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Cc: rest; FBI; senator@kennedy.senate.gov; Goldman Sachs [gs-investor-relations@gs.com]; Morgan Stanley [instfeed@ms.com]; United States Justice Department; President@whitehouse.gov; JRK@class-action-law.com


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I received Mr. Hearst’s travelers check.


Please forward this email to Denise thanking her both for her kind words as well the delivery of this rather “valuable” $100 [one hundred dollars] that most importantly puts a “date certain” on when I knew that the media mogul of media moguls while on a personal level so very charming and personable much like I would have expected out of the likes of Hitler and Stalin much the same as President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was “absolutely certain” he had the masses all figured out, the repetitiveness of this former Chairman of Hearst Corporation and last surviving son of the original William Randolph Hearst letting me know that so long as he and his elitist friends had things their way the masses would remain only interested in “tits and ass” bearing in mind that Mr. Hearst who passed away some 5 odd years ago this past December had his arrogance tempered when realizing that both his power and money may have in fact contributed a quarter century prior to his daughter, Patty Hearst, going to prison for a crime that today few if any prosecutors would ever dream of prosecuting.


Earlier before going on a very windy walk that seemed to sooth my concussion from the other day when I am told I lost a good number of brain cells, I will let you know exactly how many when I get around to retrieving them from this one particular treacherous rock drop on Noble Canyon east of San Diego, California, I posted this “A DIMAOND IS not longer FOREVER...—“ [sic] up on the Goldman Sachs Yahoo message board which was almost identical to the heavily broadcasted email I sent out earlier this morning, note the change in green from PM to AM, something picked up by several individuals who I showed hard copy versions to throughout the day as I went about taking care of a number of chores including stacking up on groceries for the next several days as I prepare in earnest to provide you what you asked for bearing mind you have already the “nuts and bolts” to place the “finishing touches” to the DAAC book which should serve as a no nonsense formal complaint against not only “our man Roger” and the entire United States Congress but each and every human being on the planet who continues to go along with the world’s poor constantly at war with one another just so that a very insignificant number of us, again relatively speaking, can live the “good life”.


And right now there are few of us in the west really “pulling our weight” when you consider, putting aside the poor and downtrodden of Africa, the Middle East, and G-d forbid we ever leave out the Indians who were civilized while us Europeans ran around in rags, that there are 1 billion or so Chinese peasants putting up with the most extraordinary bs from our Chinese tyrants over there still calling the shots despite the fact that not a single one of our Chinese slave laborers need be a rocket scientist to figure out none of this makes sense especially since China has been each and every day training its peoples for “arm to arm combat” a point I think it is fair to say I made “rather well” the other day much like my point about those of us educated feeling the “world owes us a living” upon leaving university and realizing that the skills we “fine tuned” apart from being “politicians” contribute nothing of value to the betterment of mankind.


Not to forget for a moment that the Chinese have adapted a whole lot better to the metric system than us rather “backward” Americans to mention little of how fortunate we are that the Chinese who invented gunpowder are relatively peaceful in their desire to make Chinese takeout the staple diet of the entire world that they don’t already own.


Notice how increasingly difficult it is to joke about the realities of what it means to have become so lazy that now we so fear the Chinese who don’t have to go very far, i.e. hire an MBA out of Harvard expert at PowerPoint presentations to help them figure out that they are now “King of the hill” when simply looking at the edge of their noses and noticing all the goods they produce relative to how little if anything of “good” we produce in the west other than “hot air” that again does serve its purpose assuming of course you happen to subscribe to Mr. and Mrs. Hearst’s philosophy that it is by “divine authority” that the masses CHOOSE to be led by the nose.


So very distracting this whole religion business that that we preach in the west that is increasingly sounding sickeningly hollow?


Prior to providing you with that all important word document I will be responding to this young SDSU [San Diego State University] student who is despite being busy, busy, busy no different to the 6.4 billion of us on this planet less of course people such as me and those handful of my elitist brothers and sisters at the very top of the pyramid who know exactly where to look in order to “gauge” the “state of the world”, such a “risk assessment” taking on average no more than 30 seconds a day so long as one has an email list such as mine that once again represents a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population.


