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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, May 6, 2006 10:54 PM PT
To: Ggut
Cc: Devin Standard
Subject: RE: Please get back to me at least in terms of the other coins you would have me purchase. Time is of the essence.


Feel free at any time to make me an offer on anything that you think I might be interested in including a strategic joint venture bearing in mind that the instant I and/or my designated nominees next walk through the doors of Codiam Inc. a new world order might already be in place and those that sat on the fence thinking they would be better off whichever way the wind blows will be left, at best, sucking the hind tit to mention little of my extraordinarily brilliant wife rather perplexed by the “on-off” again girlfriend of her X husband making reference to the size of my penis, MDG having no idea that Ms. Dawn and I were “so intimate.”


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From: GGut
Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2006 8:27 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE: Please get back to me at least in terms of the other coins you would have me purchase. Time is of the essence.


I will be there from 9am to 5PM. So any time between then would be fine. What ever is best for you.


See you Monday,




From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 10:36 PM
To: GGut
Subject: RE: Please get back to me at least in terms of the other coins you would have me purchase. Time is of the essence.


Excellent. When would be a good time for us to meet on Monday?


From: GGut
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 9:17 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE: Please get back to me at least in terms of the other coins you would have me purchase. Time is of the essence.


What I meant by just in case, is that if you had changed your mind, sounds like you want them. I will have Craig put the 4 – Krands and the 2 – 100 coronas aside for you.  I don’t know what all I have off the top of my head, coin wise, I have not been in the store this week. Inventory has not been sticking around long and we have been turning things over at a rapid pace. Like I said I will be in Monday, I will go over what I have when I get in. I will put some stuff aside that I think would be good. 




From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 8:13 PM
To: Ggut
Cc: Devin Standard
Subject: RE: Please get back to me at least in terms of the other coins you would have me purchase. Time is of the essence.




What do you mean “just in case?”


I also want to know about any other coins that you would keep for yourself if you had the “funds”.


By now you should be aware that I am EXTRAORDINARILY reluctant to get into “verbal communications” given how much time is wasted as the overwhelming majority of folks go around in circles, never really wanting to “nail things down” until it is too late and by the time the hatches are fastened down those hunkered down cant stand the sight of one another, each one knowing they are amongst a bunch of losers.


Just provide me with the exact information on the coins you think I would be interested in purchasing IN ADDITION to the ones that I have already AGREED to purchase and then I will be in sometime soon to complete the transaction.


I will not raise ever again the point I have made PERFECTLY CLEARLY about how easy it would be for you and us to do business assuming you are in fact ready to be placed under a very bright spotlight.


And from what I can tell so far you look like you would prefer to stick to your knitting thinking no different to those who want to believe THE DIAMOND INVENTION is a “fairytale” that “this too will blow over”.




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From: GGut
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 7:50 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE: Please get back to me at least in terms of the other coins you would have me purchase. Time is of the essence.


The number below is my cell number. Just in case you do want me to hold those coins for you.




From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 11:07 AM
To: ggut
Subject: Please get back to me at least in terms of the other coins you would have me purchase. Time is of the essence.


From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2006 9:03 PM PT
To: ggut
Cc: Devin Standard




You are very welcome.


I will take them + any other coins you would keep if you had the funds.


Take a look at the Mission Statement at the bottom of the first page of www.NextraterresTrial.com.


It was written by Adam Tucker, my one gifted American programmer with no input from me.


NextraterresTrial is one of approximately 100 or so websites that Marie and I own that are and will remain indefinitely “under construction” from the “bottom up”.


We are “spreading our wealth” at nothing short of Light-G-D-Speed and to maintain momentum given the fact that we have already achieved “critical mass” is for everyone on the “side of light” to begin contributing in an effort to be “part of the solution” versus being “part of the problem”.


In a nutshell you are either on the side of the DAAC or on the side of truth, that which does not change.


Spreading the truth is the only way to avoid “all out war” which is the only survival path for the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel apart from a settlement with me which is nothing short of their total unconditional surrender, period.


What I downloaded to you in less than an hour should be sufficient for you to complete your  “homework” and figure out how best we can do more business together well within 24 hours.


I suggest you give thought to becoming our first sponsor and within no time at all your will “enjoy” Public International Attention.


I will leave it to you to also figure out a fair compensation arrangement bearing in mind that while I don’t know enough about your business to be “dangerous” I know everything there is to know about the “real world” of business-personal.


