rather “aggressive” approach in dealing with you as well for tortuously interfering in my business-personal.


May I strongly suggest that you apply some caution while giving serious deliberation to this boxing match that will allow you to work yourself into the grandest of tizzies just thinking about all the blood you might be able to extract out of my big Jewish nose.


And to make it interesting, I assume you will allow me to web stream it over the Internet so long as I share the profits, I will agree that for the first 5 rounds I will have both hands tied behind my back and if I make it through, my thinking that you will be gracious in victory when applying the coup de gras by making my death come quickly, for the next 5 rounds I will be allowed just one arm wearing an oversized glove that can only be really used to defend myself “sumwhat” [sic] and if by some extraordinary miracle I make it through to the last 5 rounds, remember this is a heavyweight fight of sorts, you Goliath and me David, I will be allowed to use both hands with neither of us wearing any gloves and to top it off I would allow you to bring in to the ring at that time Dr. John Ben Stewart MD aka The Sperm Donor who I suggest you have that half remaining one calf of his wrapped in armor plating and a motorcycle helmet for his oversized head geared toward mostly protecting me from vomiting when looking at his permanent growl and in an effort to really demonstrate my good faith I will only “lay a hand on either of you” in the last 30 seconds of the round.


I agree right now to put up $1 million in gold bullion so long as you do the same, winner takes all to mention little of gold closing yesterday over $680 a troy ounce.


I am so exited I could cry.


Laugh Ms. Dawn because your lawyers will tell you that by writing me this email below that was followed up with another email describing my penis that you have provided me with the only thing that was missing in my effort to empower the “tToo” [sic], both “motive” and your “black hands” in the criminal action of 911 2002.


Up until now The Sperm Donor has officially stuck to the position that whatever he did was done in what he believed to be the kids’ best interest, that I was some sort of physical threat despite the fact that there has never been evidence to support such a baseless assertion.


But now you have stated in “black and white” that what has really been behind it all is this idiot’s belief that he was “sumhow” [sic] supporting my incredible lifestyle, his criminal actions all about his ill-gotten monies.


But then again in his second sworn declaration he argues that I am the person with all the money and that I bought off MDG in order to get her to testify in my favor.


Not only can you not have it all ways, everything you protest shows absolutely no care for the children apart from Dr. John Ben Stewart being a “good provider” of ill-gotten monies because we have all the evidence of his total disregard for teaching the kids a value system.


Need I remind you of how he dealt with JoNathan’s out of control baseball coach or the words he recently used with Jonathan when finding out that he had got “only a B” in music, “I hope you didn’t do that just to get back at me?” And when JoNathan experienced nothing short of a short circuit the Sperm Donor went on to declare, “Why didn’t you tell me you didn’t want to take music?” when it was quite obvious by the first question that The Sperm donor was the one behind JoNathan taking a subject that while he didn’t care for the teacher if he was like his Sperm Donor, had no value system and wanted to get back at someone who was so over-controlling then he could have done a whole lot worse than score a B.


It is the “cover up” that inevitably trips up everyone who has larceny in their hearts.


I doubt very much you want to debate me on any subject, certainly not the all important subject, “G-D does NOT exist” while you go about imploring G-D to point Marie in another direction bearing in mind that she dumped the Sperm Donor big time not hanging around for just a few more months that would have resulted in her being married to the beast for 10 years that would bring with it no doubt a little more cash but certainly not worth the aggravation.


But since you have brought up the money business I very much welcome either a full scale audit or the moment in time when the Sperm Donor decides he isn’t going to make any more pitiful child support payments.


Again, Ms. Dawn my main purpose is to provide the “tTOo” [sic] with all the evidence of wrongdoing and for them to make up their minds whether I should be crucified or hailed as their hero along with their amazing mother.


Once again, I very much appreciate the fact that you are increasing the circle of those people dependant upon my communications for their insight and analysis of the important events of the day. This is a very affirmative and positive step on your part that is highly appreciated.


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There.   


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 7:56 PM
To: 'mdg0013@yahoo.com
Cc: Devin Standard; JBSTE@aol.com; jbstewartmd@aol.com; Detective Jeffrey W. Steele - San Diego Police Department; FBI; United States Justice Department
Subject: FW: Prediscovery work for criminal as well as civil complaint against The Spe...


Never before has The Sperm Donor and his “on-off” again girlfriend-maid with the exact physical description that The Sperm Donor attributed to me, signed under oath, under penalty of perjury, spelled out so clearly both “motive” and their “criminal hand” when on September 11th 2002 with JoNathan “in hand” THEY filed a baseless criminal complaint highly suggestive of rape.


Should this communiqué be my last I would hope that you, with support from Devin and Co., would seek justice for yourself, your children and my very good name to mention little of the Sperm Donor’s second declaration also signed under oath, under penalty of perjury, that stated in no uncertain terms that I had “bought you off” to mention in passing once again and again ad-nausea his threat following you confronting him with his criminal act, “You may not lose your children!


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From: JBSTE@aol.com
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 7:24 PM,
To: gevisser@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Re: Prediscovery work for criminal as well as civil complaint against The Spe...


Fuck off Gary - this is not the sperm donor but Dawn.  If you would like to confront me - be foolish enough to.  I am about two feet taller than you and will chew you up and spit your stupid ass out.  You have been sucking life off of everybody you latch onto you POS (piece of shit).  Each day I pray Marie will get a voice from God to dump your stupid ass because she could do a lot better.  What?   The alimony and child support petering out you pathetic loser.  John is an honorable man, has supported kids well, and you are just a lowly opportunist.  Go to your hill in the mountains and talk to the animals.  Now stop violating the restraining order before we get another one.