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From: Gary S. Gevisser
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Subject: RE: CHAPTER 13 - THE DIAMOND MIND...gold $679.80... For when you're up that Creek


Ms. Doss,


Please accept my apologies.


I have no idea how you got on my email list other than it possible that another Boeing employee thought you might derive some benefit from my insight and analysis of the important events of the day beginning with why you think the premier of China would take the time out of his busy schedule when visiting the United States recently to come and talk with you folks not to mention being served lunch rather than a White House dinner, payback for the Chinese eating up Clinton for breakfast, lunch and dinner,.


Bear in mind China has absolutely nothing to gain by civil war here in the U.S. which could easily filter through to their shores as we go about lighting fires in other regions of the world to distract from the inevitable collapse not just of the United States Dollar but our welfare dependant “way of life.”


Let me spell this out a little clearer in the event you are not “firing right” thinking that we have not only the biggest guns but a work ethic “second to none” having shown the world during World War II which as you know was simply the continuation of WW I that we can all come “to-get-her” [sic] in pursuit of a “common goal.”


Back in the late 1930s and early 40s there wasn’t, however, the Internet which allows Knowledge-Information-Light to travel at Light-G-D-Speed to the masses out there so busy trying to make ends meet but ever so trusting of their government beginning with the newly elected but very unhealthy Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt who in 1933 enacted a law that made it illegal for United States citizens to “hoard” gold.


Such a word giving the appearance that this former Wall Street lawyer-liar was “targeting” greedy people who were looking to “profit” from the trading of gold which Alan Greenspan, the former 17 odd year chairman of the Federal Reserve wrote in his famous 1966 essay is the only “means of exchange” possible to “preserve economic freedom”.


In that very same and fateful year the stooge Democratic President nominated a mafia bootlegger to become the first Chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission, Joe Kennedy eventually going on to become U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain but resigned in 1938 when it appeared that he no longer had sufficient influence to persuade Roosevelt from entering the continuation of World War I.


Joe Kennedy like Alan Greenspan like pretty much any bum you know can in fact look good in a suit.


China has little regard for all our patent and trademark laws much the same as we CHOOSE to so ignore the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the mafia of mafia flagrantly violating our sacrosanct Anti-Trust and Anti-money laundering laws.


You may have noticed that Chinese students come top not only in the best of our schools and universities but everywhere they settle they make it their business-personal to change the landscape for the “better”.


The Chinese people have not always got it right despite their extraordinary inventiveness and very civil culture being 8,000 years older than ours which is all about quick this and that, slight of hand tricks making us all laugh.


But you may have noticed when doing business with Chinese people they consider it very important the “human contact”, rather slow to adapt to advances in technology for reasons that should be obvious if you are able to logically thought process which means most of all to pay attention to things big and small and nothing I can say at this time can in fact distract you from the fixation you now have with the point I made just earlier about the Chinese not giving a rat’s ass about any of our bs laws protecting human ingenuity, laws protecting the right to “free speech”, freedom of the press, a woman’s right to an abortion, dog leashing laws and the such, your thoughts eventually wondering to the all important “rule of law” that has you reflecting back on the premier of China standing stoically as our great President the most honorable and extraordinarily smart George W. Bush lectured him on China’s human rights violations that both the President and the premier of China understood was just to placate the increasingly unruly American people.


If you cannot trust your father you do have a family.


If you cannot trust your President you do not have a country.


No one in their right mind, i.e. with a conscience, can trust a single elected and unelected government official who refuses to support open hearings in to why the United States Congress has turned a blind eye to the DAAC, the cartels of cartels, other than to dish out to such mindless individuals more than their fair share of the graft.


I not only trust George W. Bush I don’t know of a single human being who could have done more to preserve the extraordinary relative peace that we are currently experiencing than this godly inspired man who if he were to have told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth the United States of America would be embroiled long before now in the most bloody civil war that would make the American Civil War of the 1850s look like a day in the water park.


With absolutely nothing to back our economy other than our totally fictitious and worthless currency President Bush by speeding up the printing of absolutely worthless dollars has managed to not only maintain but to build up our incredible military that combined with the token support of our the western alliance has forced in particular the oil producing nations to continue accepting our ever increasingly worthless currency that began eroding in that fateful year 1933.


GWB is not, however, G-d who commands each of us right this instant to do the right thing and the smart thing and support GWB and the rest of world’s inspired leaders to give peace a “better chance”.