Given the level of distrust that is out there, no one knowing for certain who exactly is “on the level” the only way to protect oneself from going over to the “dark side” is to join up with us, an “open book”.


Take as long as you need to get back to me bearing in mind that I will continue in my pursuit to find one or more coin shop operations that understand as well as appreciate all the “good” that I am doing to give peace “a better chance”.


I began handing out $1 bills to kids to read the “flyer” contained in the previous hyperlink which while extraordinarily effective didn’t “touch sides” with the “return on investment” I got when I began to hand out grains of gold bullion for reasons that are not necessarily all that obvious assuming one is “brainne dead” [sic].


I have come a long way in getting to the point where I can say it exactly the way it is versus someone like George W. Bush who while knowing the truth simply doesn’t have the confidence level YET to “level” with the American people for reasons that are not necessarily all that obvious assuming one is “brainne dead” [sic].


The mere fact that GWB has been able to “get away” with turning on the money printing presses like there is no tomorrow tells you that if he isn’t a total genius than next to me he has to be the most godly inspired human being.


I only know what I know and smart enough to know that G-D is no dummy.


Nor are the Chinese who are purchasing our worthless United States Treasury Bills as they complete their industrial revolution at a feverish pace within moments of telling us to “go to hell” and to keep their trade surpluses invested with us as a “thank you note” fearful of only one thing that we don’t “jump the gun”.


Apart from the entire world not knowing what GWB might do next despite pretty much everyone with half a brain knowing perfectly well that the only thing besides for the Chinese with their 3 million strong military propping up our worthless dollar is our increasingly weak military who increasingly understand that they are pretty much the only thing between us “living the good life” and the United States becoming overnight a banana republic.


Again, there are no secrets about the extraordinarily weak economic position of the entire western alliance AND NOR is THE DIAMOND INVENTION a figment of my vivid imagination.


I guestimate that there are today approximately 30 million individuals intimately familiar with not only THE DIAMOND INVENTION but pretty much everything that I, the ultimate insider, know and that would of course include the overwhelming majority of the United States Congress, the entire Justice Department, the entire FBI and most certainly the White House.


I suggest that you now click on to this hyperlink that takes you to the “back and forths” between myself and the folks from Codiam Inc. a VERY SIGNIFICANT DAAC FRONTING OPERATION headquartered on 47th Street.


Now take a look at this one email I received from the FBI.


Now take a look at this hyperlink that references my pivotal role in the reversal of a landmark multi-million dollar repetitive stress injury jury award.


Now take a look at this “letter of recommendation” from Mr. JRK something I referenced earlier today but you may need this “refreshment” to help you make a smart decision.


One of my websites that has not been “lit up” is www.CompetingCorruption.com-us that will be geared toward encouraging everyone with their story of corruption to come forward, it inevitable that the entire world assuming we don’t blow ourselves up will realize that at the very top is the DAAC, the special interest of special interest groups who “honestly” believe that they were placed on this planet to rule over the world as they sit around their dining room tables pointing to all the rampant corruption that is out there oblivious to the reality that they and they alone are the cause of ALL the misery.


While one can come up with all sorts of reasoning such as “man is an enigma” and “man is by his nature a greedy animal” followed by “this is just the way it is and there is nothing I can do about it other than complain while I go about trying to grab as much as the graft as I can before the whole house of cards blows up”, once one gets one’s arms around the truth, i.e. that I have in fact done nothing short of paralyze the very top echelons of the DAAC who realize at this time that there is nothing to be gained by taking an ax to the back of my head given how I have painstakingly and methodically gone about “spreading my wealth-Knowledge-Information-Light”.


They are now like everyone who CHOOSES not to be aligned with me under an increasingly bright spotlight.


You may at first be taken aback by how “passionate” I am in never, I repeat never once “turning a blind eye to evil” willing to risk everything in the pursuit of truth given again the things that I “know” versus “believe” beginning and ending with my highly fine-tuned quantitative skills.


The very fact that I am not only alive but living the greatest life imaginable is to many sufficient proof of not only G-d’s “hand at work” but G-d’s genius in not making any one of us think our lives are more important than the search for the truth, that which does not change.




PsDevin Standard is the executor of my estate.


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From: Ggut
Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2006 2:32 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser


Gary, thank you for lunch and the Interesting conversation, I look forward to taking care of your computer needs and discussing your ideas some more. The coins we have are X - Kruggerands $691.00, X - 100 coronas (these have .9803 oz of prue gold so they are just under 1 ounce) $672.00.

