From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 2:40 PM PT
To: George Hurst Esq. - Lawyer-liar for Dr. John Ben Stewart aka Sperm Donor
Cc: rest;;; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Devin Standard; Guy Friedman; FBI; United States Justice Department; Deborah "Aggressive" Sturman Esq.; Detective Jeffrey W. Steele - San Diego Police Department; Dr. Jack Goldblatt MD;; Oprah
Subject: Prediscovery work for criminal as well as civil complaint against The Sperm Donor et al.


A few years back I gave The Sperm Donor’s biological children my word that I would not pursue getting the authorities including the San Diego Police Department and the FBI to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and file criminal charges against their Sperm Donor and whoever else was part of his insidious plotting.


Given however the fact that the children are getting more mature they may decide either independently or collectively to pursue both criminal and civil charges against their Sperm Donor et al for SIGNIFICANT wrongdoing.


Toward that effort I am in the process of compiling a complaint covering a variety of claims that if presented to a jury of their peers would undoubtedly result in The Sperm Donor, at a minimum, being placed in the “poor house”.


As you know The Sperm Donor called our RENTED Cliff House not all that long ago and in the course of him ranting and raving about how “abused and used” he feels he managed to spit out that one of the things that bother him the most is the fact that he has on occasion received one of my HEAVELY BROADCASTED as well as HEAVILY READ communiqués.


It is rather difficult especially for young people to deal with someone like The Sperm Donor who suffers from consistent selectively memory which is why I feel “duty bound” to offer both Danielle and JoNathan my assistance.


While Judge Hendrix in a fairly packed courtroom back on October 24th 2002 did nothing short of lower the boom on The Sperm Donor’s head after repeatedly trying to get him to “back down” and find a better venue for his grievances with me and my wife such as in Family Court where the children would have laughed themselves silly had he dared to put on the same sort of show in a public that he does in private where he has perfected the victim role, the Sperm Donor has YET not only to say that he is “sorry” but moreover, thinks he can get away with his selective memory that in my humble but seasoned opinion is playing havoc with the fragile minds of both Danielle and JoNathan.


Without going back once again in the knitty gritty of how the Sperm Donor started in recent times his spirally path to hell when he first made the unilateral decision to reduce the children’s’ child support check and when that evil act didn’t work he then told his on-off again girlfriend Ms. Dawn who works for the criminal enterprise of Milberg Weiss-Lerach that I had called her a “maid”, it rather important that no one forgets what he told his X wife, Marie Dion Gevisser soon after she confronted him about the reckless and baseless criminal complaint he filed against me on September 11th 2002, “You may not lose your children!”.


Such rather powerful and ominous words give a pretty good sense of the nature of this beast although once again we have to be intellectually honest in recognizing that The Sperm Donor remains on the loose while hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans are currently incarcerated for far less evil crimes.


Last evening at 10:00 PM I sent Danielle an email that included the following:


Unless I hear otherwise from you I will take your email address off my email list and you know just like The Sperm Donor exactly where to go on my website to access my heavily broadcast and HEAVILY READ communiqués.


I did in fact blind copy The Sperm Donor on the email I sent out below despite his request that I do not do so.


You KNOW versus BELIEVE that you had NOTHING, I repeat ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this “error” email The Sperm Donor sent me on September 14th 2002 three days after he filed a baseless criminal complaint against me that left nothing to the imagination of how EXTRAORDINARILY SICK is your SPERM DONOR as well as Ms. Dawn the person he sleeps with WHO HE HAS YET TO MARRY for reasons you should certainly know by this time.


You also KNOW versus BELIEVE that in a packed courtroom on October 24th 2002 with Devin Standard and Paul Hervieux in attendance your Sperm Donor via his Money Talks lawyer-liar declared in a very loud voice that it was in fact you who had sent me such an email [in violation of the Temporary Restraining Order he had falsely obtained] all geared to “drive me nuts”.


Now try following this logic.


Even after Judge Hendrix lowered the boom on The Sperm Donor’s head the Sperm Donor didn’t stop with his evil and on March 19th 2003 he sent a similar email to your mother and instead of “Re:RE” there was just the word “teeth” in the subject line. Then 15 minutes later he sent her a very calm and carefully composed email questioning her about a meeting I had with Jonathan’s principal that was all about empowering the kids to parent the parents who need the most help and when your mother responded to The Sperm Donor with this knuckleball he went deafeningly silent from that moment forward.


Why would I be so extraordinarily dumb to comply with his request given how obvious it is that he thinks he has been successful in “buying you off” all as a result of your mother and me being so fricken “gracious in victory”?


I think it is time for you to have a conversation with this beast you call your father beginning by asking him whether he thinks he is above the “rule of law”.


