From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 1:33 PM PT
To: George Hurst Esq. - Lawyer-liar for Dr. John Ben Stewart aka Sperm Donor
Cc: rest; Detective Jeffrey W. Steele - San Diego Police Department; FBI; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Kathy Murry United States Justice Department;; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Oprah


Hearst” [sic],


If you don’t forgive me for starting my one week sabbatical a day later then I am certain your grandchildren and their friends will once they find the time to get through this important communiqué whose primary purpose is to let you know my family & I feel it is not only morally right to be living in this great country, the United States of America, but feel safer than on any other spot on the planet despite the U.S. spearheading the mass murder following the bs Bretton Woods Conference of 1944 that took place some 7 odd months after the Yalta Conference, of 30 million odd innocent Vietnamese farmers at the behest of the DAAC.


George W. Bush has been the first American politician of any standing to talk about the “mistakes” of Yalta and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least that before I finish typing this heavily broadcasted missive at a “record pace” will have gone on to talk publicly about the horror of Bretton Woods that now have university students like Ms. Sarah Cooke feeling at a loss for words but not for long as she and others less co-opted-corrupted by the systemic rot figure out how extraordinarily fortunate they are while getting increasingly broke to sit around quietly without suicide bombers yet to blow themselves up in buses passing through Del Mar and other coastal communities of California and figure out without some idiot parent, teacher or professor telling them exactly what to do and how to do it, and realize that things are no where near as desperate as their much more co-opted-corrupted elders would have them believe.


As you would expect I am mostly “cutting and pasting” where as you would know from the horrific illegal actions of your client, The Sperm Donor aka Dr. John Ben Stewart, a practicing pathologist at Sharp Memorial Hospital with the most horrific eyesight, mistakes happen, to mention little time and again of the extraordinary performance The Sperm Donor put on at 10:15 AM PT a week ago this past Saturday when calling our Cliff House acting so very concerned that he had not heard from his one biological 16 year old thinking himself, Mr. Calculating, so very smart that he could setup once again his extraordinarily brilliant X-wife while when he went checking on Danielle at her friends house where she had told him she had spent the night and when not finding her car parked in the street FAILED to knock on the door and simply ask if the daughter he has so used and abused was very probably sleeping just as she had told him the night before.


Yes, it is important we keep track of how poorly conditioned kids so easily become “dik-s” [sic] perfecting the skill of politicians learned from their poorly conditioned elders who have never been told “No” and when in business find how extraordinarily easy it is to build into the their “cost of sales” the “cost of getting caught” especially if they have a designation “doctor” but thanks to the Digital Age where we can keep track of everything including the deafening silences no longer is anyone starting out with our parents considered godly as the next generation increasingly get up to speed that they now have The Internet to figure out the truth by simply examining in their own space and when time permits the evidence which as you know does not require going to law school.


Important for the entire world to know as we move back to the “constant” big picture that our great President is funneling as quickly as he can within the limits of the “rule of law” the increasingly extraordinarily fictitious United States Dollar that is starting to get his most harmful critics located mostly in the U.S. to “shut the fcuk up” [sic] once they realize this brilliant man the result of simply being properly conditioned will not allow what they want most which is a precipitous collapse of the financial markets, just look at the business model of SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] such as Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk and Bill Lerach Esq. the primary funders of GWB’s opponents.


It is one thing to be like Ms. Sarah Cooke to wake up to the fact that her professors either don’t know what the “fcuk” [sic] they are talking about as well as the increasing likelihood they are also culpable but to then after looking in the mirror and saying “Stupid, all I needed to do was attend one of the 41Dots tutorials to learn everything I needed to know about business and then sum” [sic] but to also have to look at your bank account to find that you are short not only all your tuition costs but your “opportunity costs” as well is rather daunting every time you look yourself in the mirror saying, “stupid.”


