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Sent: Friday, February 11, 2005 12:42 PM PT
Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State
Cc: rest;; Ron Bellows Jnr; Denise Bellows;;; Richard Cooper; Deborah Sturman Esq.; Whitman Knapp Esq. - Office of Attorney General
Subject: FW: "...---...our [AIG] loss numbers are showing lots more than the news is reporting...---..."...---...welfare...---...


Dear Mr. Spitzer Esq.;


Not each and every one of the 6.3 billion odd of us on this planet r aware that AIG [American International Group] is one of 30 public corporations that make up the DOW Index, KO one other but with approximately 42% less weighting, agree?


Ants, I doubt, blame as we do others for their own wrongdoing so much easier, wouldn’t u agree?



Next tTOo

Breeding is everything!


To repeat what I told Mr. Derrick Beare a private banker with Investec whose uncle Dr. Jonathan “Trouble” Beare schooled in the DeBeers Anglo American Cartel’s time tested system of getting others to shoot one’s poison tipped arrows by simply sending a handful of infiltrators into each and every one of our communities, this “phatso” [sic] thinking very possibly to start out rattling my cage by having me risk “life and limb” to travel recently on Interstate 5 to Los Angeles just to hear the same type of dribble sent at 8:42 PM yesterday by Mr. Ron Bellows Senior:


“We use the excuse of family when it is plain simply money, pure greed because if u were really concerned with family would u want to raise your kid to be this corrupt because they will have to be more corrupt to survive unless of course they inherit the money, is that what u r planning to do?”


Mr. Attorney General u will notice a number of things going on around the world today in addition to RBS’ own guilt coming thru crystal clear and may I suggest u try reaching Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk at home USA 1-619-222-8-8-42 assuming u cannot reach him at Finkelstein & Krinsk USA 1-619-238-1333 extension 24 to confirm what u very likely already know for certain, agree?


Not only do I speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me G-D, I am not one to scare easily given a number of things I have going for myself most of all as far as u should be concerned at this precise moment in time, 11:42 AM PST, an acute ability to logically thought process, having gone out of my way to not let anyone interfere with the space between my ears, constantly aware of a Divine presence dealing me ever the smartest of cards.


Each of us with a command of language can come up with all sorts of excuses for our poor behavior but it is in fact the deafening silences that speak the most volume especially at this precise moment in time as my adversaries, specifically those fully aware of my command of numbers pay increasing attention to the fact that RBS doesn’t even offer a single excuse of any kind for thinking he could dump on his “good friend” what causes what little remains of his conscience to “act out” not even attributing his “wrongdoing”, very possibly thinking he could get away with co-opting me into his shenanigans instead of spilling his guts either to his wife and/or u folks by suggesting he was in a drunken state, to mention little of how this rather senior executive continues despite referring to our great President as a Nazi Dictator while showing his true colors with “This is what happens when you give rights to blacks” to hold down one rather important job working for the “unlawful” and “shameful” $280 billion megalopoly of AIG-Marsh and McLennan-ACE Ltd to repeat just one line of RBS’ communiqué that was not only sent to yours truly,


I have now been given the project of trying to figure out our [AIG’s] exposure for our overseas defense contractors we insure”


Not exactly the sort of your task u would give to just anyone who has allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning, agree?


What I last wrote u was not simply crystal clear it sobered up RBS to the point that has him now threatening me, a poor, poor, little Rattlesnake who goes to sleep at night not thinking about all the missing enriched uranium that has the likes of RBS and my Artist painter Client-Partner-Wife Marie Dion’s ex-husband increasingly better known as The Sperm Donor hoping against all hope that such thoughts will have me implode but ever so extraordinarily peaceful that thanks to the Digital Age, a G-D-Send these desperate despicable characters r increasingly under the spotlight, leaving me to simply think about things like how to-get-her and giddyup?


Again may I suggest u pay attention to “sum” [sic] of the names u see on this broadcasted communiqué I sent to this weasel JeffYou are either incompetent or culpable, take your pick!” Rabin of the Los Angeles Times back on October 8th 2003.


The fact that I am living the greatest life imaginable fearful only of not fulfilling the expectations of our extraordinarily SMART G-D who might decide the next go around to have me join the likes of The Sperm Donor as very possibly a red ant in Timbuktu working my way up the food chain, instead I choose to bide my time being smart spending the remainder of my time this go around pondering how to best go about implementing our Clean Water Fund project that will be owned by each and every one of us returning, the very few of us human beings right this very moment given all the information we have at our disposal to do more than simply take up space, it not really taking rocket science to figure out that once we reach critical mass, there enough of us recognizing that clean drinking water the most basic and precious human right will lead to crystal clear thinking resulting this very instant in stopping with the breeding of those “in our image” the most selfish act imaginable when considering we have decimated the competition in the race for “survival of the fittest” leading to not simply world wide peace but peace right now, those future porcupines in places like North Korea or the Republic of South Africa under the “command and control” of the DAAC have simply no way out but to come to the bargaining table or face “superior and overwhelming” forces, just keep thinking how long it will take for the price of diamonds to reach a “flat zero” one each and every customs agent in the world reads my updated manual,,, not taking much to imagine how long the lines of those us human beings wanting to feel up say some of the folks passing thru border crossings who attended one of our parties at 227 27th Street, not quite as spectacular as our “tTOo” [sic] current residences in Del Mar, agree?