Let me know if these will work and I will reserve them as long as they don't sell between now and when i here back from you.

Thank you,


From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2006 8:32 AM PT
To: GGut

Cc: rest; MDG
Lunch meeting


I thought if you got to your office earlier than 6:30 you might have the time before we meet to take a quick look at this Internet only book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION authored in the late 1970s by a blockbuster author-journalist, Edward Jay Epstein recently writing a best selling PRINT ONLY book detailing the “funny games” of Hollywood to mention little of the price of gold skyrocketing in the last couple of hours now leveling off despite unprecedented pressure by the western world’s central banks backed “to the hilt” by Wall Street and all those dependant on “government handouts”, i.e. the new corrupt church, i.e. academia, the old time corrupt church, physicians, lawyers, accountants, real estate, insurance interests and the such BUT MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY such an “equilibrium price” does not reflect the masses of “brainne dead” [sic] hooked on “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best Friend” waking up to the fraud of frauds.


In the words of my over the top brilliant and extraordinarily humble partner-wife:


No intelligent woman would dirty their hands by investing in diamonds and the emotional aspect of this trade is wearing thin. Your youth will reflect on it badly.


I am using this opportunity to invite Marie Dion Gevisser to join us at the Cliff House for sushi lunch at around noon today.


It is possible but unlikely that joining us will be Jeffrey R. Krinsk a former business partner of mine who is one of the named names in the law firm of Finkelstein & Krinsk who specialize in Shareholder Class Action Lawsuits [SCALs], my “throwing out” Mr. JRK’s name at this time in the event you were to find the time to do more research on him and what you may come across is this letter of congratulations he sent me back on March 29th 2001 following my “due diligence” as well as perseverance in “nailingRonald O. Perelman a big Wall Street crook and supporter of big corrupt government entitlement programs who uses the “good name” of Revlon to “steal blind” from momworker63s and the such to mention little of me “forcing the hand” of Mr. JRK and his other SCAL partners using this “Mark Up Cartoon” rendering by MDG to get this one of a kind SCAL filed back on October 1st 1999 with less than a handful of hours remaining before the statute of limitations would have expired.


While Mr. JRK is very possibly correct that the opinion of Judge Stein “will be cited for many years” given Mr. JRK’s great skill and experience as a SCAL litigator that may not be quite as good as his business-personal-people skills, were it not for me beginning to bring Public International Attention to this very important lawsuit it would be “business as usual” for all those heavily invested in the “status quo” which includes about 99.99% of all the people I know who have mostly fictitious “wealth” within moments in the history of time from being taken away.


Business as you would know is more “art form than it is science” unless we are talking exclusively about marketing when it is all “mathematical” i.e. requiring the highest levels of logical thought processing that is only possible if one has been raised from an early age to always, no matter what, teach, especially the children, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help each of us, G-d.


I only recently came across the expression “and the such” when my wife Marie Dion Gevisser used such verbiage apparently contained in the lyrics of Willie Nelson who I believe wrote and sang the song in a recent Hollywood movie which both of us thought was Hollywood’s way of “poking fun” at the Marlboro Man, nothing quite like having “tTOo” [sic] gay men “beating the cr*p” [sic] out of one another high up on a mountain top as they went about smoking themselves to death.


While the very few who have a grasp of Economic History, which is in fact less than the statistically insignificant number of people who know the first thing about evaluating an oil painting let alone able to paint in color beginning with the overwhelming majority of idiots who study the History of Art at university, can grasp the “connecting dots” that has “all roads NOT leading back to Rome” but to THE DIAMOND INVENTION one of the things which I have found contributes SIGNIFICANTLY to getting those so full of hot air to listen carefully, i.e. “shut the fc*k up” [sic] is to have them go “back and forth” in compliance with Quantum Mechanics examining very carefully the words of the student protest leaders of the late 1960s and early 70s beginning with the lyrics of folks like Bob Dylan, becoming deafeningly silent once they figure out that there is not a single reference to the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the backbone of not only the South African Apartheid Regime that was using the enslaved black masses in their diamond mines and the such but how this cartel of cartel had managed to stay “one step ahead of the laws” enacted by their most important puppets in the United States Congress to mention little of the EXTRAORDINARY close ties between the American Charles Engelhard and his Anglo partner Harry Oppenheimer the co-inventors-conspirators of THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


Repetition is the only way I know best for dealing with the brain dead something I picked up when studying the Old Testament in Hebrew and only later when I figured out its genius did I bother reading this genius of genius book in English.