The “cost of the next best alternative” is always the truth and following dinner last night at our favorite sushi restaurant in Del Mar just up the street on 11th Street and Highway 101 from our spectacular RENTED studio house I figured out how best to explain the truth to kids at both middle school and high school without them feeling stupid like each and every student at college who I hope to get to well before my time is up this go around and if not then I am quite certain others will based on the interaction between myself, my wife and her 13 year old JoNathan just before we turned off the lights at the Cliff House making of course certain that my “god” [sic] Pypeetoe was properly settled at Marie Dion GEVISSER’s feet, later when he thought she was sound asleep he crept up on to her pillow and ever so gently placed his head right up against her head and then gave his customary deep sigh.


I have now decided to inform every conscious human being in the world about the only tool they need to get to the bottom of everything including why it is that I consider GWB not only extraordinarily smart but very honorable.


Every kid still at school and who takes lunch money from their parents will now instantly once they learn how to use this very basic spreadsheet I prepared for the founders of 41 dots understand not only why but how to solve the problem that has kids increasing using their bathrooms in pubic schools as a place to vomit their lunch before doing coke so much so that when they see these same kids crashing their cars that get replaced the very next instant to then go off to places like Los Angeles to live it up on their rich parents monies they will when finding the time to sit quietly on a school bench with such hopeless and increasingly detached kids who have much more going wrong in their lives than eating disorders and drugs that numb further the sensitivities to tell them about such an awesome tool that has them in the next instant asking their rich parents how in fact they make a living to be living in a 3 level house with 4 motor vehicles, a boat, 2 motorcycles, surfboards and windsurfers galore not feeling it necessary in the least to share their ill-gotten gains with just a single girlfriend.


There is right this instant a new dawn forming around the world that looks increasingly familiar as the world also begins to give thought to this rather extraordinary will of MDG you chose to use as one of your exhibits in Superior Court Courtroom 25 back on October 24th 2002 just moments before Judge Hendrix did nothing short of guillotining both your head and that of your most evil client the “tTOo” [sic] of you inevitably serving as symbols around the world to all those who dare to ever again usurp their limited authority.


And of course the beauty of the 41 dots Excel spreadsheet is that each person can customize both the questions as well as the name of their favorite and least favorite persons but by the time they are done questioning their parents then their teachers wont feel so intimidated to then start monitoring the toilets and before long they will be teaching them why it is that each successive generation gets increasingly that much earlier corrupted given the decision by rich corrupted parents who have worked out how best to manipulate the corrupt system to make certain their children don’t use such tools that have them being so very Jewish and asking all the right questions which no Jew I grew up with and who attended our Jewish Day School of Carmel College, Durban South Africa dared to do including me who was raised mostly by my extraordinary mother who drummed into my head,


You are bright, white and when you reach 21 you will not only know what to do to change the world for the better but when to do it!


You would know from being hooked to my increasingly easy to read but still long emails that I left my mother’s most awesome nest just one week shy of my 21st birthday armed with in addition to my father’s log books from WWII and my grandfathers gold plated tin goblet, his set of 1896 1 pound cufflinks and his gold plated watch, 2 letters of introduction from my Royal Mater’s very good friend, my uncle David Gevisser who my RM referred to constantly while growing up as just “one lucky guy” who happened to have “coined it” when he was chosen by Charles Engelhard the filthy rich big time funder of the United States Democratic Communist Party and “open supporter” of the South African Apartheid regime to become, with approval of course by CE’s mafia partner Harry Oppenheimer the Anglo of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the “male heir” of CE’s extraordinary mineral rich estate to mention little of MDG’s will now containing a codicil that explains why your clients baseless attacks on me suggesting extreme inappropriate conduct on my part towards his biological daughter who was 12 years old at the time were all designed to destroy the light in her and her brother’s amazing mother who dared when finding out how demented was their biological father to leave him in the 3 story house with all his stuff, his words following MDG confronting him with his diabolical actions and asking him whether his decision to file a baseless criminal charge against me would mean she could lose her children saying everything about his insidious intentions to repeat time and again The Sperm Donor’s evilness,


You may not lose your children!


