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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2006 10:22 AM PT
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Cc: rest; President@whitehouse.gov; United States Justice Department; FBI; Mossad; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Rand LeShay - A MARK; Joseph Steinberg - President of Luecadia National Corporation; SupremeInternetCourt@yahoogroups.com
Subject: FW: GOLD LAST TRADING AT $671.10... For when you're up that Creek




Unlike the majority of the “brain dead” on my one-of-a-kind email list that represents a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate and very crooked population you have known for “sum” [sic] time now that the “game was up” but even you probably never figured that what would not only draw the masses “to-get-her” [sic] but at the same time draw chokingly tight the noose around the necks of those who have usurped their limited authority including thinking that they could outsmart me by poking fun at the “method to my madness”, was the deafening silence all these years of folk heroes-Gods such as Bob Dylan to THE DIAMOND INVENTION, the so fascinating INTERNET ONLY book written by a blockbuster author.


And of course Bob the intellectual midget is going to plead total insanity made that much easier when he recalls the very intimate setting when he and I met at his schoolboy friend’s house in the Pacific Palisades overlooking the Pacific “Oshon” [sic] with Santa Monica Bay to the left and Malibu to the right.


It is very possible given how self absorbed is Bob no different to each one of you “freeloaders” that he was unaware of the business dealings of his best friend’s wife’s father, Maurice Aronson an X South African who I only got to meet after I returned in early 1981 from a several month trip to South Africa in order to recuperate from a liver infection I picked up either just prior to joining my DAAC family on 47th Street in Manhattan or when hanging with the likes of Black Hatters such Martin Rappaport, the head of the DAAC’s very street smart “money changers” in flagrant violation of our sacrosanct Anti-Trust and Anti-money laundering laws.


Bob Dylan who as most people know changed his birth name which was Zimmerman to something less descriptive of his Jewish past and by the time he and I “broke bread” on Tabernacles which you may recall is one of the Jewish festivals celebrating the harvest, Bob had come down a long road trying out all sorts of religions before returning to Judaism which we all know makes the most common sense but yet it is a religion that few if any of us can truly follow given how it simply requires logical thought processing something that is extraordinarily uncommon to those prevented from hearing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


G-d isn’t “good” nor is He-she “bad”, just extraordinarily smart something you have never once heard being spoken, that is outside of hearing me repeat it ad-nausea.


Were it not for the fact that Bob Dylan got drunk out of his mind before the very first course was over I would have taken this scoundrel, the sellout of sellouts on one of the most educational light journeys of his entire fricken life but of course I wouldn’t have had to use a single foul word simply asking him the following:


“Hey Bob, what do you know about your best friend’s timber rich in-laws, timber you would know is up their with the best way to transfer wealth without a trace apart from of course diamonds” [sic]?


And then Bob would have said possibly,


What’s your problem?


I am just writer who has managed to make the best and most use of my long Jewish nose and besides all that I am now interested in is the fact that two inbred Lilly White Wheaty Eating South African Jewish people have produced the most beautiful and incredibly sexy daughter who were it not for this minor hanging on to my arm I would have were it not for you now also trying to lay a head trip on me have had sex with her right under the table, just kidding!


Then I would have turned to Anne Aronson and suggested that she tell our man Bob exactly what were her father’s connections with ACME TIMBER one of The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies headed up by my uncle David Gevisser that attracted Charles Engelhard, the American head of the DAAC, the cartel of cartel and what other than deciding he wanted to move further up the DAAC pyramid had Maurice Aronson deciding once he had settled down in the United States to get into the diamond business.


And before Bob could collapse on the floor I would have grabbed hold of the bottle of vodka that he was sucking down like it was lemonade and said,


Bob, let me tell you a little about me who has been waiting a lifetime for such an opportunity to expose the hypocrisy of liberal and conservative elitists throughout the entire world joined at the hip in hooking the world’s hard working masses on big government entitlement programs, counting on people such of yourself with your catchy lyrics to distract the masses from the truth and by the time you have figured it all out you turn to sex, drugs and rock and roll.


I am serving sushi lunch at the Cliff House at noon today and you are of course invited.


May I suggest before showing up try looking at this not all that heavily broadcasted communiqué I sent out earlier to a gentleman I met at a coin shop this past Saterday.




Ps – I thought you might get a kick out of the attached photo “DnaR Yahsel” [sic] sent me bearing in mind that this relatively small time gold trader who may in fact be the lead trader for A-Mark dealing with customers purchasing quantities of no less than a 100 troy ounces of gold has yet to confirm that he has read, let alone understood, THE DIAMOND INVENTION INTERNET ONLY most fascinating book.


Ps II – I also thought you would derive SIGNIFICANT benefit from some of the things I had to say yesterday to Danielle, my wife’s almost 17 year old daughter:


A will is much more than a document that bequeaths wealth to others, something I thought long and hard about long well before advising your mother on January 3rd 2002 to have her very carefully crafted will witnessed by an attorney neighbor to mention little of such a will scaring the living daylights out of …


Yesterday I came very close to getting on a chartered private Lear jet to New York after a series of "back and forths" with a couple of very SIGNIFICANT commodity traders who I first met back in the late 1970s soon after I arrived in the United States just before the price of gold skyrocketed "overnight", doubling in a matter of weeks before hitting its all time high of $850 a troy ounce on January 21st 1980 when my DAAC family "knew" THE DIAMOND INVENTION would have "legs" resulting in gold crashing and investors "losing their shirts".


Suffice to say such individuals along with my-our DAAC family have been "tracking" very closely my "whereabouts" all these years beginning when I left Chicago in the first half of 1980 to join the DAAC on 47th Street in New York.