Worth repeating THE DIAMOND INVENTION is a most fascinating INTERNET ONLY book written more than a quarter of century ago, the Knowledge-Information-Light contained therein yet to be reflected in either the price of diamonds or gold to mention little of the DAAC’s SIGNIFICANT interests in public as well as private corporations throughout the world, and G-d forbid I should forget to mention the DAAC’s not “al-to-get” [sic] INsignificant influence in public opinion beginning with their “command and control” of Madison Avenue and Hollywood.


You may not know that “sic” is the Latin adverb meaning “so” that is used to denote an “Re: RE” [sic] in the expression in quotes to mention little of my one forthcoming book Manager Minute One a “takeoff” of the business book bestseller One Minute Manager written by Ken Blanchard who despite my being very much in the “retirement mode” nearly hired me, nothing coming of it once Mr. Blanchard as well as his top management team understood perfectly well that on my first day on the job I would have called for their resignation including Mr. Blanchard who is a very sweet man, and to not even dream about a severance package even if they had “iron clad” employment contracts.


Do you recall for example liberal Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy ever once in his so drawn out long speeches pontificating on his concerns for the forgotten poor mentioning that the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, the special interest of special interest groups responsible for the greatest enslavement, torture and mass murder of all time that continues to this day had a diamond-studded iron fist control over the South African Apartheid Regime and that it was no coincidence that Charles Engelhard the major benefactor of the Kennedy clan moved to South Africa in the late 1940s bearing in mind that “out of nowhere” the Apartheid Government was “swept into power” in 1948 to mention little of Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy, former Democratic President Lyndon Johnson and Democratic Vice President Humphrey all drawn to the funeral services of Charles Engelhard at St. Mary’s Church in Morris Town, New Jersey back in March 1971 just months before the United States went officially off the Gold Standard?


It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the implications of what will happen to all contracts including “forward contracts” of precious minerals entered into with corrupt governments when the masses of hard working people such as yourself raising a most wonderful “precocious” kid with a “value system” get their “arms around” the truth about not only the very fascinating THE DIAMOND INVENTION only available on THE INTERNET but why the DAAC allowed this almost tell all” documentary of all time to be published in the first place let alone have their stooge blockbuster author place it on THE INTERNET where it would inevitably be read by everyone including someone such as myself perhaps the only person on the planet capable of “filling in” all the CRITICALLY important “blanks”.


Your 9 year old daughter going on 90 in terms of her “wisdom” although you did need to remind her that you did have a very full life outside of her, her sister and their mother not to mention your very interesting coin shop, did wonders to first attract my very beautiful wife who in turn drew me away from talking with you as you provided me with an excellent education in investing in coins “limited in supply” versus diamonds that are not only unlimited as well as untraceable but much more importantly have never, not once, been PUBLICLY INVENTORIED which of course hasn’t prevented the DAAC from keeping very careful track of which government officials both elected and unelected such as the members of the Federal Reserve have been “gifted” untraceable diamond currency for more than a century “in exchange” for turning a “blind eye”.


As you know there was another customer in your shop last Saterday when we all met for the first time who has a much longer standing relationship with you all, David just moments away from purchasing that in very good shape silver coin salvaged from a Spanish ship dating back to the 1600s but I am not one to “hesitate” when relying exclusively on my rather “fine tuned instincts” that I first became aware of when playing “hooker” in the rugby scrum.


This is not only a good point to end this communiqué but if time permits for you to read all this ahead of our meeting then I believe it will be a good “starting point” unless you have questions for me.


Important though, that we appreciate the finest of sushi as well as the magnificent one-of-a-kind view.


From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2006 6:03 PM
To: GGut


BTW I would be willing to purchase any gold coins you folks currently have on hand at the current gold price, i.e. willing to take my “lickings” if it goes down and us both happy if it goes up by the time we meet and complete the transaction.


During the time we are together I would like you to take a look at a PCGS MS64BN 1909-S VDB one cent Lincoln coin I purchased a few months back from the folks at the Santee coin shop who I know ripped me off following my having made rather significant gold coin purchases since Carl, the owner, refused to purchase it back from me just days after I made the purchase paying sum $3200.


It wont take you very long to get your “arms around” the reason for this rather important meeting which I am quite certain will change your life “for the better” which is to not suggest for a moment that you are not very happy with your life but at the same time I wouldn’t invite someone into this one home of ours if I didn’t feel such a “fortunate” individual didn’t already feel “blessed”.