Since I already had a job secured on my first trip to the States which I took during the Christmas Holidays of 1977 when visiting with the elder brother of my friend Marilyn Silver whose best friend, Linda Phillips was my first girlfriend I didn’t have the need to “cash in” the chips my RM had been holding on to once she figured out that DG was in a position to “make good” on selling his cousins including my father “down the drain” although my RM only found out in the last couple of years the extent of the intricate web my uncle DG was part of.


The photo in the last RM hyperlink shows my very bright and shrewd mother wearing her favorite diamond broach that I am quite certain at the time it was taken contained the real rather valuable diamonds and were it not for the fact that Linda Philips once slept at our house until the wee hours of the morning even though we did not have sex it is highly probable that Linda who went on to become Model of the Year in South Africa would have been modeling diamonds on the Silver Screen.


Breaking my mother’s heart these days is not like being so foolish as to break her cardinal rule that if her models were to even flirt with any of her 3 sons it would be the end of their career and like the DAAC Zena Gevisser was the closest there was in the world of modeling to being a monopoly even though that is not where my ingenious business woman mother made most of her money.


I began to figure out that my father’s first cousin who besides for being designated “one lucky guy” also held the distinguished title of being the “blue eyed boy” of Sol “Little King” Moshal the very crooked Chief Executive Officer of the public corporation The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies and was responsible at the time CE was being murdered for engineering the most “management friendly” i.e. “shareholder hostile” takeover of a public corporation in the history of South Africa without the smartest financial engineer in the world, Gerald Hackner who was both our next door neighbor and my RM’s South African accountant going so far as to say “boo” or how about “Wait a minute, the price The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies is being sold for makes no sense just when you consider the value of its real estate holdings” since GH and his close-lipped English partner Alan Benn of the accounting firm Hackner Benn were also very SIGNIFICANT players in the South African real estate industry.


All this occurred around the time of my Bartmizvah back in 1970 when I found my amazingly kind, humble, very hard working and very brilliant father “down on his luk” [sic] and very much out of work as a result of the almost immediate liquidation of this amazing organization that his father had begun building back in 1910 soon after he arrived from Vilnius, Lithuania with literally no more than the shirt on his back and immediately went to work picking up unbroken bottles off the dirt streets of Durban, South Africa.


When looking across in our over the top Jewish orthodox synagogue on the corner of Silverton and Musgrave road and noticing that the Little King who had explained his criminal behavior on the fact that like CE who frequented the headquarters of MG located on Madon Road he had no male heirs and decided to screw the rest of the Gevisser boys because his “blue eyed boyDG while working at ACME Timber, one of MG’s group of companies, had decided to join CE, still had one of the best seats in the synagogue just a few steps away from the Holy Ark and then across from him were the Lazarus clan of Durban North who we are knew were also like CEopen supporters” of the 3rd Reich’s southern division aka The South African Apartheid Regime which when coupled with the fact that the Lazarus clan were in “command and control” of Carmel College I knew that my mother was right about the need for me to keep my big mouth shut tight.


It didn’t take me long given my parents wide circle of friends of all religious denominations to figure out that the rest of them beginning with the Romans followed the Muslims were just as corrupt at least from the standpoint of how their religious institutions operated, but the reality of what caused our Holocaust during WWII came about shortly after the sale of MG that suddenly had my father “shunned” not because anyone thought he was part of the “dirty deed” but for the simple reason the “movers and shakers” of Durban South Africa were simply embarrassed knowing perfectly well what had happened, such evildoers no different to Jewish Capos of WWII.


It turned out, however, that our most honorable friends were in fact Muslims followed by Roman Catholics.


I remember the day like it was yesterday when my mother came in to my bedroom to let me know that she had received a phone call from our Muslim friend Mascot Salot who informed her that a Durban Jewish accountant, Eldred Savell, who had been running a pyramid investment scheme was about to go bust and that if she had any money invested she should not waste a moment in pulling it out.