And why not let him know that both me and your mother, I believe I can speak for her, would be more than happy to participate in such a face to face meeting or how about via email or why not on my blog and of course you can be quite certain I wont raise my voice in any of the mediums given how I have irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of your Sperm Donor being the slimeball of slimeballs.


I am not exactly sure where things stand legally in terms of The Sperm Donor thinking that he can usurp his limited authority using your words when you chastised him so loudly in the initial hearing when MDG and I both couldn’t believe our eyes that not only was he going to ignore your suggestion that he drop everything after you first spelled out so very loudly, “You have committed perjury”” AND then even after Judge Hendrix lowers the boom on his head thinks nothing of sending his X wife 6 months later the “teeth” email and only after she smacks him “square between the eyes” does this evil of evil go “email quiet” which didn’t stop him from either verbally harassing both MDG and me or having Ms. Dawn use his email account to fire off this “salvo” that in turn had MDG responding so appropriately.


Again, the purpose of this communiqué is principally to assist the “tTOo” [sic] get what they rightfully deserve beginning by not having their hands “blackened” and at the same time serving greatly to empower all the children of the world who are our futures to parent the parents who need the most help.


As you would know conventional wisdom says, “Black hands can lay white eggs” but that is not something I subscribe to and nor should anyone who is a logical thinker wanting to contribute to the greater good to mention little of Mr. Devin Standard, the executor of both my and MDG’s estate feeling the need the other evening to inform me, “I have black hands”.


And while Mr. Standard has darker pigmentation than me and MDG combined the color of his skin is in fact the most perfect brown and if it turned out that he found a way to make it green followed by every color in the rainbow then of course I wouldn’t even bother with filing a patent.


Bottom line until such time as the “authorities” inform me that I cannot email The Sperm Donor I will continue to do so for it appears to me that he “senses a victory” of sorts by the fact that I did stop emailing him directly instead choosing to email you who has to be charging this scoundrel an arm and a leg just to read it all to mention little of the brain damage this is all doing to you as well.


Then again, perhaps the ever plotting Sperm Donor has the “goods on you” and you are giving him a heavily discounted rate, very possibly simply forwarding such communiqués to Ms. Dawn who of course has all the time in the world bearing in mind that Ms. Dawn has had not only suffered from her bouts in Family Court but who can forget since I have it so well documented that Ms. Dawn was suffering rather horribly from emotional distress that required an extensive leave of absence from the criminal enterprise of Milberg Weiss-Lerach, former clients of mine, to mention little of The Sperm Donor’s pleas to me asking that I be so gracious and not inform Ms. Dawn that I had never once mentioned or even intimated that Ms. Dawn was The Sperm Donor’s “maid”, that this was something The Sperm Donor concocted because he was looking for a way to get rid of Ms. Dawn who he believed wasn’t bright enough to figure out on her own that only a very deprived Sperm Donor would tell the fatso he was sleeping with that he was so sick of her that he would think of something so ridiculous as suggesting that someone else called her a “maid” that would have her “going over the deep end” as she did on a Thanksgiving Day at MDG’s house, challenging me to fist fight.


This is pretty funny stuff unless of course you happen to have been in my shoes trapped in the garage with this monster towering over you, thinking that even if I were to duck and she scrapped her fists along the wall The Sperm Donor’s colleagues at the Pathology department of Sharp Memorial Hospital would pull “to-get-her” [sic] quite a medical report that would suggest that this was the first step in my attempting to rape Ms. Dawn and if not then The Sperm Donor would have to go back to “square one” and start all over again and why not use his biological children first as a “spear” and then as “shield”.


Yes. Mr. Lawyer-liar it is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to the welfare of the two children that they get their arms around why exactly did you and The Sperm Donor lie in court in telling Judge Hendrix that it was Danielle who mistakenly sent me the “error” email beginning with the fact that Danielle couldn’t be called as a witness in such a proceeding to testify against her biological father.


And were the Sperm Donor to suggest that he was doing all this to “protect” the children then why didn’t he and you take the suggestion of Judge Hendrix and go to the Family Court where once again we run into the problem of the children “bearing witness” to the insanity of their Sperm Donor hell bent on having things all his “own way” while of course preserving and protecting his criminal enterprise at the pathology department at Sharp Memorial Hospital.


The authorities must make careful note of this important communication because in the event the Sperm Donor et al, having been caught “red handed” repeatedly but still out there on the loose helping others amoral but “sumwhat” [sic] less deprived than the Sperm Donor to feel “good about themselves”, were to once again usurp their limited authority and go beyond trying to murder my very good name then it would mean that with me out of the way to mention little of the physical danger that both The Sperm Donor and Ms. Dawn pose to MDG then both kids would very likely end up in the full custody of The Sperm Donor who to the best of my knowledge has never, not once been interviewed by the authorities.


Please let me know if there is anything unclear about this quickly pulled “to-get-her” [sic] communiqué that will be heavily broadcasted and read.


[Word count 2072]