Equally destabilizing is the thought of competing against 300 million sperm just to produce another offspring that could end up as poorly conditioned as The Sperm Donor assuming my parents don’t read Manager Minute One ahead of time is enough to make me right this very minute vomit,


May the very good LAND-LORD continue to bless our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush, agree?


The glass is very much half full and the numbers support how very few options remain at this time given the inordinate level of debt in the world that simply cannot be “willed away” to mention little of the lack of savings of the incredibly hard working and downtrodden masses, agree?


What goes around comes around but with a vengeance, a flock of seagulls flying this moment by my one of a kind view of this most amazing land and seascape.


There is balance everywhere best described in my opinion, a train just whistling by, in Einstein’s, “Mind of G-D” equation which does not require an understanding of Science of Mathematics at the highest levels to get “one’s arms around”, the need tho, at this time to find common ground forcing each and every one of us to “dig deep” to hold those who continue to usurp their limited authority “in check” providing them with no comfort pointing out time and again the impact of their reckless actions, agree?


Never to forget for a moment members of the “bought and paid 4” [sic] media behaving so poorly to someone such as myself with quite the track record of success who is simply focused on restoring balance in the real world, us-we within moments in time of having world wide peace, it taking simply level headedness for us mortal human beings to be at one which does not mean any of us should drop our guard for a single moment despite all the evidence that the ants r winning the foot race,,, trust me when I tell u it is not just RBS and The Sperm Donor thinking about being kind to the next tunnel dung beetle they come across, agree?


Nothing should happen to RBS’ family were he to be dragged into court or attached to a lie detector machine required to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth unless his family is complicit, but that would be their own problem, no one else causes them to behave poorly, agree?


Then again in this “Dog eat God Aspartame” [sic] world we have the excuse of selective memory that effects both rich and poor increasingly less so thanks in no small measure to the Digital Age, a G-D-Send, not to forget RBS has been sitting on a whole bunch of stuff that in the public hands could be used to do so much good to mention in passing how he and I first became acquainted, not just any poor, poor, little Rattlesnake can get the likes of Hank Greenberg, the Patriarch of the First Family of Insurance to get his President, Thomas Tizzio and then the head of AIG’s Merger and Acquisitions division to send out their very best co-opted lapdog to sniff around, agree?


RBS applauded me for my “LAPD” response to Mr. Richard Cooper just another poorly conditioned “dik” [sic] wanting to be left alone to live the “good life” while at the same time taking “offense” to my questioning how exactly he made his money which is all our business given how especially since the outbreak of Word War II, the DeBeers Anglo American Cartel have managed rather well to make their way into pretty much each of our households while decimating the world’s monetary system that at one time allowed us to keep track of things, agree?





Built tTOo




Any who have crossed my path, the need to update both the “sh1t” as well as “deafeningly silent” list, can only blame themselves for putting their families in this so very public embarrassing situation, agree?


I will continue to post up the remainder of my response to Azalphainvestor that I started yesterday on both Coca Cola as well as AIG's Yahoo message board bearing in mind the distinct possibility that AZ is my step-father Alan Zulman?


May I suggest once again u not lose sight of my rather good “insight” while not forgetting the incorruptible grass roots organizations I have been empowering around the world including more than a handful of folks here in the United States increasingly fed with all the bullshit, less than 24 hours be4 we expect to the text to my next round of INFORMERS WANTED ads, to repeat,


In a nutshell, I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil does not come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork.


Second, it is not class warfare that I am encouraging, it is the welfare system I am questioning, and I am a member of the favored class.


Good day,


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


[Word count 1966]



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dear gary - take this to heart and listen well - i will not say this again


what is said to you in confidence as a friend ( at that time I was foolish enough to beleive that ) - as you well know - was never intended for public display - and if by some streak of dumb luck you manage to get someone to read this dribble and it impacts my family - there will be no place for you to hide from your just rewards


you say you are the rattlesnake - you don't what that means unless you've been in the olive oil business -



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Subject:  "...---...our [AIG] loss numbers are showing lots more than the news is reporting...---..." - Ron Bellows Senior - senior Risk Management specialist for AIG


Dear Mr. Spitzer Esq...---...