Sarah Cooke is like many unfamiliar both with my writing style as well as my “work product” that has served to get me in the door of the richest and most powerful people on the planet, never, not once, ever being refused entrance and in most if not all instances being offered the “key to untold fortunes” so long as I agreed to go along with maintaining the “status quo”, no one including you would have ever expected me to “open my big mouth” given how very little I spoke even to those such as yourself who I trusted implicitly for the simple reason that only in very recent times have I figured out a “water tight-bullet proof” solution to overcome such extraordinary forces of dark.


The instant “critical mass” is achieved on any spot on the planet where those in “command and control” will be able to broadcast the essence of the DAAC book along with the subtitle, BLACK HANDS cannot LAY WHITE EGGS so will the pencil-pure carbon-pushers find themselves with little if any room to negotiate to mention little one more time of me being the “elitists” most viable “insurance policy”.


Bear in mind that you are not the only one who is now fully up to speed with the “method to my madness” which means simply that there is in fact a little to fear so long as one believes this world is about being “consumers” from the moment we are born to a time definite when we all know we will breath our last breath.


Stark fear is, however, being felt at this very precise moment in time by each and every one of my adversaries from those at the very top of the pyramid to their stooges like failed journalist-politician Windy Winn at the very bottom of the barrel.


Also driving them stark raving nuts is the fact I am applying logical thought process at the highest levels both in terms of the “real world”, very specifically how the markets function as well as the metaphysical world where those who get caught with their pants down quickly seek refuge but find themselves feeling increasingly empty as they realize that they cannot mount better arguments in favor of “G-D does NOT exist” or “G-D does exist” given how few if any of them are able to logically thought process on the basics of how the financial markets function and are even more totally out of their league when discussing their “beliefs” that has me pitting them up against the greatest mathematical, scientific and spiritual minds of all time that I am, thank G-d, more than capable of getting my “arms around”.


I am quite certain there is nothing I have said that you would disagree with me on in terms of what I have stated about [sic] other than my need for you to edit it all to make it more understandable to the masses as well as me but I also know you remain very troubled by my undivided support for George W. Bush who for the very first time I heard on radio this past Saturday as I was driving to purchase some oak wood for our rock home and what I heard troubled me since I felt for the first time he wasn’t certain he could get the necessary support from the American people to back him as he must now pull out all stops to convince in particular the madmen in Iran that if they don’t back down and stop playing “funny games” since we all know this has nothing to do with Iran getting the bomb, there enough “dirty bombs” for sale to send all us back to the Stone Age, just a matter of how much “money” we are willing to pay versus the likelihood of the “brinkmanship” getting “out of hand” resulting in my Israeli brothers and sisters deciding once again to not count on American diplomacy as they hear the likes of Walter Cronkite allowed out of a loony farm to suggest pulling out of Iraq will possibly allow him to get his prior job back.


Again, I have yet to complete the task you have requested of me and while I have figured it all out in my head not days or even weeks ago but most of it going back to 1980 when I got deathly ill just when coming face to face with the most evil “money creation” business of the DAAC that today has so many women including young women still very much “in love” with their spouses sporting these so bloodied pieces of pure carbon that happen to sparkle and reflect how extraordinarily superficial we are in the west while so quick to point a finger at not just the dress code of Arab women but what about our women who have the most disgusting figures daring to parade in front our of our over the top RENTED cliff house overlooking the Pacific ocean in not so dull but very corrupt Del Mar, California?


Suffice to say as I prepare for sleep none of us knowing for certain what tomorrow will bring that were you to hear the very next instant that your money, your family’s money, your friends’ money, is totally worthless, not even assured when walking in to a Chinese restaurant that the proprietor will exchange all your earthly possessions just for a glass of water to quench your thirst for no more than 30 minutes so in the next instant will your concern for all our wretched slave laborers end and in that same instant you will join the ranks of each and every one of us thanking G-D we have someone such as George W. Bush as Commander In Chief of all United States Forces.