The only monies of my families invested with this big time crook was 50,000 Rand that represented approximately 10% of the rather pitiful estate of my paternal grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser one of the founders of MG and to give you a sense of what such an estate meant to my immediate family is let you know that my father, only a couple of years ago received the bulk of his share which amounted to approximately $10,000 [Ten thousand United States Dollars].


But back in the early 1970s, R50,000 was a little more than “chicken feed” and of course my RM was able to convince my father who was an executor of his father’s estate who convinced the Little King who was also an executor to pull the money out just in the “nick of time.”


The decision, however, by the State of Israel to grant Eldred Savell refuge was one further piece of evidence that I should continue to listen very carefully to my RM to keep my big mouth shut.


Increasingly more people hooked into my missives are focusing on why exactly Mr. RBS a senior risk management specialist for AIG had a problem in me broadcasting his very clear communiqué which made sense of what is going on as the United States and its allies who produce, relatively speaking, very few goods and services that others want including those of us in the United States since you cannot eat share certificates in public corporations or increasingly worthless monies now being printed by the United States at a record pace as our trading partners producing all the goods and services that we are incapable of producing figure it is time to dispense with the bs of Bretton Woods and to begin logically thought processing concluding that a currency whether it is bananas coming out of a banana republic like South Africa or chimpanzees jumping out of high rises overlooking Wall Street should be based exclusively on “productivity” to mention little of how illogical the world has become going back to how poorly we are educated and indoctrinated from an early age with all the bs beginning with the nonsense of murdering 30 odd million Vietnamese in order to stop the spread of communism and while communism has stopped in Vietnam forget the fact that it was never there to begin with, the United States and its allies actually lost the war.


RBS is NOT a genius or for that matter a total idiot and was able to figure out from my response that his conclusions of us bombing Iran before March when they are scheduled to further weaken the demand for U.S. dollars by now accepting Euros as payment for their oil or us bombing ourselves with one suitcase sized nuclear bomb currently being built by members of Hamas ever so quietly behind this 450 mile concrete wall were totally flawed even though they made for interesting reading even if I have embellished “sumwhat” [sic] what RBS had to say.


The SMART MONEY people like Mr. JRK of Finkelstein & Krinsk who is once again in my humble but seasoned opinion the most competent and experienced SCAL walking the planet and very possibly the richest would prefer that I don’t spell out at least not right now why exactly such a use of violent force while doing exactly what Mr. JRK and the rest of the smart money want which is a precipitous collapse in the stock market that would trigger in the next instant a collapse in the both the insurance and real estate market is unlikely to happen and if it were then there is every possibility none of us will be around to at least sit in front of our computers communicating with no one of importance other than perhaps the President of the united States who will surely be one of the few to survive Armageddon.


Instead our great President is simply supporting the increasingly over the top valuations of public corporations by making it so extraordinarily easy for government “money laundering” operations which we call banks to loan money to these over the top valued public corporations based on the share value of these public corporations which are propped up by the increasingly worthless currencies that the United States and all other governments are pumping out at a record pace simply now following in the footsteps of the DAAC who have been doing this now for the past 100 years and it will all continue to play out in this merry-go-round until such time as we start to logically thought process or run out of natural resources like land and water




Until someone does in fact decide to explode a suitcase sized nuclear bomb currently being worked on by a whole lot more folks than Hamas.


The test of The Emergency Broadcast System will take place in 7 days or less which in my humble but seasoned opinion will be enough of a warning to everyone reading this heavily broadcasted missives to do the right thing which is to first read ever so carefully Chapter 18 of THE DIAMOND INVENTION and then look to me to fill in each and every one of the very carefully thought through gaps.


Time to fly to lunch with my out of this world wife whose is just now returning from art class with Sebastian Capella.


Take very good care,


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There.


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