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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2006 6:59 PM PT
To: Valerie Coster
Cc: rest; Devin Standard; President@whitehouse.gov; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State; Mossad; FBI; United States Justice Department; Norm; Guy Friedman; SupremeInternetCourt@yahoogroups.com
Subject: RE: GOLD LAST TRADING AT $665.70....Crest, Danielle & Hoyle




First, don’t spend the profit in the gold I expect you paid no more than 20 United States cents over the spot price which would have had you forking over $665.90 a troy ounce bearing in mind gold is currently trading at $676.10 reaching earlier $680 and “holding its own” for a period of approximately 5 hours before DAAC operatives as well as independent profit takers stepped in to quell the euphoria.


Second, I assume you checked in with Hoyle and without me prompting you concluded that one way to get him “off the dime” is to find out if he could give you a list of all his friends who do not have Internet access who I would be willing to sponsor for a period of a month which should be enough time for them to be so gracious as to let him send me an email over their account.


Please don’t feel the need to suggest to him that he conduct a Google search using just his and my last name to mention little of you haven’t surely forgotten the chronology of events that began with my accepting from Webbers, the real estate brokers, Hoyle’s offer subject to some rather common sense clarifications which resulted in Webbers going “deafeningly silent” and when I later spoke with Hoyle he came up with this incredible story about Webbers being so negligent in the way they dealt with him which simply had me “playing along” in an effort to get him to provide his “side of the story” in “black and white” so as to, at a minimum, increase the circle of those dependant upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day.


The fact that to the best of my knowledge nothing appears on any of the search engines relating to his particular Next Symposium, not that I have looked in the past 24 hours simply suggests that it is not YET interesting enough to sufficient numbers of people.


You may have noticed that I have YET to follow up with the boys from Codiam Inc. but that is not to suggest that you shouldn’t try from time to time clicking on that one hyperlink contained in my previous communiqué which can be accessed by clicking on this hyperlink.


So what do you think of how fortunate-unfortunate Bob Dylan was to meet up with me?


Can you share the email addresses with me of everyone you know who thinks like my pal “Mr On” that Bob is “G-d”?






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From: Valerie Coster
Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2006 2:45 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Re: GOLD LAST TRADING AT $665.70....Crest, Danielle & Hoyle


Hi Gary,

just read mail, clicked on all hyperlinks, so much infoemation, I am not saying to flatter you, it is so much for my brain to take in although I realise it is easy for you!

I'l just keep on trying, maybe my brain will grow!

Love Val