Water is the most basic and precious human right without which you can’t even begin to logically thought process and yet what exactly has stopped you and every one you know who takes “issue” with GWB from asking yourselves when sitting around a table talking about all the ills of the world how it is possible that while us Americans were murdering 30 million Vietnamese farmers because our mostly Democratic Party leadership beginning in earnest with John F. Kennedy were telling us that we needed to support the French who started this civil-drug war so as to prevent the spread of communism while the whole fricken world knew that on the southern tip of Africa just having the most glorious time baking in the sun was the Apartheid Regime under the “command and control” of the most communistic organization in the history of the world.


The DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel not simply the mafia of mafia but terrorist of terrorist, money creating, money laundering institution of the west who could command even the Presidents of the United States where exactly to engage in war so as to distract the masses from examining this most flagrant violators of our sacrosanct Anti-Trust laws.


How blind can we be?


When in history has there ever been such a display of blatant hypocrisy?


So may I suggest that until you next hear from me give some thought to convening a “meeting of friends” and please try and include Stephen Spielberg and let everyone type their thoughts on why they should just grow up and give our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush, a little bit of a break as they ponder that all important meeting between President-elect John F. Kennedy and Harry Oppenheimer, the Anglo head of the DAAC at the Carlyle Hotel on United States soil and then jump forward 11 years to when his last surviving brother, Senator Ted Kennedy accompanied by former Democratic President Lyndon Johnson and Democratic Vice President Humphrey congregated at the funeral of HO’s American Charles Engelhard who was not just an “open supporter” of the South African Apartheid Government but the most “open supporter” of the United States Democratic Communist Party with the most extraordinary access to both the Kennedy and Johnson White Houses.


The sickening deafening silences of our elected and non-elected leadership not just here in the united States but throughout the world should have you extraordinarily troubled at this time given how I am not exactly a “nobody” who has gone about both painstakingly and methodically laying out this Treason Complaint that is ESSENTIAL if we are to have any hope of there being an everlasting peace.


And why not invite someone you know who works on Wall Street to participate in this “round table discussion”. I will provide the bottled water.


In addition to those that you see carbon copied are a relatively large number of investment bankers coming from the so-called independent investment banking houses like Goldman Sachs and the such who are very possibly for first time realizing that their world will collapse long before the Good Almighty G-d calls it “lights out” for the last of these crooks whose entire business model is stealing blind from the innocent and naïve and why not place these scoundrels also fully “on notice” that not only do I not scare easily I have taken over the course of the past quarter of century a number of precautions that most of all provide me with peace of mind that comes in great part from having worked out the “puzzle of life” and hence why I have chosen to have no security despite my ability to be surrounded by the most awesome personal security forces that you would know could run circles around the great Secret Service people that protect our great President who I continue to believe will go down if there is a history as the greatest leader of the Free World.


All it is going to take is for common sense to prevail not in Iran or Iraq or South Africa or China or Vietnam and we can name each and every country that has its own unique set of problems BUT rather on Wall Street.


Each and every person connected with Wall Street knows all their numbers are total bs, that everything comes down to the “cost of money” and each and everyone on Wall Street has stood by and turned a blind eye to this evil of evil given how Wall Street and those closely allied with the filth they spread so dependant on the masses remaining ignorant, breeding like rabbits and dying quickly like flies, have benefited so greatly from the awesome power of the  DAAC who have absolutely no “cost of capital” and who use their unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried diamond currency to enter and exit each and every business on the planet “at will.”


How dare any of us point a finger at a single other deranged human being including those disgusting Mullahs who instill hatred into the minds of the young and impressionable, not to forget our Roman Catholic priests who have been fiddling our youth possibly a whole lot longer than the mullahs with their so vocal hatred and where are our Roman youth today other than what we see in the United States Senate and out there on Wall Street working hand in hand with my so corrupt Jewish brothers and sisters.


All our hands are blackened and so we had better wake up quickly to what we can do about cleaning up our pitiful acts before telling a single soul who has had to put up with our tyrants in the rest in the world what to do and how to do it and don’t forget who exactly the Shah of Iran worked for while providing once again Wall Street with something to crow about.


If not now then when? If I am only for myself who am I? If I am not for myself who is for me?






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