From a very young age I learned my lessons very well beginning with the need to maintain a "low profile" following in the teachings of Confucius, "The tallest trees make the most wind", it not taking me very long to figure out that there must be something to “coincidences” when my first stop in the United States would be Chicago also known as the Windy City.


One of the things I carry around with me is my high school SHARP calculator that works today as well as it did some 30 years ago which should take your breath away considering how prone I am not only to lose things but the fact that it has not broken despite being lugged wherever I have traveled including all the "back and forths" I do between our Stone Home and the Cliff House.


Money is something I have only viewed as a "means of exchange" never, not once attaching the slightest "value" to such a worthless commodity that only has value so long as the people have trust in their elected and non-elected officials.


Our landlady who owns the Cliff House has a son who I don’t believe you have met who once visited with me on an afternoon while he was in the midst of moving his family to Carlsbad because he couldn’t afford to live in Del Mar despite a very impressive scientific resume.


I can gauge very quickly someone's intelligence as well as their integrity by how they react to the work-play that I have been doing ever since I completed a rather important assignment for the President of Luecadia National Corporation [New York Stock Exchange Symbol – LUK] which is one of the "success stories" of Wall Street, its President and founder, Joseph Steinberg living just down the road in Solana Beach, also on the cliff.


Myrna's son whose name I have just forgotten, now also thinking about my follow up communiqué to the President that will most likely begin where I ended off with you yesterday where I suggested you examine carefully the relatively recent "back and forth" between myself and very senior members of my-our DAAC family and no doubt the President's reaction will be a whole lot more measured than yours, responded after I gave him less than a 3 minute tutorial on the history and methodology of the DAAC said the following:


If you cannot trust your father you do not have a family.


If you cannot trust your President you do not have a country.


My name is gold.


My reputation is worth more than all the gold that has ever been mined as well as what lies beneath the surface.


Dr. John Ben Stewart understood perfectly well what he was doing when he presented your mother's will into evidence on October 24th 2002 in an effort to MURDER my very good name and in the process KILL your mother.


Your biological father's attacks on me have never been about me but rather to teach your mother the lesson he tried to impart to her when she decided to leave him in the Big House that began and ended with the lyrics from Cat Stevens,


"You will see how hard it is to get by in this world just upon a smile."


Dr. John Ben Stewart MD is in my humble but seasoned opinion the most evil hypocrite walking the face of the planet.


By October 24th 2002 Dr. John Ben Stewart had seen a number of things take place as a result of him have illegally tapped into my proprietary Internet database.


First he saw that beginning on January 3rd 2002 the share price of Vivendi [New York Stock Exchange symbol V and VE] which is the French water multinational conglomerate that I had extraordinarily close ties with had experienced over a period of 280 days a precipitous decline losing sum $63 billion odd in market value.


Second, he saw in the last paragraph of your mother's ingenious will aimed at both empowering you and your brother while protecting your mother physically a provision that to this day makes his hair stand on end:


Should anyone challenge my will they will forfeit any monies and/or personal property which I have designated to them and those monies and/or properties will go to the benefit of Gary Gevisser and/or his heirs. 


Third, included in my proprietary database was my “work product” relating to the Revlon Corporation [New York Stock Exchange Symbol REV] Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit containing very detailed notes I had kept pertaining to witnesses against this criminal enterprise run by Ronald O. Perelman one of the biggest crooks on Wall Street whose senior management refer to him as the “Capo Di Capi”.


This hyperlink takes you to a 9+ hour deposition conducted on October 17th 2002, one week before your biological father revealed more of his very “black hands”, by my former business partner Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk.


You have not met Mr. Krinsk but you have spoken with him once.


Whoever is named in my will cannot have “blackened hands”.


Just like your mother’s will provided you and brother with nothing more than a “kick start” in the event of her untimely death that would allow the both of you sufficient financial independence to tell your slimeball of slimeball biological father to go to hell so did my will also protect the two of you in the event your biological mother were to follow in the footsteps of someone as deprived as your Sperm Donor.


The fact that most of the people in the world that you know are rotten to their core does not mean you should end up rotten but if you do then I will have no part of it.


I began thinking about my last communiqué to you just as I was preparing yesterday to close up the Stone Home and head to Palomar Airport 15 minutes north of Del Mar where it so happens Joseph Steinberg keeps one of his Lear Jets that has him bypassing crowded airport terminals preventing him from gathering the type of intelligence that my over the top rich and powerful industrialist clients have relied on to give them “competitive advantage”, most of all appreciating the fact that I could not only “check my ego at the door” but in the event my luggage were stolen there would be no record of my “due diligence”, never figuring that anyone unless they were a desperate scumbag would DARE to access my proprietary database placing good people in “harms way.”


While watching the clock on my computer screen I began typing away at a blinding speed and when I reached the end I contacted these traders and simply read them the same section that I “cut and pasted” in the last HEAVILY BROADCASTED AND READ communiqué which you will find in the “sum” hyperlink above.


Their deafening silence reaction was the same as anyone who can logically thought process.


If you cannot figure out on your own why these very sophisticated commodity traders who know perfectly well that I could have long ago, given my quantitative as well as people skills, been richer than all the members of my-our DAAC family combined, so long as I was willing to “play the game” and “sell my soul” decided that they had nothing to gain by getting me to “go easy” on the DAAC, i.e. back off from my demands of their total unconditional surrender which means the “end of the road” for each and every one of us who “usurp their limited authority”, then don’t even bother emailing me to explain, try possibly your mother…


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From: Rand LeShay
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