While the United States Congress and our communist trade unions call for the Peoples Republic of China to “revalue” their SIGNFICANTLY undervalued currency as if to suggest that the Chinese leadership is not only stupid but more stupid than the heavily corrupt United States Congress who don’t need anyone’s permission to simply “devalue” the United States Congress and in the next instant diffuse such a contentious debate about absolutely nothing of importance.


The fact that you and most literate human beings on this planet have an extraordinary poor read of Economic History should not be blamed either on the Chinese or George W. Bush or his father and G-d forbid anyone DARE to suggest that Laura Bush isn’t as “smart as a whip” bearing in mind her incredibly smart decision to marry a very athletic and very funny man who is not exactly a “potted plant”, not even close.


Hitler was not present at the church funeral services of the American Charles Engelhard held in March 1971 just months before the United States and therefore the world went officially off the Gold Standard and nor to the best of my knowledge was any member of the Bush family but the same cannot be said about Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy, former Democratic President Lyndon Johnson and Democratic Vice President Humphrey.


The stooge Hitler, however, was long dead.


You have watched enough mafia movies to know that folks like the FBI, CIA and over the top intelligent of intelligence agencies, the Mossad pay SIGNIFICANT attention to those attending the funerals of the top capos just as they do when watching in “broad daylight” their same stooges forced to meet in very public settings such as when President elect John F. Kennedy met CE’s Anglo partner at the Carlyle Hotel located up on the upper east end of Manhattan.


Harry Oppenheimer, no relation to Robert Oppenheimer who spearheaded the Manhattan project, didn’t need to say much more than “hello” not even needing to remind the future President of the United States who carries the title Commander In Chief of all United States Armed Forces that they had met previously in private at CE’s Camp Chaleur across the border in Quebec, Canada to get the message that in addition to JFK and each member of his crime syndicate family being “bought and paid 4” [sic] so was the entire United States Secret Service whose most important responsibility is to protect the currency of the United States which is SIGNIFICANTLY more important than the life of its President given how without a “pot to pee” the Commander In Chief of all United States Forces cannot be taken in the least bit seriously by those brave service people doing nothing more at this time than propping up the worthless United States Dollar.


No doubt you have right now an even better understanding of why the Chinese people don’t take any of our laws let alone our extraordinarily corrupt United States Congress made up of mostly lawyer-liars in the least bit seriously while being ever so civil, bearing in mind constantly China produces the hardest working people on the planet raised on the merit system versus the bs Bell Shaped curve educational system that breeds nothing short of mediocrity to mention little of China the least of all nations under the command and control of the DAAC’s extraordinarily dark forces.


Make no mistake, however, the very fit Chinese people are not a nation we, possibly the unhealthiest of nations with barely a pot to pee in, want to go to war with, unless we plan to unleash on them our nuclear arsenal to mention little once again of the Chinese people several steps ahead of us when letting us know fairly recently that in the event we were to start say a firefight in Taiwan they wouldn’t hesitate in issuing orders to their nuclear submarine commanders patrolling in “broad daylight” our coastlines to launch a first strike nuclear attack on any one or all of our major cities.


Now go back and examine closely the genius of GWB who is dog tiredly pulling out all stops to get Americans to embrace into our “Armed Forces” our ever peaceful and hardworking neighbors currently residing in the south who just 150 odd years ago owned places like California and Texas and lost them to our bigger guns but who once our dollar collapses may not take all that kindly to us Americans seeking to get paid in SIGNIFICANTLY more valuable currency.


Gold last traded at $679.80, reaching $685 earlier when the London market opened, such a price YET to reflect the full impact of THE DIAMOND INVENTION, not even close.


In due course I will be following up with my-our DAAC family, the principals of Codiam Inc. having since November 24, 2004 to stew over the inevitable “showdown” that you as well as each employee of Boeing as well as Boeing’s Board of Directors MUST now focus in on.


Should you still wish to be taken off my email list then simply let me know which one of my lucky 4 hit lists you would prefer, a) My sh*t, b) Deafeningly Silent, c) Greedy and d) Non-existential Pardon bearing in mind that at the end of every year we have a lottery and one person from the MDG list is chosen at random unless my wife dictates the one to be picked at.


Don’t forget that you can always access for free my heavily broadcasted and HEAVILY READ communiqués by going to www.NextraterresTrial.com and clicking on either www.SupremeInternetCourt.com or scrolling down the page to “less said the better”.


Good day,


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


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From: Doss, Marie T
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